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Aurora Central Catholic High School Cost: FREE October, 2007

News Tickler
Wednesday, October 31st
3:00 PM Respect for Life Club Meet-
ing (Library)
7:00 PM FORTRESS Meeting (Li-
Thursday, November 1st
6:30 PM Open House
Friday, November 2nd
7:30 AM Science and Outdoor Club
Meeting (Rm 208)
3:00 PM Drama Club Meeting (Cafe-
Saturday, November 3rd
7:00 PM Father-Daughter Dance
Sunday, November 4th
3:45 PM Fall Sports Awards Banquet
Tuesday, November 6th
7:15 AM Newspaper Meeting (Room
Wednesday, November 7th
Photo by Liz Kottkamp
3:00 PM Respect for Life Club Meet- Senior Sean Grismer speaks to students during a Youth For Truth meeting held at the school library.

Planned Parenthood
ing (Library)
7:00 PM SPARCS Meeting (Library)
Wednesday, November 14th

Opens In Aurora
3:00 PM Respect for Life Club Meet-
ing (Library)
7:00 PM FORTRESS Meeting (Li-
Thursday, November 15th
By Lauren Lecco Students Protest
Local and World News Editor

Although Planned Parenthood does supply could attend and voice their opinions about
7:30 AM NHS Meeting (Library) or the past month our newspapers have other services, they provide abortions at a the value of life. Over 700 youth attended.
Friday, November 16th been flooded with the controversy of lower cost than most hospitals. Anti-abortion
7:30 AM Science and Outdoor Club the new women’s clinic, Planned Par- demonstrators have been seen sitting outside At one point in time the community felt that
Meeting (Rm 208) enthood, which opened in Aurora. There has of the clinic since the building first began. their prayers had been answered. Due to
7:00 PM Fall Drama Performance been a huge response from the community Demonstrators have kept the protest peace- some legal problems the opening of the clinic
(Cafetorium) both for and against the Planned Parenthood ful by praying, singing, and displaying signs was delayed, and at one point it looked like
Clinic. While driving through the area one against the clinic. Many of Aurora Central the clinic just might lose their land. Much
Saturday, November 17th may have noticed the signs decorating indi- Catholic students have been part of these to the community’s dismay, an occupancy
7:00 PM Fall Drama Performance viduals’ yards. Some read “Planned Parent- demonstrations. The Youth For Truth forum permit was issued for the clinic, making it
(Cafetorium) hood: Bad for Aurora,” while others read organized a peaceful protest outside the clin- legal for them to open their doors. Steve
“This Family Supports Planned Parenthood.” ic before it opened so other Central students Continued on page 2...

Faces of children in Northern Uganda. War has torn

the country apart for twenty-one years, and
it is the children who are suffering for it. Be-
Hundreds of bodies are squeezed into the
small space, solely in order to be kept safe.
And it was all caught on tape. Bobby Bai-

Is your club’s schedule not listed here?

Contact Ethan Romba to discuss adding
Uganda sides the obvious dangers of war to
everyone, some children are be-
ing kidnapped in the night by
ley, Jason Russell, and
Laren Poole, three
filmmakers from Cali-
your schedule to this section. By Kara McNamara a renegade group called the fornia, set off for the
School News Editor Lord’s Resistance Army Sudan to find a topic to
I was expecting a repetitive cry for help (LRA) to be made into make a movie about. I
accompanied with pictures and stories child soldiers, who think we all remember
of gaunt, starving children in Uganda. I make up more than “The Most Depressing
must admit, I was just hoping the cause 90% of the army. Shot Ever”. In leaving
would sway people enough to want to After a brutal desen- the Sudan, they found
help, not so much the presentation. Let’s sitization process, these chil- their story. And it be-
just say I pleasantly surprised, both by dren become part of the mass group gan a movement that
Invisible Children United’s presenta- committing horrible acts of violence. we all can take part in.
tion and the reaction from our school. Other children, however, make a nightly com- Invisible Children United is an organization
Let’s back up... Invisible Children United mute to public sites, most commonly the bus
is an organization dedicated to helping station, in order to escape the reach of the LRA. Continued on page 3...

In This Issue...
School News Pop Culture Charger Sports
Read complete coverage John Whitney reviews Find out how ACC upset
of homecoming events Halo 3. Also take a look at Marmion in football.
including the powderpuff this year’s scary movies in
game (pictured), twins time for Halloween.
day, and much more.

