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PART I FOLKLORE Preface-byFranz Boaz Introduction Chapter 1

John and the Frog Witness of the Johnstown Flood in Heaven

Chapter 2

How the Brother Was Called to Preach How the Preacher Made Them Bow Down Pa Henry's Prayer How the Church Came to Be Split Up Why Negroes are Black Why Women Always Take Advantage of Men Sue, Sal and That Pretty Johnson Gal

Chapter 3

The Quickest Trick How to Write a Letter A Fast Horse

"Ah'll Beatcher Makin' Money" "The Workinest Pill You Ever Saw" How Jack Beat De Devil "John Henry"

Chapter 4

Ole Massa and John Who Wanted To Go To Heaven Massa and the Bear Why the Sister in Black Works Hardest "De Reason Niggers is Working So Hard" Deer Hunting Story

Chapter 5

Big Talk The First Colored Man in Massa's House What Smelled Worse The Fortune Teller How the Negroes Got Their Freedom The Turtle-Watch "From Pine to Pine Mr Pickney" "God an' de Devil in de Cemetery" Praying for the Rain Kill the White Folks "'Member Youse a Nigger"

Chapter 6

You Think I'm Gointer Pay You But I Ain't" Why the Mocking Bird is Away on Friday Man and the Catfish How the Snake Got Poison How the Woodpecker Nearly Drowned the Whole World How the Possum Lost the Hair Off His Tail How the 'Gator Got His Mouth How Brer 'Gator Got His Tongue Warn Out. How the 'Gator Got Black

Chapter 7

How Brer Dog Lost His Beautiful Voice What the Rabbit Learned The Goat that Flagged a Train Shooting Up Hill

Tall Hunting Story The Hawk and The Buzzard Why They Always Use Rawhide on a Mule Why We Have Gophers How God Made Butterflys How the Cat Got Nine Lives The Son Who Went To College Why the Waves Have Whitecaps

Chapter 8

How the Lion Met the King of The World Sermon by Travelling Preacher

Chapter 9

Card Game "Ella Wall" "Ah'm Gointer Loose Dis Right-hand Shackle from 'Round My Leg" Strength Test Between Jack and the Devil

Chapter 10

Why the Porpoise Has His Tail on Crossways Why the Dog Hates the Cat How the Devil Coined a Word How Jack O'Lanterns Came to Be Whey the East Coast Has Mosquitos and Storms How a Loving Couple Was Parted "All These are Mine" How the Squinch Owl Came to Be The Talking Mule High Walker and Bloody Bones Fight at Pine Mill

Glossary PART II: HOODOO Chapter 1

Origin of Hoodoo Eulalia-Ritual to Get a Man

Chapter 2

Turner and Marie Leveau Marie Leveau-Confounding an Enemy Marie Leveau- Putting on Curse Turner--Initiation Ceremony Turner-Routine to Keep a Husband True

Chapter 3

Anatol Pierre Ritual-Initiation Ceremony Ritual-To Make a Death Ritual-To Swell with a Brick

Chapter 4

Father Watson Ritual-Initiation Ceremony Ritual-To Punish Ritual-To Get A Person Out of the House Ritual-To Keep a Person Down Ritual-Getting the Black Cat Bone

Chapter 5

Dr. Duke Ritual-To Help a Person in Jail Ritual-To Silence Opposing Witnesses Ritual-To Uncross Ritual-To Send Away Dr. Jenkins Concerning the Dead

Chapter 6

Conjure Stories

Chapter 7

Kitty Brown Ritual-Ceremonial Dance to Put Away a Man Ritual-To Make Love Stronger Ritual-To Bring Love Back Ritual-To Rule the Man You Love

Appendix Folklore Glossary Hoodoo Glossary Paraphernalia of Conjure Formulae of Hoodoo Doctors Prescriptions of Root Doctors Folksongs The Author:Zora Neale Hurston The Artist: Miguel Covarrubias The Patron: Charlotte Osgood Mason The Professor: Franz Boas