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Soal MCQ 2 Obgyn 1.

You are seeing a 19 year old woman (G1P0) in the third trimester of pregnancy in the emergency room. While being e amined! she has a con"ulsion. You should a. #btain neurologic consultation b. Perform an emergency caesaran deli"ery c. Gi"e i" phenytoin d. Protect the patient from self-harm e. #btain a chest film $% yo G1P0 &' wee(s gestation was noted to ha"e a )lb weight gain and an increase in blood pressure from 100*0 to 1&0*+0 in the past wee(. ,he also has 1- proteinuria. .he e amination was repeated hours later and the same results were obtained. .he best diagnosis is a. /ormal pregnancy b. Preeclampsia c. 0clampsia d. Pregnancy induced hypertension e. .ransient hypertension of pregnancy Which of the following histories might lead you to suspect the e istence of diabetes in a patient now pregnant for the third time1 a. ,pontaneous rupture of the membranes occurred during the second trimester in both preceding pregnancies b. 2aundice appeared in the last trimester of her second pregnancy c. 3oth preceding infant were premature d. Unexplain intrauterine death occurred at ! "ee#s gestation in her last pregnancy e. 4bruption placentae occurred in the second pregnancy .he most common type of anemia in pregnancy is due to a. 5ron deficiency! acute blood loss b. 5ron deficiency! sic(le cell disease c. 6olat deficiency! acute blood loss d. 6olat deficiency! sic(le cell disease 8icrocytic hypochromic anemia may be due to a. 6olat deficiency b. 9it 31$ deficiency c. .halassemia d. 9it b deficiency e. 4cute blood loss .o oplasmosis is transmitted to the infant by a. 4scending passage of a "irus deli"ery through the infected tissue b. $ransplacental passage in the proto%oa c. ,e ual intercourse by the mother during pregnancy d. :ematogenesis spread of the bacteria You are e amining a term patient in the labour and deli"ery suit. Which of the following sign and symptoms is most li(ely to indicate ruptured membranes1 a. 9aginal pool p: of )!7 b. Yellow green colour on nitra;ine test c. &erning on a specimen from the 'aginal pool d. ,uperficial s<uamous cells in the "aginal pool e. =opious lea(age on pants or underwear You are deli"ering a &% yo woman G&P% at &+!7 wee(s whose pregnancy is complicated by gestational diabetes. .he head deli"ers! but the shoulders do not follow. 4n afficacious method of deli"ery for a shoulder dystocia includes 8c>oberts maneu"er! which is a. 6undal pressure b. (xtreme flexion of the maternal tights c. >otation to an obli<ue position after deli"ery of posterior arm d. ,trong traction on the head e. >otation of the posterior shoulder to the anterior ?aserasi perineum (ecuali mu(osa anus..









a. b. c. d. e.

6irst degree ,econd degree $hird degree 6ourth degree 6ifth degree

10. .entang hasil pap smear yg hasilnya high grade ,5? tapi ngga terlihat sel endoser"i nya!! ne t step1 a. @.. b. >epeat pap smear c. @ d. @ e. =olposcopy n biopsy 11. $% yo G$P$ has Aust deli"ered "aginally an infant weighing %&00 g after a spontaneous uncomplicated labor. :er prior obstetric history was a low uterine segment trans"erse cesarean section for breech. ,he has had no problems during the pregnancy and labor. .he placenta deli"ers spontaneously. .here is immediate bris( "aginal bleeding of greater than 700 cc. 4lthough all of the following can be the cause for post partum hemorrhage! which is the most fre<uent cause of immediate hemorrhage as seen in this patient1 a. Uterine atony b. 9aginal and*or cer"ical laceration c. Bterine in"ersion d. =oagulopathies e. Bterine rupture 1$. 4 patient who is 1$ hours postpartum de"elops a temperature of 10% o6! a tender uterus! and increased lochia without an odor. Your antibiotic choise needs to be sure to co"er the most li(ely organism! which would be a. 0.coli b. 3acteroides c. )eta-streptococcus d. Gonococcus e. ,taphylococcus 4 $0 yo woman G1 has Aust deli"ered. 4fter e pression of the placenta! a red! raw surface is seen at the "aginal introitus. ,imultaneously! the nurse states that the patient is pale and her 3P is '0*%0. 0 ternal bleeding has been of normal amount. 1&. #f the following! the most li(ely diagnosis would be a. >uptured uterus b. ,econd twin c. #"arian cyst d. Uterine in'ersion e. 9aginal rupture 1%. .reatment would consist of a. 5mmediate hysterectomy b. Celi"ery of the infant c. 0 ploratory laparatomy d. *mmediate replacement of the fundus e. 8assi"e blood transfusion 17. 4n 1+ yo woman comes to your clinic with irregular cycles since menarche and mild hirsutism. ,he is not interested in pregnancy or contraception. :er serum .,:! prolactin! and C:04, le"els are normal! with aslightly ele"ated serum testosterone le"el of +0ng*dl. Which of the following is the most appropriate ne t step for this patient1 a. Oral contracepti'e treatment b. 0ndometrial biopsy c. Gn>: stimulation test d. =hlomiphene citrate e. 3romocriptine 1). .entang me(anisme 5BC mencegah (ehamilan dengan cara@ a. @

b. c. d. e.

