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What is engineering?

According to Websters Dictionary:

Engineers apply math and science for the betterment of society through:

The application of math and science by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to people.



Research & Development


Continual Improvement


Above all, engineers are problem solvers who make things work better, more efficiently, quicker and cheaper.

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Engineering Disciplines
Major Disciplines
Mechanical Electrical Chemical Civil Industrial

Other Disciplines
Automotive Aerospace Agricultural Biomedical Computer Environmental Materials Nuclear Robotics Safety

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Engineering Functions
Research Development


Production and Construction

Operations and Maintenance

Sales Management

Pursuing an Engineering Career Is Engineering for Me ? The Engineering Education Preparing for a Profession

Entering the Profession

The Professional Years

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Interests and Abilities If it is, in what branch or field? Today there is an increasing tendency for engineers to move towards specialized areas; and there are many to move to. (The result of rapid technological expansion). Good performance in Mathematics and Science. Intellectual curiosity Aptitude for working with physical things Ability to communicate and work harmoniously with people Willingness to work hard and to complete projects once they are initiated. Ability to assume and discharge responsibility Willingness to accept and live by codes of ethical conduct Characteristics of Engineers

Is Engineering For Me?

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The Engineering Education

Goals of an Engineering Education Understand and be able to apply laws of science and mathematics. Have a body of specialized technical knowledge and skills. Be able to solve problems effectively. Be able to communicate and work well with those within the engineering profession and with society in general. Be able to recognize and be concerned about the societal and political implications of technological achievements.

Preparing for a Profession

Educators plant the important seeds of professionalism by the way they lead discussions on controversial technologies and by their promotion and involvement in engineering seminars and conferences. Professionalism comes with experience.

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Entering the Profession

Society Membership Four Major steps: 1. The Resume 2. The Interview 3. The Plant Trip 4. The Job Decision

1. The Resume A short Outline of a Persons Qualifications and experiences that can be used by an employer to assess the potential of a progressive employee. 2 pages that includes Personal information, Educational information, Job interests, Experience, Activities, Personal Qualifications and References.
2. The Interview About 10 to 20 minutes to impress the interviewer. Professional Look: Dress, Poster, a firm handshake, and a steady eye. Preparing in advance: Learn something about the company and the company representative, if possible. Contd., Applicant to ask questions. All Rights Reserved - SIMTECH SIMULATIONS | www.simtechsimulations.com

Entering the Profession

Why some Applicants Fail in Job Interviews

They boast about their achievements. They have not done research about the company. They dress unsuitably for the occasion. They are unsure about how they could benefit the company. They are interested only about salary and benefits, and They talk negatively about former colleagues, supervisors and about past company they worked with. Guidelines for Surviving a Job Interview Be punctual. Find out the location of the place and the buses that will take you there so that you wont be late. Have a document holder/briefcase to hold your documents and portfolio. Be Honest in your answers. If you dont know the answer; just say so and dont try to bluff your way out. Dont just answer Yes or No. Give a brief answer and dont go on talking for 10 minutes when one minute is sufficient. Contd.,
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Entering the Profession

3. The Plant Trip The opportunity to examine the company Company working conditions Company working environments Company benefits Opportunities for Growth 4. The Job Decision To choose between several job offers Considerations: Economics Quality of Life The work Environment The 5Cs?? [Career; Cash: Credit card; Car; Condominium] The 5Fs?? [Finance; Fitness; Friendship; Family; Faith] All Rights Reserved - SIMTECH SIMULATIONS | www.simtechsimulations.com

The Professional Years

The professional career of an engineer is challenging and sometimes unpredictable. An Engineers education does not stop after graduation, although its emphasis may change. Self-study short courses

Taking continuing courses

Being active in technical societies

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Engineering only become a profession when it was recognized as such by society. In turn, engineering professionals have inherited a responsibility to society that can never be treated lightly: to utilize materials and technology in the service of mankind. The Profession: Professional Characteristics


Recognition as a profession by society and by its practitioners Education, Knowledge and Skills in certain areas which exceed those of the general public. An attitude of service to the client and loyalty to the employer, respecting and protecting the confidences shared with them. Skills Competencies Competency is beyond Skill !! Skill refers to what you can do while Competencies include skills and related characteristics and natural abilities such as Industriousness, Attitude and Self-motivation.

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Good Traits for Engineers

Enjoy solving problems Like working with other people (strong teamwork skills) Interested in serving human needs Want to make things work better Strive for continual improvement Able to adapt to a changing environment Good communication skills Strong study skills Desire to constantly learn new things Data analysis skills Strong computer skills

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Engineers have been involved in almost everything you see, touch, or rely upon

Engineering can be an exciting career full of opportunities

Job market is generally good

Pay and benefits are among the top for the level of education

Opportunities for leadership, global travel, and benefiting humankind abound

An engineering degree can open many doors to careers in other exciting areas such as medicine, law, business administration, PhD (research, teaching, etc.)

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