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The real Purpose

The human has always asked him or herself what does he or she does here. There is a constant search of reality and truth. Understanding humans is a really difficult task because every human being is different, and each of them might have his or her own perception or idea of reality. Since the beginning of civilization, in a really advanced city the emergence of knowledge grew rapidly. This city, better known as Athens, saw the beginning of philosophy. Now a day, the philosophy is divided into five important branches: metaphysic, logic, ethic, epistemology and aesthetic. The whole idea of philosophy makes me think in a lot of question, but the one that really concerns me is logic. More than logic, all those existing fallacies, or lies might be another word to describe them. The purpose of logic is a systematic process of valid reasoning through inference. But here is my question, how do we know that an inference is real? It is supposed to be sustained by a systematic process. But who states that it is true? As I heard before, knowledge is power, and a lot of people believe in the power of it. Normally people there are some persons that feel superior to others, and unfortunately for us, the majority of that kind of people is in the government and media. In society, there is a constant question that if there is any chance that these two powerful groups modify the information for their own benefit occulting the truth to the rest people. And the lying from this kind of persons is not to make a common good, is totally the opposite. They lie for their own good, to stay in power. Their strategy is to tell everyone that everything is perfect and that what they are doing is their best. People that have received education, use their common sense, or in this occasion their logic, in order to develop their own ideas about what is happening and question themselves if what the government and the media do is right. But what happens with all the people that do not have an education? They fall into the game and fallacies of these groups. There might be a solution to defeat each kind of fallacies. With education, I really think that ad ignoratium fallacies would disappear, because the people are no longer ignorant. The ad hominem fallacies should be defeated by researching about the education history of each individual that states being right in whatever he or she said. We cannot believe to every person that states to be right and have the reason. These are just examples of how some of the fallacies could be defeated, but I definitely support the idea of education for everyone. Education, believe it or not, is the

constant use of logic. Everything that is taught uses a systematic process, reasoning. Ignoration will exist no more, and everyone could understand logic, or even philosophy. No more manipulations form the media or government of every country, truth would be known by everyone. So as a conclusion we have the idea of everyone having education. This unfortunately is still something that remains really far from reality. As we mention before, the ignorance of people gives an advantage of those persons that persuades with words and fallacies in order to stay in power. But I believe that the use of logic would be more common between people and someday the fallacies would be gone. Technology and education will give us all the tools that we need in order to discover the truth of everything by using a systematic process of valid reasoning through inference, better known as logic.