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Unit Test 4
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.


1 Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box. win an award / enter a market / protect the environment / meet a need / reduce waste 1 This new product will enable our company to _________________________ of 60 million consumers. 2 Our new model is based on a brilliant idea and !"m sure it will _________________________ for innovation. # $esco develops mobile phones which really aim to _________________________ to satisfy consumer demand. % !n the past our company threw away tons of used paper every year but now thanks to selective recyclin& we can _________________________ by almost '(). ( The clean technolo&ies we have adopted will _________________________ by cuttin& the amount of fuel and dan&erous chemicals we have to use.

2 Supply the missing noun in each sentence. The first letter is given. 6 *enovo +harmaceuticals say they are &oin& to make a ma,or b_______________ in the treatment of cancer with a new dru& developed in !ndia. ' . Our customers simply want more choice so we have to e-tend our product r_______________ . /e noticed that demand for this kind of camera was increasin& all the time so we ,ust took a_______________ of the opportunity and launched a much better model. 0 +eople buy our office supplies because they raise their s_______________ .They &ive them a more upmarket ima&e in other words. 10 There is absolutely nothin& like our new cleanin& product available in shops. !t really fills a &_______________ in the market.

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Complete this text. !rite the wor"s in brackets in the correct tense. 1anuel 2yala 3114 _______________ 3develop4 the new dru& $56 in 100. while he 3124 _______________ 3do4 some research at the university of *antia&o. !n the ne-t two or three years he 31#4 _______________ 3write4 a lot of articles about it and 31%4 _______________ 3&ive4 talks at conferences around the world. One day when 1anuel 31(4 _______________ 3tour4 2ustralia the 78O of a lar&e pharmaceutical company 3164 _______________ 3invite4 him to work at their laboratories in 1elbourne. 1anuel 31'4 _______________ 3e-plain4 that he 31.4 _______________ 3work4 on an e-citin& pro,ect in *antia&o and that he 3104 _______________ 3need4 si- months to see it throu&h. !n 2002 he 3204 _______________ 3&o4 to 2ustralia on his own. 9is wife 1i&uelina 3214 _______________ 3stay4 in *antia&o for another year because she 3224 _______________ 3write4 her doctoral dissertation. 2s soon as she 32#4 _______________ 3arrive4 in 1elbourne she 32%4 _______________ 3apply4 for ,obs in marketin&. 9owever she 32(4 _______________ not have4 much luck and so decided to start her own a&ency. :ow both 1anuel and 1i&uelina have a ,ob that they en,oy and they make a &ood livin& but they often miss *antia&o.

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# Complete the following phrases using the wor"s in the box. recap / item / favour / feel / purpose 26 The _______________ of this meetin& is to discuss the launch of our new model. 2' 1ost of us are in _______________ of 1ay or 6une. 2. 9ow do you _______________ about this; 20 The ne-t _______________ on the a&enda is promotion. #0 O5 let"s _______________ on the points we"ve covered so far.

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