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Hi, You had responded to our advertisement calling for people who could be trained as a Business Development Associate

or a Distributor with confirmed earnings, after completing our


Well, here is a brief:

1. Why? So that you can become, according to your choice, either a Business Development Associate (BDA) with a starting c2c salary of Rs 4,04,000/- pa OR a Distributor earning upto Rs 1,00,000/- per month within a year. 2. How? We are taking the responsibility of so training you that you will be fit for your chosen role.
*It is a comprehensive programme, with hands-on, practical and theoretical training and experience in live situations besides relevant lectures and interactive discussions and the associated paperwork. It covers all aspects of the business/ profession- from product familiarization, locating/ contacting potential customers, closing sales, maintaining relationships at profit, etc. *It includes professional training in brushing up your spoken, written and reading English so essential for modern sales and marketing management.. *It includes training for personal grooming and sharpening up your presentation skills. In short, it is a combination of various courses, programmes, seminars, etc to make you result oriented. On completion, you do not have to run after all and sundry for a job or for starting a business. We do not depend upon others for placements but offer the above choice ourselvesthat is why we can guarantee it!

3. Who qualifies?
Anyone who wants to be a success in life and who is basically interested in a Sales/ Marketing field. Adequate basic knowledge of English is a must. Ambitious. Persistent. Not a quitter. 4. ETP start? 10/may/2014. Concludes on 18/aug/2014. You start work wef 01/sep/14. 5. ETP Fee? Rs 88,300/- (plus Service Tax of 12.36%). Non-refundable once paid. On completion, you are guaranteed an income thru one of the above two options of your choice; you can, therefore, easily recover this within a few months of start of your assignment thereafter. NO OTHER tutorial, course, programme, college, seminar, etc offers any guarantee of an earning? 6. Hum kaun? Check out our website, www.automatsasra.com; even though it is a little outdated, it will give you a fair idea of who, and what, we are! 7. Next step? Meet us to understand what this is all about but only if you can arrange the above fee- no discounts, no installments and can spend the 100-days full-time. We will not take you, even if you are willing to pay the fee, if we feel, during our discussion, that we cannot train you. Remember, your biggest hurdle is in getting selected.