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9 + 10 MAY 2014

How do we as contemporary art educators collaborate with our students, in talking with them about the rich and complex nature of what they are doing, when they make artworks? Is it sufcient for students to simply have a concept then use technical processes for their works to be realised? How can we best intervene when students oftentimes believe their artworks stem from their own creative resources? How can we acknowledge that the making of art is an act of selfrealisation while also building our students understandings about different value systems that invade the materiality of their artworks both prospectively and retrospectively for example, in values of expression, tradition, perception, communication, transgression and hybridity? This conference attempts to address these issues.Through an indulgent evening of candid discussion, with leading contemporary artist Bill Henson, and participation in a series of practical workshops delegates will actively tease out their understanding of how materiality matters. Delegates will learn from and talk with contemporary artists and National Art School educators about how they approach materiality in their artistic practice.

Bill Henson - Untitled #20 2000/2001 type C photoGraph 127 180cm Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn OXley9 Gallery, Sydney.

For whom: Secondary and tertiary Visual Arts and DesiGn educators / Art and DesiGn
educators worKinG in museum and Gallery conteXts / Primary School Visual Arts specialists/ K-6 teachers Accreditation: The VADEA NSW Conference ProGram will reflect NSWIT Professional Accomplishment Standards and the new Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. See our website for full details.

HavinG a Kind of intimate neGotiation with the materialsandthe physical manifestation of maKinG worK is very, very important. - BILL HENSON
DAY 1 PROGRAM // An eveninG with Bill Henson
National Art School, Forbes St, DarlinGhurst NSW, 2010 Our annual conference is opened with an indulGent eveninG at the National Art School, Sydney. Join us for a candid discussion with our Keynote speaKer Bill Henson, a leadinG contemporary artist. DeleGates will have the chance to asK Questions and to enGaGe with the artist as he shares his thouGhts on materiality and artmaKinG. Then enjoy a cocKtail party, networK, and a catch-up with friends and colleaGues. 4.30 pm - 6.00 pm ReGistration 6.00 pm - 6.15 pm Welcome - NAS director Michael SnellinG 6.15 pm - 6. 30pm Welcome to the 2014 VADEA NSW conference - Co-President Nicholas Phillipson 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm Keynote speaKer - Bill Henson 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm CocKtail and Professional DialoGue

National Art School, Forbes St, DarlinGhust, NSW, 2010 8.00 am - 8.45 am ReGistration 9.00 am - 9.10 am Welcome to the 2014 VADEA NSW conference - VADEA NSW Co-President Kathrine Kyriacou 9.10 am - 9.30 am Short Keynote address :Just what is it that maKes artmaKinG so interestinG, so appealinG? (A homaGe to Hamilton)- Dr Kerry Thomas Honorary Associate Professor, School of Education UNSW, VisitinG Fellow, ColleGe of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales 9.30 AM - 9.40 AM INTRODUCTION TO WORKSHOPS - Dr Ella Dreyfus, Senior Lecturer in PhotoGraphy and Head of Public ProGrams at the National Art School 9.30 am - 11.00 am WorKshop 1 11.00 am - 11.30 am MorninG Tea 11.30 am - 1.00 pm WorKshop 2 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm Lunch 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm WorKshop 3 3.30 pm - 4.00 pm Short Keynote address: ArtmaKinG and Curriculum: Critical Considerations Dr Karen Maras, ActinG Head of Education, Senior Lecturer, Visual Arts Education, Australian Catholic University 4.00pm - 5.00pm: DrinKs and Canapes DeleGates will participate in three artmaKinG worKshops on Saturday. When you reGister for the conference,you will be asKed to number your preferred worKshop choices 1 to 6, with ONE beinG your first preference. Please read the options listed as A - L carefully so that you are ready to complete your reGistration. Places in worKshops are filled in a first come first served basis. SATURDAY DRESS: Please wear closed toe shoes that are appropriate for a day of artmaKinG and also brinG an old paint shirt or dress in appropriate clothinG for worKinG with art materials.


