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Mythos. The air jet loom destined to become a legend

Mythos, a machine that gives exceptional performance in the broadest possible range of applications. Mythos, the perfect synthesis of the greatest technological advancements in air jet looms. Mythos, designed to offer both maximum economy and productivity.

Mythos represents Somets determination, evolution, strength, knowledge and companys image

Somets DETERMINATION in involving the entire company in this undertaking.

The radical EVOLUTION achieved through the use of absolutely new technological resources; an evolution that goes beyond all the other machines found on the nowadays market.

The STRENGHT that stems from the conviction of being ahead of everyone, of being the new standard with this loom.

Somets KNOWLEDGE of the textile sector is now so extensive that it can meet any type of market demand.

The IMAGE of a world-wide leader in the rapier loom sector that Somet has created and will now confirm in the air jet loom segment as well.

Unrivalled structural strength to guarantee absolute reliability even at the highest weaving speeds
Mythos's structure is the result of in-depth dynamic/behavioral studies conducted in co-operation with leading university institutes. A brand-new engineering project, completely independent from existing machines, to obtain an unrivalled result in terms of strength, compactness and absence of vibrations. The essential base to work with maximum peace of mind and safety, even at the extreme speeds achievable with this weaving machine.

No need for anchoring

Tangible proof of the strength and the minimum vibration levels that this new loom offers lies in the fact that Mythos doesn't need to be anchored to the ground, whether mechanically or chemically, even for the most demanding weaving requirements.

Absolute structural rigidity

The powerful side frames and the all-important connection elements - including the main cross member and the other horizontal elements - give the Mythos loom extraordinary rigidity and structural compactness. Vibration levels have been cut to levels unthinkable until now for such a high-performance air jet loom: Mythos doesn't vibrate or create problems, even at speeds in excess of 1000 picks/minute or when weaving with unbalanced patterns and large numbers of heald frames.

Fewer components, more reliability

One of the main guiding principles for the engineering project that has led to the creation of Mythos is, without a doubt, the reduction in the number of components, both structural and kinematic, with the aim of further increasing the reliability of the machine and eliminating the fixing systems causing vibrations and instability. This goal has been achieved also thanks to a special design of the side frames that are very rational and integrate the sley drive kinematics within.

Clever balancing of weights and dynamics

The structural strength and the perfectly controlled power of Mythos have a positive effect on the overall operating behavior of all components in the loom, from the back rest rollers to the beam supports, from the sley to the insertion system, not to mention the accessories. Every element and detail is of the right size and favors synergy, thus making for significant advantages in terms of reliability and weaving possibilities.

Long dwell time, minimum vibrations and air consumption

The great level of stress that the powerful structure of the Mythos can withstand has made it possible to adopt laws of motion for the sley with a long dwell time - different for narrow and wide looms - allowing more time for the filling insertion cycle. These are the conditions needed to reach ultra-high weaving speeds, while still guaranteeing low compressed air consumption and low filling tensions.

Finally very high productivity combined with unlimited operating versatility

A truly innovative air jet loom should integrate very high productivity with maximum operating versatility. Thanks to Mythos, this objective has become reality. Mythos is the ideal loom for the most diverse applications, covering an exceptionally vast range of yarns. It meets today's needs as well as those of the future.

Maximum freedom in configuration

The innovative Mythos loom can be configured in an almost unlimited number of different ways, thanks to characteristics and features that make this machine the perfect solution for any kind of weaving requirement. Its incredible versatility comes from a vast range of weaving widths (from 190 cm up to 400 cm); filling insertion up to 6 colors; a positive cam motion up to 10 harnesses and high performance positive electronic dobbies up to 16 harnesses.

Innovative pneumatic insertion system

This system, the real beating heart of Mythos technology, was developed in collaboration with the most qualified partners in the industry. It employs the most advanced know-how and technological solutions developed expressly for Mythos and thus achieves the highest objectives set for efficiency and reduction of air consumption.

A specialist in managing diversity

Mythos can weave smoothly and very rapidly an chenille and lurex - with single or double filling insertion. extremely wide range of yarns: filament yarns from 20 This is why Mythos can produce both extremely light Dtex; natural and synthetic high twist yarns; spun yarns (less than 20 g/m2) and heavy (even over 800 g/m2) coarser than Ne 5 as well as fancy yarns - boucl, fabrics.

Easy-to-adapt filling insertion system

Mythos can be equipped with an insertion system of up to 6 colors, and a new operating flexibility is added to this versatility. In fact, it is possible to modify and adapt the system (main nozzles, auxiliary and relay nozzles), selecting from a vast range of components, so as to configure the machine for any type of yarn and fabric.

