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--The Dei - Roman Pantheon-The Dei represent the gods of the Dodekatheon who feel themselves drawn to the

ideal of the Roman Empire and its culture. While it's true that the Dodekatheon were the gods of that empire, they were not all fully commited to the people. They had been reek before. !nd afterwards, they would move on to carry out their culture via myths, legends and philosophies of the world at large. "ut the faction within them known as the Dei once held their height of power during the Roman Empire. !nd they do not wish to relin#uish that power they once had. $ome were reek gods who did not come into their own until the rise of Rome. %thers are gods of the Roman people who were adopted into the Dodekatheon when they claimed divine right over the Roman state. Regardless of origins, the Dei stand united as their own faction and minor pantheon within the society of the greater Dodekatheon. While &eus 'or (upiter as the Dei prefer to call him) once held power over all of the Dodekatheon, the Dei included, the Dei themselves owed their allegience to *uirinus. That changed, however, when *uirinus was seduced by +aligula to incite rebellion against &eus during World War ,,. +aligula was cast into Tartarus with the Titans and *uirinus was banished from %lympus. The rest of the Dei then turned their backs upon *uirinus in shame. $ince that time, the Dei have turned to (anus for their own personal leadership. The Dei have tried to heal the rift between the Dodekatheon proper and the Dei faction, while at the same time attempting to preserve their own cultural identity. ! difficult prospect to be sure. The Dei are still considered to be members of the Dodekatheon. They are welcome on %lympus and their dead travel to -ades. -owever, the Dei themselves tend to rely on each other more often than they do the Dodekatheon as a whole. ,f the Roman Empire had survived, it's possible the Dei could have branched off to become a separate pantheon all their own. "ut the fall of Roman culture ensured that wouldn't happen. Today, the Dei themselves can also often be found in the World, trying to find ways to reinvigorate interest in Roman culture. .ike *uirinus during World War ,,, they wish to revive the Roman Empire. "ut the methods they use are far more scholarly and diplomatic than those used by the war/like *uirinus.

The Pantheon
The Dei use the same 0irtues of the Dodekatheon1 E2pression, ,ntellect, 0alor and 0engeance. !dditionally, the 3urview of !rete remains the Dei's 3antheon/$pecific 3urview.

!4!1 Demeter +eres is as old as the Dodekatheon itself. %ne of the original children of +ronus and Rhea, she was later the mother of 3ersephone. -er mourning of -ades' theft of 3ersephone is responsible for the change of seasons. ! goddess of the earth and the fertility of the soil, she lost prominence in the Dodekatheon proper when &eus' son Dionysus rose to power and took her seat on %lympus. While she lost fame in reece, in Rome, +eres once again rose to prominence as the goddess of wheat and the harvest. !nd that is the time she remembers most fondly and the reason she

gives her loyalty to the Dei faction. ,n the modern world, +eres walks as a farmer or an agricultural scientist. $he is a botonist and a cave e2plorer. %ften she is hands/on in her work and very devoted to the scientific causes she throws herself behind. $cions of +eres are often similarly disposed, but they have their mother's support to count on at almost all times. +eres lost one daughter already because of the machinations of her brothers. $he doesn't intend to lose more, especially now that the war against the Titans is going full swing. Associated Powers: Epic ,ntelligence, Epic $tamina, !rete, Earth, 5ertility Common Abilities: !nimal 4en, !thletics, +raft, 5ortitude, .arceny, $urvival Rivals: 5auna, -ades, &eus6 eb, 5reya, 5rigg, *uet7alcoatl, Tla7olteotl, ,7anami, Damballa

!4!1 "ona Dea "eautiful 5auna began her life as a $cion of the minor god 3an. Though her father could pass on very little of his divine nature to her, she soon surpassed his power and rose to prominence in ancient Rome where she became the goddess of virgins and fertility in young women. $he was also a great healer, a goddess of medicine and health. $ince then, she has kept her allegience to the Dei and the gods of Rome. ,n the world, 5auna is a skilled medical professional and an e2pert of the medicinal properties of herbs and poultices. !dditionally, she is also the maiden who strolls the fields and gathers flowers to put into her hair. -er favorite role, however, is that of gynocologist, trying to ensure the health and fertility of young women under her care. 5auna, a virgin herself, possesses no true $cions of her own. -owever, she is more than welcoming of young women who may be in need of a mother, and will adopt $cions of other gods when they are available. 8ever men, however. While other virgins like !rtemis may accept male $cions from time to time, 5auna never will. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic +harisma, !nimal '$nake), !rete, 5ertility, -ealth Common Abilities: !nimal 4en, Empathy, ,ntegrity, 9edicine, 3resence, $urvival Rivals: +eres, -era6 eb, ,sis, 5reya, Tla7olteotl, !materasu, -achiman, ,7anagi, .egba

!4!1 Tyche, 0ortumna The personification of luck and fortune, blind 5ortuna holds power over the effects of fate itself. Though, naturally, like all divinities who hold such power, she knows better than to take its power for granted. $he herself is familiar with the capriciousness of life and in many ways represents such aspects. ,n time, her image would evolve into the symbol of (ustice, blind and holding her scales aloft. $till, despite her image being carried to the modern age, she will always be most fond of her image as 5ortuna during the height of Roman power. ,n the modern world, she serves as a :udge, a telephone psychic, a statistician and many other roles which allow her to focus on chance, probability, luck, fortune and :ust plain random chance. $cions of 5ortuna tend to be victims of blind fate. They are either blessed from birth, or cursed to suffer the random acts of chance associated with their mother. -owever, like their mother, they

often find themselves drawn to much the same paths as she, so they can e2plore those twists and turns in fate's design. Associated Powers: Epic ,ntelligence, Epic 3erception, !rete, +haos, (ustice, 9agic Common Abilities: !cademics, !wareness, ,nvestigation, %ccult, 3olitics, $cience Rivals: -era, -ermes, &eus6 ,sis, Thoth, 5rigg, .oki, %din, *uet7alcoatl, Te7catlipoca, !materasu, Er7ulie, 4alfu, .egba

!4!1 ,anus, (ana Two/faced (anus is currently the most prominent member of the Dei faction. ;nlike the other members of the Dei, (anus has no tie to the original Dodekatheon. -e is purely of the Roman culture. -e was the leader and father of an even more ancient pantheon which was subsumed within the Dodekatheon when it spread from reece to Rome. !nd while he couldn't compare in power to (upiter in Rome, he remained a powerful god of the Roman people. (anus served as the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. ,t was said that he guarded every doorway and protected every passage. -e represented the middle ground between barbarity and civili7ation, rural country and urban cities, and youth and adulthood. %ne of his faces peered forward into the future while one peered backwards into the past at all times. Thus he knew both beginning and end of all things. ,n the modern world, (anus often takes the role of gatekeeper even now. -e has served as a doorman of a fine apartment comple2, an old/fashioned elevator operator, a security guard and other similarly diverse roles. !t times, using his mastery of 3sychopomp, he has been known to appear in the form of twins, sometimes as a male and female pair thanks to his Epic !ppearance. $cions of (anus tend to be in positions which try to bridge the gap between the past and future. They work as archeologists and anthropologists who try to compare ancient cultures to the modern world so that the future can become better. They work as researchers and developers who rely on proven, reliable methods in their work to ensure that they leave lasting results for the ages ahead. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic 3ercpetion, !rete, (ustice, 9oon, 9ystery, 3rophecy, 3sychopomp, $un Common Abilities: !wareness, +ommand, ,nvestigation, .arceny, %ccult, 3olitics Rivals: +eres, -ermes, &eus6 !tum/Re, %siris, %din, 9ictlantecuhtli, <ipe Totec, ,7anagi, Tsuki/ yomi, "aron $amedi

!4!1 -estia .ike +eres, 0esta began as one of the original sisters of &eus and had one of the twelve thrones on %lympus. -owever, when -ermes was welcomed to the Dodekatheon, 0esta stepped down to make room for him, choosing to focus on tending the hearth instead. -owever, her story doesn't end with her stepping down from her seat. .ater, the goddess took the opportunity of being unseated to wander. $oon, she found her way to the burgeoning Roman population and began to spread her presence within their culture as well, adopting her new name and spreading her sacred fire among the Roman Empire. Eventually, the rest of the Dodekatheon would follow to Rome. "ut 0esta was there before them and had already established her worship as the keeper of the hearth and home.

,n the World, 0esta serves in roles that allow her to look after the well being of buildings and families. $he is a marriage counselor, a museum security guard, an elderly nanny and an architect. !s one of the many virgin goddesses among the reek and Roman gods, 0esta does not have $cions of her own. -owever, many gods are more than willing to give their unwanted children to the goddess of the hearth and she is willing to take in and protect them all. This gives her children a variety of paths to follow, but all of them can count on the protection of their patron mother. Associated Powers: Epic +harisma, Epic 9anipulation, Epic 3erception, !rete, 5ire, uardian Common Abilities: +ontrol, +raft, 5ortitude, ,ntegrity, 3resence, $urvival Rivals: !thena, Dionysus6 3tah, Thoth, 5reya, .oki, -uit7ilopochtli, ,7anagi, ,7anami, %goun /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //$cent the Divine// When using the 3erception 4nack, $cent the Divine '$cion +ompanion, pgs. => to =?), the Dei smell like olives in hot air, same as the Dodekatheon, but sound like a cheering crowd rather than a murmering one. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

--The Elamites - Elamitic Pantheon-When the !nnuna chose to withdraw from the World and live e2clusively in Dilmun and !nu, not all of the 9esopotamian gods agreed. There were small factions devoted to smaller societies among the 5ertile +rescent who disagreed and remained behind. !mong these minor factions were the gods of the Elamite people. These Elamitic gods did not fare any better at maintaining their people and eventually the people of Elam were subsumed into other nations and empires. "ut the gods remained behind and continued to work with the World as all other pantheons did. Though they walked in !nu and ,rkalla, the Elamites were more focused on the World than the rest of their pantheon. 8ow that the Titans have returned, these Elamitic gods have taken notice and put themselves to work among the war effort as others have. Walking among the other gods for the first time in centuries, the Elamitic gods have begun to reac#uaint themselves with the rest of the !nnuna. This small pantheon may be one of the few links which the !nnuna have to take advantage of and regain their foothold in the World again. What few among the !nnuna are willing to admit is that the Elamites' efforts to maintain ties with the World and work with humanity rather than ignore them, may have been the only saving grace for the realm of !nu. ,f not for the gods who remained behind to foster humanity's belief, the !2is 9undi connections between !nu and the World might have long ago snapped, sending both the !nnuna and the reater Titan hurling off into the empty e2panses of the uncharted %verworld.

