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Submitted by the FORUM

October 2006
Situational analysis: a summary
„ In 2000 we became a “virtual” organisation as
well as a global one

„ Since then FORUM has been resourced by the

staff time and budgets of the organisations
providing the President and Executive members

„ We have grown our global membership and

members want us to do more, especially on
research and conference/workshops

„ There are areas of promotional work where

FORUM is requested to engage
The Challenge

If we are to meet the external and internal

expectations then we need to reconsider
the level at which we work and put in
place the resources – staff and financial –
that this requires.
The Purpose of FORUM
„ Promote co-operation between members

„ Provide a framework for exchange of

information and experience on
international development co-operation

„ Promote joint activities and/or

collaboration amongst members
The Purpose of FORUM

„ Advocate and increase public awareness

„ Promote the movement of development

service towards increased exchange

„ Promote the interests, values and

activities of members

FORUM is committed to
„ review our approach to membership

„ consciously seek to expand and to

facilitate the involvement of IVCOs in
„ review the membership model in 2007
Information and learning
„ Enhanced use of the web site facility
„ Building upon IVCO as a global event
through running regional conferences and
„ Supporting member led groups in learning
and good practice
„ Facilitating the sharing of member

„ Leading on key areas of research related

to international volunteering and co-
„ Three year rolling plan
„ Research partnerships
„ Our own research fund
„ Facilitating member involvement in
research projects
Promotion of International
„ A promotional role
„ at conferences

„ supporting national organisations

„ Promoting international volunteering and

„ Responding to initiatives
Implementing the Vision

„ Human Resources

„ Financial Resources

„ Constitution
Human Resources
„ To achieve our vision we need
„ A sustained level of co-ordination and effective
membership updates
„ Our research programme managed and project
proposals developed, submitted and managed when
„ A sustained approach to expanding the membership
and ensuring a regular service
„ Proactive approaches to promotional work on
international volunteering and co-operation issues
Human Resources – in 2006

„ We have established the position of a

part-time Co-ordinator post

„ We have started to explore the options of

the management of the research
programme by outsourcing or through the
provision of in-house support
Financial Resources - Principles
„ Membership subscriptions should cover the cost of
information sharing, website update and maintenance,
member and possibly conference support. This includes
the cost of the Co-ordinator post.

„ Research fund should support trends surveys, research

staff time and cost of project proposal development and

„ Global and regional conferences should be self-financing

or supported by specific grants identified for that
purpose, but may be underwritten by FORUM
Financial Resources – actions in

„ We have implemented a reserves policy

„ We have enhanced the research fund from


„ In 2007 we will review the model of

membership subscriptions
„ The constitution was agreed in 2000 with
the aim of establishing an emergent global
network and a virtual organisation

„ In the past year we have revisited both

the context of the original objectives and
the vision of FORUM in the future and
submitted proposed changes for the
members’ meeting