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The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in governm ent,industry or other fields

is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation , n ot competition. When we talk about society in general, we refer to the complete set of people wh o form the social structure. The people are from different backgrounds, individu alities and like any other team or a group, every society needs leaders to work through all these challenges. It needs leaders to represent the group of people who have similar aims , decide for them and help them evolve in this massive sco pe of things. For a society to have good leaders, it is important to instill in them, a sense of cooperation and not competition, so that they can help the complete society a nd not just fulfill the selfish aims of a particular group. Having a sense of co operation for a leader is not a quality cherished, but a quality required for ac tion. Cooperation is a virtue by which a person understands the other person's state o f mind. A child who wants to become a leader needs to fully understand the peopl e before asserting that he is able to represent them. That sense of understandi ng the crowd or the people can come only through cooperation. A person should be able to adjust to the problems of the people ; he will then be able to find the solution to the problems pertaining to his people. Preparing a leader through competition does not make a person a good or an effic ient leader. Competition stems selfishness which deters the understanding of the social responsibilities of the person. He would be mostly concerned with gettin g the other leaders out of the race than focussing on the needs of the people. There are numerous examples in history that support this argument. Hitler , Joseph Stalin , Mussolini proclaimed themselves to be the leaders of th eir respective groups but such a leader is not able to contain the needs of the people. Such a leader is more concerned with becoming autocratic, and removing other nat ions from the competition for superpower. Moreover , a cooperative leadership in any field is more healthier than a compet itive leadership. In the field of Governance, if the leaders of a country are mo re inclined towards a competitive sense, it is so much hazardous to the goals of the nation. The leaders can go ahead and sign a nuclear agreement with a countr y out of the competition for nuclear power. The signing country may not heed to the objectives of the country that it is signing with : for it may support terro rism. Such a step is "plus one" for the next world war. If we go towards an industrial sense, the same consequences follow. A cooperativ e leader can help the industries grow in tandem with one another without creatin g any personal conflicts strengthening the economy and the interests of the empl oyees. However,a leader instilled with a sense of competition pays no heed to th e interests of other industries, and in order to completely remove them from the competition,he may take some uncalled henious steps like corrupting the clients and if that does not help, murdering some people to fulfill selfish aims. Indeed competition can get things done fast and effectively , the validity of th e means and the interests of the complete society are then put at a major risk. Therefore, I would like to restate that a leader is the representation of the pe ople.And if that people turn out to be the complete society , then for advancing the interests of the complete society in general, he needs to be cooperative an d not competitive.