The Pantheon
The Elamites use the same 0irtues of the !nnuna1 Duty, Endurance, 3iety and 0alor. !dditionally, the 3urview of 9elam remains the Elamites' 3antheon/$pecific 3urview.


!4!1 8insusinak, $usinak Though 4iririsha is wife of Enlil, ,nshushinak is her other consort and refused to leave her when the fickle Enlil and the other !nnuna withdrew from the World. ,nshushinak has many ties with ,rkalla, holding a small palace in Ereshkigal's realm where he :udges the dead that are sent before him. .ike many death gods among the !nnuna, no dead have been sent before him for some time. This has left him a great deal of time to wander the World alongside 4iririsha. ,n the World, ,nshushinak can often be found working in positions of death and :udgement. -e serves as an e2ecutioner, either pulling the trigger of a firing s#uad, dropping the gate beneath the gallows or pushing the button to initiate the lethal in:ection, depending on which part of the world he can be found in. !t times, those who ,nshushinak feels do not deserve his e2ecution may find themselves miraculously freed or saved at the last moment. $cions of ,nshushinak can often be found on the front lines of the Titan War. Though not as skilled in combat as some others are, where there is death, there must be those to tend to the dead and ensure that it is dealt out properly and fairly. 9any find callings in the military as strategists and informants, ensuring that those who deserve to be killed recieve the primary attention. Associated Powers: Epic +harisma, Epic ,ntelligence, Death, uardian, (ustice, 9elam Common Abilities: +ommand, Empathy, ,ntegrity, 9edicine, %ccult, 3resence Rivals: Enlil, Ereshkigal, 8ergal6 %siris, -ades, -el, %din, 9iclantecuhtli, ,7anagi, ,7anami, "aron $amedi

!4!1 3inikir, 4irisha, 4irrisi !nother wife of Enlil, 4iririsha is the primary god of the Elamite people. $he is a goddess of the sea who watched closely over her people, protecting them from harm and sickness. The beautiful 4iririsha was the one who refused to return to the heavens with the !nnuna. $he was called the reat 9other and kept her children close to her bosom to see them safe. ,n the World, 4iririsha can often be found as a young, caring mother, tending to her children whether a father is present or not. -er children are her life and she will do whatever is necessary to see to their safety. $he also serves roles related to water and the sea, such as deep sea dive instructor or %lympic swimmer. 4iririsha's $cions often serve roles related to the sea and guardian ship. They may serve on the +oast uard or as vigilante pirates. $ome even serve as social activitsts trying to clean up the sea and tend to its safety. ,f the opportunity to bear children of their own is given, they will rarely turn down the chance, but their people always come first to them. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic 9anipulation, uardian, -ealth, 9elam, Water Common Abilities: !cademics, !wareness, +ommand, 9edicine, 3resence, $urvival Rivals: Enki, 9arduk, 8inlil6 ,sis, $obek, 3oseidon, 5rigg, Tlaloc, Tla7olteotl, $usanno/o, Damballa /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //$cent the Divine// When using the 3erception 4nack, $cent the Divine '$cion +ompanion, pgs. => to =?), the Elamites smell of cedar trees, the same as their parent pantheon, the !nnuna, but the Elamites sound like nearby thunder, rather than distant.


--The Elohim - Ugaritic/Caananite Pantheon-"eginning as a sub/pantheon of the !nnuna, the Elohim were once a thriving sub/section of the "abylonian gods. The word @Elohim@ literally means @+hildren of El.@ El, another name for Enlil, sired many of the +aananite gods himself. These children of Enlil were content to serve as the e2tended family of the !nnuna. The internal conflict between the Elohim, especially the most powerful Elohim, !dad, 9ot and Aam, prevented any sort of permanent connections which might have allowed the Elohim to split off and become their own pantheon. When Aahweh, younger brother of !dad, bound himself to the -ebrew people, he brought the rest of the pantheon along for the ride. "ut that decision had unforseen conse#uences which the Elohim still have not recovered from. The people who worshiped them have evolved to become the worshipers of the %ne od. The Elohim, believing they could undo the damage that was done, have attempted to work from the inside. When revealing their divine nature to the World, they often take the form of angels and other divine figures. "ut as divine figures, they speak of hidden truths and half/told stories and try to inspire humanity to think back to the most ancient roots of their faith. They encourage liberal views on religion, allowing such things as evolutionary theory to influence the church since it implies a world much older than human religion. 9any times the information uncovered is supressed by the officials of the modern faiths, the Elohim continue to try working from the inside out to reinvigorate their old way of life. ,n all this time, however, their efforts in subversion may have unforseen side effects. !s the Elohim reveal their powers and work to guide humanity to the truth, they risk falling into 5atebound roles that fullfill humanity's belief in monotheism instead. ,n this way, the Elohim risk becoming what they have always fought against being1 9ere agents of a higher power. With the release of the Titans, it was the Elohim have begun to wonder if the monotheistic faiths could be turned to their own ends. 9ore and more, the Elohim attempt to appear as angelic messengers to guide the followers of the %ne od to achieve their own ends. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //%ne odB// ,s there actually a %ne odB -as the %rder of Divine lory actually succeeded in the creation of a single deity for them to worshipB The god Aahweh, brother of !dad and the fourth son of Enlil, has not been seen in centuries. $ome suspect that he may somehow been bound into a single entity somewhere, e2isting now as something akin to a reater Titan. %thers wonder if maybe the other gods managed to actually destroy him when the followers of monotheism were all but eliminated once before. The prevailing theory, however, is that after he was touched by the secrets of !khenaten that the monotheists used to bind him, he chose to withdraw from the World to prevent it from happening again. This would put Aahweh in much the same situation as "rahman from the Devas, %meteotl from the !t7lanti, the Three 3ure %nes of the +elestial "ureaucracy, 'Auan $hi Tian &un, .ing

"ao Tian &un and Tai $hang .ao &un) and the various

reat $pirits of the 9anitou.

Whichever is true, only 5ate may know. 9any of the Elohim would like to find out, but for the time being, no one has a way to figure those answers out. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The Pantheon
The Elohim still use the 0irtues of the !nnuna. -owever, the Elohim have more of a penchant for vengeance than their parent pantheon. @!n eye for an eye@ is the best way to think of the Elohim approach to some matters. 9any, though not all, of the Elohim select 0engeance as an alternate 0irtue to replace one of the usual 0irtues 'typically 0alor is what is replaced). The Elohim still use the 3urview of 9elam for their 3antheon $pecific 3urview.

-A a
!4!1 Ramman, "aal -adad, 9ichael ! child of El directly, !dad was the younger brother of 9ot and Aam. Despite this, he was given his father's favor and raised in power to become the ruler of the pantheon. -is shining visage blinded all foes who would stand against him, while his far/seeing eyes would warn him of his enemy's schemes. Despite this, 9ot and Aam both would try in their time to overthrow !dad and destroy him. Each time, despite a few losses along the way, !dad would rise victorious and once again claim his throne. ,n the World today, !dad often walks as a modern day crusader. 3erhaps he's a modern day scholar, fighting to bring his findings of ancient worship to light. %r maybe he's a priest in the +atholic +hurch who sends regular missives to his superiors speaking of open/mindedness and tolerance. 8o matter what role he takes, he can often be found leading others and working hard to spread the cause of the Elohim, opening the eyes of people to the ancient origins of the faith. The children of !dad are e2pected to follow in the footsteps of their father and lead their people to great change. Whether it take the form of giving eye/opening speeches on the perils of philosophical stagnation or leading their "ands into battle against titanspawn warriors, !dad's children are potent commanders and skilled leaders. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic +harisma, Epic 3erception, uardian, (ustice, 9elam, $ky Common Abilities: !wareness, +ommand, ,ntegrity, 9elee, %ccult, 3resence Rivals: Enlil, ,shtar, 9arduk, 9ot, Aam6 -orus, $et, &eus, Thor, Tyr, Tlaloc, $usanno/o, %goun, $hango

!4!1 9uth, 9ewt, 9avet, $ariel od of death and sickness among the Elohim, 9ot is an imposing figure. $trong of body and dark of comple2ion, 9ot rules over the +aananite dead from within the city of 9irey, a suburb of the great city of ,rkalla within the "abylonian ;nderworld. .ike all of ,rkalla, 9irey is abandoned and empty. !nd 9ot's throne at the bottom of a deep pit in the middle of the city is left empty. Thus, 9ot is left with a great deal of time to travel the World. ,n the World, 9ot can still be found often opposing !dad's leadership. "ut he does not oppose the need for what !dad says needs to be done. 9ot can often be found serving as a coroner or mortician, preparing the bodies to be returned to the soil so that the spirit may pass on to its final destination, wherever that may be. !dditionally, he often performs funeral services for the

grieving, working ancient practices into the funeral ceremony, showing the mourners the comfort that can be found in the old ways. "y reaching people at their most vulnerable, he has seen many go home after one of his funerals with open minds. 9ot's $cions often take a dour approach to their role. The seek out death and try to show humanity its power. They try to show what the ancient people believed about the powers of death. Those same powers of death they turn toward the enemies of the Elohim, striking down titanspawn and misguided humans with the ancient powers of their father. Associated Powers: Epic $tamina, Epic $trength, Death, -ealth, 9elam, 3sychopomp Common Abilities: !thletics, 5ortitude, .arceny, 9elee, 3resence, $tealth Rivals: !dad, Ereshkigal, ,shtar, 8ergal, $hapash6 !nubis, %siris, -ades, -el, %din, 9iclantecuhtli, ,7anami, "aron $amedi

