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Darren P.

Ca$p-s A!!ress 052 )therton ;all &niversit 'ar(! ') 16D02 <410= DEE@4264 Per$anent A!!ress 1104 9lue%ird 7t. *. 9el )ir! /2! 21015 <410= 420@C044


To acquire a summer internship in summer 2014 where I would utilize m academic! pro"ect! and leadership e#perience to solve di$$icult pro%lems with innovative ideas. B.S. in Aerospace Engineering; Minor in Engineering ea!ers"ip De#elop$ent The Pennsylvania State University! &niversit 'ar(! ') *nrolled in the Schreyer Honors College Graduation date: May 2016 ,ele#ant Co-rses Independent stud on impin+in+ "ets .tatics and .tren+ths o$ /aterials /echanical 0esponse o$ *n+ineerin+ /aterials %PA& '.(')*.++


,eadership in -r+anizations Technical *ntrepreneurship Technical 1ritin+


Top award in .prin+ 2013 2esi+n $or *mer+in+ /ar(ets pro"ect in *2.341005 low cost +reenhouse +lazin+ materials anal sis Top award in .prin+ 2013 .ustaina%ilit pro"ect sponsored % .iemens in *2.341005 anal sis o$ potential o$ installin+ piezoelectric tiles on a ma"or stairwa at 'enn .tate *#tensive e#perience writin+ comprehensive technical reports $or multiple teams *#perience with 6ava! 788! /)T,)9! :;T/, codin+! and .olid1or(s <7)2= 2ean>s list $irst! second! third semester ,earnin+ ?actor 7erti$ication! )merican 0ed 7ross 7erti$ication in 7'0 and ?irst )id 1or(ed hands@on in la% researchin+ dual@impin+in+ "et pressure and acoustic d namics5 anal zed computer models o$ $ountain $low and wall "et detected % pressure sensors /em%er o$ Aehicle 2esi+n su%s stem +roup on the 'enn .tate ,unar ,ions Team5 created 7)2 modelin+ o$ c ro@cart5 $a%ricated varia%le support structure $or $luid s stem ,ed a team that desi+ned a unique passive solar trac(in+ s stem5 used dieth l ether and additional photovoltaic cells to move s stem! ma#imizin+ e$$icienc T;-4>s )tlas +roup! 'enn .tate 0acquet%all team ;ar$ord 7ount -utstandin+ .cholar )ward5 )' .cholar with 2istinction )ward <2012=



Li eguard and Certi ied !ater Sa ety "nstructor ?ountain 3reen .wim 7lu% 9el )ir! /2

/a 2010 B )u+ust 2013

*nsured the sa$et o$ 500 mem%ers % preventin+ and respondin+ to emer+encies Tau+ht children o$ all a+es the %asic $undamentals o$ swimmin+ and treadin+ water 9el )ir! /2 /a 200C B 6ul 2013

S#i$ Coach ?ountain 3reen .wim 7lu%

7oached and mentored appro#imatel 50 swimmers each summer 7oordinated and ran an independent stro(e and turn class $or oun+ swimmers


)vaila%le upon request