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Lecturer : Mrs De!" H#s#$#%& M '( I

B) : *"tr"#$" H#s$#% Ar0# Me2#!#t" M"4# R"#$# (TE (TE (TE (TE +,+ -./) +,+ 1+-) +,+ 131) +,+13/)

C5#ss : B I$22r"s (6I) A Su78ect : B"97"$2#$ S:r";s"

T%e St#te I$st"tute <0 Is5#9"c Stu("es Su5t%#$ T%#%# S#"0u(("$ <0 E$25"s% De;#rt9e$t J#97" 1+-+

A B#c:2r<u$( English is a compulsory subject in Indonesia which had been taught formally to Indonesian students since they were in Junior High School. The English subject consists of four skills such as listening speaking reading and writing. Speaking skill has become the first priority to be taught between the four skills since communicati!e approach implementation has been influential in foreign language learning. It is based on instruction goal of curriculum "##$ of %TS& '(isdiknas "##$). English teachers should create acti!e learning condition and de!elop their techni*ue to help learners communicate more effecti!ely by considering suitable acti!ities for each group of learners. +rown and ,ule '1-./01#/) say that one of the main aims of most English teachers is to make their students able to communicate and con!ey information effecti!ely in spoken English. +esides the teachers should create acti!e learning condition and de!elop their techni*ues. They should attend factor of se1 differences of their students. Sometime teacher who has an high intelligence of academic did not has a good skill in teaching English it caused some factors include in this phenomena. 2ne of these factors is lack of practice in gi!ing some materials "

or in psychology side of the teacher and sometime a teaching who did not has an high intelligence of academic has good skill in teaching English it caused that she3he could make their students feel interesting in their lesson. +ecause that teacher always practice her3his ability 'skill) in teaching. &roblem that often happened in learning process is from teacher4s skill in e1plaining the learning materials. 5ain of contents form education and the purpose is to de!elop the potentials had the pupils to transform and culti!ate the totality of human who had *uality stand alone and discipline.

The case of e1istence English teachers has many influences. The English teachers as the educator in teaching learning process as the component of human has participate in effort to formation of human resource who has potential because of the English teachers as one of element in education area. Skill in teaching English is !ery important to discuss because it would determine a good or bad for learning process. 6 teacher will feel success if her3his student can be more acti!e in learning process. So teacher as a educator must think about the ways that would make their students acti!e in the class. 7or this reason the teacher must create a good skill in their teaching to make their students could enjoy and lo!e in that lesson. +ased on the background abo!e the researcher interest to conduct a research by the title =C<rre5#t"<$ 7et!ee$ te#c%ers s:"55 "$ te#c%"$2 !"t% stu(e$ts "$terest "$ 5e#r$"$2 E$25"s% "$ Is5#9"c Ju$"<r Sc%<<5 #t IX C5#ss (MTs) L#7<r#t<r"u9 J#97">

A T%e *<r9u5#t"<$ <0 'r<75e9 +ased on the background elaborated abo!e the writer has identified some problems namely 0 1. ". How is high score of the teacher4s skill in teaching8 How is high skill that must include in teaching8

/. How is high the correlation between teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest in learning English8

B L"9"t#t"<$ <0 'r<75e9 In this research the problem will be limited about teacher4s skill in teaching especially teaching English and it4s around the method strategy which is can make the students feel enjoy rela1 and enthusiasm in learning process. Thus writer would like to research how big the teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest in learning English In Islamic Junior High School '5Ts) I9 :lass ;aboratorium Jambi.

C O78ect"?es #$( S"2$"0"c#$t <0 t%e Rese#rc% O78ect"?e <0 Rese#rc% The aim of the research are 0 a. To know many high score of the teacher4s skill in teaching.


b. c.

To know how high skill that must include in teaching. To know high the correlation between teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest in learning English In Islamic Junior High School '5Ts) I9 :lass ;aboratorium Jambi.

T%e s"2$"0"c#$t <0 Rese#rc% a. 6s the input substance for teachers to de!elop their teaching skill ability. b. c. 6s the input substance for students interest in learning English. 6s a partial fulfillment of completing my studies for =ndergraduate (egree 'S1) in English of The State Institute for Islamic Studies Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi of English (epartment. d. The researcher hope the research can be gi!en function for human.

D *r#9e <0 T%e<r) The meaning of frame of theory is some of theory base or basic determines which in!ol!ed the problem to be reference to disco!er or analy>e the problem which researched both theory and practice. 6nd the propose some of basic theory was rele!ant with problem will be researched.

INTEREST a. (efinition of Interest

6ccording to Hurlock '1--/) Interest is a source of motivation that support some people to do whatever they want to do when they are free in choosing. When someone rate about useful something, so it would be interesting for them, then it would create the satisfied. When satisfaction is low then for interest will be low also. So that interest is not a permanent thing. But interest is temporary thing or could be changed@.

6ccording to :row A :row '1-.<) Interest could show an ability to pay attention of someone. A thing or activity or something that can give some affects for a experience that has stimuli of that activity. Interest could be caused of some activities and produce of that own activities. hen !row " !row mentioned that Interest has a tight correlations with support, motives, and emotional respond#.

