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A Platform that Integrates Quizzes into Videos

Robin Woll, Tino Steffens, Sven Buschbeck, Pascal Berrang, Daniel Mohr, Matthias Birkenstock, Jrn Loviscach

Quizzes in Videos

-prevent illusion of learning -active interaction instead of just passive consumption -increase amount of invested mental e!ort -create desirable di"culties -wed like to include tons of quizzes, but!!! we know that every quiz is a potential reason to drop out -thats why we try to preserve the ow of the lecture -by asking questions tting to the context -we developed a platform that seamlessly integrates quizzes in the video

Embedding in Context

-not only didactic context but .. -embed quizzes into the visual context of the video -elements in the video become interactive

Quiz Series

master the basics shufe the quizzes & answers


-at the end of a video -series of 5-10 single choice questions in a row -repeat what you have just learned -randomize the order of answers so you dont remember the correct answer when repeat -randomize the order of the questions itself


evaluate mathematical expressions (a+b)! = a!+2ab+b! ??? showcase

-were focusing on STEM subjects -evaluate text input -string matching and even RegEx are boring or cumbersome -interpret the mathematical expression and compare on the semantic level


More Goodies

link to temporal position display LaTeX in quizzes feedback for wrong answers Capira Units are embeddable



quickly nd what you are looking for personal progress reduced to the max, e.g. no need to sign in course structures and encyclopedia

-reduced to the content the user is actually looking for -no distracting content


intuitive and efcient WYSIWYG, Drag&Drop, in-place editing templating mechanism expert mode (HTML, JS, CSS)

1) high frequency => for 1 minute of playing time an expert needs about 5 minutes of editing 2) ... therefore we use ... paradigms 3) there is a templating mechanism, to quickly reuse standard or frequently used quizzes 4) there is an expert mode that enables the author to hack any HTML, JS & CSS code in quizzes Thats costly but then only your imagination is the limit to possibilities for interactions

Beta Test


Remedial Course in Mathematics

100 Videos (15h total playing time) 450 embedded quizzes more than 350 students public release as Crash Course in Math

1) in september 2013 we applied Capira to Professor Loviscachs remedial course in mathematics 1) from fractions to polynomial division

Preliminary Results

most students used it helps to stay focused public beta test: this is the way to learn

1) 2) 3) 3) ... on a voluntary basis with the feedback from students we proved our assumption about 20000 unique visitors since september we received enough positive feedback to continue working on this idea

Next Steps

summer semester 2014 Live Editing tools for statistical analysis optimization for smart devices opening the platform for other teachers

1) right now we prepare our plattform to apply it in Professor Loviscachs regular math course in summerterm 2) creating massiv amounts of quizzes takes a lot of e!ort -for an even leaner production we are developing a Live Editor. the Live Editor enables the lecturer to create quizzes during the recording 3) We develop tools to collect data about the learning progress with Capira 4) We are already supporting mobile devices. But the user interfaces we use for desktop enviroments does not necessarily carry over to mobile devices. so this requires some optimization 5) we are looking for other people who want to use our platform so if youre interested just contact us via our website