!4!1 $hapshu, $hemesh, Raphael %ne of the few Elohim who is not a true child of Enlil, $hapash is the daughter of $hamash, "abylonian god of the sun. .ike her father, $hapash is a divine :udge among the gods and carries with her the radiant glow of the sun. %nce, ,shtar, under the name !nat, was the consort of !dad. "ut when the Elohim were struck down by the spread of monotheism, ,shtar returned to the !nnuna and, in her fickle nature, believed the Elohim to be lost. $ince that time, $hapash as served as divine consort of !dad, often found at his side when able. ,n the World, $hapash generally has to change her appearance to suit her people. 5ew among the mainstream faiths of the %ne od accept the idea of a woman passing :udgement upon them. While some protestant or progressive religions have adapted to allow the possibility, $hapash does not wish to reach those who are already open/minded. $he seeks to speak to those who hold out against progressive thinking. %ften, she disguises herself as a man when appearing to these individuals. $he has even been known to @father@ a $cion or two in this time. -owever, she has also been known to appear as a beautiful woman with shining beauty who uses her charm to get others to listen to her. $cions of $hapash are harsh :udges. They see the world in black and white. There are no shades of grey in between. $omething either is or isn't and there is no compromise in between. %ften this philosophy allows the $cions of $hapash to pass easily into the ranks of the fundamentalist factions of the %ne od's followers, however, this often leaves them vulnerable to falling into the e2treme practices associated with those factions. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic +harisma, Epic 3erception, (ustice, 9elam, 3rophecy, $un Common Abilities: !wareness, +ommand, +ontrol, ,ntegrity, 3olitics, 3resence Rivals: ,shtar, 9ot, Aam6 "astet, ,sis, !pollo, -era, "aldur, -uit7ilopochtli, Tla7olteotl, !materasu, .egba

!4!1 (udge 8ahar, .otan, !7a7el Aam, the great dragon, is brother and ultimate rival of !dad. Where !dad brings order and structure, Aam desires nothing more than to rise to the lofty heights which !dad claims. !nd so he brings chaos and destruction in an attempt to bring his rival low. %nce, he was destroyed by !dad, but death could not contain him. 5or centuries, the great serpent Aam has struggled against !dad. "ut now, the two have reached an uneasy alliance for the sake of the pantheon.

,n the World, Aam brings necessary evil. The followers of the %ne od would like to believe that they are above evil. "ut Aam strives to prove that's not true. -e has been a +atholic priest who has been overly friendly with young boys. -e is the ,slamic fundamentalist who leads suicide bombers against their enemies. -e strives to show the darkness and chaos which lies behind all of the good and pure beliefs which the followers of the %ne od espouse. -e is the serpent which coils behind the facade of purity. Aam's $cions often struggle to achieve the same ends their father works for. They work to prove themselves to be devout and pious members of the faiths of the %ne od, but in reality, they bring chaos and violence to the world behind the guise of faith. Aam's $cions have bombed abortion clinics, commited hate crimes and other violent atrocities for the sake of making the pious look worse. They are sly manipulators disguising themselves as 7ealots for the cause. Associated Powers: Epic $tamina, Epic $trength, Epic Wits, !nimal '$nake), +haos, Darkness, 9elam, War, Water Common Abilities: "rawl, +ommand, .arceny, 9elee, $tealth, $urvival Rivals: !dad, Enki, Enlil, ,shtar, 9arduk, 8inlil, $hapash6 $et, $obek, Dionysus, -era, 3oseidon, .oki, *uet7alcoatl, Tlaloc, $usanno/o, 4alfu, %goun /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //$cent the Divine// When using the 3erception 4nack, $cent the Divine '$cion +ompanion, pgs. => to =?), the Elohim smell like cedar trees and sound like murmered prayer. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

--The K%iche - !a&an Pantheon-The !t7lanti are one of the oldest pantheons in 9esoamerica. They have been worshipped under many names and many different faces by the people of +entral !merica. "efore the !7tec Empire rose to power, there was another powerful empire1 The 9ayans. !nd the !t7lanti gods were worshipped there as well, :ust under different names. 9ost of the gods moved on and left behind the 9ayan culture, moving on to greater things. "ut a few faces remain behind and cling to their 9ayan faces. The most important of those gods are represented by the 4'iche faction, a sub/pantheon of the !t7lanti. The 4'iche represent the most ancient side of the !t7lanti, still retaining their 9ayan personnas without ad:usting to fit with the rest of the !7tec gods. !s such, while they still have homes in !copa and can travel freely to 9ictlan, these gods are generally viewed as outdated and unimportant by the rest of the !t7lanti. $till, with the battle against the Titans raging on, all resources must be tapped, including the ancient 4'iche.

The Pantheon
The 4'iche use the same 0irtues of the !t7lanti1 +onviction, +ourage, Duty and .oyalty. !dditionally, the 3urview of ,t7li remains the 4'iche's 3antheon/$pecific 3urview.

!4!1 Ek +huah 3atron god of warriors and merchants, Ekchuah wandered the world with a sack over his back,

ready for anything which may get in his way as he sold his wares and defended himself from those who might wish to destroy him. -e is human for the most part, though his skin is purest black with bright circles around his eyes. -e had a large scorpion tail arching behind him over his shoulder and his lower lip dangles from his mouth. ,n the world, Ekchuah travels where he will, selling whatever makes him the most profit. ,n the modern world, he has found his calling as an arms dealer, selling weapons and using them at the same time. 3rofit and violence at the same time. Ekchuah could not be happier. -e has also served as a bodyguard for wealthy business men and a killer for hire. $cions of Ekchuah come from all walks of life. 9any of them are born into violent lives among +entral !merican revolutionaries or other war torn environments. .ike their father, they are drawn to violence and profit. Their father rarely takes an active role in the lives of his children, but he does arm his children with top of the line weapons and relics both. Associated Powers: Epic $tamina, Epic Wits, !nimal '$corpion), ,t7li, 9agic, 3sychopomp, War Common Abilities: !thletics, "rawl, +ontrol, .arceny, 9elee, $urvival Rivals: -uit7ilopochtli, Te7catlipoca6 -orus, $et, !res, %din, Tyr, 0idar, -achiman, %goun, $hango

!4!1 -unaphu, (una:pu %ne of the legendary -ero Twins of the 9ayan pantheon, -un/!hpu did not fare too well in his adventures. Though his brother was always there to protect him and repair what was done, -un/ !hpu always paid a heavy price for their success. ,n his battle with 0ucub +a#ui2, the bird monster severed his arm before -un/!hpu could bring him down with his dart gun. !nd later in <ibalba, his head was severed from his body while battling a band of cama7ot7. "ut ,2balan#ue fashioned him a new one from a s#uash that the animals brought to him. Despite his mutilations, -un/!hpu rose to become a sun god for the 9ayan people. $ince that time, he has continued travelling the world on his adventures. -e has served as a rebel fighter in numerous revolutions. -e has been a protestor and an activist and has struggled for the rights of others. 3articularly, he has a soft spot for the disabled and often tries to improve the lives of those who have been dealt a hard life for no reason. $cions of -un/!hpu are drawn to the adventure of life. They are the first to take the risks and the first to throw themselves at dangers. 9any of the risks they take lead to a high turnover rate for children of the reckless -ero Twin. Their father will provide what he can, but he is generally more focused on his own adventures than the children which are born of those antics. enerally, the children of -un/!hpu are forced to take care of themselves, though often ,2balan#ue or his $cions will be there to look out for them. Associated Powers: Epic $trength, Epic De2terity, Epic 9anipulation, !nimal '9acaw), ,t7li, (ustice, $ky, $un Common Abilities: +ommand, 5ortitude, ,ntegrity, 9arksmanship, 3resence, Thrown Rivals: -uit7ilopochtli, Te7catlipoca6 !tum/Re, -orus, !pollo, "aldur, !materasu, -achiman, .egba

!4!1 <balan#ue, <b'alanke The other legendary -ero Twin, ,2balan#ue spent his time during their adventures protecting his brother and seeing him through the worst of the dangers. -e is a skilled medic, but above all

that, a skilled guardian and protector. 5or his devoted service to his brother, he was raised to become god of the moon alongside his brother the sun god. While he would love nothing more than to continue his adventures with his brother to ensure his safety, his duties to the %verworld pull him away and he's forced to hope that his brother can take care of himself for once. When ,2balan#ue walks the world, he often takes roles that allow him to look after others. ,deally, he'll be looking after his brother, either from a distance or at his side. Though when the two of them are pulled apart, ,2balan#ue will still find others to protect. -e is a bodyguard, a defense analyst and a spotter during combat who looks out for trouble to warn his troops about. Where his brother is rekless, ,2balan#ue is a defensive fighter, never :umping into a battle unless he already knows he can win it. $cions of ,2balan#ue are drawn to guardianship in the same way their cousins are drawn to adventure. The children of the moon god will often follow others into trouble :ust to ensure that those others have a chance to come back out in one piece. ,2balan#ue provides better for his children, making sure they can survive the threats they have in front of them. ,2balan#ue will also try to guide his children into positions to protect the children of -un/!hpu. The divine symmetry of sun and moon continues through their children. Associated Powers: Epic $trength, Epic $tamina, Epic +harisma, !nimal '(aguar), -ealth, ,t7li, 9oon Common Abilities: !thletics, +ommand, Empathy, 9edicine, 9elee, 3resence Rivals: Tla7olteotl, *uet7alcoatl6 -orus, !rtemis, 5reya, 5reyr, Tsuki/yomi, 4alfu uardian,

