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West Africa Advanced School of Theology

21 February 2014

Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond
Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!
Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them the LORD, who remains faithf!l forever "#salm $%&'()&, *+,-. Muslims believe in a Creator God who formed the earth and everything in it, including mankind. But a Creator who seeks to be intimately involved in their livessuch a concept is foreign to them. Pray this week that God will open their eyes of these precious people and show them that they have been created to receive is love and to give im glory!"

Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries

BURKI ! "!#$: #n alumnus asks us to intercede for two re$uests% &'( Pray for two teenagers, ages ') and '*, who were bapti+ed in water this past ,unday. -he '*.year.old girl/s father participated in the ha00 last year. Pray for their spiritual growth and that they may be powerful witnesses to their families. &1( Pray that the town where this pastor ministers, in the central part of the country, would be won to 2esus. W!!#T: # new semester begins on Monday, and 2umaa Prayer meetings with the students will resume. Please pray that many will 0oin us to learn about and pray for Muslims. Pray that the 3ord will help them to then motivate their church members to pray for and reach out to their Muslim neighbors.

In the News
-his past week, in the small ,outheast #sian nation of Brunei, 455 representatives of private schools were informed of a new law that bans teaching children about or e6posing them to worship activities of any religion other than 7slam. 7nfractions carry a heavy fine and8or prison term. -he new law goes into effect in #pril as part of the first phase of implementing sharia law. Publishing and distributing any materials counter to 7slam is also a crime. Please pray for the ,ultan of Brunei and the other officials, that God will touch their hearts even as they seek to impose this system. Pray for those who follow 2esus, that they will have opportunities and boldness to share is love. 9or more information, see http%88bit.ly8'0vgb6:.

World Watch List: Pray for the Persecuted**

#n 7slamic monarchy of nearly 45 million people, #audi !ra%ia is ranked ;) in the severity of persecution of Christians. <early all those considered Christians are e6patriates, and evangelical believers are a very small fraction of this number. -hey can meet only privately, cannot share their faith, and face harassment. -urning from 7slam to 7ssa &2esus( is punishable by death. Pray for the few followers of 7ssa and for their witness. ,ee more information and re$uests at http%88bit.ly8Mr21=>.

For Muslim Women***

Pray that Muslim.background believing women will have special ,pirit.inspired, anointed opportunities to shine the love of 2esus into the lives of their unbelieving spouses and children this week.

Prayer Resources
/#raying for M!slims' 0 G!ide for 1ffective +ntercession offers many insights concerning 7slam and a different prayer sub0ect each 9riday. -his week we pray that Muslims will see the reality that their Creator longs for relationship% http%88bit.ly8'bd++i=. "">pen ?oors publishes an annual list ranking the @5 nations where persecution against Christians is most severe. ,ee the full 15'A Borld Batch 3ist at http%88bit.ly8'iAB54A. Click on the name of a country to read the country profile and prayer re$uests. """Muslim women need your prayers! =ou can 0oin a prayer network and receive regular re$uests at http%88sayhelloinfo.com8. 9or a list of resources for prayer groups, see http%88tinyurl.com8waast0umaa. 9ind information and prayer re$uests concerning Muslims around the world at http%88www.45.days.net8. ow should we pray for those imprisoned for their faithC Dead http%88www.elam.com8articles8 ow.to.pray.for.those.in.prison8. 9or news updates concerning persecuted Christians, visit http%88morningstarnews.org8 and http%88www.releaseinternational.org8. 9or prayer re$uests, visit http%88www.opendoorsusa.org8pray8 and http%88www.persecution.com8public8pray.asp6. -o help you answer Muslims/ $uestions about 2esus and the Bible, e6plore http%88answeringislam.org8.