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Stock Requirement List - Collective


Stock Requirement transaction will show the present status of any given material with its entire requirements, issues along with the MRP exception messages if any. Through the stock requirement list transaction, navigations like converting planned order or process order production order, to purchase requisition etc are possi!le. "T any given instant through the stock requirement list, pro#ected stock and or present stock at any given period can !e seen. Objective :MRP run is completed. $t is required to analy%e the situation through the stock requirements list collectively. This document will explain how to read stock requirement list after MRP run. Prerequisites:MRP Run with independent requirement Menu path :&ogistics Materials Management Material Requirements Planning 'MRP( MRP )valuations M*+, - Stock Reqmts .oll. *isplay


Press Twice on M*+, - Stock Reqmts .oll. *isplay

Stock Requirements &ist/ $nitial Scren

Maintain the following data/ 0ield 1ame 2alues Plant )nter value in Plant. MRP controller )nter value in MRP controller.


Press )nter

1ote/ 3e now have a full list of materials which are the responsi!ility of an MRP .ontroller. 4ou can select each line individually to view the item in detail. The red traffic lights in front of the material num!ers can !e configured !y the user to show red, am!er or green !ased on certain criteria, this criteria can !e set against the types of exception messages raised !y MRP or the amount of days the current stock will last !ased on pro#ected usage. 5y dou!le Pressing on a material, you will see the detailed requirements list of that material. ". Press Twice on a material to see the detailed requirements of the material.

1ote/ The stock requirements screen gives you an overall picture of the status of a material with regards to requirements and supplies. MRP )lement 6 This shows you what type of request has !een made on an item, this could !e a sales order, production order, reservation, purchase order, purchase requisition, planned order etc . Required 7uantity 6 This shows if the MRP element is putting material into stock or taking it out. $f the element is taking it out then the quantity will !e a negative quantity if the element is putting material in then it will !e a positive quantity. "vaila!le 7uantity 6 This figure takes the physical stock and calculates the pro#ected stock !ased on the MRP element quantities in and out of stock. The header information on the screen shows what information has !een set up in the material master. $n this example you can see that MRP type 8259 has !een used and all the necessary data associated with this such as reorder point, safety stock and maximum stock level etc. 4ou can open up the :eader information !y Pressing on )xpand header details or close it !y Pressing on .ollapse header details . #. Press 5ack .


Press 5ack .

%. &.

Press 4es 5utton Press 5ack .