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STEP ONE QUESTIONS: 1. Who was the alcoholic or addicted parent in my family !.

Who was the hypochondriac parent or person in my family ". Who was the se#$ally a%$si&e parent or person in my family '. Who was the militaristic( ri)idly harsh parent or person in my family *. Who was the emotionally ill parent or person in my family +. Who was the perfectionistic parent or person in my family POWE,-ESSNESS: 1. .ow is powerlessness different than helplessness !. /o I $nderstand that the effects of family dysf$nction mentioned in Step One are the -a$ndry -ist traits ". -ist three effects of )rowin) $p in an alcoholic( addicted( or dysf$nctional home. 0.int: any of the 1' common 121 traits 3. '. What was my role )rowin) $p in my dysf$nctional home: lost child( hero( scape)oat and resc$er Other444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 *. .ow many of the common 121 traits of an ad$lt child do I identify with in the -a$ndry -ist5 Pro%lem +. What does 6don7t tal8( don7t tr$st( don7t feel9 mean :. 1m I powerless o&er the effects of )rowin) $p in an addicted or dysf$nctional family ;. /o I $se food( se#( dr$)s( alcohol( wor8( )am%lin) or some other addicti&e %eha&io$r to an e#treme 1m I powerless o&er these acti&ities 0<i&e an e#ample of powerlessness3. =. /o I thin8 I can chan)e my parents or si)nificant other %y actin) ri)ht( sayin) the ri)ht thin)( or %ein) perfect 1>. /o I thin8 I ca$sed my parents addiction and dysf$nction and I ha&e the power to chan)e it or control it 11. .a&e I acted li8e a &ictim and acted helpless when in reality I was manip$latin) others to )et what I tho$)ht I needed .a&e I %een resc$ed 0 -ist an e#ample3 . 1!. .a&e I %een dri&en %y a comp$lsion or o%session for another person that o&er powers me and ca$ses me to deny my own needs or ta8e care of myself 0 If so( detail how yo$ denied yo$r own needs3. UN?EN1<E1@-E: 1. What is my definition of %ein) $nmana)ea%le or ha&in) an $nmana)ea%le life !. /o I thin8 I can still control( people( places( and thin)s %y actin) ri)ht( perfect( or otherwise ". /o I thin8 I ha&e power o&er other people and can control their actions and tho$)hts '. 1m I lettin) the tho$)hts( feelin)s and actions of others ha&e power o&er me 0 -ist an e#ample if applica%le3

*. /o I allow the feelin)s or possi%le reaction of others to control me or to determine my %eha&io$r a and choices 0 list an e#ample3. +. What does it mean to %e codependent :. .a&e my relationships created chaos( a%$se( or predicta%le t$rmoil in my life 0 list an e#ample3 ;. .as my %eha&io$r and thin8in) affected my Ao% performance or my a%ility to relate to others =. What is my 121 6%ottom9 or %ottomin) o$t .a&e I hit my %ottom 1>. .as an o%session for another person( dr$)s( )am%lin)( food or se# made my life $nmana)ea%le .ow 11. Is my mana)ea%le life act$ally controllin) %eha&ior( which I ha&e misla%eled 1!. 1m I in denial a%o$t my controllin) %eha&io$r 1". 2an I reco&er alone 1'. /o I relate to other ad$lt children in meetin)s .ow

/ENI1- : 1. Was I forced to depend $pon a%$si&e or ne)lectf$l parent for food and shelter !. /id I i)nore my feelin)s of shame( fear and ne)lect to s$r&i&e my childhood ". /id I minitor my parents feelin)s or moods to determine how I sho$ld feel Was I only happy when my parents were happy and sad when they were sad 0 list an e#ample3 '. 1m I honest how my parents treated me when I was )rowin) $p /id I fear one parent or %oth parents *. /id I fi)ht with my %rothers or sisters %$t rarely &isit them or tal8 to them +. /o I say I am close to %rothers or sisters %$t rarely &isit them or tal8 to them :. 1m I afraid to tal8 a%o$t my past %eca$se my si%lin)s will challen)e me or try to $ndermine my memories They ha&e told me to 6<et o&er it9. ;. /o I minimiBe my parents %eha&io$r %y sayin) 6That was in the past. What is done is done.9 Or( 6 I don7t loo8 %ac8. It does no )ood9. STEP ONE SPI,ITU1- P,IN2IP-ESC POWE,-ESSNESS 1N/ SU,,EN/E,: 1. !. ". '. *. What am I powerless o&er in Step One What does s$rrender mean to me If I s$rrender does that mean I will ha&e no choices 1m I willin) to admit my family is dysf$nctional 1m I willin) to admit I am powerless o&er the effects of )rowin) $p in a dysf$nctional home and that my life is $nmana)ea%le