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //$cent the Divine// When using the 3erception 4nack, $cent the Divine '$cion +ompanion, pgs. => to =?), the 4'iche smell of old, dried blood and sound like a fading heartbeat. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Underworld - Xibalba
%nce, <ibalba was ruled by 0ucub +a#ui2 and the .ords of <ibalba. The dead of the 9ayan people were drawn to the city of games and tests and were forced to be tormented for the entertainment of the .ords. Then humanity began to play an ancient ballgame. !nd annoyed by the noise humanity was making, the .ords of <ibalba lured down -un -unahpu and his brother to play their own version of the ballgame which used a ra7ored ball. The two brothers were killed, but -un -unahpu managed to impregnate one of the .ords daughters who gave birth to -un/ !hpu and ,2balan#ue. The -ero Twins then went down to play the same game and where their father had failed, they succeeded, defeating the .ords of <ibalba and then slaying them all in revenge and driving 0ucub +a#ui2 into Tartarus with the titans. $ince that time, <ibalba has stood abandoned and the 9ayan dead have gone to 9ictlan, the typical ;nderworld of the !t7lanti. Though <ibalba is said to be underground, travellers wouldn't know that from seeing it. !fter travelling through the cavern entrance, the tunnel opens into a large, star/lit sky. The city of <ibalba sprawls across a flat, rocky ground. The buildings are crafted of black stone and numerous sites may be found. "ut before the city is even reached, there are a number of trials that must be passed. 5irst among them are three rivers that flow across the path. 5irst is a river that writhes with live scorpions, ready to sting any who may fall into it. 8e2t is a river of blood that threatens to wash away the weak of heart. !nd finally a river of pus that flows caked and white across the path. !fter the last river, a crossroads is reached. 5our different branches are available, to confuse and

stall travellers. The truth, however, is that all paths lead to <ibalba. "ut many travellers have spent time at the crossroads, unable to proceed at the risk of getting lost. 5inally, upon following the crossroad path, travellers come to the council house of <ibalba. There, the lords of the dead once sat to humiliate and beguile the unwary. (ust inside the door sit a number of manne#uins that were there to confuse and humiliate travellers who spoke to them first. Though the lords of the dead are gone, these blank/faced wooden dolls still sit in the seats and stare blankly toward the door. The .ords of <ibalba would then humiliate the dead further by sending them to one of the si2 test of <ibalba. 5irst was the Dark -ouse, where darkness filled the chamber and the dead were forced to stumble around blindly. $econd was the Rattling -ouse, also called the +old -ouse. "one/free7ing cold and rattling hail assualt the dead here. Third was the (aguar -ouse, filled with balamob who served the <ibalban .ords, and the "at -ouse, filled with cama7ot7. 5ifth was the Ra7or -ouse that was filled with blades and ra7ors that moved about on their own. 5inally, the -ot -ouse was filled with fire and blistering heat. These houses are in long disrepair. The (aguar and "at -ouses both stand empty and abandoned, the titanspawn who once populated these tests having long since moved on or killed. The blades of the Ra7or -ouse have rusted over. While they twitch and creak with attempted movement when someone enters, they no longer move. The +old -ouse has melted and is only slightly cool and the fires of the -ot -ouse have been banked and leave it only warm. %nly the Dark -ouse is still standing as a test, but only because it remains a solid structure and no light has filtered in to break the darkness. %nly one other structure still stands in <ibalba. The famous ballcourt where -un/!hpu and ,2balan#ue were forced to play the games of <ibalba with the bladed balls still shows signs of the violent game the .ords forced visitors to play. 9ost were sliced to ribbons by this game, all at the entertainment of the .ords who considered the players to be much like the Roman gladiators. !fter the -ero Twins won their game and slew the lords, this ballcourt has stood abandoned and crumbling. The city is empty and hollow now. ,t has been collecting dust and crumbling into ruins since the .ords of <ibalba were slain and 0ucub +a#ui2 driven away. "ut since the escape of the titans, $cions who travel to <ibalba come away with stories of... @something@ that is beginning to stir there again. 8one know what may be happening there, but whatever it is, it's a sure bet that !t7lanti, and the 4'iche in particular, have a vested interest in putting a stop to it.

Natural Features - %nly one entrance to <ibalba still stands. !ll rituals, funerary sites and special times now connect with 9ictlan. %nly a single natural feature still stands with ties to <ibalba, a cave in the vicinity of +oban, uatemala. Walking into the darkness of this cave and spending a point of .egend allows travellers to emerge into the cavern where the city of <ibalba still stands, empty and abandoned.

Vucub Caquix - Avatar of Crom Cruach

+reator of the &ipacna race of giants, the bird demon 0ucub +a#ui2 is an !vatar of the Titan of Earth, +rom +ruach. With a body covered in feathers and sharp talons on his hands and feet, he once ruled over the ;nderworld of <ibalba before the -ero Twins defeated him and cast him down into Tartarus where he merged with the Titan of the Earth. "ut 0ucub +a#ui2 wasn't as soundly defeated as one might think, as he took -un/!hpu's arm with him. 0ucub +a#ui2 has been interested in retaking <ibalba and restarting his rule within the ;nderworld once more. "ut for the time being, he's devoting himself to +ethlenn's goals of

bringing low the Tuatha de Dannan. The !t7lanti and the -ero Twins will still be there when the +eltic gods are defeated. !nd 0ucub +a#ui2 can wait until then. 0ucub +a#ui2 has a base dice pool of CD for all actions and favors 3hysical !ttributes, prefering to tear his opponents limb from limb. 0irtues1 !mbition E, 9alice =, Rapacity F, &ealotry G $upernatural 3owers1 !vatars / The !byss, The Reaper "oons / Every one/ to eight/ dot "oon from every 3urview e2cept Death and (ustice, which are forbidden to him. $atis has all "oons from the Death, Darkness and ,t7li 3urviews. Epic !ttributes / Epic 3hysical !ttributes at the CH/dot level 'with all appropriate 4nacks). !ll other Epic !ttributes at the eight/dot level 'with all appropriate 4nacks). 5light / 0ucub +a#ui2 can fly at the rate of >HH miles per hour outside of combat. ,n combat, he can fly at the rate of =H yards per tick. (oin "attle1 CD !ttacks1 +linch / !ccuracy CD, Damage CH., 3arry D0 //, $peed >, 3 ;narmed, -eavy / !ccuracy EC, Damage C?., 3arry D0 =F, $peed = ;narmed, .ight / !ccuracy EG, Damage CF., 3arry D0 =>, $peed F $oak1 CH!I=C.I==" -ealth .evels1 /H2=FI,ncap Dodge D01 >H Willpower1 J .egend1 J, .egend 3oints1 DC %ther 8otes1 0ucub +a#ui2' talons add KF !ccuracy and KF. Damage to his unarmed attacks.

--The !a)inogi - ,elsh Pantheon-While many of the sub/pantheons are the remnants of ancient pantheons or factions which grew from e2isting pantheons to take on their own identity, the 9abinogi pantheon of the Welsh is composed of the children of the Tuatha de Dannan. Danu, .ir, 8uada, all have born children who went on to become gods and take on roles among the Welsh people. ,n time, the 9abinogi grew into their own minor pantheon and even claimed their own corner of the ;nderworld for their own. %f course, when 9ag 9ell was lost thanks to +ethlenns machinations, the 9abinogi were approached to house the ,rish dead in an unused corner of !nnwn. The Welsh gods value their independence from their ,rish parents. They are 9abinogi, not Tuatha. !nd they are Welsh, not ,rish. The ,rish gods came to them to save their dead, not the

other way around. !nd despite their heritage, the Welsh gods rarely go to Tir na n%g, preferring the security of wyn ap 8udd's palace in !nnwn when the pantheon must gather. %therwise, the 9abinogi may be found out in the World, living amongst mortals. With the Titan War raging again, the 9abinogi have :oined the fray :ust as readily as their Tuatha parents have. They wish to prove their worth and show themselves to be the e#uals of their parents. %ne day, perhaps, the 9abinogi may even develop their own 3urview and branch away from the Tuatha fully to form their own new pantheon. 5or the time being, however, the 9abinogi continue to live in the shadow of their parents.

The Pantheon
The 9abinogi use the same 0irtues of the Tuatha de Dannan1 +ourage, E2pression, ,ntellect and 3iety. -owever, the 9abinogi were known to be far more vengeful than their Tuatha parents. The Tuatha knew the value of vengeance, but they valued, bravery instead. 9any of the 9abinobi do as well, however, the value of vengeance took on a more prominent role among the children Welsh gods. 5or that reason, the 9abinogi may choose to adopt the 0irtue of 0engeance as an alternative to the usual 0irtues, typically using it to replace +ourage. !dditionally, the 3urview of Enech remains the 9abinogi's 3antheon/$pecific 3urview.

Daughter of Danu, !rianrhod was once known for her virginity. That is until she was chosen to replace the foot/holder of a great aes sidhe king. When asked to prove her virginity, she was told to step the aes sidhe's magical rod. ,mmediately upon doing so, she bore two children, one of whom was snatched up immediately by wydion to be raised in secret. The other was driven to the sea where he became a fish. -er secret affair with another of the gods ruined her reputation and left her bitter. $ince then, she has been obsessed with vengeance and retribution for wronged women. !rianrhod appears as a stunningly beautiful woman, even now. -er cold, icy demeanor, however, tends to drive more people away from her than her beauty attracts. !rianrhod often walks the world in places where she can stand up for the rights of women. $he was an activist when such roles were popular, but now she tends to involve herself in politics. $he has served as a female senator, an up and coming power in the corporate world, even a worker at an abortion clinic where she's a vocal advocate of the right to choose. $cions of !rianrhod are rare. ,t was having a child which caused her to lose her reputation among the gods in the first place. $he does not savor the idea of having more, :ust so she can have more reminders of her lost virginity. Even she gets lonely, however. !nd with the war against the Titans, she has chosen to bear more children for the sake of future survival. "ut she is not a kind mother. $till she curses her children as she cursed .leu. 9any of them labor under easa given upon their 0isitation by their mother. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic 9anipulation, +haos, Enech, (ustice, 9agic Common Abilities: +ommand, Empathy, .arceny, %ccult, 3olitics, 3resence Rivals: wydion, .leu .law yffes, .ugh, 9anannan mac .ir6 ,sis, !thena, -era, 5rigg, *uet7alcoatl, ,7anagi, Er7ulie, .egba

