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1. The minimum withdrawal that can be made from a Small Coin Depot is a) Rs.500 b) Rs.1000 c) Rs.50 d) Rs.100 2. As per which of the followin Acts! a person is considered le all" dead if he is missin for more than # "ears$ a) %&idence Act b) Contract Act c) Companies Act d) Re istration Act '. The percenta e of profit that a ban( is re)uired to transfer to its reser&e fund as per *an(in Re ulation Act is ++++++,. a) 25 b) 20 c) '0 d) 50 -. Summons to produce paid instruments or other documents b" .olice /fficer is issued under Section ++++ of +++++++++++++ a) -502) of *an(in Re ulation Act b) -20 of 1ndian .enal Code c) 21 of Criminal .rocedure Code d) 10 of 3.1.Act 5. 1n terms of which Section of *an(in Re ulation Act! 12-2 are ban(s re)uired to close and balance their boo(s of accounts as on '1st 4arch of e&er" "ear$ a) Sec. '2 b) Sec.-0 c) Sec. 50 d) Sec. 55 5. The *omba" Stoc( %6chan e has launched a *an( 1nde6 in reco nition of the stren th and soundness of ban( scrips in terms of mar(et capitali7ation which is (nown as ++++++. a) *an( 1nde6 b) *an(e6 c) *an(te6 d) *inde6 #. 1n the wa(e of 8.C probe into the 9etan .are(h scam! R*1 has said that ban(s should withdraw che)ue facilit" from account holders whose che)ues of Rs.++++++ and abo&e bounce more than ++++ times in a financial "ear. a) 1 crore ! ' times b) 5 crore! 2 times c) 2 crore! 2 times d) ' crore! ' times :. ++++++1nde6 has been launched b" CR1S1; and 3S% representin the capital mar(et performance of ban(in stoc(s in the countr". a) CR3S *an( b) CR13 *an( c) C<3 *an( d) C3< *an( 2. 1ndia has ot the second lar est mar(et for a) 1nsurance fundin b) Credit card fundin d) 3one of these 10. >hat is ?STR1.S@$ c) =enture capital fundin

a) b) c) d)

Speciall" Trusted and Responsible in 1ndian .ublic Ser&ice Special Transferable Ri hts for 1ntellectual .ropert" Sops Societ" for Trade Representati&es of 1ndia! .a(istan and Sin apore Separatel" Traded Re istered 1nterest and .rincipal Securities

11. >ho heads the >or(in Aroup set up b" R*1 to su est operations and prudential uidelines on STR1.S$ a) 4.R.Ramesh b) =epa 9amesam c) 4. Damodaran d) 9.8.Bdeshi 12. >ho heads the hi h le&el roup to re&iew the functionin of the Corporate Debt Reco&er" 4echanism$ a) =iCa" 9el(ar b) Dr. 3ara"an c) A...4uniappan d) =epa 9amesam 1'. R*1 has de&eloped a short term li)uidit" forecastin model for li)uidit" assessment to D a) enable li)uidation of all nonEperformin assets b) e&aluate the short term interaction of financial mar(ets and monetar" polic" measures c) assess all lon term assets and ma(e pro&isions based on different maturit" periods d) none of the abo&e 1-. As per R*1 uidelines! the ban(s which enerate ++++++ , of their re&enue from international ban(s need to follow *asel F11 norms. a) 10 b) 15 c) 20 d) 25 15. *an on loan defaulters from participatin in the o&ernmentGs disin&estments process was sou ht b" ++++++ a) 1D*1 b) 1D*1 *an( c) S*1 d) 1*A 15. 4.%DA stands for D a) 4achiner" .roducts %6port De&elopment Authorit" b) 4achiner" .roducts %6port De&elopment Association c) 4arine .roducts %6port De&elopment Authorit" d) 4arine .roducts %6port De&elopment Association 1#. >hich of the statements is correct with respect to ARC1;$ a) S*1! 1C1C1 and HDIC form the core roup b) 1ts other sta(eholders are Iederal *an( and South 1ndian *an( b) The compan"Gs initial capital is Rs.10 crores c) All the abo&e 1:. As per R*1 uidelines! what is the ma6imum tenor of the ban( loan in financin promoterGs e)uit" in respect of infrastructure financin $ a) 5 "ears b) # "ears c) 15 "ears d) 3o such restriction

