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#107 B.S. Aquino Drive Sta. Clara Drive
034 433-0245 Sta. Clara Subdivision
-SOON to Transfer to Sta Clara- (034) 7090131 — HLLC
• PRAY that everyone in our Church will be part of a small group and will Birthday
OFF IC I AL N EW SL ETT E R OF His L i f e Min is tr i es hl m ce ntr a l. mu lti ply . co m
continue to disciple people for God.
• PRAY for labourers to rise up especially as we reach Campuses here in
Celebrant! What’s Inside …
O c t o b e r 4 , 2 0 0 9 issue

• PRAY for the overflowing of provisions in our Church that we might bless
Oct 01 - Ira Oct 20 - Azalea — From Pastor JR — TITHE—why? — page 2 Welcome!
Oct 01 - Joel Oct 22 - Ranjie — The ALL OUT FINISHERS Card — page 2
others as well.
Oct 04 - Joan — STATS of September 27 in all of our SITES HIS LIFE VISION
• PRAY that our Church will be a prayer filled church, as we ask and believe at His Life. —page 2 Glorify God
God for His will to be seen in the entire Cebu. Oct 11 - Nilo — Your Local Site NEWS & Calendar
• PRAY for our plan to transfer to a NEW permanent location that will serve as —page 3 Make Disciples
Greet them! Bless them! Plan a — EXPONENTIAL Notes / Articles
our office, training center & Sunday Worship Celebrations Meet Your 2009
party for them. :D —page 4
• Pray for God’s strength and guidance as everyone will take a higher Management TEAM
commitment this year. $
Verse for the WEEK … Leaders for
• Pray for our Vision Partners that God will continue to bless them abundantly Psalms 103:2-4 “ONE His Life Movement”
in their businesses, families, and especially in their spiritual journey and “Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not Armin, Eric, Glenn, Nero,
pray for more vision partners. all his benefits-- who forgives all your Dang, Ray, Juvy, Trixie, JR
• Pray for musicians to rise up so we could worship God with excellence. sins and heals all your diseases, who
redeems your life from the pit and crowns
you with love & compassion” (NIV)

We will be hav- The

$ HLLC — Family Day!
ing a Leadership
Seminar for the
His Life Learning Center FAMILY DAY in IRRISISTIBLE
TALISAY City — 5 in 1 POOL ! SOME
Youth Leaders
here at Barangay
Camputhaw this SERIES ****today****
Children’s Church
coming October 10, 2009. This will be our October 4 2009 at Cinema 6 Lobby. Please
bridge event for the community and at the “when you realize that God all the little ones over there to
same time an opportunity to reach out to enjoy God & meet new friends!
our young generation here. Lets pray for
SECURES your life … you Cellphones
God’s favour to be upon this endeavour On Silent mode as we
and blessing to each and everyone espe- can’t just help but worship and hear from
cially to the young people that will come. WORSHIP Him!” the Lord this Morning.
—————— JOIN a Small Group
Lets pray… for GROWTH and life change.
Participate… Intimacy This is where Disciples and
GOD ALONE Leaders are made.
And be a blessing…
this SUNDAY at
Everyone is invited to join! YX , Cinema 5
(Vision partners, small group leaders,
9:30am TODAY
prayer warriors and workers) just
approach our brother Noi, our Community
Outreach Coordinator and be a blessing HOW TO BE SAVED and SERVING?
to other people. :D Let’s continue to 1) Recognize that you are a SINNER and need a personal relationship with God.
glorify God and make disciples for His 2) Never trust in what you can do to earn the gift of SALVATION Christ has for you.
glory and honor and Let your light shine 3) SUBMIT to the Lordship of Jesus Christ by Repentance and Faith in Hm.
for everyone to see and for His glory. 4) Ask for His grace for you to SERVE and follow & obey Him for the rest of your life.

November 5 — END TIME BASIC Seminar with Trixie and JR … get your tickets now PAGE 4
October Bdays Samilo, Laraine M 20
SOLIMAN, Ray-an D. 9
Partnership SEMINARs
Pastor JAVIER, Lani P. 1
BIONEDA, Ramilie H.
UY, Stephen E.
TA-ALA, Therese Madison
22 BACOLOD: Praise the Lord, 38 people
LANZAR, Angeles P. 2 DEL ROSARIO, Juvy C. 9 JUANEZA, Jose Ian 22
CATALAN, Jeriah Joy L. 2 LAMATA, Karenn A. 10 COLASTRE, Anale D. 22 attended our PARTNESHIP last Sept 26,
DIEL, Kristine Mae D. 3 LARRAZABAL, Ging D. 10 PILLADA, Eduardson G. 23
PAGUIA, Cleo Francis S. 4 DEL CARMEN, Yves F. 11 ESCALANTE, Christine 24 2009 at Sweetgreens. 13 from Victorias,
joebert44@yahoo.com ARROYO, Michael L. 4 AGUSTIN, Kenneth S. 13 NADADO, Jay A. 24 6 from HLM main, 8 from YX, 3 from
ENERLAN, Jessica M. 4 UYCHIAT, Jocylin Y. 26

