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Buna Ziua I started my career in the Romanian bearings Industry in the year 1971 at Rulmentul Brasov in the city of Brasov, Romania. Since 1973, I have been part of Rulmenti Alexandria which have been the pillars of my experience and knowledge of the Romanian bearing Industry. My career at Rulmenti Alexandria started in the production department and until Privatization I was the General Manager. During my time I have under seen technological development at the Alexandria factory with the help of Koyo Japan. I was also part of the successful privatization of Rulmenti Alexandria which is now SC Koyo Romania. I remained as Vice President and Advisor at SC Koyo Romania until 2006. It was already known to me that production of URB Brand Ball and Tapered Roller bearings was going to stop in the near future and hence together with my colleagues, partners and associates from the Romanian bearings industry, we conceived of developing a progressive bearings production model to keep alive our proud Romanian bearings history and tradition of over 50 Years. We established Ulpia Rulmenti Bucuresti URB SRL Romania in 2007. The Ulpia Rulmenti Bucuresti U.R.B. Trademark is registered with the State Ofces of Inventions and Trademarks Authorities (OSIM). Our pioneer production model is based on a vertically integrated system, from leading-edge Research and Development, raw Material procurement, extreme operational exibility, short delivery time and producing top quality bearings typical of a consistent premium-class bearing source. Ulpia Rulmenti has reinvented the art of bearings production by matching the worlds latest production technologies while at the same time keeping Romanias long standing bearing production heritage alive. We have created a production model which will be a benchmark not only for bearings producers in Romania but also worldwide. The world today consists of an unprecedented demand for top quality, precision engineered, extremely reliable bearings matched with seamless after sales service. Ulpia Rulmenti uses the best quality of raw materials and consumables while applying precision production processes to provide a perfect solution for those who are looking for top quality Romanian bearings in conformance to the latest international bearings quality standards. We are proud to say that we are Romanias First fully integrated supplier of complete range of Ball and Tapered Roller bearings under one factory. From 2012,we have introduced full range of Spherical Roller Bearings. We will not stop here and in future incorporate additional ranges of bearings under the U.R.B. Brand as per our customers requirements and demands. I thank you for your support and cooperation and look forward to working with you for a long term mutually successful business p partnership. Welcome to Ulpia Rulmenti.

l Ci Mr. Vi Viorel Cioarec General Manager Ulpia Rulmenti Bucuresti URB SRL





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Ulpia Rulmenti Bucuresti URB S.R.L. was founded and the company was registered in2007.The Factory was commissioned in July 2009. Overseas Sales Head Ofce in Bucharest was completed in January 2010. Our First successful production rolled out in March 2010.

Trade Mark

Ulpia Rulmenti Bucuresti U.R.B. is a an ofcial Trademark registered with the State Ofces of Inventions and Trademarks Authorities (OSIM) of the State of Romania. The Trade mark is registered in the name of our Company since 2007.


Ulpia Rulmenti is managed by a Professional Board of Directors. Mr. Viorel Cioarec is the Founder, General Manager and Director of the Board at Ulpia Rulmenti. He is overall in charge of all activities at Ulpia Rulmenti which include design, production, quality assurance, research and development, marketing and distribution. He is supported by professionals who are highly qualied and have an illustrious background in the production of bearings in Romania.

Business Statement

Ulpia Rulmenti undertakes Full liability that we are a Romanian Fully integrated world-class bearing manufacturer using a Pioneer production model consisting of designing, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, research and development and distribution of high precision ball and roller bearings using latest green technology to benet the users and the community we live in.


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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Our Vision is to provide Original URB Romania Design Ulpia URB Brand Products worldwide by delivering superior and improved quality products using the best and most efcient technologies of Bearing production. Mission To be the partner of preference to a. Our Customers, Distributors, OEMs and End Users b. Our Employees c. Our Suppliers, Vendors d. Our Shareholders and investors Values a. Always Maintain High Ethical and Legal Standards b. Team work is the only key to success c. Empowering our Employees to take best decisions
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BEARINGS DESIGNATION Due to the diversity of constructive variants, the bearings and their components are represented by a combination of gures and letters, whose signicance results from technical and functional features. The following symbols are currently used for designation of standard production, A. Basic symbol bearing number according to ISO standards a. b. c. d. 6205 30207 1209 22211 - Single row, deep groove radial ball bearing, bore size 25 mm (05) - Single row, tapered roller bearing, bore size 35 mm (07) - Self Aligning ball bearing, bore size 45 mm (09) - Spherical Roller Bearing, bore size 55 mm (11)