12. S.= stands forD a) Share .rice =alue b) Special .urpose =ehicle c) Special .roduct =alue d) 3one of these 20. *an(s ma" e6tend credit facilities to infrastructure proCects b" wa" of ++++ a) >or(in capital finance b) Term loan J proCect loan c) Subscription to bonds Jdebentures J shares d) All the abo&e 21. %HT. stands for D a) %lectronic Human Transfer .ricin b) %lectronic Hub Transfer .rotocol c) %lectronic Hardware Technolo " .ar( d) 3one of the abo&e 22. >hich state tops in financin SHAs in the countr"$ a) Andhra .radesh b) 4aharashtra c) Tamil 3adu d) /rissa 2'. >hich amon the followin is the lar est primar" dealer of Ao&ernment of 1ndia$ a) Securities Tradin Corporation of 1ndia b) R*1 c) DIH1 d) S*1 2-. >ho is responsible for the collection and publication of monetar" and financial information$ a) Iinance 4inistr" b) Central Statistical /r anisation c) Auditor K Comptroller Aeneral of 1ndia d) R*1 25. R*1 issues currenc" notes under the +++++++++++++s"stem. a) Ii6ed fiduciar" b) minimum reser&e c) ma6imum fiduciar" d) proportion reser&e 25. Ser&ice Ta6 pa"able b" ban(s on ta6able ser&ices is administered throu h a) 1ncome Ta6 Department b) Iinance 4inistr" c) Central %6cise department d) R*1 2#. The *adla s"stem is associated with D a) Iorei n %6chan e b) Iorward Tradin tradin c) Currenc" 4ar(et d) Commodit"

2:. 1n CA4%;S ratin ! ; stands for +++++ a) ;e&era e b) ;oan .ortfolio c) ;e al compliances d) ;i)uidit" 22. R*1 has set up the 9alia Committee to stud" the ++++++. a) financin of feature films b) L29 compliance b" ban(s c) 3A/s and SHAs d) in&estment of plantation companies the role of

'0. The roup appointed b" R*1 to loo( into frauds is headed b" +++++ a) 4itra b) 4alhotra c) 4ahade&an d) 4andal '1. R*1 has said that ban(s will now ha&e to assi n onl" ++++, ris( wei hta e to emplo"ee loans where the loan is co&ered b" superannuation benefits and mort a e of propert"! as a ainst the earlier norm of 100, ris( wei hta e. a) 10 b) 25 c) 50 d) 20 '2. 1nterEban( term liabilities of maturit" of +++++ da"s and abo&e are e6empted from the prescription of minimum CRR re)uirement of ',. a) # b) 1c) '0 d) -5 ''. R*1 has decided to restrict ban(sG e6posure to the capital mar(et in all forms to ++++, ! which includes direct in&estments b" ban(s in e)uit" shares! con&ertible debentures and unitEoriented mutual funds. 1t will also include ad&ances a ainst shares and debentures and uarantees issued on behalf of bro(ers. a) 2 b) ' c) 5 d) 10 '-. *an(s and financial institutions ha&e to report to R*1 e&er" )uarter about the cases of willful defaulters and submit separate reports on willful defaults of Rs.+++ and abo&e. a) 10 lacs b) 25 lacs c) -0 lacs d) 50 lacs '5. As per R*1 uidelines! corporate debts abo&e Rs.+++++ crores! in cases relatin outside *1IR and DRTs! would be eli ible for restructurin . a) 20 b) 25 c) 50 d) 100 '5. The minimum paid up capital for a local area ban( is Rs.5 crore! with the promotersG contribution pe ed at a minimum of Rs.+++++ croreD a) 1 b) 2 c) ' d) 2.5 '#. R*1 has ad&ised that ban(s should limit their in&estment in unrated or below in&estment rade nonE o&ernment paper to +++++, of their total ad&ances as on 4arch '1 of the pre&ious "ear. a) 5 b) 10 c) 15 d) 20 ':. 1ndian ban(s are allowed to borrow from and in&est in the o&erseas mar(et up to +++, of their unimpaired Tier 1 Capital or BSD10 million! whiche&er is hi her. a) 10 b) 15 c) 20 d) 25 '2. Ior ban(s to enter insurance business as Coint &enture participants! the net worth of the ban(s should be at least Rs.+++++ crore. a) 100 b) 200 c) -00 d) 500 -0. The e6posure ceilin of ban(s in respect of an indi&idual borrower is ++++, of the ban(sG owned funds.

