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15O23-MU47O8 C/O Rudraiah 1015/14/1 1st Floor,1st Mai ,!i"a# a$ar %&ar 'di Chi (ha $iri Sa)uda#a *ha+a *a $alor&,560040 : 8971365006

E , Mail: "#oti-./1/0$)ail-(o)


Looking for a challenging career which demands the best of my professional ability in terms of, technical and analytical skills, and helps me in broadening and enhancing my current skill and knowledge.

B.E in Information science from Tontadarya Engineering College, Gadag in !"" with #greegate 65-85 6 $re%&ni'ersity from (.T.College, Gadag in !!) with #ggregate 65-836 *econdary school from Loyola +igh *chool , Gadag in !!, with -esult 85-766.
2EC7%3C'8 S9388S

$rogramming Language. (a'a, ( EE,C,C//,0racle *1L. ( EE Technologies. (2BC, (*$, *truts, (a'a *cript, *er'lets. 3rameworks. *truts, *er'lets *cripting Language. +T4L, (a'a*cript Back End Tools 5 2atabase. 4*%#ccess, 0racle 6i, 4y *1L.

:ERSO%'8 '*38323ES

#chie'ement oriented with e7cellent communication, presentation 8 interpersonal skills 2etail%oriented, learning and organi9ing skills matched with the ability to manage stress, time and people effecti'ely # good team player with an ability to lead a team by e7ample and moti'ate them to achie'e desired ob:ecti'es +ard working and adapti'e indi'idual

'C'4EM3C :RO1EC2

2328E:MU823:8E ROU23%; CO%F3;UR'23O% FOR F'S2 3: %E2<OR9 RECO!ER5

4&s(ri.tio : To assure fast reco'ery from link and node failures in I$ networks, we present a
new reco'ery scheme called 4ultiple -outing Configurations ;4-C<.

E +iro )& t. (a'a, (2BC, *wings, 0racle 6i. Rol&:

-e=uirement gathering. 2e'elop all functionalities for application. 2esigning work flow and database.

:ro"&(t =/:
2328E: <at(h 9art

4&s(ri.tio : The ob:ecti'e of this pro:ect is to de'elop a general purpose e%commerce store
where any company watches can be bought from the comfort of home through the Internet. #n online store is a 'irtual store on the Internet where customers can browse the catalog and select watches of interest. The selected items may be collected in a shopping cart. #t checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. #t that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction. &sually, the customer will be asked to fill or select a billing address, a shipping address, a shipping option, and payment information such as credit cardnumber.

E +iro )& t. (#>#, (2BC, (*$,(1&E-?,4? *1L. Rol&:

-e=uirement gathering. 2e'elop all functionalities for application. 2esigning work flow and database.


@orked as a Lecturer (.T.College,Gadag.;#ugust !""%Ao'ember !" <. @orked as a Lecturer at #bdul Balam College,Gadag. .;#ugust !"C%Ao'ember !"C<.


Complted (#>#5( EE Training at IIIT%B.

:ERSO%'8 :ROF38E

Aame 2.0.B Gender Languages Bnown $assport Aumber

. . . . .

(yoti.$.4udhol. D%C%"6E6. 3emale Bannada, English,+indi. B,EEE C .


I hereby declare that the information furnished abo'e is true to the best of my knowledge.