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Central Times - Local and World News October, 2007

Local and World News

Planned Parenthood Around the World in Thirteen Years Dog Blames Cat
from page 1 Man completes 13 year trek around the world
By Kevin Eversole By Mark Pfotenhauer
Trombley was quoted saying that, “He was Staff Writer
thrilled to call Aurora their new home.” A Staff Writer
fellow protestor, Eric Scheidler, rebutted this On Saturday, October 6, British adventurer Lewis started in July of 1994 at age 26 and Everybody knows that a dog is man’s best
comment by saying, “As long as the clinic is Jason Lewis finished a thirteen-year trip in finished on October 6, 2007 at age 40. He friend, but what everybody doesn’t know is
open we will be here praying and counsel- which he circumnavigated the world. He traveled a total of 46,505 miles, crossed three that cats are man’s worst friends, especially
ing Planned Parenthood’s potential victims.” did this by only using manpower. He used oceans, and went through 37 countries. It for Mr. Rolland Cote of Greenville, Maine.
Although the clinic is open, to its oppo- a twenty-six-foot pedal boat, a bike, roller- took him thirteen years, two months, and 23 In the early morning of Sunday, the 9th of
nents the fight is not yet over. As long as blades, and kayaks to complete his journey; days to complete his journey. On October 6, October, Mr. Cote was awakened by Thump-
the clinic is open and running, there will he also hiked for a good portion of his trip. Lewis and many spectators carried his boat er, a black Labrador retriever, and was al-
be people standing up for the rights of across the finish line in Greenwich, England. lowed enough time to call 911 and make his
the unborn and fighting against abortion. During his trip, Lewis faced many challenges. way out of his burning house. Thankfully
Aurora Central sophomore Dan Schlietweil- He was hit by a car while rollerblading through no one was hurt in the fire and Mr. Cote’s
er founded Youth for Truth, and senior Sean Colorado, and broke both legs. He was also wife and 7-year-old grandson were away at
Grismer is the president. This organization is attacked by many animals during his trip, in- the time of the fire. After the fire ceased to
in the process of setting up a website. Also, cluding crocodiles, sharks, and even a mon- be, the fire marshal and Mr. Cote both agreed
a rally was held Sunday, October 21, in Chi- key. One of his biggest problems was being that Princess, the family cat, caused the
cago from 1 to 4 p.m. If anyone would like accused of spying in Egypt after crossing the fire. The fire was presumably started when
more information about this event, he or she border illegally from Sudan. He was thrown Princess knocked over a kerosene lamp.
can contact any Youth for Truth member. in jail and threatened with 40 years in prison.

College Football wards this specific individual and not in- linebacker who will be remembered by all was stabbed in the buttocks last weekend.
tended to harm others. Police reported that of those who knew him and were associated He had been engaged in a fight after a stu-
Player Slayed on at around 9:45 he had crashed his car near with Bradford. He attended Antioch High dent union dance. The injury in itself was
a tree on a campus street around 200 meters school in Nashville, Tennessee and held re- not life threating, but required some stitch-
Campus away from his apartment. He was slumped cords in shotput and discus as a multitalented es. No arrests were made. However, inves-
By Marcus Jackson over motionlessly, relayed police director athlete. ‘’We feel like the campus is safe, but tigations are continuing as time goes on.
Staff Writer Larry Godwin, saying that witnesses had we’d rather err on the safety than not,’’ the
observed a couple of unidentified men run- spokesman Curt Gunther had replied in a sad The moral teaching or lesson, if you will,
On October 1, 2007, in Memphis Ten- ning away from the crime scene abruptly and discontent manner. A large red ribbon of the report is quite simple. The lesson has
nesee, Taylor Bradford (21) was not after the event occurred. Shirley Raines was tied around the tree where Bradford’s car been told again and again. This is the reality
shot and killed intentionally, which was was quoted saying that this event was not a struck, along with a poster board to commem- that some may unfortunately die in insinuat-
suggested by the police director Larry random act. The individual who was being orate and abnegate negative and sad thoughts ing circumstances, while others can be quite
Godwin. In addition, authorities know specifically targeted was due to question- of his death as a way to record memories and lucky to escape with their lives. This is a tes-
that the outsiders will not be housed able activities he may have been involved in. signatures from all that loved and knew him. timony to not take our own lives for grant-
on campus. Evidently Bradford’s kill- Taylor Bradford originally attended Sam- ed because death is inevitable, and we must
ers were not diligently seeking the ef- ford University and transferred to Memphis On another campus, University of Massa- cherish the things we are most grateful for.
forts and alibis of the student body. (Home of the Tigers) after two football sea- chusetts Amherst, football player Johnny
The murder was intentionally aimed to- sons. He was a very skilled 5’11’’ 300 pound Evens, 18, was in a decent condition after he

