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The Danger Of Getting Married In Young Age In Health Factor

In young married couple have many problem one of them for the women have many ri ! for the e"ample to reproduction organ ha not trong enough for intercour e and childbirth# $regnan in young age have ri ! to be an ea y mi carriage becau e her uteru ha not be trog# According to me% the po mental preparing for pregnan i good# In the ca e of tran mi ion of the di ea e Ac&uired Immuno Deficiency 'yndrome ( AID' ) i immunodeficiency viru tran mitted through the pread of the viru Human ( HI* ) % married women in young age will be more ea ily ibility of abnormal pregnancy and childbirth abnormalitie the bigge t for women in young age# In conditionAnd women

infected# If women young age having e"% often upport occur to a bli ter and ore # 'o if there are younger male e"uality tran mited di ea e ea ily contracted# Actually will be ri ! for cervical cancer% becau e ince the young age of the fir t time omeone had e" % the greater the ri ! of a viru contaminated the area of reproduction# 'o% to avoid all the ri ! we hould not getting married in young age#

+motional Factor
In young age i not emotionally table per on to getting married% young couple married to be emotional outbur t and more depre en to handle they problem# Tho e% becau e they are going throught all ort ofl problem much bigger when they were at chool# The young couple often bigger and bigger imple problem# 'o they alway have many problem to be they clear# ,hat el e% if they allowed to feed their own familie # They will be deppe ion% tre and ne"t the re ult will bad effect for their# For e"ample will be violence occur % do not re pect each other and they are not re pon ible to each other# 'o if we want to have getting married% we mu t have matur emo ional factor becau e that have a happy family# And to avoid of ri ! depre ion% tre and many


-eligion And 'ocial Factor

In I lam i not limitation of married women in any age limit# even ome cholar allow parent to marry off their children at any age and ome cholar prohibit married at a young age# .a ic function of marriage i a ba ic biological need % and continue the de cent# Otherwi e at a young age i the ba ic function of marriage# The ma/ority young couple married many were withdrawn becau e feel different from tho e the enveironment# Moreover% they feel more re pon ible then other# .e ide that young couple had negative effect from ocial factor%for e"ample their a ociating with people who have not been in according with the age# till much to be accompli hed before fulfilling