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RESIDENTIAL LEASE LANDLORD Name:______________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________ TENANT(S) Name: ____________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________

MANAGING AGENT (if appropriate) Name: ____________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________ TERMS OF AGREEMENT ! The apartment n"m#er or f$oor is _____! The #"i$din% is $o&ated at ______! Land$ord 'i$$ rent this apartment to tenant from (___(___(___) thro"%h (___(___(___)! )! The rent for the apartment is P_______ a month! Tenant 'i$$ pa* the rent on the ____ da* of ea&h month or on the fo$$o'in% dates! If there are or 'i$$ #e an* additiona$ &har%es in &onne&tion 'ith $i+in% in this apartment, the* are des&ri#ed at the end of the $ease! Rent sho"$d #e paid to _______ at ________! -hen the rent is paid, $and$ord 'i$$ %i+e tenant a 'ritten re&eipt! .! If the tenant pa*s more than ten da*s after the d"e date spe&ified a#o+e, s(he 'i$$ #e &har%ed a p_____ $ate fee! /! Tenant has paid $and$ord P______ as a se&"rit* deposit! Land$ord 'i$$ ho$d the deposit "nti$ the end of the $ease0 the se&"rit* deposit remains tenant1s mone*! Land$ord 'i$$ 2eep the deposit separate from $and$ord1s o'n mone*! 3! Land$ord 'i$$ ret"rn the se&"rit* deposit to tenant at the end of the $ease if: The apartment is in %ood &ondition e4&ept for norma$ 'ear and tear or dama%e not &a"sed #* tenant or tenant1s fami$* or %"ests! If $and$ord ded"&ts mone* from tenant1s deposit, $and$ord 'i$$ pro+ide an itemi5ed $ist of the items for 'hi&h tenant is #ein% &har%ed! 6! Land$ord 'i$$ ret"rn the deposit to tenant no more than thirt* (.7) da*s after the $ease ends! If o'nership of the #"i$din% is transferred, $and$ord a%rees 'ithin fi+e da*s of the transfer to %i+e o+er the deposit, p$"s an* interest o'in%, to either: ( ) the tenant or ()) the ne' o'ner 'ho is ta2in% &ontro$ of the #"i$din%! Land$ord a%rees that tenant 'i$$ #e notified #* &ertified mai$ of the name and address of the ne' o'ner! 8! Tenant a%rees that the apartment 'i$$ #e "sed on$* to $i+e in! Tenant ma* not "se the apartment to &ond"&t an* i$$e%a$ a&ti+it*! Tenant a%rees not to dama%e the apartment, the #"i$din%, the %ro"nds or the &ommon areas or to interfere 'ith the ri%hts of other tenants to $i+e in their apartments in pea&e and 9"iet! Land$ord a%rees to do nothin% that 'o"$d pre+ent or interfere 'ith tenant1s $e%a$ "se of the apartment!

Sho"$d there #e an* dama%es pro+en to #e d"e to the ne%$i%ent, a#"si+e of e4&essi+e "se of the tenant to properties transferred to him in %ood &ondition #* +irt"e of this a%reement, tenant a%rees to pa* for the repairs(rep$a&ement of the same! :! If the apartment is not read* to mo+e into 'hen the $ease #e%ins, tenant ma* &an&e$ this $ease at an* time #efore the apartment is read* and re&ei+e a f"$$ ref"nd of mone* paid to $and$ord, in&$"din% the se&"rit* deposit! ;! -hen the $ease ends, tenant a%rees to ret"rn the apartment to the same &ondition it 'as in at the start of the $ease, other than norma$ 'ear and tear, e4&ept for those items that 'ere noted on inspe&tion and des&ri#ed at the end of this $ease! Tenant 'i$$ not #e as2ed to pa* for dama%e not &a"se #* tenant, tenant1s fami$* or %"ests! Land$ord 'i$$ pro+ide the fo$$o'in% ser+i&es: (e!%: heat, e$e&tri&it*, %as, %ar#a%e remo+a$, 'ater)! 7! Land$ord promises that the apartment and #"i$din% &omp$* 'ith app$i&a#$e ho"sin% &odes, are fit to $i+e and not dan%ero"s to $ife, hea$th or safet* of the o&&"pants! Land$ord 'i$$ #e he$d responsi#$e if this promise is #ro2en, e+en if it is not the $and$ord1s fa"$t, "n$ess the apartment or #"i$din% #e&omes "nfit to $i+e in d"e to tenant1s mis&ond"&t or that of tenant1s fami$* or %"ests! Land$ord a%rees to ma2e a$$ ne&essar* repairs and ta2e a$$ ne&essar* a&tion to 2eep the apartment and #"i$din% fit to $i+e in and to meet a$$ ho"sin% &ode re9"irements I< AND ONL= I< s"&h dama%es are not d"e to the tenant>s ne%$i%ent, a#"si+e or e4&essi+e "se and s"#?e&t to the fo$$o'in% &ondition: If $and$ord does not $i+e "p to the terms of this $ease or fai$s to pro+ide an* of the ser+i&es 'hi&h $and$ord a%rees to pro+ide, tenant ma* ha+e the ri%ht not to pa* part or a$$ of the rent! ! If the apartment is so dama%ed #* fire or other e+ent, not the fa"$t of the tenant, that it &annot #e $i+ed in, and #e&a"se of the dama%e the tenant mo+es o"t, tenant 'i$$ not #e $ia#$e for rent from the da* of the dama%e and tenant ma* &an&e$ the $ease on three da*s1 noti&e! If the apartment is dama%ed in part, so that &ertain rooms &annot #e "sed and are not "sed, tenant 'i$$ pa* a proportiona$ amo"nt of the rent from the da* of the dama%e! If the $ease is not &an&e$ed or on$* a portion of the apartment is dama%ed, $and$ord 'i$$ ma2e a$$ ne&essar* repairs to ma2e the apartment fit to $i+e in 'ithin thirt* (.7) da*s! Tenant 'i$$ #e%in pa*in% f"$$ rent 'hen the apartment is repaired and ret"rned to a $i+a#$e &ondition! )! E4&ept for emer%en&ies, $and$ord ma* enter apartment on$* d"rin% reasona#$e ho"rs, after ad+an&e noti&e and 'ith prior 'ritten appro+a$! .! Tenant ma* insta$$ an e4tra $o&2 on an* entran&e door to tenant1s apartment 'ith the 'ritten appro+a$ of the $and$ord! Tenant a%rees to pro+ide $and$ord 'ith a &op* of the 2e* to a$$ e4tra $o&2s! /! Tenant a%rees to o#e* a$$ reasona#$e #"i$din% r"$es that tenant has #een informed a#o"t! 3! Tenant has the ri%ht to s"#$et the apartment 'ith the 'ritten permission of $and$ord! Tenant 'i$$ inform $and$ord of the tenant1s intention to s"#$et, #* &ertified mai$ and in&$"de the name, home and #"siness address of proposed s"#$easee! Land$ord 'i$$ as2 for an* information needed to ma2e a de&ision 'ithin ten ( 7) da*s and pro+ide a noti&e of his(her &onsent or the reasons for his(her denia$ 'ithin fort* (/7) da*s from tenant1s notifi&ation of intention!