West Aurora Cross Chicago Marathon Heat Police Arrest

Country Disaster Man dies and others are hospitalized during race Cambodian Cow
By Alyssa Shaff
By Jeromy Sonne Staff Writer By McKay Violetto
Staff Writer Every year the 26.2 mile Chicago Mara- before 1 p.m. at a Veterans' Affairs hospital. Staff Writer
Runners at the West Aurora Stampede, a West thon is run. This year, however, the 30th Many runners complained that the organiz- Last week authorities were called to the scene
Aurora High School cross country meet, fell annual race was cancelled just before noon. ers did not have enough water or Gatorade. of a motorcycle accident on the main road in
ill due to unusually hot weather conditions. The heat was just too great for the runners Cambodia. When they arrived at the scene,
The event was held at Wabaunsee commu- to endure. Out of the 45,000 runners that There were many spectators handing bot- the police were astounded to find out that the
nity college at their sugar grove campus, and registered to run in the race, about 10,000 tles of water to runners and spraying them cause of this fatal crash was a cow in the road.
their was approximately 2,000 runners from didn’t show up, and another 10,934 started with garden hoses as they ran by. Fire
28 different schools competing at the event. but didn’t finish. Many runners were tak- hydrants were also opened in an attempt A Cambodian official talked to the Chicago
The majority of injuries had to do with de- en to hospitals or treated onsite for their to cool off the runners as they ran past. Tribune and stated that this particular cow
hydration, or other heat related issues. An heat-related ailments. There was also In the future it is hoped that the organizers was the cause of 6 deaths earlier this year.
onlooker described how at one five minute one participant who died during the race. of the race will be better prepared for the On the day in question, the white, five-foot
stretch, an onlooker would literally collapse Chad Schieber from Midland, Michi- marathon. Also, these race organizers are cow was standing in the middle of the main
every thirty seconds. Fourteen ambulanc- gan died while running the Chi- hoping that the race record temperature of road in Cambodia’s capitol, Phnom Penh, as
es were called to the field to deal with the cago Marathon on Sunday. 88 degrees by 10 a.m. that was set on Sun- a 66-year-old motorcyclist came riding down
amount of injuries, eventually getting to the day is not repeated. The previous record the road late Monday night. The police chief
point emergency crews canceled the last race. The 35-year-old man collapsed while run- for the marathon was 84 degrees in 1979. of Phnom Penh, Pin Doman, said the roads
A spokesman for West Aurora High School ning on the city’s South Side. The witnesses Hopefully we can learn from this tragedy are very dark at night, and this was the rea-
said they will review how to better handle have reported seeing Schieber collapse and so the same mistakes aren't made next year. son that the motorcyclist didn’t see the cow.
these racing situations. Hopefully the poor become unresponsive. The race’s medical
judgement West Aurora officials displayed director says that Schieber must have lost
will be corrected so that six kids will not end his pulse very quickly and died on the race
up in a hospital again from a running event. course. He was pronounced dead shortly

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Central Times - School News October, 2007