TEXT 09182817910 VELASCO, Niño L. 13
LAMORENO, Ma. Melissa 4 CAMPONION, Faith G. 13 OHOYLAN, Rose 27 Santa Clara and 8 from Silay City. We
TITHE … why? LOZARITO, Michelle G.
REGALADO, Ma. Carmela
UY, Mia Christine J.
AÑO, Maricar A.
YMALAY, Maribel
DILAG, Jennete H.
had 4 speakers, Pastors Armin,
Raymond, Eric & Tito Julius. A testimony
• WHY DO YOU TITHE? YESO, Anna 7 BELICENA, Iolani J. 17 LEGASPI, Clinton R. 29

Probably it is because you are convinced

NICONI, Prettz D.
KAW, Kristine W.
ELEVADO, John Eric
HALIPA, Mary Joy B.
LOPEZ, Alvie A.
CUBING, Clooney B.
was given by Joland Abraham (YX) — he October 4, 11, 18
LEDESMA, Dennis A. 7 LANZAR , Anna Mae B. 18 DELAMAR, Ruderick 30 shared his experiences on how he came to be == “Irresistible God” ==
already that the PORTION called the “TENTH” RUFIN, Praise L. 7
belongs to the storehouse of God — this is NARCISO, Mariquit T. 8
MATINING, Darren Q. 18 JAMORA, Rene V.
MUYCO, Alice
a member of His Life. We had 5 YX Volunteers NEW SERIES on WORSHIP
PARREÑO, Victor Jr. 18
where the ability of any Church stands regarding
ORDENA, Carl A. 8 MEDEZ, Sharon Rose G. 20 TREMBREVILLA, Virgel G 31 who helped in this seminar. Sisters Fidel &
supporting her staff, expansion endeavors,
DUENAS, Ceasar Ryan 8
Bebing were in charge of the Welcome Table. October 8
worship celebrations and basic requirements for Everyone enjoyed the event, especially the picture AGAPE ORGANIZATIONAL MEET
Glorify God . Make Disciple taking at the end led by brother Nero. ILOILO: On His Life Sta Clara SITE 5pm
letting the work of God move and influence the
world around her. These are RESOURCES the other hand, 14 people participated in our OPEN to all INTERESTED
to AND from the STOREHOUSE of God! ILOILO Partnership Seminar last week at the Tresico Residence in La Paz
District. It was attended by our NEW HLM Dreamer's Valley leaders & October 25
• WHY DO WE TITHE? volunteers. The seminar was led by Bro Rey del Rosario & HLM Iloilo City. 4th Anniversary of
Before answering this question. Do you His Life CAGAYAN
know that our Missions Department TITHE? Not CASH Given already: Php 457,940.00
Joy in GIVING every Sunday here at His Life is an act of
Sign up to go to Mindanao Missions na!
only do they receive TITHES from all our SITES, WORSHIP and THANKSGIVING!
they also are TITHING to others. Do you know HOW TO Enjoy Giving?
that from our FACILITY Gifts and Donations, a
Facility UPDATE:
- Roofing Materials (44K worth)
What to BELIEVE God for
• Prepare your gift / offerings / tithes using
TITHE is also taken from it? Where does it go? THIS Week:
- LABOR for Roofing Works the envelope provided. • October11 (The God of Warfare)
— BELIEVE IT OR NOT … it goes to Non-HLM You LORD!
(approximately Php 40,000.00) • Pray a prayer of faith as you bring your • October18 (The God of Music)
projects & endeavors. In this present case, - Another SET of NEW GIFT
- ACCUMULATION of more money • October23 Sound & Soul Concert
THE WHOLE TITHE of the Facility went to the Cards will be OUT through offerings to the Collection BOX near the
for more materials to finish the job.
“STOREHOUSE” of people who needed it the your Small Groups &
- More Visits from all to Facility Area.
Entrances / Exits of Cinema 4. • October25 (Hell's Bells FILM)
most — those who were battered by ONDOY’s Newsletters. This is called NOTE: If writing a CHECK, please write it to “His Life Ministries”.
FURY (a UNANIMOUS Management Team Decision). What the ALL OUT FINISHERS • October31 Lyt d Nyt Prayer
Please indicate where you desire your gifts to be going.
if ALL churches around the world did the same?
The glory is GOD’s & GOD’s alone! jr here
CARD — a tool to call
people to FINISH the work.
“each one gives one”
Worship Team Year 2010 up coming!
Practice this Thursday • 17th Anniversary of
and Saturday. :D His Life Ministries
• Asian Conference in
MAY 2010
• Campus Harvest
FAITH GOAL: of Victory Christian
“To Welcome 12,000 Fellowship (Manila)
people into our JULY 2010
Community by the
(call 4330245 to confirm above schedules)
Year 2010”
Join the LIGHTS ON Celebration at Tigbauan —- soon! PAGE 2 P R AY to b e p a r t o f M I N D AN A O M i s s i o n s T r i p — O c to b e r 2 4 , 2 5 , 2 6 PAGE 3