6! Tenant has the ri%ht to #rin% a &o"rt a&tion or to ta2e a %ood faith &omp$aint to an* %o+ernment a%en&* for $and$ord1s fai$"re to o#e* an* $a' or re%"$ation &on&ernin% the apartment or an* term of the $ease! Land$ord a%rees not to &han%e terms of the tenan&* or interfere in an* 'a* or to e+i&t tenant or ref"se to rene' tenant1s $ease simp$* #e&a"se of tenant1s a&tions! 8! If tenant does not $i+e "p to terms of the $ease, $and$ord 'i$$ do the fo$$o'in%: (a) Send tenant a 'ritten noti&e demandin% the tenant $i+e "p to the terms of the $ease 'ithin ten ( 7) da*s! (#) If tenant does not &omp$* 'ithin that time, $and$ord 'i$$ send tenant a se&ond 'ritten noti&e that the $ease 'i$$ end 'ithin thirt* (.7) da*s after the se&ond noti&e is mai$ed to the tenant! On that da*, the $ease term a"tomati&a$$* ends, and tenant 'i$$ $ea+e the apartment and ret"rn the 2e*s to the $and$ord! Land$ord has the ri%ht to #rin% a &o"rt a&tion if tenant does not pa* the rent, fai$s to &"re a s"#stantia$ +io$ation of the $ease, &ommits a &ontin"in% n"isan&e or does not $ea+e the apartment at the end of the $ease! Land$ord 'i$$ not for&e tenant o"t either #* remo+in% tenant1s possessions or &han%in% the $o&2 on tenant1s door or in an* other 'a*! Tenant 'i$$ #e %i+en prior noti&e of the &o"rt hearin%! (a) Noti&e to tenant! @n$ess other'ise re9"ired in this $ease or #* $a', an* noti&e from $and$ord to tenant 'i$$ #e &onsidered de$i+ered if it ( ) is in 'ritin%0 ()) is si%ned #* or in the name of the $and$ord or the $and$ord1s a%ent0 and (.) is addressed to tenant at the apartment and de$i+ered to tenant persona$$* or sent #* &ertified mai$, ret"rn re&eipt re9"ested to tenant at the apartment! (#) Noti&e to $and$ord! @n$ess other'ise re9"ired noti&es to $and$ord in 'ritin%, de$i+erin% persona$$* or sent #* &ertified mai$, ret"rn re&eipt re9"ested to $and$ord at the address noted on pa%e one of this $ease! SIGNATURES The tenant and $and$ord ha+e ea&h re&ei+ed identi&a$ &opies of the $ease, ea&h &op* si%ned and dated #* #oth $and$ord and tenant(s)! (date) ______________________________________ (tenant1s si%nat"re) ____________________________________________ (date) ______________________________________ ($and$ord1s si%nat"re) ____________________________________________ Taken from: Rent Smart: A Consumer Guide to Residential Leases, New York Consumer Protection Board, 1 !"#