School News
Referees to Blame Faces of Uganda
from page 1
for Seniors’ loss?
By Kelli Schmidt dedicated to raising funds and awareness
for the Ugandan people. Across the United
Staff Writer States, thousands of people are participat-
ing in events for ICU. The Bracelet Cam-
Tensions were high going into this year’s paign, for example, is raising money for a
annual Powderpuff football game, when scholarship fund that is allowing over 600
the Juniors face off against the Seniors. children to go to school when they couldn’t
before for financial reasons. Another new
Tegan Rogers, a senior, was clearly unhappy program is called “DisplaceMe”. Like the
with the outcome of the Powderpuff foot- displaced Ugandan people that the govern-
ball game. “Seniors should’ve won. [The] ment forced to abandon their homes and live
refs were bogus. Go Seniors!” Most, if not in ill-prepared camps, “DisplaceMe” gives
all, of the seniors would agree. Although Americans the chance to experience just a
both teams brought their “A” game, the little of what the Ugandans do daily. It is
Seniors were unable to pull off a victory. a student-run event that includes activities
such as building your cardboard “home” to
At halftime, the Juniors were up 2-0, after “live” in, writing a letter to a political leader
they scored on a safety early in the game. to urge his or her involvement in the move-
The stadium was relatively quiet for the ment to help these Invisible Children, and
remainder of the game, except for a few observing twenty-one minutes of silence
people who could be heard scoffing at the to commemorate the twenty-one years of
referees. “It’s been a tradition for many war that has plagued Uganda. Perhaps the
years that the Seniors win Powderpuff,” most well-known event is the Night Com-
said senior Liz Kottkamp. “I only wanted mute, which is an overnight walk much like
a fair opportunity.” And it was obvious Senior Liz Kottkamp smiles after the game, despite the Senior’s 2-0 loss. that of the Ugandans. Its focus is to raise
that the game was anything but fair. One Photo by Kelli Schmidt awareness both of the plight of the people
senior, who wished to remain anonymous, find a way to put the ball in the endzone. The gain control of the ball until the waning and of ICU and ways a person can help.
said, “It’s not really the Juniors’ fault. But struggling offense had their best opportuni- moments of the fourth quarter. With the Aurora Central’s Peer Council is now part
they didn’t win the game legitimately.” ty to score here with the ball at their own 30 Senior offense desperate to find an answer of ICU, and the group is participating in
yard line. A few dropped passes led to the to the Junior defense, the Seniors used a several events ICU urges. Later in the
As the third quarter got underway, the Seniors turning the ball over on downs again. secret weapon… Mark Adams. With time year, partnered with IMSA, the students
Juniors received the ball on the kickoff. running out, the Senior offense drew up a of Aurora Central Catholic can participate
They began to march down the field on the With the start of the fourth quarter, the play designed by Adams. As the Junior de- in the Night Commute. But even sooner
exhausted Senior defense. With the ball Juniors had the ball again, and began to fense blitzed the pass, the attempt fell short. than that, on December 7th, Aurora Cen-
around midfield, the Juniors ran a risky march down the field. The Senior defense, The game ended with a 2-0 Junior victory. tral is holding its own DisplaceMe, from
play, which ended up being intercepted. although exhausted, still fought to get the three to eight P.M. All students are invited
With the Junior offense resembling the ball back for the offense. With a little under The Seniors did have plenty of opportu- to attend. It is the Peer Council’s hope that
Packers’ offense of the second half, it ap- four minutes left in the game, the Seniors nities throughout the game, especially much of the school community will attend.
peared the Senior offense was going to took control of the ball. A few bad calls by in the fourth quarter. But all cannot be The movie was only the beginning. There’s
take command of the game. The Senior the referees put the Senior offense in a huge blamed on the Seniors. Some outra- so much that you can do. Be active, be a par-
defense took the ball down to their own hole that they couldn’t get themselves out of. geous calls by the referees made it dif- ticipant. Whether you want to join the cause
15 yard line on the interception. Even with Again, the offense turned the ball over with ficult for the Senior offense to gain any to make a difference, to do something for a
this great opportunity, the offense couldn’t an interception. The Seniors wouldn’t again momentum. Were the referees to blame? cause, to join a growing nationwide move-
ment, you’ll accomplish all three. Take the
opportunity and help the children in Uganda.
Drama Club - Fall
By Stephanie Schuetz
Staff Writer
This year the Drama Club is starting off by
performing “One Acts” from various mu-
sicals. The students chose what acts they
would like to be a part of, and then were
cast to the roles that fit them. Last year the
club did “One Acts” that consisted of the
students writing their own acts and then
casting the students they thought would
do best in their show. The One Acts were
a big hit including a cartoon convention,
a story about ordering fast food, going to
war, and remembering funny stories from
a yearbook. The Spring Musical last year,
“The Wizard of Oz”, was a great success
with two gifted casts. This year the Dra-
ma Club isn’t sure what the show will be,
but invite everyone to come and try out!
Not only will the Drama Club be do-
ing their annual shows, but they will also be
trying to get more student involvement in
drama-related activities. They plan to host
a Film Festival in which they will invite
area schools to join in the fun. Also, movie
nights, short productions, student based
Various pictures from last year’s shows.
productions, and acting workshops will be
offered. The acting workshops will con-
sist of people with theatrical backgrounds and the Drama Club is always looking
coming from Chicago to school and help- for input from students. The Drama Club
ing with stage crew management and act- meets every other Friday at 3:30, and Dra-
ing programs. Many other things like ma Director Ms. Hogan invites all of you
field trips will be organized at later dates, to explore what Drama Club is all about!
Central Times - School News October, 2007

