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1. What is UFT tool ? HP QTP 11.5 or HP Unified Functional Testing 11.5 is nothing but a combination of QTP (Quick Test Professional) and Service Test (ST) Tools. Using this tool we can automate GUI, API and Mobile applications functionality. Create solution for all application functional tests. UFT = QTP (GUI applications functional testing) + Service Test (API testing)
2. What is the new features implemented in the QTP UFT 11.5 ? / What is the difference between QTP and UFT ? Modern IDE UFT 11.5 IDE is changed completely with the new look and feel. The new IDE is aligned with other development IDEs (like Eclipse) and has features such as multiple scripts editing at the same time, Solution Explorer pane, Switch between keyword view and editor (expert view). New Checkpoints Checkpoints on PDF files Mobile Testing support with the Perfecto plugin integration Image based object identification with the help of insight recording , objects will be identified based on their appearance in the application.


3. How many recording modes are available in UFT? Four Normal Recording Analog Recording Low level recording Insight recording 4. If UFT does not recognize the objects in AUT then what is the solution/approach? User can image based identification if UFT does not recognize the objects in AUT. During image based identification, mandatory/assistive/smart identification does not work. With the help of ordinal identifier /visual relational identifier can be used for this .


5. Explain image based object identification mechanism in UFT? 6. How to identify the application objects that runs remotely on a non-windows OS? Insight Recording Insight recording is used in UFT to recognize the objects if we are unable to identify with the regular object identification. Insight works by recognizing the objects in an application based on what they look like (for ex, color , style etc) . UFT will use image to identify the object and all the images are stored into the object repository. Insight take the help from ordinal identifier and visual relational identifier only. We have two usage ways such as manual and automatic for this mechanism.
7. Explain object identification in UFT ? UFT will try to identify the object with mandatory and assistive properties. If unable to identify with this, then second step to identify with Visual relational identifiers . Still this is not enough to identify it then UFT will use smart identification mechanism followed by ordinal identifiers. If this identification mechanism does not work then we can go ahead with image based identification.


8. Explain the enhanced debugging capabilities in UFT apart from QTP? Call stack (new) Allows user to view info about the methods and functions that are currently in the call stack Local Variables pane (enhanced) allows the user to view all the current values and types of variables in their current context Console pane (new) During debugging, this pane allows the user to run lines for GUI tests and for API tests in the suspended run session Watch (enhanced) This pane allows user to view the current values and types of selected variables, properties
9. Chrome will be supported by UFT ? Only play back support is available for Chrome. No recording support is available for chrome browser. 10. What is Canvas view in UFT ? Test flow in QTP is now considered as canvas view in UFT


11. How to import WSDL in UFT during API testing ? We have two options in UFT toolbar to import WSDL Option 1: import WSDL from URL or UDDI Select this option to import WSDL from URL Option 2: import WSDL from File or ALM Application component Select this option if you have the WSDL file or from ALM component
12. How to create a test step for API testing in UFT? We can create test steps by dragging the activities from the Toolbox pane (inside the solutions explorer) into the canvas view.

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