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INSURANCE TO ASSURE: I assure you that he is right. TO ENSURE: This course will ensure you a better job.

TO INSURE: You must insure both your house and your car. Translate into English: 1. Tocmai a fost marita prima de asigurare. 2. The insurance Premium has just been raised/increased. . !untem asigurati contra incendiului" inundatiilor" cutremurelor si furtului. #. $e are insured against fire" flood" earth%ua&e and theft. '. (aunele sunt importante" dar nu s)au inregistrat *ictim. +. The damage is serious" but there ha*e been no casualties. ,. Incendiul a distrus aripa stanga a cladirii. -. The fire has destroyed the left wing of the building. .. Persoana *atamata *a fi despagubita in totalitate. 1/.The injured person will be completely indemnified. 11.0ealalta parte isi declina orice responsabilitate. 12.The third party decline any liability. 1 .0onform art. +" asiguratorul are dreptul de a refu1a reinnoirea politei. 1#.2nder the art. 3o.+" the insurer is entitled to refuse the renewal of the policy. 1'.0lau1a 2# nu se aplica acestui tip de dauna/pierdere. 1+.0lause 2# is not applicable to this &ind of loss. 1,.Prima de*ine scadenta la sfarsitul lunii. 1-.The Premium falls due at the end of the month. 1..(aunele produse de inghet nu sunt incluse in garantie 4nu fac obiectul garantiei5. 2/.(amage due to free1ing are not co*ered by the guarantee. 21.0and intra in *igoare contractul6 22.$hen will the contract become operati*e6 2 .0and intra in *igoare legea6 2#.$hen will the law come into force6 2'.0ontractul poate fi re1iliat de asigurator sau de asigurat sub re1er*a unui prea*i1 de minimum o luna. 2+.The contract can be terminated by the insurer of the insured under the reser*e of minimum a month7s notification. 2,.8itigiul se *a inainta unui cuplu de arbitri.

2-.The litigation will be forward to a couple of arbitrators. 2..2nul dintre arbitri este numit de asigurat" celalalt de asigurator. /. 9ne of the arbitrators is named by the insured " the other by the insurer. 1.Instiintarea de re1iliere se face prin scrisoare recomandata. 2.The termination notification will be done by means of .9rice marturie falsa deliberat facuta atrage anularea contractului 4in*alidarea contractului5. #.:ny delib;rate false e*idence will lead to ma&ing the contract null and *oid. '.:sigurarea d*s. incepe de la data de 1' ale lunii. +.Your insurance will start with the 1' of the current month. ,.:siguratul trebuie sa pre1inte un de*i1 estimati* al pagubei. -.The insured must present an estimation of the damage. Vocabulary Insurance premium to renew < the renewal of the contract/policy notice/to gi*e a notice" to

Insured/insurer notify/notification To insure against misrepresentation (amage/loss policy/to ta&e out an insurance policy 0asualties to comply with the terms The injured party to sue for damages To indemnify/indemnification To be entitled to compensation Party/third party 8iability/to decline any liability 2nder the art. To fall due :re not included in the guarantee/are not co*ered by To become effecti*e/operati*e to come into force To cancel/to terminate a contract/termination 8itigation/to settle a litigation/a claim :rbitrator The contract is null and *oid To assess/e*aluate/appraise/assessment/e*aluation/appraisal To pay damages

Policy =oreign policy : company7s policy >ducational policy politics