School News
Chess Preview consisted of five-man teams competing. board up from last year, due to last sea-
SPARCS - What It’s
By Mark Brouch ACC featured Mark Brouch on board 1,
Phil Karafiat on board 2, Saleem Touny on
son’s board 1, Megan Lawless, graduat-
ing. Nevertheless, the team looks stronger
All About
Staff Writer By Sarah Jarocha
board 3, Catherine Pauls on board 4, and than ever this year. The top three boards,
Aurora Central Catholic’s chess team Sean Allison on board 5. The Chargers beat Jr. Mark Brouch, Jr. Dusty Lawless, and Staff Writer
opened their season on October Jr. Phil Karafiat, have now SPARCS, which stands for “Students Pro-
13 at the Charger Challenge been playing together for claiming and Actively Reinforcing Christ’s
Chess Tournament, hosted at three years and are look- Service”, is a largely student-based club.
ACC. Thirty teams from twenty- ing to make a statement at Organized by Mrs. Biebel, who also moder-
five schools representing eight of the conference tournament ates Kairos, SPARCS members meet almost
the state’s fifteen conferences at- this year. Other strong re- every other Wednesday to plan Fortress, a
tended- roughly 300 people in all. turning players include So. group of students who come together to lis-
Tyler Kennell (board 4), So. ten to speakers, play games, and simply hang
The tournament started early in Nick Pannell (board 5), Jr. out with friends. Many, if not all, theology
the morning kicking off with Jake niemiec (board 7), and teachers offer extra credit points for attend-
several events. Players could Jr. Catherine Pauls (board ing Fortress meetings. SPARCS members
face off against internationally- 8). Newcomer So. Saleem live in accordance with the Bible, and be-
ranked Master Albert Chow in Touny (board 6) has shown come closer as friends through the various
a 42-man simul. Other players considerable skill and is ex- meetings. SPARCS is a great opportunity to
attended a chess clinic on the pected to do well this year. make friends, to become a leader, and to do
stage and learned new moves, something worthwhile that benefits others.
strategies, and techniques. Ad- Last Thurday, the Chargers
ditional events included a speed travelled to Plainfield South
chess tournament run by Allen High School to play their Students in Action-
McWilliams and a Shogi tourna-
ment (Japanese chess) run by Jun
first conference match of
the season. Plainfield South
Nakano, president of the Mid- proved to be very tough The new Foreign Language
west Shogi Association. George competition, and ACC lost Club
Marino (many remember him as 46-3, despite many players By Ethan Romba
Mr. Marino, Geometry teacher) playing the best games they
hosted a 3D chess demonstra- had played since last season.
Staff Writer
tion. The Illinois Chess Coach- The loss has not discouraged ACC has had a foreign language club for
es Association website, www. any of the team and they nearly a decade. Run by Mrs. Gonzalez, this
chesscoach.org wrote, “With all Junior Dusty Lawless meticulously envisions the perfect hope to achieve the season’s group has been known for its in-class cultral
the activities and large number of move during the IHSA State Chess Tournament last year. first win this week against activities and interesting excursions to local
participants, the morning session Romeoville here at ACC. ethnic restaurants. In recent years, however,
resembled a three-ring circus.” membership and commitment have been
West Aurora High School and finished the The Chargers will go on to face IMSA, dwindling—trips have had to be canceled
Considering that the team was missing tournament 23rd out of 30 teams, ahead of Oswego, Glenbard South, Marmion and the attendance to some meetings could
two of their top players (Dusty Lawless conference team Oswego High School and Academy, and newcomers to the confer- be counted on one hand. Last year was a a
who was beating Marmion at a football only two places behind Marmion Academy. ence Plainfield North. Additionally, the particulary troubling one for the club, and
game and Tyler Kennell who had become This year’s team is fairly young, consisting Chargers will play at several more tourna- it might very well not be around today if
ill), the team did decidedly well at the solely of Sophomores and Juniors on the ments this year, including the IHSA State it were not for the efforts of a handful of
Charger Challenge. Tournament format top eight boards. All players are playing a Chess Tournament in Peoria in February. Juniors. This past May, Tori and Ethan
Romba, Alyssa Shaff, Carly Shroeder, and
Kara McNamara took it upon themselves to
The Dress Days of bring the foreign language club back to life.

Homecoming The five students wanted the 07-08 school

By Alyssa Shaff year to be different for the FLC. Members
Staff Writer would have to be committed to the club,
rather than just join for an extra picture in
Even though some of the activities of Home- the yearbook. There would be a set pat-
coming were cancelled, the dress days were tern of meetings, activites, and trips, and
still enjoyed. On Monday, the majority of the plans were made for T-shirts that could
school participated in Clash Day wearing be worn on their cultural outings. Things
crazy colors and looking as would be so different, they decided, that
though they got dressed in the group would need a new name. Af-
the dark! Tuesday was Sports ter much debate, they settled on SLICK:
Day, and jerseys seemed Student Learning International Cultural
to be the fashion trend. On Knowledge. It was hip, catchy, and re-
Wednesday, Dress-Up Day, flective of the club's underlying purpose:
most everyone looked very to grow in understanding of different cul-
nice at all-school Mass. On tures and their many diverse pasttimes.
Thursday, there were twins,
triplets, and quadruplets
all over school! And on
Friday, Spirit Day, all the Your 2” x 3”
Chargers showed their true
spirit for ACC by wearing Advertisement
blue and gold. These dress
days helped everyone get Here!
into the spirit of Homecoming, and For just $12.00 you could
everyone really enjoyed not hav-
be showing off your busi-
ing to wear the school uniform!
ness in this space!
Photos by Alyssa Shaff

For more information,

contact Aurora Central
Catholic High School and
leave a message for a buis-
ness representative.
Central Times - Editorials and Pop Culture October, 2007