a) 20







-1. *an(s are re)uired to classif" the entire in&estment portfolio includin S;R and nonES;R securities under three cate ories D ?held to maturit"@! Ma&ailable for sale@ and ?held for tradin @. The in&estments in the ?held to maturit"@ cate or" should not e6ceed ++++++, of the total in&estments. a) 10 b) 15 c) 20 d) 25 -2. The ilt ed ed mar(et in 1ndia refers to the mar(et for a) lon term pri&ate securities b) corporate securities c) securities d) bonds and debentures o&ernment

-'. *an(sG credit e6posure norms to borrowers belon in to a roup ma" e6ceed the e6posure norm of -0, of the ban(sG capital funds b" an additional ++++,! pro&ided the additional credit e6posure is on account of e6tension of credit to infrastructure proCects. a) 20 b) 5 c) 10 d) 15 --. *an(sG credit e6posure to sin le borrower ma" e6ceed the e6posure norm of 15, of the ban(sG capital funds b" an additional ++++,! if it is for infrastructure finance. a) 2 b) # c) 10 d) 5 -5. *an(in ser&ices comin under the Ser&ice Ta6 net include D a) financial leasin b) credit cards c) merchant ban(in d) all the abo&e

-5. >hile calculatin Capital Ade)uac" Ratio! ban(s will ha&e to ensure that D a) Tier 11 capital does not e6ceed Tier 1 capital b) subordinated debt instruments are limited to 50, of Tier 1 capital c) Re&aluation Reser&e is ta(en at a discount of 55, d) All the abo&e -#. Asset Care %nterprises 0AC%) is promoted b" ++++ a) 1IC1 and .3* b) 1IC1 and */* c) 1IC1 and S*1 d) 1IC1 and Canara *an( -:. Ior the first time! R*1 issued a notice under .rompt Correcti&e Action a ainst D a) S"ndicate *an( b) Dena *an( c) BC/ *an( d) 1ndian *an( -2. >hich is the first pri&ate sector ban( to et 1S/ 2001D2000$ a) 1C1C1 *an( b) BT1 *an( c) 1D*1 *an( d) 1ndus 1nd *an( 50. 1ncome of senior citi7ens is not ta6able upto a limit of Rs.+++++++lacs a) 1.50 b) 1.25 c) 1.'5 d) 1.:0 51. The ris( wei hta e on loans a ainst residential propert" has been reduced from 100, to +++++, a) #5 b) 50 c) 55.55 d) #5

52. >hich of the followin is not true in respect of Commercial .aper$ a) 1t can be issued as a standEalone facilit" b) 4inimum issue is Rs.5 lacs c) C.s can be underwritten d) Tan ible networth of the compan" should be at leat Rs.- crores 5'. 1f the char e on the assets of a compan" has to be re istered with the Re istrar of Companies after 50 da"s of its creation! the permission of ++++ is re)uired. a) Re istrar of Companies b) Compan" ;aw *oard c) S%*1 d) *oard of Directors 5-. 1rrespecti&e of claim period! Ao&ernment uarantees can be claimed up to ++++ "ears from the e6pir" date. a) ' b) 12 c) 5 d) '0 55. Corporates intendin to issue Commercial .aper t o the e6tent of ++++, of their wor(in capital limit can do so under the automatic route. a) 50 b) ''.'' c) 25 d) -0 55. Ris( wei hta e on bills purchased J bills purchased is ++++++,. a) 50 b) 100 c) 25 d) #5 5#. >hat is the period of &alidit" of a decree of a Ci&il Court$ a) ' "ears b) 5 "ears c) 10 "ears d) 12 "ears 5:. ++++++++++Committee relates to 3.A 4ana ement. a) Tarapore b) 4aheswari c) 9alia d) 9apoor 52. 1n case of a timeEbarred debt! ban(erGs lien or setEoff a) cannot be e6ercised without the permission of a court b) cannot be e6ercised as the debt is not recei&able c) cannot be e6ercised without the borrowerGs consent d) can be e6ercised as the effect of limitation is to bar the le al remed"! and not e6tin uish the debt. 50. The difference between a term loan and a deferred pa"ment uarantee is a) end use of funds b) repa"ment c) outla" of funds d) no difference 51. *an(s are allowed an enhanced deduction of +++++, of their total income a ainst pro&isions made for bad and doubtful debts. a) 15 b) #.5 c) 10 d) 12.5 52. >hen the shortfall in lendin to a ricultural sector is more than 2,! the rate of interest o the deposit to be maintained with R1DI01<) Series is a) *an( Rate minus 1.5, b) *an( Rate plus 1.5, c) *an( Rate minus 0.5, d) *an( Rate plus 0.5,

