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B.A. / B.Sc./ B.C.A./ B.Music / B.Dance DEGREE EXAMINATION, 2011


May ] [ Time : 3 Hours Maximum : 100 Marks I. Answer any THREE of the following questions in about 100 words each: ( 3 5=15) 1. What are the inconveniences in having a telephone in ones house ? Describe how the old man made Mr. Smith walk throgh fire. Turn Over


2 3. Give an account of Jacks encounter with a black cat. 4. 5. How did Corporal take revenge on Quelch ? Write about the importance of cricketer W.G.Grace. Give an account of Edison as the night operator at the railways.

7 29. Tagore wrote poems in Bengali. (Change the voice.) 30. Sita said, Rani, can you help me in grammar now ? ( Change into reported speech.)


II. Answer any TWO of the following questions in about 300 words each: ( 2 15=30) 7. 8. How does C.E.M. Joad analyse civilization? What are the views of L.A.G. Strong about reading ? Give an account of Chumleys life in London.


10. Sketch the character of Dougal Todd in A.J. Cronins Resurrection. 11. Comment on Hilaries Bellocs art of storytelling with reference to B.B.G. 12. What are Barkers views on marriage ?

3 III. Answer any ONE of the following questions in about 300 words each: ( 1 15=15) 13. Sketch the character of Joe Gargery. 14. Discuss the meeting of Abel Magwitch with Pip and its consequences. 15. How does Dickens portray the problems of orphans in the novel Great Expectations ? IV. Answer any THREE of the following questions in about 100 words each: ( 3 5=15) 16. Describe briefly Gandhijis mission in life. 17. Sketch the character of Sir Winston Churchill. 18. Wr i t e a n o t e o n M o t h e r T h e r a s a s Missionary work. 19. In what circumstances, did Gafur kill Mahesh ? 20. Sketch the character of Sir Jee. 21. Summarise Tagores views on education.

Each sentence has ..... statment followed by ..... short question. They are separated by means of ..... Comma. .......Short question is known as .... . tag question. USAGE - B Rewrite as directed any FIVE of the following: (5 2 = 10) 24. A cat as well as dog are in my house. (Correct the sentence. ) 25. She is beautiful. ( Add a question tag.)

26. The patient ....... (die) already by the time the doctor ........ (arrive) (Give the correct tense of the verbs given in brackets.) 27. She was not dull. ( Change into affirmative sentence.) 28. This is my brother. He can dance well. ( Combine the above sentences with a suitable relative pronoun.)

Turn Over

4 V. Make a precis of the following passage in about one-third of its length: (1 10=10) 22. We have been inventing machines at a growing pace now for about three hundred years. This is a short span even in our recorded history and it is not a thousand part of our history as men. In that short moment of our time, we have found a remarkable insight into the workings of nature. We have used it to make ourselves for more flexible in our adaptation to the outside world than any other animal has ever been. We can survive in climates which even germs find difficult. We can grow our own food and meat. We can travel over land and we can tunnel and swim and fly all in one body. More important than any of these, we have come nearest to the dream, which landmark had that animals might inherit the skills which their parents learnt. We have discovered the means to record our experience so that others may live it again. The history of other animal species shows that the most successful in the struggle for survival have been those which were most

5 adaptable to changes in their world. We have made ourselves by means of our tools beyond all measure more adaptable from any other species, living or extinct and we continue to do so with gathering speed. Yet today we are afraid of our own shadow. USAGE - A 23. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions: (5) (a) The gas is supplied ......... me .... the gas board ........ the area ........ which I live. It is a part ......... a national system. I arrived ....... my station and carried up ........ the surface ...... the earth ...... a moving stair case, again worked ....... electricity. (OR) (b) Fill in the blanks with suitable articles : ......... accident took place yesterday ........ train had collided with lorry at .... level crossing. There was ...... utter confusion at .... scene of accident. Turn Over