Editorials and Pop Culture

Race for the cent of 18-to-24-year-olds voting has gone
up in the last five to ten years, varying 47 to
mass destruction”, and than come out with
no responsibilities. Even though he knew
be able to come out of Iraq. The candidates
for this year’s election are Joe Biden, Hil-
Presidency 50 percent. I think that the youth of our na- the Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds were in a sort lary Rodham Clinton, Rudy Giuliami, Mike
By Jessica Wesley tion are more interested in the 2008 election of economic war of who is going to be the Huckabee, Chris Dodd, Duncan Hunter,
Staff Writer because they want someone that will come dominate class per say. Many people are John Edwards, John McCain, Mike Gravel,
in and fix all the wrong that President Bush now saying that they wish that we never Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Mitt Romney,
Isn’t it interesting how we are in 2007, and has done. They would like to see someone went into Iraq and never got involved with Barack Obama, Tom Tancredo, Bill Rich-
more than 3 months away from the primary, who will come in and try to take troops out the war there, but as they all know we can’t ardson, and Fred Thompson. The 2008
and already campaigning has begun for the of Iraq and try to help Iraq establish a solid just pull out of Iraq and not have their to- election is now in the hands of the United
presidential position. We have candidates government and army. But the problem with tal infrastructure crumble, and have a mass States youth. Let’s hope we as the youth
having a MySpace, a Facebook, and their us trying to go out of Iraq is that we are in to genocide and have no more Iraq. There make the right decision and vote. Will you
speeches on YouTube. Why do the candi- deep. President Bush made the decision that are so many candidates that say they will be responsible for helping this country, or
dates have such an interest in the younger we were going to go into Iraq on suspicion be able to fix the problem in Iraq. I think just sit there and watch others do it for you?
voting poll? Well studies show that the per- that there are these so called “weapons of it will be another 5 to 10 years till we will
ACC Forums
Discover the hottest new
Editorial - The Aftermath of Homecoming Scary Movies
By Anna Scott unaware of. As a senior, I understand that By Sarah Chandler
student-created website! Content Editor the administration did the best it could in Pop Culture Editor
By Ethan Romba the resolution of the events, but I feel as if
Homecoming week is an exciting time at the punishments were a bit unjust. This is Around this time of year there is only one
Staff Writer
ACC each year, because it gives us time to because the five seniors who defaced the thing on your mind: Halloween. And there
If you haven’t heard about the ACC Forums, remember our traditions and build memo- property had no school pride in the first is no better way to jump right into that spir-
you’re missing out on a cool new experi- ries with friends. Most importantly, it is place. They were not excited for homecom- it of Halloween than to go and see a scary
ence just for Chargers. “What’s that?” you the time of year when the school spirit that ing week, and canceling homecoming week movie. Scary movies come out all year long
say. The ACC Forums is an online bulletin students have shines the brightest. This year activities did not affect them in the slightest but they usually save the best scary movies
board made by students for students. Sim- was no different. At the football game the bit. It honestly only hurt the people to premiere around Halloween. Maybe you
ply put, a bulletin board is a website used stands were full, everyone was glowing who were innocent and eager to like scary movies, maybe not, but here are
to post messages for other users to see. To- at the dance, and we all showed our ACC show the pride that they had for our school, the next ten upcoming scary movies and
gether, these messages make up discussions, pride on spirit day at school. The difference because honestly it’s one of the last chances the top ten scary movies of all time. Scary,
which are listed in sections of the site called between this year and every other year was we’ll get as seniors. I know that the admin- twisted, and deranged? I can guarantee it.
“forums.” Think of it as a cross between as simple as this: about five seniors. istration had to take some immediate ac-
email and an instant messaging chat room. Five seniors, and all of a sudden the seniors tion, and I understand why they did it, but The next 10 upcoming Scary movies:
lose the opportunity to show pride in our it’s honestly unfortunate that five seniors Saw 4 October 26, 2007
The site was founded by Mark Brouch and school for a good portion of the homecom- had to deface the name of the entire class.
The Signal October 26, 2007
Ethan Romba just a few days before school ing week. Fair? Maybe not. Needed? We can’t change what happened anymore,
started last year. Together, they have trans- Probably. I believe that the events that took but I do hope that students who will cel- P2 November 09, 2007
formed the forums into a unique, feature- place on September 29 were clearly wrong, ebrate homecoming in the future will take The Mist November 21, 2007
filled tool for ACC students to talk it up. and quite despicable at that. However, I into serious consideration the I Am Legend December 14, 2007
Their latest concern has been getting the believe that it is important that everyone consequences that their ac- Sweeny Todd December 21, 2007
word out. So far, over 100 students have understands what really happened tions will bring. Nobody should have
joined and have written almost 2000 posts. that night. The senior class did not a homecoming week like that of this year. Alien vs. Predator
December 24, 2007
If you haven’t joined already, you should unite in the acts of vandalism. The senior Homecoming is a time for happiness, not Requiem
really consider it. The more students who class did not rally behind the students who headaches, pride, not punishment, and for One Missed Call January 04, 2008
participate, even making just one post ev- were doing wrong. In fact, the senior class me and many others this year, it was only the 1-18-08 January 18, 2008
ery couple of days, the more useful and was showing their school spirit just as ev- latter. My hope is that we can move on from
Untraceable January 25, 2008
interesting this new tool can become. eryone had in the years past. It was not the what happened and have a chance to show
senior class. It was about five seniors, and what we are really about as a class, which
Keep in mind that the forums are still “devel- despite what some may believe, it is not so is the traditional pride in our school that has Top 10 scary movies of all time (ranked by
oping,” so to speak, and how they will be used easy to stop others from an act that you are marked the senior classes at ACC for years. MSN Movies):
isn’t set in stone. This means that you, the us- 1. Psycho (1960)
ers, have a real ability to shape where this site
goes. No matter where the future leads, how- Game Time 2. Repulsion (1965)
ever, the ACC Forums will always remain a First look at Bungie’s Halo 3 3. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
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Central Times Halo 3, has been released, ending the war
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7. Don’t Look Now (1973)
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8. Halloween (1978)
Mrs. Goldie Advisor The Covenant controls Earth, the all-consuming 9. The Exorcist (1973)
the ending, it’s
Mark Brouch Managing Editor Flood is unleashed and the fate of the galaxy 10. Eraser Head (1977)
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& Layout hangs in the balance. An ancient secret, buried
The graphics have Honorable mentions:
under the sands of Africa for untold millennia earn by unlocking
Anna Scott Content Editor also been im- "The Shining" (1980);
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Lauren Lecco Local and World proved (however "Jaws" (1975);
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Central Times - Charger Sports October, 2007

