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Brand Name Dosage Mechanism of Action Indications Adverse Reaction

Fenofibrate 160mg > Fenofibrate activates the -Adjunct to diet > CARDIOVASCULAR > Arrange to have
peroxisome proliferator in treating SYSTEM: Angina pectoris, regular follow-up
Generic Name: Form: activated receptor a adults with hypertension, vasodilatation, visits to your
Tricor TAB (PPARa). Through this primary coronary artery disorder, health care
mechanism, fenofibrate hypercholestero electrocardiogram abnormal, provider, which will
Classification: increases lipolysis and lemia or mixed ventricular extrasystoles, include blood
Hyperlipidemia, elimination of triglyceride- dyslipidemia myocardial infarct, peripheral tests.
Dyslipidemia and rich particles from plasma by vascular disorder, migraine,
Hypertriglyceridemia activating lipoprotein lipase -Adjunct to diet varicose vein, cardiovascular > These side
and reducing production of for treatment of disorder, hypotension, effects may occur:
apoprotein C-III (an inhibitor adults with palpitation, fibrillation. Diarrhea, loss of
of lipoprotein lipase activity). hypertriglycerid appetite (ensure
The resulting fall in emia > DIGESTIVE ready access to
triglycerides produces an SYSTEM: Dyspepsia, the bathroom if
alteration in the size and -Unlabeled use: flatulence, nausea, this occurs; eat
composition of LDL from Polymetabolic increased appetite, frequent small
small, dense particles (which syndrome x gastroenteritis, cholelithiasis, meals).
are thought to be rectal disorder, esophagitis,
atherogenic due to their gastritis, colitis, tooth > Report chest
susceptibility to oxidation), to disorder, vomiting, anorexia, pain, shortness of
large buoyant particles. gastrointestinal disorder, breath,
These larger particles have a duodenal ulcer, nausea and palpitations,
greater affinity for cholesterol vomiting, and diarrhea. myalgia, malaise,
receptors and are excessive
catabolized rapidly. fatigue, fever.