With the advent of Mythos, the air jet loom reaches Olympus heights in weaving quality
New electronic, mechanical and pneumatic solutions allow the loom to achieve superlative weaving performances, for first class fabric quality. It is the outstanding achievement in research and development of our "Textile Experimentation" team that has made Mythos a loom suitable for all applications and capable of satisfying the most demanding standards.

Three structural elements working in synergy to eliminate stop marks

Mythos was technologically conceived with the purpose of reaching the total elimination of stop marks, an objective achieved through the interaction of three structural elements: an innovative pick finding device that eliminates any unnecessary motion of the reed during the pick finding cycle; the specific layout The warp let-off and fabric take-up system has been developed based on the concept of a microprocessor-controlled electronic gear, fully synchronized and integrated with the loom running so to guarantee maximum reliability and the highest fabric quality. of the entire machine from the back rest roller to the position of the take-up roller; also contributing to the purpose is the geometry of the warp shed, that has been the object of detailed theoretical and experimental research, ensuring truly exceptional fabric hand.

Computercontrolled electronic gear

Positive compensation back rest rollers

The possibility of configuring the machine with different back rest roller arrangements allows for varying the performance of the loom to adapt it to different weaving requirements. A strategic role is played by the positive compensation back rest rollers, which reduce tension peaks on the warp and allow very high weaving speed also with delicate yarns.

Patented pneumatic tuckers

Mythos embodies Somet's original high technology with its pneumatic selvedge tuckers. These patented devices give the loom outstanding operating versatility, above all for the production of fabrics that demand selvedges of high quality and resistance. The total absence of mechanical moving parts makes this solution extremely reliable, without speed limitations and maintenance-free. There are many important operational advantages: in particular, optimization of the airflow in the tucking process and exceptional setting capabilities make these devices much more practical than traditional mechanical systems..

Start-up overspeed device

Developed on the basis of the most advanced principles, Mythos is equipped with a start-up overspeed system that ensures attaining the proper weaving speed from the very first pick at re-start. Thanks to that, the beat-up force does not suffer any negative influence due to start-up inertial transients and the quality of the fabric is not affected, even at very high speeds.

Constant monitoring of air flow

Through a number of electronic options the weaver has a complete and constant control of air flow, so as to rapidly utilize, without hesitation, all the features offered by the pneumatics for a perfect filling insertion.

Automatic harnesses leveling

All the dobbies and cam shedding motions equipping Mythos allow for automatic leveling of the harness frames during loom stops; the leveling cuts down unnecessary stress to the warp yarn and the consequent stop marks.

FAR (Filling Automatic Repair) to reduce machine stops to a minimum

For some time, the applied experimentation carried out by textile engineering on the interaction between loom and fabric, has emphasized how important it is to reduce machine stop time to the very minimum. This is why Mythos can be equipped with FAR, the most modern, reliable system for repairing filling breakages with automatic loom re-start, essential factors in ensuring final fabric quality and plant efficiency.

The optimal choice for interwoven performances, results, economy and ease of control
Somet's important patents and the intelligent features of Mythos allow for increasing performance levels and at the same time ensure reduced costs and fewer operational problems. In particular, Mythos has been designed for maximum reduction of air consumption, a result obtained through rationalization of the entire system with kinematic technology that place it far ahead of the competition.

AIR CONTROL, an intelligent air flow control system

Through its new Air Control system, Mythos automatically regulates air flow, adapting it to varying insertion requirements while the filling package goes from full to empty. All this translates into an additional increase

New extremely efficient stretching nozzle

A determining factor in optimizing operating costs is the stretching nozzle developed and patented by Somet. In Mythos, this device performs at its highest level of efficiency, together with the waste compactor, another Somet patent. The nozzle can be used for any type of weaving application to guarantee multiple advantages: reduction in the warp stop rates (in fact, there is no false selvedge); less filling waste than the current averages; no need for auxiliary spools or other devices; greater simplicity in use and extreme reliability.

in loom efficiency, optimized consumption and consistent savings in compressed air.

Rapid discharge device

Among the most interesting features of the Mythos pneumatic system is certainly the rapid discharge device: it allows the discharge of residual compressed air at the end of the filling insertion phase, not through the main nozzle as usually occurs in all the other air jet looms, but through a special discharge valve that does not stress the filling yarn at all. This enables the elimination of unnecessary tension peaks on the filling, imputable to the air pressure still present in the nozzles when the filling stands-by on the drum of the pre-winder. This translates into an overall

Powerful management automation

Mythos is highly automated; it uses the capability of a very powerful, fast 32-bit microprocessor of the latest generation. In addition to the machine's parameters, it enables control of the entire setup of the pneumatic insertion system and all the motorized devices on the loom; among other functions, the Air Control system, FAR, the synchronized cutters and the electronic selvedge binding system, which is totally programmable.

increase in loom efficiency and a considerable reduction in filling stops, especially in the case of particularly weak filling yarns.