Charger Sports
Soccer Wrap-up “The boys played hard the whole time, but
they just seemed to lack the defensive disci-
Football Highlights touchdown return. He then made the extra
point kick to make it a 21-21 game. The
By Stephanie Schuetz pline to keep themselves in the game,” says By Andrew Scott Chargers were able to bring the Marmion of-
Sports Correspondent Coach Cournaya. “It came down to a lack of Sports Correspondent fense to halt for the first time in the second
experience, but I really saw improvements in half forcing a punt. The Chargers marched 55
This season the Aurora Central Soccer Team the team and individuals as the season went Our Aurora Central Catholic Chargers yards down the field, finishing the drive with
started off with a big win, 4-2, against El- on.” Coach Cournaya says his favorite part football team ended the season with a re- a 1 yard touchdown run by Mike Adams.
gin Academy, but then the team went onto of the season has been working with the guys cord of 2-7 (2-5 in conference). It was a They rose to a 27-21 lead with 2:40 left on
a four game loosing streak where they only and seeing them trying to get better every tough season for the Chargers but an im- the clock. With only four plays, the Charger
scored two goals and let in fifteen. Next the day. He was glad to see them showing hard provement over last season’s 1-8 finish. defense forced a turnover on downs, where it
Chargers went on to win their only confer- work and never giving up. The boys came The Chargers ended a five year losing streak became a matter of running time off the clock.
ence game, 4-2, against the Driscoll Catho- to practice showing him that they wanted in the 27-21 triumph over Marmion. They It was Coach Curry’s 100th win with ACC.
lic Highlanders. Again the Chargers started to improve their skills. The ACC boy’s were going into halftime with a 14-3 lead. The Chargers also overcame St. Ed-
another loosing streak where they let in soccer team overall record is 3-9, and their Marmion rallied in the third quarter and took wards 52-36 in the first week of confer-
seven goals and scoring zero. The soccer conference record 1-5. Great effort boys! over to make it a 21-14 game. On the ensu- ence play. The Chargers have room for
team came back with a win against the Pla- ing kickoff, Marmion attempted a squib kick improvement and are looking to build off
no Reapers, but soon after went into another to Kyle Edwards. Edwards read the block- of this year going into the next season.
loosing battle with a combined score of 10-0. ing scheme and broke it free for an 80 yard

