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HP 3PAR OS 3.1.

2 Patch 01
Release Notes

These release notes are for Patch 01 and intended for the HP 3PAR Operating System Software 3.1.2 278 release.

HP Part Number: QL226-96786 Published: December 2012

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These release notes describe the modifications and known issues for Patch 01. This is a mandatory patch and is intended to be applied to HP 3PAR OS (GA) only. Only an authorized HP Service provider should perform this maintenance procedure.

1.1 Supported platforms

The HP 3PAR Configuration Matrix for HP 3PAR OS 3.1.2 contains information about supported hardware and software platforms. For a list of supported versions of each operating system, see the Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK) website http://www.hp.com/storage/spock.

1.2 Verifying the patch installation

The installation of Patch 01 can be verified from an Interactive CLI session. Issue the CLI command showversion -a -b to verify that Patch 01 is listed.
showversion -a -b Release version Patches: P01 Component Name CLI Server CLI Client System Manager Kernel TPD Kernel Code TPD Kernel Patch Version (P01) (P01) (P01)

1.3 Components
Component HP 3PAR OS Version

NOTE: Applying this patch to the HP 3PAR OS may cause a restart of the affected OS components. With these restarts, expected behaviors such as events and alerts may generate. The system will continue to serve data but existing CLI or MC (Management Console) sessions may be interrupted. NOTE: After installation of this patch, the patch description indicates Addressed a powerfail issue on the 3PAR StoreServ 7000 series. This issue is actually resolved for all HP 3PAR platforms.

1.4 Modifications to the HP 3PAR OS

The following items have been addressed in this release.
Bug ID 81544 Item CLI commands are not displaying the correct EEPROM values A data inconsistency issue arises when a disk media failure is encountered during Description The CLI commands showcage and showinventory are not displaying correct values for some manufacturing information. This was resolved by correcting the reading of the VPD EEPROM information and now displays the correct output. A data inconsistency issue arises when a disk media failure is encountered during a RAID-1 data reconstruction while moving a chunklet. This issue is resolved by correctly updating the Logical Disk (LD) offset of each split


1.1 Supported platforms

Bug ID

Item a RAID-1 data reconstruction while moving a chunklet

Description relocation IO which is split due to CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), DIF (Data Integrity Field), or media errors.


Drives are incorrectly marked Drives were incorrectly marked as slow. This issue impacted the detection of as slow slow drives and output of corresponding slow-drive alerts. This issue was resolved by improving the logic that detects slow drives and only generating alerts when appropriate.

1.4 Modifications to the HP 3PAR OS