--en igei .ran

!4!1 "ran the "lessed $on of .ir and brother to 9anannan, "endigeidfran is a prime e2ample of the tragedy which often befalls the children of .ir. !s a $cion, after fighting with a kind if ,reland to avenge his mistreated

sister, "ranwen, "endigeidfran finally achieved victory, but at the cost of his own head. $till, he didn't die immediately. Rather, his head talked for eighty years, entertaining his men and 9anannan and leaving final instructions for what was to be done with his head. When he finally did fall silent, his head was buried where the Tower of .ondon now stands today. $o long as "endigeidfran's presence remains at the Tower of .ondon, England shall never fall. Death couldn't hold "endigeidfran, however. Especially since his brother, 9anannan, would not carry his soul to the ;nderworld. $o, he lived, reaching the level of godhood and becoming a member of the 9abinogi gods. Eventually, !rthur did remove the head and return it to "endigeidfran, but even so, the great warrior's sacred ravens continue to flock to the Tower and maintain his presence there. "endigeidfran still likes to appear with his head held under his shoulder, reminding others of the sacrifice and suffering he underwent in his ascent to godhood. ,n the World, such drastic appearances would :ust be unsavory, but he still tends to bear scars around his neck from the wound that took his head off. "endigeidfran's $cions are often great warriors, :ust as their father is. Raised by police officers, soldiers and the many other similar forms that "endigeidfran may take, these $cions are raised to appreciate the value of life and the conse#uences of death. They tend to take the defense of their families most seriously. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic $tamina, !nimal 'Raven), Enech, uardian, War Common Abilities: !thletics, +ommand, 5ortitude, 9elee, 3olitics, 3resence Rivals: .ugh, The 9orrigan6 -orus, $et, !res, -eimdall, 0idar, -uit7ilopoctli, -achiman, %goun

-/0& ion
The trickster, wydion, is another child of Danu. %nce, he aided one of his many brothers in seducing the foot/holder of an infamous aes sidhe king. When the king learned of wydion's involvement, he punished he and his brother by transforming them into male and female pairs of animals. 5irst deer, then pigs and finally wolves. Each pairing bore a son which the aes sidhe kept. -e is a skilled manipulator and a master magician who is known for shaking things up to see the world change. ,n the World, wydion wanders as a trickster even now. %ften he can be found doing what needs to be done to shake up the status #uo. $enators who have been in office for years will find an up and coming challenger while their own campaign runs into streaks of bad luck. +orporations that have been steadily turning a profit will suddenly take a downturn, while those who have been steadily low will suddenly improve. -e rarely takes an active hand. The last time he did that he ended up in a relationship with his brother he rather regrets. "ut that doesn't stop him from working behind the scenes. wydion has been known to produce many a $cion in the World. -e is #uite a ladies man when he wishes to be and often will leave his lovers behind with a child to raise. -e is determined to give his children everything he can, but often finds himself distracted with other matters. This rarely leaves him time for his $cions and forces them to fend for themselves while wydion runs off to see to other people's causes, but rarely those of his own children. Associated Powers: Epic 9anipulation, Epic Wits, Enech, ,llusion, 9agic Common Abilities: !nimal 4en, Empathy, ,ntegrity, .arceny, 3resence, $tealth Rivals: 9anannan mac .ir6 $et, Dionysus, -ermes, .oki, %din, Te7catlipoca, $usanno/o, 4alfu, .egba

-/0&n a# 1u
.ord of !nnwn, wyn ap 8udd is son of 8uada and granted authority over the Welsh ;nderworld by its former ruler. wyn ap 8udd is thought by most to be a fair ruler, ensuring that the Welsh dead are left in peace and can en:oy their afterlives as much as possible. When 9ag 9ell was lost, he ensured that the ,rish dead would be kept safe as well, but will not allow any cities within the realm of Tir na 9arbh to be given a name. 8ot so long as it is within his domain. ,n the World, wyn ap 8udd can be found serving mortuaries and cremetoriums, ensuring that the dead are tended to with the respect and decency that they deserve. Those who are sloppy in their work or mistreat the dead will often find him coming to them soon to remove them from employment, or even see to their deaths should their violations be e2treme enough. wyn will take great pains to see to it that his $cions are taken care of. -e will see that they have the best relics and the best e#uipment to serve their roles. -is $cions tend to work hard at driving the titans back. They've heard of what the titans did to 9ag 9ell and fear that other ;nderworlds might fall ne2t. They take it as their personal #uest to see that the titans do not throw the fabric of death out of balance. Associated Powers: Epic +harisma, Epic 9anipulation, !nimal 'Dog), Death, Earth, (ustice, 3sychopomp Common Abilities: !wareness, 5ortitude, ,ntegrity, 9elee, %ccult, 3resence Rivals: The 9orrigan6 %siris, -ades, -el, %din, 9iclantecuhtli, ,7anami, "aron $amedi

-2leu 2la0 /&..es

$on of !rianrhod and another unknown god, .leu .law yffes earned his mother's ire from birth. $aved by wydion and raised by a foster mother, !rianrhod has done everything in her power to make his life miserable as a punishment for the loss of her reputation. "ut still .leu persevered against her. -e would like to know who his father among the gods is, but none will step forward. -e suspects, however, that he is linked in some way to the ,rish .ugh, but can't prove paternity :ust yet. .leu .law yffes is a powerfully built man, often armed with a long spear and dressed in traditional armors and leathers. ,n the World, he spends his time searching for adventure. -e's a soldier, a mercenary, a bodyguard, a police officer. ,f he has a chance to engage in conflict and adventure then he's more than willing to :ump on board. .leu knows what it's like to be left without a parent. -is father was never there and his mother shunned and abandoned him. While he will never abandon his own children, he also has a soft spot for other abandoned children. -is $cions are :ust as likely to be adopted from other gods as they are to be sired by him directly. -e would enver leave a child without a parent if he can help it. Associated Powers: Epic $trength, Epic Wits, !nimal 'Eagle), Enech, (ustice, War Common Abilities: !wareness, +ommand, 9elee, 3olitics, $urvival, Thrown Rivals: !rianrhod, .ugh6 $et, .oki, Te7catlipoca, Tla7olteotl, 4alfu /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //$cent the Divine// When using the 3erception 4nack, $cent the Divine '$cion +ompanion, pgs. => to =?), the 9abinogi smell like fresh grass and clover and have the sound of swords clashing together.


Birthrights -


-Arthur Pen ragon 3/ui e 444445

"orn a $cion of 8uada, and thus brother to wyn ap 8udd, !rthur #uickly rose to prominence as one of the greatest heroes the Welsh people had ever known. -e was known to have slain magic boars, dragons, cat/monsters, giants, witches and all other manner of titanspawn creatures. -e married wenhwyfar, a beautiful unseelie aes sidhe from wyn ap 8udd's court. -e became the ruler of all of the +eltic lands. -e even made enemies of the !esir and their $cions by waging battles into $candinavia and other areas of 8orthern Europe. 5inally !rthur did fall in battle, struck down by titanspawn enemies. %ne of his own men was seduced by a titan cult and the two struck each other down in epic combat. "ut that was not the end of !rthur's story. -is wife, wenhwyfar cast a potent spell upon her beloved, ensuring that he would survive to see battle another day. This act served as the apothoesis needed to propel this potent demigod to the ranks of godhood and his sleeping body was taken to !nnwn, also called !valon, to recover until such time as his people needed him again. This day came sooner than many of the 9abinogi thought it would. During the battles of World War ,,, 5ate decreed that !rthur was needed once more. -e awoke within wyn ap 8udd's palace and picked up his blade, +aledfwlch, entering the battle against the !2is pantheons and doing a lot to aid the !llies. -e did not :oin them, however, as when the war was over, he returned to the 9abinogi to ad:ust to his newfound godhood. !rthur still has a great deal to learn about the modern world, however his .egend has only continued to increase. With the release of the Titans, !rthur has :oined he battle on the front lines. With +adelfwlch in his hands and wenhwyfar at his side, he does battle with the Titan threat as readily as any war god and has risen to the peak of godhood. ,f not for his devotion to the war, the 4eepers of the World might have approached him to take advantage of his ignorance of the modern world. "ut they reali7e that would be a moot point. Despite his love of wenhwyfar, he knows that the war needs new warriors if the gods are to win the day. !nd he has gone into the World to find his way to lay with mortal women, siring $cions to follow in his footsteps. Rarely does he stick around to train them himself, however, as he has a war to fight. Associated Powers: Epic +harisma, Epic De2terity, Epic $tamina, Enech, uardian, (ustice, War Common Abilities: !thletics, +ommand, ,ntegrity, 9elee, 3olitics, 3resence Rivals: .ugh, 8uada6 -orus, !pollo, &eus, "aldur, Thor, Tyr, 0idar, -uit7ilopochtli, -achiman, $hango 0irtues1 +ourage =, E2pression F, ,ntellect G, 3iety G $trength J, De2terity CC, $tamina CC +harisma CC, 9anipulation CH, !ppearance > 3erception ?, ,ntelligence J, Wits ? !cademics G, !nimal 4en G, !thletics =, !wareness F, "rawl F, +ommand =, +ontrol E, 5ortitude G, ,ntegrity =, ,nvestigation F, 9arksmanship F, 9elee =, %ccult G, 3olitics =, 3resence =, $tealth E, $urvival F, Thrown F