6ccording to :hauhan '1-B.) Interest for adult determined an important thing in personal development and behavior. Interest is the main point to understand the individual and bring some activities for the future.

Some of definition abo!e the writer can take the summari>e that the skill of teaching English is !ery important and correlate with student4s interest. Teacher4s ability in de!eloping student4s interest could be a moti!ation for them to learn English deeply and they will feel enjoy to study English.

TEACHING SKILL # T";s "$ Te#c%"$2 S:"55 There are some tips for all dedicated teachers who want to enhance their skills in teaching. It4s truly said that !hildren are li$e a pot of flower. If we%ll give them proper attention, it%ll grow up, but if we%ll give them either lac$ of attention or extra attention, it%ll be ruined#. Cemember that e!ery student trust us !ery much. They ha!e lots of e1pectation from us. +eing a teacher it4s wise to be loyal and dedicated towards our profession. Love them, care them, listen to them and treat them like you own child. 6lways remember that children are !ery sensiti!e So treat them with gentle lo!e. They notice each and e!ery thing in usD 7rom our dress to our gestures So always be prepared for e!ery thing. :hildren usually ask us many *uestions and some times we don4t know the answer of few *uestions. 6t that moment just try to be loyal and tell your students that you4ll search it and will tell them tomorrow or day after. In this way you4ll not only gain trust and confidence from your students side but there will be a strong bond of relation on both the sides too. 6lways try to interact with students and ne!er stop them to share their !iews and ideas. Their ideas might be more resourceful and wrathful for us. '5arshall +rain 0 "##B).

7 E9;%#s"s <$ Te#c%"$2 W%#t "s G<<( Te#c%"$2@

6ll students ha!e had hundreds of teachers in their lifetimes. 6 !ery few of these teachers they remember as being e1ceptionally good. Ehat are the *ualities that combine to create an e1cellent memorable teacher8 Ehy do some teachers inspire students to work three times harder than they normally would while others inspire students to skip class8 Ehy do students learn more from some teachers than others8 If we are trying to become a better teacher these are important *uestions. This issue of FEmphasis on TeachingF focuses on the four essential *ualities that distinguish e1ceptional teachers0 knowledge communication skills interest and respect for students. -) A$ EA;er"9e$t HereGs an e1periment I ha!e done in a number of my classes. The results may surprise you. Ho into one of the classes you are teaching and ha!e your students take out a sheet of paper. 6sk them to list for you the *ualities they feel are important in a good teacher. 6sk them to identify the *ualities they admire in the best teachers they ha!e had. Then gi!e the students enough time to think about it and write something down. 7i!e minutes is good but ten might be better. ;et them answer the *uestions anonymously if they desire. Ehat you will get if you combine all of the responses is a fascinating collage of ideas. I ha!e found that most of the responses fall into two specific categories0 1) a set of Fcore *ualitiesF that students recogni>e in good teachers and ") a set of specific skills that are de!eloped by good teachers. F:ore *ualitiesF are the essential characteristics needed to be a good teacher. I would like to concentrate on the core *ualities .

in this issue and in the future discuss specific techni*ues that can be used to impro!e your classroom en!ironment. 1) K$<!5e(2e In e!ery sur!ey that 5arshal +rain had gi!en students consistently and clearly target as the number one *uality of a good teacher e1actly what you would e1pect0 knowledge of the subject. ,ou must be an e1pert in your field if you are going to be a good teacher at a uni!ersity. This is a prere*uisite. 3) C<99u$"c#t"<$ The second core *uality that good teachers possess is the ability to communicate their knowledge and e1pertise to their students. ,ou may be the greatest e1pert e!er in your field but what would happen if you lectured in ;atin8 How much would your students learn8 It is a common misconception at the uni!ersity le!el that knowledge of a subject is all thatGs re*uired to be a good teacherD that the students should be willing and able to e1tract the meat from what you say regardless of how it is deli!ered 'e!en if it is deli!ered in ;atin). This might be true at the upper graduate le!el but elsewhere it is definitely untrue. It is especially untrue at the undergraduate le!el. The teacherGs job is to take ad!anced knowledge and make it accessible to the students. 6 good teacher allows students to understand the material and to understand what it means 'because it is one thing to understand how nuclear bombs work but *uite another to understand what nuclear bombs mean).

B) I$terest 6 good teacher starts with a firm knowledge of the subject and builds on that with a clarity and understanding designed to help students master the material. The best teachers then go one step further. +ecause good teachers are interested in the material being taught they make the class interesting and rele!ant to the students. %nowledge is worthless unless it is deli!ered to the students in a form they can understand. +ut the effort e1pended making the material understandable is wasted if the students are asleep when it is deli!ered or if the students can see no point in learning the material. Hood teachers recogni>e this and work hard to make their material rele!ant. They show students how the material will apply to their li!es and their careers. +ad teachers make material Frele!antF by threatening students with failure on a test. Hood teachers go far beyond this0 they make students want to learn the material by making it interesting. This is one of the things that makes research so important and !ital to a uni!ersity0 research makes the ideas discussed in class e1citing and important to the teacher as well as to the students. If the teacher isnGt interested in whatGs being taught then why should the students be8