Penebalan mucus ser"i @ @ @

1'. Penyebab tersering (ehamilan e(topi(!! a. @ b. 5BC c. @ d. ,timulasi o"ulasi e. @ 1+. 4n 1+ yo woman consults you for a painfull swelling of her left labium that has progressi"ely worsened o"er the past & days. ,he has been treating the discomfort with o"er the counter analgesics and warm sit; baths. #n e amination! a cm swollen! red! tnder! tense cystic mass is present in the base of the left labium maAus. .he most appropriate ne t step in the care of this patient is a. 0 cision of the mass b. Cry heat c. #ral antibiotics d. 5ntramuscular or intra"enous antibiotics e. *ncision and drainage of the mass 19. Which of the following is /#. a component of the 3ishop score1 a. Parity b. Cilation c. 0ffacement d. ,tation $0. What effect will labor induction ha"e on the incidence of uterine rupture in woman with prior cesarean deli"eries1 a. Cecreased b. .he same as spontaneous labor c. *ncreased d. Bn(nown since o ytocin is contraindicated in these woman $1. 5ntra"enous bollus o ytocin may cause which of the following1 a. +ypotension and cardiac arrhythmias b. :ypertension and headache c. :ypotension and headache d. :ypertensioan and cardiac arrhythmias $$. What is the most common presenting complain with "ul"ar hematomas1 a. (xcruciating pain b. :emorrhage c. =onstipation d. Brinary retention $&. Which of the following tocolytics is associated with premature closure of the fetal ductus arteriosus1 a. >itodrine b. /ifedipine c. 8agnesium sulfate d. *ndomethacin $%. preterm rupture of membrane! ne t step1 a. Pematangan paru b. ,tart tocolytic c. @ d. @ e. 0 pectant $7. What is the treatment of choice for uncomplicated gonorrhea in pregnancy1 a. Ceftriaxone b. Penicillin

c. d.

0rythromycin 4;ithromycin

$). #f the following! which is /#. an absolute contraindication to oral contracepti"es1 a. Prior tromboembolism b. :istory of li"er tumor while an oral contracepti"es pre"iously c. 8igraine headaches d. 3reast carcinoma with positi"e estrogen receptors $'. What is the most appropriate therapy for a woman who is + wee( pregnant with the string of a =u. &+0 4 "isible at the cer"i 1 a. 4ntibiotics b. 4bortion c. >emo"al of intrauterine de"ice d. /o action $+. Which of the following is contraindicated in the treatment of chronic hypertension and pregnancy1 a. 8ethyldopa b. :ydrala;ine c. ,ngiotensin-con'erting en%yme inhibitors d. ?abetolol $9. :ow is magnesium to icity treated1 a. =alcium gluconate 1 g intra"enously b. =alcium gluconate orally c. Calcium gluconate -g intra'enously and discontinue magnesium d. Cialysis &0. 7 patients come for contracepti"e counseling! each re<uested 5BC insertion. Which of the following is recogni;e contraindication for 5BC insertion1 a. P5C b. Pre"ious pregnancy with 5BC c. CB3 d. =er"i coni;ation e. =orioamnitis in pre"ious pregnancy &1. Wanita hamil 1' minggu (eguguran dari 7 minggu yl tapi yg (eluar baru spotting. Wanita ini dalam risi(o@ a. ,eptic abortion b. @ c. =oagulopathy D hypofibrinogenemia d. @ e. 0ctopic pregnancy &$. Eeuntungan episiotomy mediolateral.. a. ?u(a lbh mudah sembuh b. ?bh banya( perdarahan c. @ d. @ e. >isi(o laserasi lbh rendah &&. Pengobatan untu( apa@@.(lupa) a. @ b. penicilin c. 8etronida;ole dosis @ d. 8etronida;ole dosis 700 mg <id (yg panAang deh Aawabannya) e. @ &%. Pertumbuhan Aanin terhambat simetris (arena@ a. Cefisiensi nutrisi b. @ c. @ d. @ e. 5nsufisiensi plasenta

&7. :ari pemeri(saan :,G &). :ari pemeri(saan progesterone &'. :ari pemeri(saan Gn>: (lupa pertanyaannya@) a. :ari (e & b. :ari (e + c. :ari (e 1% d. :ari (e $1 e. :ari (e $+ &+. 4da ibu ngeluh spider ne"i saat hamil! yg (ita la(u(an1 a. ,uruh (e do(ter (ulit ut( dioperasi b. Easih tau (lo itu penya(it hati yg serius c. 0du(asi (lo itu normal pd orang hamil dan a(an menghilang stelah melahir(an d. @ e. @ &9. 5bu hamil ngeluh pusing (unang$ (lo tiduran!! yg (ita la(u(an1 a. 0EG b. 8onitor dgn "ideo@. c. @ d. @ e. 0du(asi (lo itu gpp n suruh Agn posisi tiduran lg.. %0. 5bu hamil %0 minggu!! bla bla bla! pengen ana(nya se(arang!! yg (ita la(u(an1 a. ?angsung sesar b. 5ndu(si dgn picosin (namanya itu (y(nya...) c. 2adwalin sesar 1 minggu lagi d. 2adwalin sesar (lo dah mules$ e. @ %1. Eita ga boleh peri(sa dalem (lo ibunya punya penya(it.. a. Ean(er ser"i(s b. Gonore c. @ d. @ e. @ /ah maaf ya tmn$ se(alian (arena (mrn pada ga ngumpulin apalan soal! Aadi =uma itu yg gw bisa inget dan yg (etemu di bu(u soal!!! smoga bisa bermanfaat untu( her beso(.. ayo smangatFF Gw Ag her nih.. hi hi GsiependG