"irthrights1 !vatar =, Relic = '+aledfwlch / (ustice, War, KG Damage Enhancement), Relic = '+hainmail / uardian, KF $oak), uide F ' wenhwyfar) $upernatural 3owers1 !vatars / The !rbiter, The

eneral, The $entinel

"oons / !egis, !ppropriated 0igil, !rmy of %ne, !ssumption of the .and, "ard's Tongue, "attle +ry, "attle 9ap, "eyond the 8inth Wave, "lessing of !mmunition, "lessing of "ravery, "ody and $pirit, "rehon's Eye, +olossus !rmor, +ome Running, +onfer ,mmunity, +onfer 4nack, Divine Resolve, Dream Wrack, 5ollower !rmy, 5ury of War, uilt !pparitions, uilt of the Damned, -ero's eas, , $ay Thee 8ayL, (udgement, .ay 9ortal eas, .ay 3otent eas, .ay Token eas, 9orale 5ailure, 9ortal $troke, 3sychic 3rison, %verworld (udgement, $alvation $acrifice, $anctify %ath, $carlet .etter, $hield of Righteousness, $iege (uggernaut, $tar +hamber, $urreal Draft, $ympathy 3ains, Twist eas, ;nseen $hield, 0igil "rand, Ward, Warning .ine, Warrior ,deal '$avage "rute), Watcher at the Threshold Epic !ttributes / Epic $trength ? '!ll 4nacks), Epic De2terity CH '!ll 4nacks), Epic $tamina CH '!ll 4nacks), Epic +harisma CH '!ll 4nacks), Epic 9anipulation ? '!ll 4nacks), Epic !ppearance G ' ame 5ace, +enter of !ttention, 9y Eyes are ;p -ere), Epic 3erception E '$ubliminal Warning, ,n Aour Dreams), Epic ,ntelligence > '5ast .earner, $tar 3upil, .anguage 9astery, ,nstant Translation, "lockade of Reason, 5ight With Aour -ead), Epic Wits G '%pening ambit, "etween the Ticks, 9onkey in the 9iddle, +obra Refle2es, Rabbit Refle2es) ;ltimate !ttribues / ;ltimate +harisma, ;ltimate $tamina (oin "attle1 CC !ttacks1 +linch / !ccuracy C=, Damage CH., 3arry D0 //, $peed >, 3 ;narmed, -eavy / !ccuracy CF, Damage CG., 3arry D0 =G, $peed = ;narmed, .ight / !ccuracy C>, Damage CH., 3arry D0 =F, $peed F +adelfwlch / !ccuracy C?, Damage C?., 3arry D0 ==, $peed F $oak1 CH!I=D.I>E" '+hainmail, K>.IK=") -ealth .evels1 /H2=EI,ncap Dodge D01 =J Willpower1 J .egend1 CE, .egend 3oints1 EF 8otes1 +aledfwlch 'also known as +aliburn or E2calibur in modern times) is a relic blade which allows !rthur to channel the (ustice and War 3urviews. ,t uses the basic stats of a spatha with an additional KG Damage bonus from being sharpened to a ra7ored edge. !dditionally, his chainmail has survived countless battles with him and now allows him to channel the uardian 3urivew as well as providing an additional KF "ashing and .ethal $oak. -is wife, wenhwyfar, serves him as a uide, providing information from the ;nderworld and the court of wyn ap 8udd.

Underworld - Annwn
!4!1 !valon !nnwn is much like the Tuatha ;nderworld of 9ag 9ell used to be. ,t is a place of eternal peace and youth, where suffering is unheard of and the dead can live in peace and splendor. The dead

need not build houses or other structures, living off the land and and the bounty of never/ending food. Though Tir na 9arbh is technically in !nnwn, no sign of it can be seen from within !nnwn itself. The fields of abundant life stretch as far as the eye can see where the dead can thrive and prosper. %rchards of apples are the most abundant form of vegetation, growing in numbers that boggle the mortal mind. 0ast swirling rivers wash through the land, providing fresh, clean water for all to drink at their leisure. ame is found in abundance. 8o matter how many are killed and cooked for meat, there are always more to the found later. !t its farthest reaches, the water of a vast lake washes against the shores of !nnwn, proving that it is in fact an island. ,t's from this fact, and the abundance of apples, that it gained the additional name of !valon, or ,sle of !pples. There is only one structure in !nnwn and that is the palace of wyn ap 8udd. The sprawling structure of black stone spreads out in a vast e2panse of towers and battlements. These walls once repelled !rthur himself when he came seeking to show up his brother and steal the treasures of the dead. 0ast rooms and living #uarters may be found here for the unseelie aes sidhe in service to wyn ap 8udd to live, alongside the sluagh sidhe dead who have proven themselves to be of great service. The largest room in the palace is of course the great feasting hall where long tables, loaded with food of all types and varieties can be found for the dead to partake of. wyn ap 8udd himself can often be found in the great feasting hall, en:oying the company of the dead as they revel in their paradise. wyn ap 8udd also has his own personal #uarters within the palace. .arge libraries, armories, studies and his own vast bedroom can all be found within his own private wing of the palace where none but his personal servants or visiting dignitaries are ever allowed. The large black hounds of the Wild -unt which stand guard at the doorways make sure of this. $ince the titans escaped their prisons, however, the peace of !nnwn has been compromised by roving bands of spectres which now sweep across the land. wyn ap 8udd has tried sending the dogs of the Wild -unt after them and has even gone himself to cut them down, only to find the spectres continuing to be a threat. The problem with a land of infinite space and abundance is that there will always be places for the spectres to hide.

Tombs and Funerary Architecture - The funerary barrows of England and Wales provide access to !nnwn. ! creature of sufficient .egend that enters into one of these barrows at night and spends a point of .egend finds himself standing on the open fields of !nnwn. Natural Features - The door to !nnwn takes the form of a uni#ue sidhe, similar to those used by the Tuatha de Dannan. -owever, this the hill known as lastonbery Tor. ,t functions e2actly like the typical sidhe, but rather than opening into Tir na 9arbh, it allows one to enter the fields of !nnwn. %nce there was a lake that surrounded the Tor, allowing travel via boat, but it has long since been drained. ;nlike other sidhe, lastonbury Tor always connects to !nnwn, year round, regardless of the season. Rituals - The ancient druidic burials of the Welsh are not truly known any longer, having been replaced utterly by +hristian rites. $uch rituals must be researched, as detailed on pg. CFF of $cion1 Demigod. Times - The veil is parted between the World and !nnwn on $amhain night, the night of %ctober GCst. ,t remains easy to pass between the worlds from that night until 8ovember End, during the nighttime only.

--The 1arts - Circassian Pantheon-The 8arts represent a defunct pantheon with a long and sordid past. %nce, long ago, they were a thriving group of gods in the +aucasian mountains on the "lack $ea. $haring !rete with the Dodekatheon, the 8arts first originated as a sub/pantheon to the reek gods. ! branch of the family that was brought to the area along with the olden 5leece and the children of 8ephele. %ver time, the 8arts grew distant from the Dodekatheon, however. They grew their own culture, their own society and 0irtues. 8estled between the Dodekatheon and the !nnuna to the $outh, the 8arts often served as a buffer between the two and absorbed much of the !nnuna culture into themselves. To the 8orth were the $lavic people and a budding Rus which also served to influence the development of the 8arts. With all the mingling and absorption of other cultures, the 8arts were prepared to break away from the Dodekatheon and develop into their own pantheon. "ut in the end, 5ate would conspire against them. While the 8arts had withdrawn from the World along with the other pantheons, they would try to maintain ties with their people. "ut when c7arist Russia moved to con#uer the area, worship of the 8arts was subsumed beneath worship of the Rus instead. !nd when (udaism, +hristianity and finally ,slam each rose from the $outh, it would spell the end of worship of the 8arts as ,slam overtook the region. Without the impetus to make the final transitions, the 8arts began to stagnate, locked into their role as a sub/pantheon to the Dodekatheon. This stagnation eventually turned to bitterness, as the 8arts struggle now to separate themselves from the reek gods. "ut so far, to no avail. The 8arts have no %verworld of their own. .ong ago, they were welcome on 9ount %lympus alongside the other Dodekatheon gods. !nd while the reek gods would still welcome then, the 8arts refuse their hospitality. They are determined to find their own home. .ikewise they have no ;nderworld. Their dead once went to -ades, to be ruled over by Rhadamanthys, :udge of the Eastern dead. "ut no dead have come from the 8arts since their people turned to ,slam. With no %verworld, no ;nderworld and no Terrae ,ncognitae in their name, the 8arts wander the World in mortal guise or seek asylum among other pantheons. Their pride does not let them go to %lympus. The distance of the !nnuna now keeps them from !nu. !nd their rivalry with the Rus keeps them from $varga. They have been forced to go afield. $ome find shelter in ,teru, !sgard or 9ount 9eru. $till others go even further, seeking relations with the more distant pantheons. With the Titan War now raging, the 8arts see it as their second chance. They hope to distinguish themselves in the conflict and try to regain their chance at independence. Their $cions fight as hard as any while their travellers and wanderers search for some abandoned corner of the %verworld they can claim for their own. Whether they succeed or not, is still a matter for 5ate to decide.

The Pantheon
The 8arts use the same 0irutes as the Dodekatheon, however, due to their hardier nature, many of the 8arts use the Endurance 0irtue as an alternative option, typically replacing the ,ntellect 0irtue. The 8arts use the 3urview of !rete as their 3antheon/$pecific 3urview, due to their evolution from the Dodekatheon.