1. Ball Bearings : Open, ZR, ZZR, RSR, 2RSR, N and NR Type a. 16001 16020 b. 6000 6020 c. 6200 6220 d. 6300 6320 e. 6400 6420

2. Tapered Roller Bearings a. 30203A 30224A b. 30302A 30318A c. 31305A 31318A d. 32004XA 32024XA e. 32205 A 32228A f. 32304A 32324A g. 33011A 33024A h. 33108A 33122A i. 33205A 33218A Inch Taper Roller Bearings 1. 14125/276 2. 15123/245 3. 25580/20 4. 25590/20 5. 3490/20 6. 39581/20 7. 3984/20 8. 462(A)/453X 9. JL69349/10 10. L44643/10 11. L44649/10 12. L45449/10

B. Prexes used to designate incomplete Tapered Roller bearings and incomplete bearing components a. b. L R free ring of tapered roller bearing (cup) assembled bearing without free ring (cone) 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. L68149/10 L68149/11 LM11749/10 LM11949/10 LM12749/10 LM12749/11 LM300849/11 LM48548/10 LM501349/10 LM603049/11 LM67048/10 M12649/10

C. Sufxes used to designate constructive variants of the bearing A B C K K30 MB N NR R RSR 2RSR TN UG W33 ZR ZZR Tapered roller bearing with increased load ratings Tapered roller bearing with modied contact angle Spherical Roller Bearing with Two-Piece, Window-Type,Pressed Steel cages Tapered Bore, Taper 1:12 Tapered Bore, Taper 1:30 Spherical Roller Bearing with Two-Piece Machined Brass Cage Bearing with snap ring groove Bearing with snap ring Bearing with anged outer ring Bearing with seal groove on one side Double sealed bearing Polyamide cage Open bearing with seal groove on both sides Lubrication Groove and Holes in the Outer ring Bearing with Shield on one side Double shield bearing

C2; C3; C4 Radial clearance according to ISO standard

PO; P6; P5 Dimensional precision class according to ISO Standard

3. Self Aligning Ball Bearings: Open, 2RSR and K Type a. 1200 1218 b. 1300 1318 c. 2200 2215 d. 2300 2215

D. Bearing Tolerances and Internal Clearance Ulpia Rulmenti can produce bearings with dimensional accuracy conrming to ISO 492 tolerance standards of P0, P6 and P5 class. Ulpia Rulmenti Bearings can produce bearings conrming to ISO 5753 Internal Radial Clearance standards in C2, N, C3, C4 and C5 category.

4. Spherical Roller Bearings, C & MB Type in Plain, K & K30 Type Bore a. 22205 22256 b. 22308 22348 c. 23022 23068 d. 23120 23160 e. 23218 23256 f. 24024 24064 g. 24122 24160 (Additional ranges of bearings Under Development)

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6. BEARINGS LUBRICATION Safe operating and long rating life of bearings depends on the lubricant type and quality and on the lubrication method. Bearing Lubricants are used for certain purposes such as a. To reduce friction between the rolling elements and raceway of inner and outer ring during operation b. To distribute heat uniformly in contact areas and to remove it outside through lubricant circulation. c. To reduce noise in bearing within certain limits d. To evacuate heat produced during operation; e. To Ensure Anticorrosive protection of bearings The lubrication method used for bearing is classied in two categories: oil lubrication and grease lubrication. a. OIL LUBRICATION Oil lubrication is recommended for bearing operating at high rotational speed and for high temperatures, and is also effective in reducing bearing vibration and noise. We are using Castrol Clean S-80 oil for lubrication and Castrol Safecoat 66 for anti-rust preservation from Germany. b. GREASE LUBRICATION Grease lubrication is widely applied due to easy maintenance during operation. There are two method for lubrication: closed lubrication (bearing with shields/seals, lled with grease for life) and feeding method, in which bearing and housing is lled with proper amount of grease and relled at regular intervals. Amount for grease should be, generally 30-40% of inside volume. Relling method: for relling the same brand of grease as initial lling shall be use. Relling interval shall be according to equipment manufacturer recommendation. 7. BEARINGS HANDLING 1. General Instruction Due to high precision of bearings, careful handling is needed in order to avoid damaging. - Keep bearing and operating environment clean; - Handle carefully to avoid damaging components; - Use proper tools for handling; - Keep bearing protected from humidity, to avoid rust; operators should wear gloves when handling bearings; - Follow bearing operating standard established by equipment manufacture. 2. Storage of bearings. - Keep bearing is original package; this guarantees the bearing quality as long as is not damaged; - Store bearing is closed spaces; when storage is made for longer period, is recommended to have a constant temperature, around 20 C and humidity less than65%. - Avoid storage in places exposed directly to sun rays or placing bearings against cold walls or near heating bodies. 3. Bearing Mounting a. Before mounting, clean up to the shaft and the housing and check whether they aws or burrs; b. Remove completely lapping agents, casting sand or chips from inside the housing; c. Check the dimensional, form and nish condition accuracy for the shaft and housing; d. Apply a thin lm of machine oil on tting surface, before mounting; e. Remove bearing from their original package just before mounting; rust preservative oil witch cover the bearing is fully compatible with lubricants, and is no need to clean in up; however, if bearing is used for measuring instrument or at high rotational speed, it is recommended to remove the rust preventive oil with a clean detergent, just before mounting. f. Mounting procedure and specic dies, recommended by original equipment manufacturer, shall be used, in order to avoid bearing damaging due to heavy load applied for mounting. g. After mounting make a manual run test; if no abnormalities are observed, such as knocking, excessive torque. Un-smooth rotation, make a trial operation by using power source and check and conrm running without abnormal noise, vibrations increase speed up to max designed speed. h. If some of listed abnormalities are found during manual or power test, stop operation immediately and perform inspection for defects. (Please refer to General Catalogue for more detailed information )
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The Ulpia Culture

