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Designing your first MOOC from scracth: recommendations after teaching Digital Education of the Future

Carlos Alario-Hoyos, Mar Prez-Sanagustn, Carlos Delgado-Kloos Israel Gutirrez-Rojas, Derick Leony, Hugo A. Parada G.
calario@it.uc3m.es Lausanne, 10th February 2014

Digital Education of the Future

Built-in social tools

Example of video lecture

Structure of a weekly lesson



1. Platform
To choose the platform based on Institutional agreements Target learners
To study the platform constraints before creating the course structure and the learning materials

2. Overall course structure

To be aware of the workload to create the course structure and upload the materials To define a flexible schedule so that latecomers can join To decide whether the course addresses wellestablished topics or latest trends in the field.


3. Teaching staff

To count with several teachers

To regulate the participation and awareness of the teaching staff with regular communications


4. Learning contents

To create original video lectures explaining the concepts easily and clearly To plan when video lectures need to be ready, leaving enough extra time for subtitling


5. Assessment

To define formative and summative activities from the beginning. To inform clearly about assessment policies and how scores are calculated.

6. Social support

To promote social learning through different kinds of social tools To define from the beginning the degree of commitment of teachers in social tools


7. Certification

To define from the beginning the type of recognition people will get if passing the course


8. Marketing

To establish and start the marketing strategy as soon as possible