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Greetings from Cebu as we get back into the working and cleaning up of devistating areas and we in Cebu begin helping teams get from the airport to the piers and Bills of Lading and whatever we can do to assist the teams. We are blessed to be used to help in any way we can.

February 2014
Closing of Barangay Tinago Shelter and Opening of Tent City In late December and early January the Barangay Tinango Evacuee Center was closed and the survivors were relocated to a facility now known as Tent City, run by the Cebu City Government at first and now run by The Philippine Red Cross. This is a time of mixed emotions for us as the people we have been feeding were mixed in with groups from other parts of the city and some went back to Tacloban that we didn't get to say goodbye to. It also increased our expenses for transporting the food. We kept our 2 month commitment to the City and on January 30th we did our last feeding for our friends. We are now working with the Red Cross trying to get permission to continue a weekly Bible Study and action songs for the kids. Pray for that to be approved.

Tinago Shelter

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Tent City

During the past few days we have had 2 more typhoons in the Philippines and in Cebu and 12 straight days of rain. We want to say thank you to our friends from Japan, Ireland, Australia, from various churches in the U.S.A., from our home church of Calvary Chapel of Downey, personal friends from all over the U.S.A., Phil-Am Association of Washington County and others who have helped us achieve most of the burden that came with this task and for over 20 volunteers from our church who came through like troopers to make this all happen and of course, all the prayer warriors that lifted us up.

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February 2014

Health The end of January and beginning of February have been trying for my health. I came down with Pneumonia and kidney stones at the same time. I was hospitalized for 5 days. I am recovering slowly but recovering. Thank you for your prayers.

Feeding for the Children may Resume Titus2Men Kick-Off Because of the feeding to the evacuees we had, with the Department of Education, gained approval to cease the school feeding of 2000 students for 2 months and now we are ready to restart but just found out the damages to our local school are worse than anticipated so we may not be able to resume until the beginning of the new school year in June. Be sure to look for the opportunity to sponsor Elementary, High School and College students for the new school year.

The first round of Titus2Women is winding down with about 12 women to be completed. We hope to add another 10-15 women to the program this round.

We will be having our Kick-Off for Titus2Men this February as we have 4 trained Titus2Men Discipler's ready to train up another 4 men to Disciple. Pray for God to rise up the right men for enthusiastic graduates to take under their wings.

Ministries Resumed After a small break for Christmas we have resumed our ministries and are now back to full scale with all previous ministries ongoing.

February 2014

Eddie Fernandez It was nice to see and visit with Eddie Fernandez while he is in town visiting with CC Mactan. Always good to see an old friend.

Prayer Requests
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