The Ulpia Culture has been dened to ensure highest level of satisfaction and value is achieved by all those associated. 1. Responsibility towards customers, distributors and suppliers Customer First - To gain and maintain business by continuous feedback and to be able to provide products that meet customers' expectations and which also secures prot on their investment. 2. Responsibility towards employees Employee Care : To respect employees and their rights, to offer safe and good working conditions, to offer non-discriminatory conditions and to continuously develop skills and competencies to enable the individual's satisfaction and career growth. 3. Responsibility towards society Contribute to Society: To manage the business as a responsible member of our society, showing respect for laws, customs and needs of the different countries where we are present and adding value to the community. 4. Responsibility towards Shareholders, Investors and Stake Holders Return on the shareholder's invested money is always considered when determining important strategies and nancial action alternatives. We keep our shareholders all over the world well informed about the activities, results and strategies of the company.

Six Sigma Quality Policy

a. Highest Quality of talented employees is our backbone b. Highest quality of research and design leads to creation of highest quality bearings c. Best Quality of materials are used to produce Ulpia U.R.B. bearings to achieve highest user satisfaction. d. Factory is equipped with the latest Automated CNC machines having inbuilt MARPHOS System ensuring high precision and consistent results of production e. Best quality of Suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors allows us to delivery top quality products to our customers in time. f. Best quality of Customers, Distributors, OEMs and End Users results in highest quality of our brand image for our products over time and maintaining Highest Quality of Ethics which allows us to create a platform for longevity of the Ulpia U.R.B. brand of products Ulpia Rulmenti is in the process of achieving various ISO Quality Certications.

Production Process
Depending on the product type, Ulpia Rulmenti is equipped to fully complement and complete the following processes at its production Facility 1. Designing of Bearings. 2. Forging and Turning 3. Heat Treatment 4. Grinding 5. Super nishing 6. Demagnetization 7. Assembly 8. Ultrasonic Washing and Preservation 9. Greasing and Sealing 10. Final Inspection 11. Packaging 12. Storage and Distribution



1949 Bearings Production was originally founded in the

year 1949 in Rulmentul Brasov which is honored as the cradle of the Romanian bearing industry.

1949-1959 Under the Central administration of The

Industrial Head Ofce of Bearings and Assembling Components of Romania (CIROA) a total of six subsidiary units were to be developed to create the entire bearing industry of Romania

1961 URB Trademark was registered by the central

administration which became the valid common trademark currently being used by all the bearings manufacturers in Romania.

1970 Licensing Agreement with Koyo -Japan for Technology Know how and machinery supply to Rulmenti Alexandria.

1974 Production began at Rulmenti Alexandria 1995-1998 Further agreement for Production Modernization with the help of Koyo - Japan undertaken with a view for Privitazation.

1998 Privatization from Rulmenti Alexandria to form SC

Koyo Romania

2006 Closure of S.C. Rulmentul S.A. Brasov 2007 Establishment of Ulpia Rulmenti Bucuresti URB SRL 2009 Koyo Romania stops production of URB bearings 2010 Production begins at Ulpia Rulme Rulmenti.