Art History and Theory LECTURE

Do you want to strenGthen your KnowledGe of art history? Lorraine In this session we consider Art Production and Gender: Women in Art from Kypiotis the Renaissance to the Contemporary from a feminist perspective.

CERAMICS Do you want to develop your understandinG of ceramics? Bronwyn PRESS Slip casting, opping, press moulding: there are many ways to make and use plaster MOULDING KEMP moulds in tandem with other hand building techniques to explore ideas in ceramics.


Do you want to be amaZed by dry-point etchinG? The unique qualities of dry point etching combined with mono-printing allow the artist and teachers an almost unlimited range of possible marks, both wet and dry. Be amazed by the quality, and experience the ease and health benets, of using only nontoxic materials for this traditional intaglio process.



Do you want to develop a street art repertoire that will appeal to your students? This workshop provides participants with an overview of the screen printing process which includes the possibilities for engaging students in this diverse medium. Learn to screen print a small edition of stickers using a combination of paper cut stencils.
WHAT happens when you throw away the paper and let drawinGs lines and shapes fall naKed upon the Ground? This workshop explores the relationships between two dimensional images and three dimensional spaces. With simple drawing tools you will create lines within the contradictory worlds of imagined and real spaces, using the drawn line, your own body, and the photography to record the results.




Do you want to learn the fundamentals of paintinG in oils in a way that demystifies and reveals the benefits of paintinG pictures in this time honoured medium? Practical and step-by-step clear instructions and demonstrations of how to get a variety of effects with oil paints in traditional and non-traditional ways are provided in this workshop.
Do you want to strenGthen your understandinG of artistic anatomy and how it can be used to capture the essence of a pose directly and efficiently? In this workshop we will take the rst steps in the study of artistic anatomy by examining the three core masses of the body - the head, rib cage and pelvis - and then practise incorporating these masses into gesture drawings of the life model.



PETER Solness

Do you want to discover the tricKs,techniQues and sense of play thats possible by usinG torch liGht to paint photoGraphs with liGht? In this workshop we work in darkness with long shutter speeds to create subtle blends of ambient and articial lights making unusual photographs of objects, people and architecture.

DrawinG with Form and Space

Do you want to unlocK new ways of perceivinG and connectinG with the dynamic of form and space? Working in a three-dimensional spatial environment of objects and through a series of activities we will explore hand and eye coordination, transparency, layering and composition using a variety of techniques in wet and dry media - including inks, wax resist, charcoal and pastel. Renew your awareness of the picture planes potential! Do you want to develop sculptural understandinG for application in the classroom? Having emerged from Cubism and Assemblage in the early 20th century, construction became the third mode Wooden GARY of creating sculpture, along with the age-old techniques of modelling and carving. Participants will construct Constructs Deirmendjian small nonrepresentational freestanding sculptures using timber offcuts as elements, successively glued together towards an overall objective resolution.


DrawinG the Visible World

Daniel Pata

Do you want to develop your understandinG of drawinG while worKinG with a larGe still life interior as the subject? Explore the process of selecting compositions using the spaces and structures within the still life. Working with available light, learn to establish the dynamics of the drawing as an integrated whole.


Do you want to DEVELOP your understandinG of life paintinG whilst consolidatinG and eXtendinG your acrylic paintinG sKills? Anwen introduces you to painting the gure and a range of issues relating to working from direct observation of the model including aspects of form, colour and structure. Enhance your ability to identify subtle changes of skin tone and reected colour on the gure, and develop a palette, which allows you to represent these subtleties.

1. REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE by completinG the reGistration form attached 2. ChecK VADEA website for updates on the proGram: http://vadea.orG.au 3. Spread the word! Circulate this information tell your colleaGues & friends about this event. Complete ONE reGistration form per participant. Post, faX or email completed application forms to the Professional Teachers Council New South Wales (PTC NSW)

Further Venue Information

Address: National Art School, Forbes Street, DarlinGhurst NSW 2010 The National Art School is located on the corner of Forbes and Burton Streets in DarlinGhurst. Trains: Nearest stations are KinGs Cross, Town Hall, Museum and Central. It will taKe between 10 and 20 minutes to walK from these stations to the School. Buses: There are many buses that leave different stations in the city and travel to Taylors SQuare, which is very close to the School. Visit www.131500. com.au to plan your trip. ParKinG: ParKinG is not available on campus. Metered parKinG is available in adjacent streets but is limited. Daily rate parKinG is available at St Vincents Hospital (enter on Victoria St). DeleGates with disabilities or special needs are advised to contact VADEA NSW before cominG to the Conference to arranGe options for parKinG.

VADEA c/o - PTCNSW PO Box 577 Leichhardt NSW 2040

(02) 9564 2342 ATTN Bernadette Motulalo

vadea.admin@ ptc.nsw.edu.au (subject line: VADEA Conference 2014)

CLOSING DATE: FRIDAY 25TH APRIL 2014* *Please Note: Venue hire and caterinG commitments mean that no refunds can be made after 1 April 2014. Contact Email Address Provide a valid personal email address so you can be sent your receipt number and confirmation pacKaGe. NB: Without an email address,your reGistration cannot be processed. Confirmation of ReGistration Once the PTC NSW has processed your reGistration, you will receive within 5 worKinG days, an email confirminG your reGistration, receipt number and worKshops. Print out and brinG a copy of this confirmation to the conference on May 9 & 10. ReGistration DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS A valid VADEA Member Number must be Quoted to Qualify for member rates. Please checK the bacK of your 2014 Membership Card for your correct member number. ReGistration is for both Friday 9th May and Saturday 10th May. WHATS INCLUDED Included is the EveninG with Bill Henson cocKtail party canaps and drinKs. On Saturday morninG tea, lunch, afternoon tea, canaps and drinKs are included. All art maKinG materials for your three worKshops are included thanKs to our 2014 sponsors. Places are strictly limited so REGISTER NOW! Please contact Conference Administrators if you have any Questions: contact@vadea.orG.au The 2014 VADEA NSW Conference is brouGht to you by the 2013 VADEA NSW EXecutive. Adjustments may be made to this proGram prior to the conference. Please checK http://vadea.orG.au/ for updates.


Please indicate your reGistration option by marKinG X inside the price boXes below: WORKSHOP PREFERENCES DeleGates will participate in three worKshops on Saturday the 10th of May. Please indicate 6 preferences for worKshops by writinG the worKshop code (this is a letter for eXample A,B,C etc.) in the boX below. Number 1=your first preference. 2=your second preference. 3= your third preference and so on. WORKSHOPS will be allocated on a first come first served basis and have a limit of 15 participants each. Confirmation of your elective worKshops will be sent with your receipt from the Professional Teachers Council. In the unliKely event that there are not enouGh participants to run one of the worKshops participants will be allocated their neXt preference when possible. If a refund is necessary you will be contacted by the PTC after the 25th of April 2014. Return completed application forms AND MAKE CHEQUES OUT to - the Professional Teachers Council New South Wales (PTCNSW). Enclosed is my cheQue for $ __________________ or debit $ ________________ from my credit card NAME _____________________________ INSTITUTE _____________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________ EMAIL _____________________________ PHONE _____________________________ NSWIT# _____________________________ DIETRY REQUIREMENTS _____________________________

ReGistration confirms attendance on both Friday 9th May and Saturday 10th May. *VADEA Membership number must be Quoted above to Qualify for member rates




EXPIRY DATE: _________ //__________


When this amount has been paid in full,this form becomes a taX invoice, ABN 21 386 957 963 (not reGistered for GST).

VADEA c/o - PTCNSW, PO Box 577 Leichhardt NSW 2040

(02) 9564 2342 ATTN Bernadette Motulalo

vadea.admin@ptc.nsw.edu.au (subject line: VADEA Conference 2014)