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Listening Keeps You Out of Trouble

Listening is very important. It will provide you peace of mind and avoid

misunderstanding. And does it really keep us out of trouble?

In most cases, listening speaks for itself. Listening is different from

hearing. When you say that you are hearing, you just hear what an individual say

but when you are listening you hear everything and understand it as well.

Try to live just for one day without listening to anybody. What do you think

will happen? It will cause chaos, misunderstanding and to some extent brings a

lot of trouble. We can apply listening everywhere. In school, home, work, and in

all places. Just remain listening well and it will really take you out of trouble.
Listening Brings More Love into Your Life

What is listening? Is it important? How does it help an individual in his

everyday life?

Those are the questions that play on my mind as I think about how

listening plays an important role in my life. As I grow old and being matured

enough to face this complicated life, different definitions of what is listening took

place in me. When I was a child, listening is just a basic thing to me. Listening to

my parents, to my mentors and friends is just a simple task for me on that certain

chapter of my life. But as year passes by, this specific thing becomes more

important to me.

As I learned to love, listening is very important to avoid fights and

misunderstanding of two individuals. Through listening, in my own perception, it

makes your heart pure, brings you peace of mind and also enjoys life as much as

we can.

At this moment in my life, I already proven that listening brings more love

not only in my own life but to all people who believes that listening is very

essential in different aspect on this we called life.

It is not the things that you do dear;

But the things you left undone

That will give you heartaches

At the setting of the sun.

From this statement, we can convey a lot of things and meanings

depending on how you think.

And what are those lines. He wants to express his loneliness and all is

grief about what happened with his relationships. On the second and third line, it

conveys that everything that his girl didn’t do, somehow really affects him a lot. It

brought heartaches and sorrow for the love that he has for that special someone.

If we will try to look closer, the statement itself didn’t provide any ending or

conclusion at all. But still I am hoping, whoever wrote this statement, whoever

that man is, I hope he will find the real happiness in his life.
Ways of Improving the Command of the English Language of the


We are all aware that the English is our universal language. And

nowadays, to deal with in our world, we should be knowledgeable enough to use

the English language, we already reached the level in getting to know this

medium but still we should exert more effort in improving the command of using


First, we should know the basic things in using the language. It will serve

as the foundation of our learning and also the introduction for using this medium.

We should be aware about all the stuff related to this subject are like correct

grammar, pronunciation, correct construction of sentence, subject-verb

agreement, and the like.

For those students, since our curriculum is now endorsing all schools to

use English language as the main medium of instruction on all the main

academic subject really a great help in improving our skills in using English. But

still it will be a lot better if our government will make more programs and activities

to help our students to familiarize themselves with this medium.

Some Politicians Suggested to Include the School Curriculum:

Bowling, Chess, Boxing, and Cory. Are these people knowledgeable

on Curriculum Development?

There’s nothing wrong in adding some significant terms on our curriculum.

But still there are lots of factors to be considered in adding those sports like

bowling, chess, boxing, and Cory.

For me, bowling is a very complicated sport. And a lot of things will be

needed if bowling will be added to the Philippine Curriculum. Were there will be

available facilities in conducting bowling? Also the question is our government.

Do they have enough fund to support this add up in our curriculum.

Meanwhile, chess is already part of most our PE classes. In my own experience,

chess is a big help for a student like me. It helps me to enhance my thinking skills

in order to win on this board game. In making it official, the Department of

Education should include chess in the starting levels of education which is

elementary level.

The legendary Manny Pacquaio made it to the top by this ultimate sport

which is boxing. Also by this sport our country established a big name in the

world of sports. Department of Education should also put a lot of attention if

they’re going to add boxing on the field. They should hire boxing experts in

teaching this to students. This is not a joke in including boxing as part of our

physical education. It might result accidents and to some extent, students might

get hurt while doing this sport.

The life of Cory is one of the best things that I have ever heard. In my own

perception, this will be a big help to each student. There are lots of things that we

can learn from her life. From a plain housewife and becoming the head of this

country is a big responsibility. I can compare her life to the life of Dr. Jose Rizal

which is already part of our curriculum.

To conclude, adding those subjects will still depend on different factors

that those politicians should consider. But still I believe that those politicians aim

for a better education in adding up those subjects.

Why I Did Not Say a Word on the Necrological Services of the Late

President Corazon Aquino?

The whole nation of our beloved country showed our deepest sympathy

when the Mother of Democracy died. At this moment, I still can’t understand why

it is a big deal for every one the last time that I spend with our former President.

It doesn’t matter if I did or did not provide a speech on her Necrological

services. What matters most is that I respected her by attending on that sacred

event. Also I consider and let her children, grandchildren and all the relatives to

spend the remaining hours with her and express everything they want.