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International Health "rofessionals Victoria

20 !"20 # Guidelines

International Medical Graduates Recruitment Support Package (RSP)

The Department of Health is offering recruitment support packages in respect of international medical graduates (IMGs) coming to work in the Victorian health sector for the first time. The IMGs may come directly from o erseas or within !ustralia. "u#lic health ser ices can apply for up to $%&'&&& to create a recruitment support package to assist them to secure IMG applicants who fulfil the eligi#ility criteria. (upport packages are limited to acancies in areas of acute shortage or for specialities in high demand. "ackages will #e prioritised for rural and regional health ser ice acancies in recognition of the increased difficulty faced #y these ser ices in securing high)*uality specialist staff.

Eligibility criteria
!pplications are in ited where both the position and the IMG fulfil the criteria listed #elow. Positions: "ackages can #e accessed to support recruitment for acancies in+

(pecialist and !rea of ,eed (pecialist positions G" "roceduralist or Visiting Medical -fficer (VM-) roles in pu#lic health ser ices rural' regional and outer metropolitan areas specialties with skills.workforce shortages specialties with acancies in e/cess of si/ months' or two or more failed 0domestic1 recruitment attempts.

IMGs: "ackages may #e su#mitted for IMGs who fulfil all of the following criteria:

new to the Victorian medical workforce (either from o erseas or interstate) signed contract of employment with a Victorian pu#lic hospital.health ser ice (23 months minimum) registered with the Medical 4oard of !ustralia commenced work in the nominated position within the current financial year (or #etween 2 May 3&2% to %& 5une 3&26).

Please note: IMGs already in the workforce relocating within Victoria from metropolitan to rural positions' do not *ualify for this program. 7mployers should contact the department to en*uire a#out the potential for alternati e relocation assistance.

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Department of Health

%&e 'ollo(ing items are e)amples o' (&at can be claimed as part o' t&e recruitment support package:
Relocation costs Recruitment costs Start"up costs

tra el and shipping isa and immigration 8

s&ort term accommodation (16 weeks max) car rental (4 weeks max) childcare (4 weeks max)

ad ertising recruitment agent immigration agent 8 "re)employment (tructured 9linical Inter iew

9ollege assessment fees medical registration fee 8 professional association costs (for example, College membership) 8 professional indemnity insurance (1st year only)8 health insurance (1st year only) 8 orientation and cultural competency training costs income su#sidy during start)up.orientation (one week) professional meet : greet (orientation) ser ice

8 ;or IMGs new to !ustralia (relocating from o erseas)

Package *alues
IMG recruitment support package entitlements
Position (pecialist .!-, (pecialist8 Relocation 'rom o*erseas $%&'&&& Relocation (it&in +ustralia $2<'&&&

8 IMGs assessed #y the rele ant (pecialist 9ollege as su#stantially compara#le #ut working on limited registration for postgraduate training or super ised practice during their period of peer re iew' may apply (it& e*idence of their 9ollege assessment outcome (eg= ;ellows and >egistrars)

,o( to apply
The pu#lic hospital . health ser ice employer should su#mit the application either online or download a form at &ttp:--(((.&ealt&.*ic.go*.au-i&p*-img/packages.&tm and forward to I,P01&ealt&.*ic.go*.au

$losing date
;unding is #ased on the financial year. The closing date for applications is ? May 3&26 or when funding is e/hausted.

;unds a aila#le to support the packages are capped and therefore there is no guarantee that all applications will recei e funding. The department reser es the right to prioritise applications and pro ide partial funding in order to ensure appropriate statewide distri#ution of funds according to workforce priorities. (uccessful applications will #e paid to the hospital.health ser ice as part of the department1s fortnightly pay cycle. The payment will #e tagged 0IMG recruitment support1. The hospital.health ser ice should complete and return an ac*uittal form on receipt of payment.

2urt&er in'ormation
International ,ealt& Pro'essionals 0ictoria Health @orkforce 4ranch Department of Health %elep&one: 2%&& 66AB63 Email: IH"VChealth. ic.go .au

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Department of Health