ACC Stuns Marmion Tennis Summary

in a turnover, ACC did hold Marmion to a The next ACC drive resulted in a fourth
By Vannessa Corral
on Back of St. 30-yard field goal by Alex Picini. After that
field goal, Marmion would not score again in
down, 14-yard passing play from Mike
Adams to Kyle Edwards for a touchdown. Sports Correspondent
Edwards the first half. Aurora Central put up 14 un-
answered points on the arm and legs of Mike
In addition to scoring twice in the first half,
Edwards also kicked the extra points. Cen-
This year's girls' Tennis team made a great
effort in the season. Considering the con-
By Cisco Juarez Adams, and on the hands of Kyle Edwards. tral would go into the half leading 14-3. ference, the team put out some great com-
Secret Sports Correspondent Between Adams running for first downs, and petition and worked their very hardest. This
Aurora Central Catholic wasn’t supposed wide receiver screens to Kyle Edwards, the Coming out in the second half, the fact that year's team consisted of: Liz Schweitzer,
to beat Marmion Academy. Aurora Central Chargers went on a 17-play, 80-yard drive. ACC had eight players that play both ways Sol Vargas, Lily Bautista, Adrienne Krpan,
wasn’t supposed to be able to move the ball Blocking by the line up front, especially be- seemed to be wearing on the Chargers. ACC Vannessa Corral, Jackie Dopp, Taylor Sainz,
against Marmion’s stellar defense. Aurora quickly gave up 18 unanswered points to and Cathy Bernhardt. While the team came
Central wasn’t supposed to run the ball start the second half. It was Edward to the up with no wins, there were some individu-
against Marmion’s stout defensive line ei- rescue again, however. Picking up a squib al matches that were won against Wheaton
ther. They also weren’t supposed to have kick at his own 20-yard line, Edwards re- Academy and Lisle Academy. We caught up
any defensive three-and-outs, any spe- turned the ball 80 yards for the touchdown with Coach Swanson to get her thoughts on
cial teams touchdowns, or a ground game behind key blocks from Billy Balderas and the season. We asked about her overall feel-
that would consume clock. Appalachian special teamer Tom Barkei. “I was just try- ing about the season and she replied saying
State wasn’t supposed to beat Michigan ing to get some positive yardage and hope that there were "high highs and low lows."
either; and the Red Sox weren’t supposed for the best,” Edwards said of his kick re- She enjoyed the Taste of ACC saying it was
to come back from a 3-0 game deficit to turn. “Everyone was ecstatic; it was a huge the highlight of the season for her since it was
beat the Yankees in the 2004 playoffs. momentum boost.” Tied at 21, Aurora so much fun. Team statistics aside, Coach
Central didn’t abandon their game plan: thought that the best quality was "Resilience"
On Saturday October 13, 2007, the Aurora run the ball. They continued to use Mike and the fact that we over came the adversity.
Central Catholic Chargers pulled off the Adams as a running threat, which eventu- "The conference was tough, but the team was
biggest win for the program in the last half Photo by The Beacon News ally resulted in a 1-yard touchdown sneak resilient." coach stated proudly. Finally, we
decade. Going in to the game, Marmion by Mike Adams that gave Central their final asked if there was one statistic that would be
Academy had a record of 4-3 overall. This hind senior center/captain Billy Balderas, points for the game. With the score read- best changed, and she thought it was "overall
record, combined with the fact that Mar- led to Marmion sending more pressure to ing 27-21, Central went into their prevent consistency and experience." Sounds like the
mion had 40-plus varsity members, versus stop the ground game. This opened up the defense and didn’t allow Marmion to score team is getting better and better, as Coach
Central’s 27 varsity members, gave Marmi- screen game for Kyle Edwards, who took again. With the lead and the ball with only Swanson continues to train a motivated team.
on hope of an easy win over their Suburban screens and consistently ran behind his fel- a minute left, Central never looked back.
Catholic Conference rival. This confidence low receivers Matt Wagner and Mark Brau- Their upset was the biggest win in the last
quickly switched from Marmion to Central, weiler for gains of over 10 yards. Kyle had half decade, and likely won’t be forgot-
however. While Central’s first drive ended not finished doing his damage, however. ten by anyone – especially Kyle Edwards.

Volleyball other games that we have played in the past?" Cross Country proximity to Aurora Christian, who took 3rd.
She told me that, "You could tell way before Based on the current effort and the assessment
By Courtney Hoffman the game even started that we were pumped Updates of previous meets, such as the Charger Classic
Sports Correspondent to play, and then from there on the intensity and the Wheaton Invitational, the team pro-
By Marcus Jackson
As the volleyball season started off some- amongst the team got greater.” The Lady gresses slowly and steadily. There has been
what rough, the team had their first con- Chargers participated in their last tourna- Sports Correspondent unfortunate illnesses and injury. However,
ferance win on October 10, 2007, against ment of the season at Sandwich High School. Last weekend the cross country team com- the first of October was the half way mark of
Driscoll Catholic Highlanders. They took I spoke to a couple players on the team and peted well at the Wheaton Invitational on the the season, which entails room for improve-
Driscoll into three games and beat them 25- they all had high expectations for the tour- 29th of September, 2007. Both the women ment athletically and physiologically, as well
23 in the third match. Captains of Aurora nament and the rest of the season as well. and men won the meet at the Open level, as mentally. In the process of heading to the
Central Catholic, Sarah Chandler and Megan On Monday, October 15, 2007, the Chargers as well as the Varsity women. The open State Series, the Chargers will continue on
Shambaugh, both had good things to say at played their all time rivals, Rosary, for the women's team was lead by Meghan Kelly Tuesday, October 2nd 2007 at a home meet
the end of the game. Sarah commented on last time of the season. Even though the sea- and Bianca Guzaldo as they finished strong as they compete against Marian Central.
how well everyone played as a team, which son is almost at an end, there are more than They have run consistently and with im-
was something that we needed all along. I enough opportunities to make this season a provement since the Charger Classic meet.
asked Megan, "What do you think was dif- memorable one. Come cheer the girls on! Varsity men took 2nd, and the team was led
ferent about the Driscoll game compared to by Max Gilbert and James Sobucki in close

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