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Entry for Essay Competition 2013 vide circular No CDO/P & H D!cm "#/2012!

13 P$%$&itaraman &pecial 'ssistant (P) *nde+ 2,"0#""-. &tate /an0 of *ndia. 1ada00ant2ara (12#"2-

Energising employees for performance and productivity

&uccess and failure of an or3ani4ation or institution depends mostly on t2e commitment. a5ility. dedication etc of its employees$ Ho6 to ener3ise and encoura3e employees is a vast su57ect$ &uccess of 8atas and &tate 5an0 of *ndia is only 5ecause t2e a5ove said Or3anisations 0no6 2o6 to 0eep t2eir 6or0 force 2appy. satisfied and motivated$ Care for employees is t2e &ecret 5e2ind success of many or3ani4ations$ 92en t2e employees feel t2at t2ey are cared for t2ey 3ive t2eir 100: or more to t2e or3ani4ation$ Ho6 can t2ere 5e more t2an 100:; <any a times our 100: a5ility is muc2 more t2an 62at 6e t2in3 our 100: is = &o 62en properly trained and motivated 6e 3ive more t2an 62at 6e 5elieved 6e could$ 92at are t2e needs of an employee; ' decent 7ustified salary. convenient 6or0in3 time so t2at t2ey can loo0 after t2eir families also. >o5 security.

&ecurity to t2e family in case somet2in3 2appens to t2em. <edical 2elp. in case of severe illnesses. opportunities for career pro3ress and appreciation and incentive for e+tra ordinarily 3ood 6or0 are t2e 5asic needs of an employee$ No6adays many companies are ma0in3 t2eir employees 6or0 more t2an 1, 2ours continuously$ Employees are 7ust 2eavily paid slaves 62o 2ave no time to live for t2emselves$ Continuous 6or0 results in mental emotional fati3ue and t2eir productivity 3ets reduced day 5y day$ 9or0in3 time s2ould 5e less t2an 10 2ours 6it2 atleast ? 2our for lunc2 time$ >o5 security 2as 5ot2 advanta3e and disadvanta3e$ *t is 5ecause of 7o5 security t2at many of t2e @overnment offices do not function properly$ 't t2e same time lac0 of 7o5 security results in lac0 of commitment to6ards or3ani4ation 62ic2 in turn results in lac0 of dedication and sincerity$ >o5 security s2ould 5e t2ere 5ut t2rou32 proper evaluation increase and decrease of remuneration s2ould 5e t2ere 5ased on productivity$ ' portion of salary s2ould 5e fi+ed and anot2er portion 5ased on productivity$ Compassionate appointment s2ould 5e t2ere. to deservin3 family mem5er$ 82is is 62ere employee is convinced t2at 2e and 2is family are cared for$ Pro5a5ly t2is is t2e only aspect in 62ic2 no6 &tate /an0 of *ndia is lac0in3$ <edical 2elp in case of 2ospitali4ation and c2ronic illnesses is an a5solute necessity$ Once a3ain C' E is t2e messa3e 3iven to t2e employees$

Career pro3ression merely 5ased on merit is a prereAuisite for employee satisfaction$ <any private sector companies succeed compared to ' promotion not 5ased on merit @overnment esta5lis2ments only 5ecause merit is t2e only criterion for promotion and not caste and creed$ promotion and 6ere denied$ ' 6ell appreciated 3ood 6or0 yields more from t2e employee$ *f all are creates dissatisfaction amon3 t2ose employees 62o really deserved t2e

treated eAually 62atever 2appens. sta3nation of performance is t2e result$ 82ere is an incident in amayana 6ort2 mentionin3 2ere$ Hanuman 6as Hanuman reali4in3 2is true

not a6are of 2is immense po6er$ >am5avan t2e 5ear e+plained Hanuman 62at 2e is capa5le of and motivated 2im$ potential finis2ed 2is tas0 very 5eautifully$ Proper trainin3 and motivation 5rin3s fort2 2idden talents in employees$ *t is not enou32 t2at employees complete t2eir 6or0 sincerely and 3o$ <otivation ma0es t2em t2in0 62at else can * do or 2o6 5etter can * do 62at * am doin3 so t2at my or3ani4ation is 5enefitted$ God created the world in six days and then rested on Seventh day $ est

is reAuired for rene6ed vi3our and ener3y$ Beave travel concession is a means to 3ive employees reAuired rest and recuperation$ *t is not 3ood for t2e or3anisation to allo6 encas2ment of Beave travel concession as ot2er6ise employees 6ill 3o on leave. en7oy and come 5ac0 6it2 ne6 4eal and vi3our$

82ere are certain donCts also to ensure 5rain drain and optimum output$ DThe duck that lays golden egg should not be killed $ 82e idea of openin3 full fled3ed 5ranc2es 6it2 sin3le officer is counterproductive$ 82e entire 5urden lies on sin3le person and 2e cannot ta0e leave easily 6it2out notice (2e or 2is family mem5ers s2ould not 3et ill 6it2out notice=- and moreover 2e is 5om5arded 6it2 sms from 2i32er!ups for 5etter performance$ 82is may 2ave tellin3 effect on 2is 2ealt2 and performance$ When energy of an atomic particle exceeds a critical level it escapes from the atomE$says atomic p2ysics$ 82is is true even in case of employees$ 92en an employee is 2ard pressed to perform and if 2e succeeds t2ere are ot2er or3anisations 6atc2in3 and t2ey 6ill 5uy t2e employee offerin3 5etter prospects$ 82is results in 5rain drain$ &o t2e or3ani4ation s2ould loo0 after suc2 efficient 2ands nicely and 3ive t2em deserved career pro3ression to 0eep t2em 2appy and committed$ 82ere s2ould 5e opportunities and time for entertainment. readin3 etc as any diversion 6ill re7uvenate people to 5ecome more productive$ &ummarisin3 proper care. 7o5 security. motivation. trainin3 . e+pectation su57ect to 2uman limitation etc assures optimum performance and productivity from employees$

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