The optimal choice for interwoven performances, results, economy and ease of control
Reduced, very economical maintenance
The modern, rational construction of Mythos stands out in the ease of maintenance work and its frequency, which is drastically reduced to a minimum. Grease lubricated components are connected by a single, easy-to-reach distribution point, whereas the sley shaft is mounted on bearings that do not require lubrication. Moreover, the control units require small amounts of lubricant and have a very low replacement frequency. Extremely low maintenance cost is ensured by limited machine down time due to the programmed self-diagnostic maintenance system controlled by SOCOS JET, which gives precise instructions on the maintenance work to be done.

User friendly
The entire Mythos project focuses great attention on the daily job of the weaver, a commitment that has also led to the production of new devices for communication and interface between the operator and the machine. There is a new easy-to-read VGA display capable of providing all the necessary operating information in real time. In addition, shedding machines allow external shed setting and have quick-locking connectors to simplify and speed up style change operations.

Perfect integration between air jet and rapier looms

The need to make different weft insertion systems - primarily air jet and rapier - coexist and operate in synergy was carefully taken into consideration by the Mythos project. It meets these needs through greater standardization of the components used on the various machines. Among the most important advantages of this flexibility and integration is most certainly the homogeneous operating system. But the standardization goes well beyond simple accessories. The electrical and electronic systems have in fact been designed by taking advantage of parts that have been well tested and used on rapier looms, and over 65% of the components are interchangeable. A logic that is of course maintained also with harness frames, beams, cloth rollers and other minor accessories.

Reed widths
From 190 cm to 400 cm Width reductions up to 800 mm Possibility of symmetrical weaving

Back rollers
With adjustable elastic compensation With positive compensation (optional) Full width tension reading through load cell

Filling insertion rates up to 2500 m/min

Warp beams
Single beams with flanges up to 1100 mm Twin beams with flanges up to 1100 mm and bilateral let-off drive Quick beam release

Weaving range
Natural, artificial and synthetic yarns Spun yarns: from 7 Nm to 135 Nm Filament yarns: from 20 Dtex to 1100 Dtex Fabrics: up to 800 g/m2

Cloth rolls
Standard diameter up to 550 mm (650 mm for versions with 1000 mm beams or greater) Off-loom take-up rollers up to 1500 mm

Filling selection
2, 4 or 6 colors Simple or double filling insertion

Leno selvedges with electronic rotary drive Tucked selvedges (bilateral and central) with pneumatic device Welded selvedges

Pick density
From 4 to 200 picks/cm From 1.3 to 100 picks/cm (optional)

Sley drive
Conjugated cams with double drive on both sides
LOOM WIDTH 1900 2100 2300 2600 2800 3400 3800 4000 A 4840 5040 5240 5660 5860 6460 6860 7060 B 2280 2480 2680 3100 3300 3900 4300 4500 C 1920 2120 2320 2700 2900 3500 3900 4100 D 1120 1320 1520 1900 2100 2700 3100 3300

Shed formation
Positive cam motion up to 10 harnesses, 12 mm pitch Automatic harness leveling device (optional) Electronic positive dobby for very high performance up to 16 harnesses (12 mm pitch) with DRC4-type quick hook-ups 11" and 13" harness frames

Machine drive
High efficiency asynchronous motor Electromagnetic clutch and brake unit Start-up overspeed device for preventing stop marks Pick finding motion with reed release Programmable speed variation with inverter (optional)

Weft control
Double interference photoelectric cells (standard) Single photoelectric cell for filaments

Main drive mechanisms in oil bath Centralized grease lubrication Self-lubricating sley shaft supports

Warp control
Rotary warp stop motion (for filaments) Electric warp stop motion (6 or 8 rows)

Filling insertion system

Main moving nozzles and auxiliary fixed nozzles Optimized multi-hole (19) relay nozzles Profiled reed

Synchronized with electronically controlled stepper motors Lateral motor-driven cutters for waste selvedge, if any

Warp let-off motion

EWC Electronic Warp Control with brushless motor drive and feedback control

User interface
32-bit microprocessor-based SOCOS JET with graphic display VGA color display (optional) Self-diagnostics for all components and functions Data transfer by means of MCPS (Memory Card Programming System) Networking (WEB) for remote service

Fabric take-up motion

ETD Electronic Take-up Drive with brushless motor drive and feedback control Full digital synchronization with warp let-off and pick finding functions Main options Air Control: automatic air flow control Filling electronic brakes FQS (Filling Quality System): filling knots feeler FAR (Filling Automatic Repair) SQSC (Somet Quick Style Change)