5'. A ariculture is the stud" of ++++++. a) tissues b) aromatic plants

c) herbs

d) mushrooms

5-. R*1 has allowed ban(s to set up offEshore ban(in units within Special %conomic Nones in &arious parts of the countr" with a minimum in&estment of BSD+++++++million. a) 5 b) 20 c) 10 d) 15 55. Ao&ernment has increased the automatic appro&al of fresh e6ternal borrowin s upto BSD++++++ million. a) 500 b) 100 c) 200 d) 50 55. 4o&in towards full con&ertibilit" of the rupee! resident 1ndians can now maintain forei n currenc" accounts (nown as +++++ account. a) IC3R b) 3R% 0Domestic) c) 1ndian Iorei n Currenc" d) Resident Iorei n Currenc" 0Domestic) account 5#. %6port credit should form at least ++++++, of the net credit of a ban(. a) 12 b) 5 c) 15 d) : 5:. 3R1s J .1/s can repatriate up to BSD++++++ from sale proceeds of immo&able properties per calendar "ear from the balances in 3R/ accounts. a) 50!000 b) 100!000 c) 1000! 000 d) 3one of the abo&e 52. R*1 has liberali7ed the procedure for ad&ance remittance b" authori7ed persons upto BSD++++++ or e)ui&alent without ban( uarantee for import of oods into 1ndia. a) 50!000 b) 100!000 c) 1000!000 d) 2000!000 #0. Returns on o&erdue import bills are submitted ++++++++. a) )uarterl" b) monthl" c) halfE"earl" d) fortni htl" as on 15th and last wor(in da" of the month. #1. 1ndian companies are freel" permitted to ma(e o&erseas in&estments upto ++++, of their net worth. a) 50 b) 25 c) 100 d) 200 #2. >hat town in the countr" is the strate ic hub for dr" flowers e6ports$ a) .aradeep b) Chennai c) Tuticorin d) 4an alore #'. *an(s which )ualif" to pa" di&idends would be eli ible to pa" di&idend without obtainin prior appro&al of R*1! pro&ided the di&idend pa"out ratio does not e6ceed ++++++, a) 20 b) 25 c) ''.'' d) '0

#-. >hich committee has recommended the 3e otiated Dealin S"stem$ a) ="as b) Aupta c) R.H..atil d) Dr.A.S.Aan ul" #5. ++++, of the decreed amount of DRT has to be deposited before appeal to Debt Reco&er" Appellate Tribunal . a) #5 b) 50 c) 50 d) 25 #5. The new name of the 4inistr" of 3R1 Affairs is +++++. a) 4inistr" of 3R1 and .1/ affairs b) 3R1 K .1/ >elfare department c) /&erseas 1ndians >elfare Department d) 4inistr" of /&erseas 1ndian Affairs ##. The first DRT to be awarded the 1S/ 2001 certification for adherin to )ualit" in reco&er" of outstandin dues to ban(s and financial institutions is DRT! ++++++. a) Chennai b) 4umbai c) *an alore d) H"derabad #:. .ress 3ote 1: relates to ++++++ a) 1n&estment b) Reser&ation in the pri&ate sector d) Iiscal deficit c) Re&enue deficit

#2. As per R*1 uidelines! there should ++++ number of wor(in directors in a public sector ban(. a) four F Chairman! 4D and 2 %ds b) As per the discretion of the ban( concerned c) Two F C4D and %D d) *an( has to refer to R*1 and ta(e prior appro&al :0. As per 1RAC norms! in case of dela"ed submission of stoc( statement b" b" a borrower! the account shall be considered out of order if the dela" is O a) one month or more b) two months or more c) three months or more d) si6 months or more :1. Bnder BC.DC! if )uantit" is not specified! to be e6ceeded or reduced! it should not e6ceed the tolerance le&el of D a) 1,P b) 10,P c) ',P d) 5,P :2. 1ncome Ta6 challan is &alid for +++++ da"s. a) 10 b) '0 c) 20 d) unrestricted period :'. Sales Ta6 challan is &alid for ++++++ da"s. a) 10 b) '0 c) 20 d) unrestricted period :-. Ra(esh 4ohan Committee is related to ++++ a) Reforms in 3*ICs b) Administered interest rates for small sa&in s c) Bp radation of industrial production d) 3one of the abo&e :5. Hi hest unclaimed deposits are with ++++++

