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Teaching plan Intermediate level 4

Week / Date Week 1

Grammar (MONDAY) Auxiliary verbs Naming the tenses Questions, negatives, short answers on Auxiliary verbs Present tenses Present simple Present continuous Simple or continuous? Past tenses Past simple and past continuous Past perfect Modal verbs obligation and permission Should and must Future form Going to and will Present

Listening & Speaking (TUESDAY) Speaking Important inventions Discussion What makes people happy? Listening My wondersthree generations give their ideas about the wonders of the world Speaking Describing a book, film that you like/dislike Describing a book, film that you like and dislike Role-playstarting new job Arranging to meet Discussion

Reading (WEDNESDAY) Reading comprehensio n (Wonders of the modern world) The clown doctor a woman describes he job she loves

Writing (THRUSDAY) An Informal letter Writing a letter to a friend, correcting each others letter Emailing an old friend with news.

Vocabulary (FRIDAY) Social expressions Parts of speech Sports and leisure

Week 3

Week 2

The painter and the writer A world guide to good manners

Writing a folk tale or fairy tale Researching facts about a famous person and writing a biography.

Arts and literature Spelling and pronunciation. (male,mail)

My kind of holiday Global pizza

Making a reservation A description

Describing people, places

Pavani Megan

Teaching plan Intermediate level 4


Week 4 Present perfect vs. past simple Present perfect passive First & second conditionals

Week 5

Present perfect continuous Modal verbs 2 probability

your ideal holiday Talking about popular food and popular places eat Speaking test 10% Discussion Latest news Role play Interviewing someone Listening to a song Who wants to be a millionaire? Talking about you. Exchanging information Discussion on What do you do on the Internet Discussioncustoms and cultures Role- play busy friends Listening A

Mid-Term 20%

Of a room. Writing about your favourite room Spelling 10% Writing Test 10% Narrative 2 Description 2

and things. Adjectives (Adjective +noun: sandy Beach)

Who wants to be a millionaire? Family matters

Base and strong adjectives Modifying adverbs Phrasal verbs

Famous for not being famous

Researching a city and writing a description. Pros and cons Is childhood a best time in life Correcting mistakes (2)in a model Email Words that join ideas

Compound nouns Words with similar meaning

Week 6

Question tags Final Exam 40%

How well do you know your world? You ask .. we answer A detective

Verbs and nouns that go together Phrasal verbs (2) with out and up.

Pavani Megan

Teaching plan Intermediate level 4

Main reference:

birth- Janes story Song My way

story The three students

John & Liz Soars. (2010). Intermediate student book, New Headway (4 ed), Oxford

Pavani Megan