+alled @The $lasher,@ 3i7ighash is a determined defender of his people. When thieves stole from the 8arts, it was 3i7ighash who waited for them to reappear and then shot at them with his bow which never misses. Though they escaped, he parted the waters and tracked them down, learning that their theft had been to lure a husband for three maidens. When 3i7ighash returned, he did so with a wife who later gave birth to the hero War7emag. ,n the modern World, 3i7ighash is many things. -e's been a soldier and a security guard. -e's been an %lympic archer and a self/defense instructor. -e's appeared as a pretty face in a bar who seduces the women with his skill. What all these guises have in common, is that no matter what role 3i7ighash fills, he always does it at his best. !s an archer, his arrows never miss. !s a seducer, he never fails. !s a security guard, his watch is never broken. -is $cions are often led to become great warriors. While their father may stay behind and guard his chosen protectorate, his children are destined to go out to :ourney and adventure. ,n this, the $cions of 3i7ighash make devoted warriors for the cause of the Titan War. They can be found on the front lines, fighting titanspawn with all of their father's devotion to perfection. Associated Powers: Epic De2terity, Epic $tamina, Epic 3erception, !rete, uardian, (ustice, Water Common Abilities: !thletics, 5ortitude, ,ntegrity, ,nvestigation, 9arksmanship, 9elee Rivals: War7ameg6 "astet, -orus, !pollo, !rtemis, &eus, "aldur, 5reyr, -eimdall, -uti7ilopochtli, -achiman, %goun, $hango

"eautiful and flawless, $atanaya is goddess of fertility and prophecy. 9arried to War7emeg, the warrior, she has taken infidelity to nearly an artform. Though none would know that by her account. $he has spent a thousand lifetimes covering up her trysts and flings with wild stories and wilder magics. $till, she loves her children and her pantheon and would give her life to protect them. $he is still a divine mother and there is a difference between flouting the custom of marriage and forsaking her people entirely. ,n the World, $atanaya is always the most beautiful person in the room 'at least among mortals). $he draws attention from men and women alike and chooses only the best and brightest to grace with her divine presence. $he is often the trophy wife if she is ever married. 8ever does she work for what she wishes in the World, she always relies on others to provide for her. 8eedless to say, she leaves many $cions behind in her wake. !s a protective mother, she will always ensure that they are visited and granted their divine legacy. "ut her flighty nature will always pull her away when the time comes, leading her to other ventures and other romantic con#uests. $till, she will see that her $cions are given the best she can provide for the moment and will go out of her way to help her children when they come to her seeking aid. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic +harisma, Epic 9anipulation, !rete, +haos, 5ertility, 3rophecy Common Abilities: !wareness, +raft, Empathy, .arceny, 3resence, $urvival Rivals: Tlepsh6 "astet, ,sis, !phrodite, -era, 5reya, 5rigg, Tla7olteotl, !materasu, Er7ulie


"orn of a stone after his father witnessed $atanaya in all her glorious beauty, $osru#uo was so hot to the touch when Tlepsh first carved him from the stone that he had to be #uenched in water a do7en times before he could be touched. The steam from the #uenching was so thick that it seemed to form a solid wall. "ut the #uenching hardened his flesh and tempered him to be ready for anything. Despite that, $osru#uo lives by his mind, often filling the role of trickster and manipulator. ,n the World, $osru#uo fills roles that allow him to aid others with his mind. %nce, he served as a soldier in ancient times and stole fire from a cyclops to ensure that they remained warm in the free7ing temperatures. %dysseus would later remember his tricks and use them for inspiration during his :ourney. Today, he still en:oys living amongst soldiers and travelling people, using his manipulative skills to aid them in their travels and adventures. $osru#uo's $cions come from all walks of life, doing what needs to be done to ensure that their people are kept safe and sound. They especially shine when the situation re#uires sharp minds or trickery. They're drawn to callings such as travelling con men or Robin -ood style vigilantes which allow them to take advantage of their natural proclivities for deception. Associated Powers: Epic 9anipulation, Epic $tamina, Epic Wits, !rete, +haos, 5ire, ,llusion Common Abilities: ,nvestigation, .arceny, 9elee, %ccult, 3resence, $tealth Rivals: 3i7ighash6 $et, $obek, -ermes, .oki, Te7catlipoca, $usanno/o, Tsuki/yomi, 4alfu

.ord of the 8arts, Tlepsh, god of the forge and master of creation, is everything that the 8arts look to in a leader. When $atanaya was trying to figure out what to do with the stone which $osru#uo was born from, she took it to Tlepsh for him to figure it out. When he sought revenge against an enemy who had insulted him, he forged a special blade which he sent to him as a peace offering, only for the sword to come to life on its own and take the head of his enemy. There is no pu77le which Tlepsh cannot solve, and he treats all problems as another pu77le. ,n the modern World, the strong and regal Tlepsh often takes the role of corporate leader. "uilding and leading at the same time. -e is a captain of industry who sits at the head of a board of e2ecutives and leads vast construction pro:ects. !t times, he may even do the design work himself and ensure that whatever is done, is done to his vision. Tlepsh believes that by holding such power in the name of his pantheon, he ensures that the 8arts as a whole will benefit from his power. $cions of Tlepsh are destined for greatness. They may be great warriors, great leaders, great thinkers but no matter what, it will always be great. Tlepsh tries to give his $cions an appreciation for the act of creation and invention, giving them relics that often take the form of his own inventions. $ometimes that inspiration takes and his children become drawn to the forge :ust as he is. $ometimes it doesn't, but at least his children won't forget the power that a well/made tool can bring. Associated Powers: Epic ,ntelligence, Epic 3erception, Epic $tamina, Epic $trength, !nimal '5ly), !rete, Earth, 5ire, 9agic Common Abilities: !rt, +raft, .arceny, 9arksmanship, 9elee, $cience Rivals: $atanaya6 !tum/Re, 3tah, -epheastus, -era, -ermes, &eus, %din, Tyr, !materasu, -achiman, Damballa, .egba, %goun, $hango

War7ameg, son of 3i7ighash and husband of $atanaya, is the war god of the 8arts. 9ore than

that, he is a wanderer who travels with his soldiers, always on the hunt for the ne2t great challenge. Rarely does he settle in one place for long. -is long absences are the main cause of $atanaya's infidelity, but that will never stop War7ameg from making his campaigns. Even today, in the mortal World, War7ameg is a master of leading military campaigns far from home. -e is a general at war, a leader of rebel soldiers or a strategist and scout for his people. !ny obstacle that stands in the way, War7ameg can find a way around it and lead his soldiers to victory. "ecause of his travels, War7ameg's $cions come from all walks of life and different socities. !nd the distance of their father means that they often have to fend for themselves. $omething they all tend to en:oy, however, is the love of adventure and travel far from home. Though they may not all agree on what constitutes @fun and adventure,@ they are masters of traversing difficult lands. Associated Powers: Epic $trength, Epic $tamina, Epic +harisma, !rete, 3sychopomp, War Common Abilities: !thletics, "rawl, 5ortitude, ,ntegrity, 9elee, Thrown Rivals: $osru#uo6 -orus, $et, !res, -ermes, 5reyr, 0idar, -uit7ilopochtli, <ipe Totec, -achiman, ,7anami, Tsuki/yomi, .egba, $hango /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //$cent the Divine// When using the 3erception 4nack, $cent the Divine '$cion +ompanion, pgs. => to =?), the 8arts sound like a murmering crowd and smell like cedar trees. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

--The 4rishas - $oru)a Pantheon-The .oa are considered by many to be a young pantheon. Though most gods believe this because they choose to forget their origins among the Aoruba gods of !frica. !side from the "aron $amedi, !gwe and 4alfu, all of the .oa have !frican roots. Though their faces may have changed a little to adapt to the times, their ancient roots will never be forgotten. "ut what about the gods that were left behind and become associated with the .oa and 0oodooB They still e2ist, forming the Aoruba sub/pantheon. 9ost of their fellow gods have moved on with the .oa and so the minority that's left behind have remained as the %rishas. They maintain their connections with their .oa brethren, even sharing the %verworld of 0ille au +amp with them. ,n fact, the village of ,fe to the East in 0ille au +amp was the former %verworld of the Aoruba, now e2panded into the full %verworld of the .oa. The %rishas tend to remain in that ancient area of ,fe, though they also venture into Terreiro and +arribe, drawn by the power of $anteria and +andomble :ust as the mainstream .oa are. $anteria, especially, is much to the liking of the %rishas as it preserves many of their !frican roots and cultures with very little change. The %rishas who find themselves left behind by 0oodoo have found their place among the worshipers of $anteria and have found that outside of !frica, $anteria provides their best foothold in the rest of the World. %ddly, despite being a sub/pantheon, the %rishas who maintain their ancient guises are often viewed with more respect by the other gods than is given to the mainstream .oa. $omething that

the %rishas respond to much like the .oa respond to being belittled. They give that secret smile and then go on about their business. Within the pantheon, there isn't much of a difference between the two. The .oa and %rishas treat each other as e#uals, both acknowleding their differences and welcoming their similarities. ,f not for a few subtle differences and the possession of a separate ;nderworld, the two may as well still be a single pantheon.

The Pantheon
The %rishas use the same 0irtues of the .oa1 -armony, %rder, 3iety and 0engeance. !dditionally, the 3urview of +heval remains the %rishas' 3antheon/$pecific 3urview.

!4!1 4weku !nanse, !nancy, !unt 8ancy %nce a $cion of $hango, the sky god, !nansi has long since risen to the rank of godhood and become The $pider. !nansi is a skilled trickster, on par with the best among the gods. -e earned his magic and his tricks by capturing four potent enemies at the behest of his father, and was rewarded by being granted all the stories and knowledge of the world and the magic to use it. !dditionally, he's been known to aid his father in bringing the rains that stop wildfires from taking the land. ,n the modern World, !nansi is the consumate storyteller. -e is a self/help guru who draws in the audiences. -e is a children's book writer. -e is a teacher whose students hang on to his every word. Wherever he goes, he spreads knowledge through the spoken or written word and leaves people better for it. !nd if the lessons he has to pass on are ignored, then he will take a more practive approach to enlightening his pupils. $cions of !nansi have #uite the legacy to live up to. !nd their father plans to do everything to ensure that they do. .ike his father before him, !nansi will not simply hand his $cions their gifts. -e will insist that his children pass certain tests to earn their birthrights. -owever, once they earn them, !nansi could not be more proud. -e will gladly add their stories to his own, bragging across the %verworld about the accomplishments of his children. Associated Powers: Epic De2terity, Epic ,ntelligence, Epic 9anipulation, Epic Wits, !nimal '$pider), +heval, ,llusion, 9agic, $ky Common Abilities: !nimal 4en, !thletics, .arceny, %ccult, 3olitics, $urvival Rivals: 4alfu, .egba6 "astet, -orus, $et, -ermes, .oki, %din, Tyr, Te7catlipoca, $usanno/o, Tsuki/yomi

--a)alu A&e
!4!1 %molu, $honponno, %baluaye, $hakpana, $hakpata, %balu !ye, $aint .a7arus od of sickness, insanity, old age and death by all such means, it stands to reason that "abalu !ye is not a popular god. That is, of course, unless you are already suffering from such stigmas and seek out "abalu !ye to cure you of the troubles since that is also well within his purview. %nce, he was blamed for the smallpo2 outbreaks which spread across !frica. These days, he tends to focus on the !,D$I-,0 epidemic. ,n the World today, "abalu !ye can be found serving, of course, in the medical profession. -e's served as a doctor, psychiatrist and, his favorite, pathologist. -e is pale, fragile and sickly to behold, and when he stands there in a lab coat and plays with ha7ardous biological agents, that :ust seems to make him all the more intimidating and disturbing to behold.

