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The time a passenger train takes to cross another freight train is twice when the passenger train crosses the freight train running in opposite directions. What is the ratio of their speeds? Ans: P:F::3:1 2. In a container A wine is ha f fi ed. In another container !" twice the capacit# wine is one fourth fi ed. The# are then fi ed with water and poured in container $. What is the proportion of wine in container $? Ans: 33.33% 3. There are & stations and tickets are issued from a the stations to the other stations. When some more stations were added to the route then '( more tickets were introduced. )ow man# are some? )ow man# initia stations were there? Ans: 11 and 2 '. Ten students in a c ass of 1** do not take up either ph#sics or chemistr#. +, of them at east take up ph#sics" -3 take up at east chemistr#. )ow man# take up .oth ph#sics and chemistr#? Ans: (,. The age of A when re/ersed .ecomes !0s age. when age of ! is taken awa# from A it is twice $0s age. !0s age is ten times that of $0s. What are their ages? Ans: A1,'2 !1',2 $1'., (. A woman ga/e a man for his trust ha f the amount of pennies in her purse and one penn# more. 3he ga/e another man ha f of the remaining amount and two pennies more. 3he ga/e #et another ha f of the remaining amount and three pennies more. And now she has on # one penn# remaining in her purse. )ow man# pennies did she ha/e initia #? Ans: '2 +. In the construction of a house these were re4uired 5esigner and Painter e4ua s 6s. 11** Painter and P um.er e4ua s 6s. 1+** P um.er and 7 ectrician e4ua s 6s. 11** 7 ectrician and $onstructor e4ua s 6s. 32** $onstructor and 8echanic e4ua s 6s. ,3** 8echanic and Painter e4ua s 6s. 32** What are their indi/idua costs?

Ans: 5esigner12**2 Painter19**2 P um.er1-**2 7 ectrician13**2 $onstructor13***2 8echanic123** -. Three persons A" !" c run a race. The# .e ong to the fo owing categories not in order: 3ororean" who a wa#s to d the truth2 &ororean" who a wa#s to d ies and 8idrorean who to d ies and truth a ternati/e # .ut not necessari # in this order. After the race the# said the fo owing. 6unner A 1: $ has interrupted me in the race. 2: ! has won the race. 3: I ha/e not won the race. 6unner ! 1: I ha/e not won the race. 2: A has won the race. 6unner $ 1: ! has won the race. 2: I ha/e not interrupted A in the race. To which categories did the# .e ong? Ans: A1&ororean2 !13ororean2 $18idrorean 9. Tom has a martian friend named 5orman who got ost. )e earnt their anguage and asked three martians named Aken" !ak" and $won who .e onged to the categories ;ti <who a wa#s spoke the truth:" =umi <who a wa#s ied: and >rundi <sometimes truth ? sometimes ied:. Tom asked them two 4uestions /i@. Which categor# do #ou .e ong? Which categor# does 5orman .e ong? Aken rep ies I am not an ;ti. 5orman is not a >rundi. !ak rep ies I am not an ;ti. 5orman is not a =umi. $won rep ies I am not a >rundi. 5orman is not an ;ti. <There was pro.a. # a printing 7rror .ut answer cou d .e easi # inferred: Ans: 5orman is 0;ti0

1*. <This was the toughest 4uestion and no one in m# know edge was confident of the correct answer: At the scene of the murder there is a Witness" Aictim" 8urderer" Po iceman" Budge" and )angman. The witness did not see the shooting .ut heard an a tercation .efore the /ictim was shot to death. The murderer was con/icted and fina # hanged to death. The persons are Fi ip" $ ark" )unt" Wa t" >raham and !i . 1: )unt and Wa t ne/er met. 2: the po iceman picked up >raham from the scene of the crime. 3: !i was the ast to see Fi ip a i/e.. ': $ ark was asked .# the Cudge to gi/e his account of the shooting. ,: )unt knew .oth the /ictim and the murderer Identif# who was who? Ans: Dn # Fi ip is the /ictim can .e proper # inferred. regards romit