C) Res;ect Hood teachers always possess these three core *ualities0 knowledge the ability to con!ey to students an understanding of that knowledge and the ability to make the material interesting and 1#

rele!ant to students. :omplementing these three is a fourth *uality0 good teachers ha!e a deepIseated concern and respect for the students in the classroom. Ehy else would a teacher put in the time and effort needed to create a high *uality class8 The creation of a good class re*uires an immense amount of work. ,ou donGt simply come up with clear e1planations and e1amples and e1periments for class off the top of your head. ,ou donGt create fair consistent high *uality tests and homework assignments 'read Flearning e1periencesF) fi!e minutes before you hand them out. ,ou donGt figure out ways to integrate new materials and research into a class in an understandable way on the dri!e in one morning. ,ou work at this sort of *uality all the time. ,ou spend time with your students so you can learn about holes in their understanding. ,ou read and write and create to build an e1citing and interesting class e!ery day. The only thing that would dri!e you to do that is a concern and respect for the adults in your classroom. +ased on the e1planation abo!e the writer can take the conclusion for this they are D if we want to become a good teacher and to create a good class the four core *ualities are essential0 knowledge the skills to con!ey that knowledge the ability to make the material you are teaching interesting and rele!ant and a deepIseated respect for the student. Eithout these four *ualities good teaching will not e1ist. E H);<t%es"s Ha 0 There is significant positi!e :orrelation between teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest. Ho 0 There is no significant positi!e :orrelation between teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest. 11

* T%e Sc<;e <0 t%e Rese#rc% This research will be correlated between teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest. The location will be taken place at 9I :lass in Islamic Junior High School ;aboratorium Jambi. G K"$(s #$( D#t# S<urce K"$(s <0 D#t# a. &rimary of (ata &rimary data is the data obtained from respondent directly without mediator 'Hadi 1--. 0 1"?) which relation with the problem about correlated between teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest. b. Secondary data Secondary data is the data ha!e been collected by not only the writer 'somebody else ) for e1ample statistic maga>ine newspaper etc. ' 5ukhtar "##B0-1)secondary data this research are0 a) History and geography of Islamic junior high school at I9 class in ;aboratorium Jambi. b) Structure of organi>ation at Islamic junior high school at I9 class in ;aboratorium Jambi. c) :ondition of English teachers and students Islamic junior high school at I9 class in ;aboratorium Jambi. d) 7acilities and pre facilities of school at Islamic junior high school at I9 class in ;aboratorium Jambi.


S<urce <0 (#t# The source of data is subject where is the data can get into this research '6rikunto "##$01"-). The source of data this research is headmaster and English teachers at Islamic junior high school at I9 class in ;aboratorium Jambi and also documentation and literatures which are related to this research.

H '<;u5#t"<$ #$( S#9;5e 1. &opulation &opulation is all of research subject ' 6rikunto "##$01/#). The populations which will be objecti!e in this research are all of English teachers in Islamic junior high school at I9 class in ;aboratorium Jambi and the object of this research is the headmaster of Islamic junior high school at I9 class in ;aboratorium Jambi. ". Sample Sample is part of representati!e of population that will be researched ' 6rikunto "##$01/1). In this research the writer will take the sample of the students and all of the English teachers at Islamic Junior high school at I9 class in ;aboratorium Jambi.

T%e 9et%<( <0 c<55ect"$2 (#t# Duest"<$$#"re Juestionnaire is one of instrument is gathering data to get more information that related to opinions moti!ation aspiration desire habit etc. '6rikunto "##" 0 1".). The writer using this method for English 1/

teachers as respondent in form of scale like 0 '1) yes '") no. the method used to know and get the data about teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest in learning English. 1 D<cu9e$t#t"<$ (ocumentation is a method use to look for the data regarding something or !ariables such as notes transcript book newspaper. '6rikunto "##$ 0 1?.). this method is used to get information of geographical condition English teachers and student condition and facilities of school.

D#t# A$#5)s"s This research has *uantitati!e characteristic. In this research uses correlation techni*ue analysis. To determine about teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest in learning English. So the formula should be used to analy>e the data was below 0 1. This steps as follow a. To find out mean of !ariable 9 '!ariable I) formulated 0 5x K ' L fx ) M b. To find out mean of !ariable , '!ariable II) formulated 0 5y = ' L fx ) M c. To find out standard de!iation of !ariable 9 '!ariable I) formulated 0 S(x K & '1" M 1<

d. To find out standard de!iation of !ariable , '!ariable II) formulated 0 S(x K & 'y" M ". To know the relationship of about teacher4s skill in teaching with student4s interest in learning English so used formula of product moment correlation is 0 a. r1y K 'xy S(1 . S(y . M 6s note 0 M 'xy S(1 S(y r1y 0 Subject number 0 5ultiplication from 9 score and , score 0 (e!iation standard of !ariable 9 0 (e!iation standard of !ariable , 0 Inde1 correlation 'Sudijono "##B 0 "#$)

K Rese#rc% Sc%e(u5e To do this research the researcher make the list of research below 0


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