Despite this, he has managed to pick up a $cion or two. +uring the incurable does have a habit of softening a few hearts, after all. +hildren of "abalu !ye lead a double/edged life. While those who please their father are often the healthiest individuals around, protected from their father's powers more than any other, those who displease him are also the first to suffer the effects of disease and insanity, even old age if his $cions are still capable of aging. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic $tamina, +haos, +heval, Death, Earth, -ealth Common Abilities: 5ortitude, ,ntegrity, 9edicine, %ccult, $cience, $urvival Rivals: "aron $amedi, Damballah6 ,sis, $et, $obek, !pollo, 5rigg, %din, *uet7alcoatl, Tla7olteotl, ,7anami

!4!1 Death $trong and powerful, ,ku is the guardian of the ;nderworld of %run. $trong and powerful, he stands by the gates of the village with his great hammer, waiting to drive back any dead who attempt to leave without his permission, as well as keep out any who may be unwelcome in %run. !dditionally, if someone dies and is reluctant to come to %run, it is ,ku's :ob to go out and retrieve that soul and bring it to %run, one way or the other. When walking the World, ,ku spends a great deal of time in the mortuary and funeral business. -is favorite :ob, however, is that of hearse driver, ensuring that the dead get to their final destination. -e is not e2actly a pleasant god to be around, but, like all gods, he gets by well enough. "ut then again, who really wants to spend time talking to the driver of the hearseB While ,ku may have difficulties when dealing with mortals, he has managed to sire a $cion or two. -is children are drawn to death :ust as surely as their father is. Though, when inhereting his great strength, they tend to take a more active hand in it. 9ercenaries, soldiers and other death dealers are popular callings among the children of ,ku. Associated Powers: Epic $tamina, Epic $trength, +heval, Death, 3sychopomp Common Abilities: !thletics, 5ortitude, ,nvestigation, 9elee, %ccult, 3resence Rivals: "aron $amedi6 !nubis, -ermes, -ades, 9iclantecuhtli, ,7anami

!4!1 %sala, %2ala, %luwa !ye, !labalase, %ur .ady of 9ercy Eldest of the %rishas, %batala came soon to serve as the messenger of the Aoruba pantheon. !s the only member of the %rishas who could speak directly to %lodumare, the heavenly creator, he ran messages back and forth between the younger %rishas and the great source of the pantheon. !t least until he convinced %lodumare to give away his power to the various members of the %rishas and then withdraw himself from the World completely. ,n return, %batala was granted guardianship of a person's head, where the soul resides, thus granting him stewardship over all humanity, regardless of the purview of the other gods. ,n the World, %batala rarely wears much of a disguise. -e tends to appear as a priest of one of the many !frican/based religions, serving as a spiritual guide to his people. While he doesn't go around calling himself a god in public, he says he speaks for them, which is still true as he still serves as a go/between for the gods. $o it's only natural that he pick mortal guises that allow him still to serve as go/betweens for humanity and he divine. %batala's $cions are all e2pected to one day rise to godhood and :oin the %rishas. %batala will

often take as much of an active hand as he can to guide them into greatness. -e will try to serve as the spiritual guide for his children :ust as he does for everyone else. -e will make sure his $cions have as much of a chance to survive as possible, granting them the needed relics and other birthrights as soon as possible. Associated Powers: Epic +harisma, Epic 3erception, +heval, uardian, 9ystery, 3rophecy, 3sychopomp Common Abilities: !wareness, +ommand, ,ntegrity, %ccult, 3olitics, 3resence Rivals: Damballa, $hango6 !tum/Re, ,sis, -era, &eus, %din, Tyr, 0idar, -uit7ilopochtli, !materasu, ,7anagi

!4!1 %sun, %chun, .aketi, ,yalode, %ur .ady of +harity %ne of the wives of $hango, %shun serves the %rishas as the goddess of love, maternity and marriage. $he often takes the form of a young mother, still vibrant and radiant in her beauty even as the signs of maturity are beginning to become evident. $he is also the goddess of the water, serving as the patron goddess of one of the most important rivers in !frica. 3eacock feathers, mirrors, honey and anything of beauty are all sacred to %shun and often used in rituals to worship her. ,n the World, %shun is often a young, unwed mother, living on her own and trying to fend for herself in various odd :obs. %ne of her most infamous :obs is that of prostitute to earn money for her child, though the idea of being a stripper to pay for her family is not so far off either for her. %nce, she had her divine children taken from her for engaging in such activity, but she has been more careful to be more discreet about her activities among mortals since then. %bviously, to be a young mother, %shun must have children. !nd she will protect those children with her life if need be. When her children are suffering, %shun will suffer with them until the situation has been righted once more. -er children may be somewhat sheltered and not be prepared for everything the world might offer, but they also still have the support of their divine mother in whatever endeavors they may choose to undertake. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic ,ntelligence, Epic Wits, +heval, -ealth, Water Common Abilities: !rt, !wareness, ,ntegrity, 9edicine, 9elee, 3resence Rivals: Er7ulie6 "astet, ,sis, !rtemis, 5reya, $if, Tla7olteotl, !materasu

!4!1 %ia, ,ansa, 0irgin of +andelaria Warrior goddess of thunder, lightning, fertility, fire and magic, %ya's main role among the %risha is the #ueen of the ;nderworld, %run. $he embodies the power of change and the destructive power that is sometimes re#uired to bring about that change. !nd as another wife of $hango, she has gained power over powerful winds and tornadoes to see that she can bring about that destructive change. ,n the World, %ya takes many forms. $he's been everything from a gang banger to a meteorologist. $he has a strong personality, mi2ed with da77ling good looks. When %ya passes through an area, she will always be remembered and never go unnoticed. $he will always bring drastic changes in her wake that leaves the world shaking. While her children may be drawn toward death as she is, that is not the full e2tent of their potential. .ike their mother, her children must serve as agents of change. %ne of the greatest of changes in the world is indeed death, but many find roles that allow them to enact change in

other people's lives of a less tragic fashion. Associated Powers: Epic !ppearance, Epic $trength, +haos, +heval, Death, 5ire, 9agic, $ky, War Common Abilities: !thletics, "rawl, 9edicine, 9elee, %ccult, Thrown Rivals: "aron $amedi, 4alfu6 $et, Dionysus, &eus, .oki, Thor, *uet7alcoatl, Te7catlipoca, Raiden /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //$cent the Divine// When using the 3erception 4nack, $cent the Divine '$cion +ompanion, pgs. => to =?), the %rishas sound like drums and smell like dry grass. This is one of the very few things which shows a difference between the %rishas and the .oa. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Underworld - !run
!4!1 Ekera %run, the ;nderworld of the %rishas, is a shadowy land where the dead e2ist in a dark e2istance similar to uinee. !s with the dead of uinee, the dead continue to decay, until they are nothing more then skeletal remains that wander the village there. The dead e2ist in a #uiet state, able to forget about the world above and simply spend their time in harmony with the world once more. %run is a dark world, the sky is black and it e2ists in perpetual shadow. Waving grassland ripples in a non/e2istant bree7e and the sound of water can be heard in the distance. !s travellers draw closer, they find the dead reflection of the 8iger River, the sacred river of %ya. This river runs across the path and circles around the wall that comes into sight ahead. To get to the village, the river must be crossed using the wooden bridge that arches over the water. The large, wooden walls of the village become more clear as the travellers approach. They can be seen in the distance to either side, with only a single gate at the head of the path. There, standing at the gate, is ,ku, strong a proud, holding his hammer upon his shoulder and studying all who wish to enter and leave. %nly with %ya's permission may the dead leave %run, and ,ku will see to that, one way or the other. ,ku will not stop travellers from entering, of course, and once through the gates, the village is clear. -ere, huts and shops and workshops can be found where the skeletal dead go about their business as if alive. .ife is no longer remembered, but the dead continue to thrive and see to the well being of their village. %ya has no true stronghold. $he e2ists everywhere in %run, travelling from place to place in the village at her leisure and tending to the dead when they have need of her. $ince the release of the titans, she has been more busy than usual, fending off spectres who manage to make it over the wall and into the village.

Tombs and Funerary Architecture - ,t's rare today for someone to be buried in the traditional fashion of the Aoruba. !nd unlike the ghede of 0oodoo, the dead of the %risha do not become honored in the same way, and so such graves do not e2ist. 9ost of the few remaining funeral sites remaining in the World are to be found in !frica, where tribal burial grounds may still be found. "y standing in the middle of these burial grounds and spending a point of .egend, a being of sufficient .egend will find himself in %run.

Natural Features - The 8iger River is the protectorate of %ya, goddess of the ;nderworld. "y swimming upriver and dipping beneath the water, a being of sufficient .egend may spend a point of .egend and when he surfaces again, he will be in %run. Rituals - .ike with uinee, the rituals to enter into the ;nderworld have been lost and subsumed beneath +hristianity. -owever, a $anteria wake held the night before the funeral will allow a creature of sufficient .egend to spend a point of .egend and travel to %run. Times - %ctober GHth is the time when the dead are allowed to leave the ;nderworld and walk among humanity again, sometimes even taking up permanent residence there 'at least until ,ku finds and returns them to the ;nderworld). %n this night, a creature of sufficient .egend may spend a point of .egend and travel to %run.