a) Canara *an(

b) S*1

c) 1D*1 *an(

d) Corporation *an(

:5. ?Carr" "our account with "ou@ is the punch line of +++++ *an(. a) S*1 b) BT1 c) 1D*1 d) 13A ="s"a :#. /n li)uidation of a ban(! D1CAC is liable to pa" each depositor throu h the li)uidator! the amount of his deposit up to Rs.+++++ within +++ months from the date of receipt of claim list from the depositor. a) 1 lac! 1 month b) 1 lac! 2 months c) 1 lac! ' months d) 2 lacs! 5 months ::. The first ban( in 1ndia to enter South %ast Asia b" openin a branch in 4ala"sia was D a) S*1 b) /*C c) *an( of 1ndia d) *an( of *aroda :2. >hich one of the followin crops is (nown as >hite Aold in 4aharashtra$ a) Su arcane b) >heat c) Rice d) Cotton 20. >ho mana es the Rural 1nfrastructure De&elopment Iund$ a) R*1 b) 4inistr" of A riculture c) 1CAR d) 3A*ARD 21. A consortium scheme with a corpus of Rs.+++++crore has been set up for the ban(in s"stem to pro&ide finance to the 9hadi K =illa e 1ndustries *oards. a) 250 b) 500 c) 1000 d) #50 22. ;oans up to Rs.+++++ lacs are co&ered under Credit Auarantee Trust Iund Scheme for SS1. a) 1 b) 25 c) 50 d) 100 2'. Credit facilities upto Rs.+++++ lacs ranted for distribution of inputs for acti&ities allied to a riculture such as cattle feed! poultr" feed! etc. are eli ible to be rec(oned as indirect finance to a riculture under the priorit" sector. a) 15 b) 20 c) 25 d) -0 2-. 1f a document e6ecuted in one state has to be admitted in e&idence in another State! where stamp dut" is hi her! it is re)uired to be additionall" stamped within ++++ months from its arri&al in the latter State. a) ' b) 1 c) 2 d) 5 25. 1f an ac(nowled ment of debt is unstamped at the time of e6ecution! it ++ a) cannot be admitted in e&idence b) it can be admitted after pa"ment of stamp dut" c) it is &alid and effecti&e d) none of these 25. A document e6ecuted outside 1ndia should be stamped within ++++ months of its arri&al in 1ndia.

a) 1

b) 2

c) '

d) 5

2#. The .4RL Scheme stipulates reser&ation for SCJST to the e6tent of a) 25, b) 12.5, c) 20, d) 22.5, 2:. Ad&ances to priorit" sector co&er which mar(et se ments$ a) S1*! AA; b) S1*! AA; K Housin ;oans c) S1*! AA;! %ducation loans d) S1*! AA;! %ducation loans and Housin loans upto Rs.15 lacs 22. The 3ational Iinancial Switch! promoted b" 1D*RT relates to D a) AT4 connecti&it" amon ban(s b) Sin le Iinancial 3etwor( for ban(s c) 1nternet *an(in connecti&it" d) 3one of the abo&e 100. The authori7ed capital of Clearin Corporation of 1ndia is Rs.++++ crores. a) 20 b) 25 c) 50 d) 15

1 2 ' 5 5 # : 2 1 0

C 1 1 A 1 2 B 1 ' C 1 D 1 5 B 1 5 A 1 # D 1 : C 1 2 D 2 0

A 2 1 D 2 2 B 2 ' C 2 A 2 5 C 2 5 D 2 # B 2 : B 2 2 D ' 0

C ' 1 A ' 2 D ' ' D ' C ' 5 C ' 5 B ' # D ' : C ' 2 A 0

C 1 C 2 C ' B B 5 B 5 C # D : D 2 B 5 0

D 5 1 C 5 2 C 5 ' D 5 D 5 5 D 5 5 A 5 # B 5 : A 5 2 A 5 0

B 5 1 C 5 2 B 5 ' D 5 A 5 5 D 5 5 B 5 # B 5 : D 5 2 C # 0

A # 1 A # 2 D # ' C # A # 5 D # 5 A # # C # : B # 2 D : 0

C : 1 C : 2 C : ' C : C : 5 D : 5 D : # A : : C : 2 C 2 0

D 21 D 22 D 2' B 2A 25 C 25 B 2# D 2: D 22 D 10 0