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Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS)

Glossary of field labels Author(s)/develop er(s) Date(s) of publication !ersion(s) Domains/Cate"ori es Glossary of domains/categories Construct(s) measured General information Campbell, D. 1992, 2003 Original and updated #rimary mployment!related Secondary "one identified

#ndi$idual s%ills and interests.

&'is measure is intended to assess an indi$iduals( s%ills and interests #urpose/ob$ective( )it' a $ie) to aiding in ma%ing educational and/or $ocational s) decisions/c'oices. %se(s) of information &'e aut'or indicates t'at t'is measure is generally used in one of t'ree )ays* 1+ #n indi$idual counseling, especially career counseling. 2+ #n group counseling sessions. 3+ #n team!building sessions.

#opulation(s) measured &an"ua"e(s)

,dolescents and adults ages 1- and up. nglis' and .panis'

Structure and administration Method(s) of administration 'espondent(s) (umber of items Subscales 'esponse format(s) )stimated time to administer 'espondent *ualification(s) +rainin" re*uirements, scorin" and interpretation .elf!report. ,dolescent/adult being assessed. 320 / orientation scales, 29 basic scales, and 00 occupational scales. 0!point 1i%ert scale )it' a $ariety of anc'or points. 2- minutes "one 2self!report+. Computeri3ed scoring $ia 4 1ocal soft)are a$ailable from publis'er, or 'and scoring $ia mail!in reports. #nterpretation re5uires a degree or certification in a field t'at is recogni3ed by 6earson as re5uiring training and e7perience in a rele$ant area of assessment 2e.g., occupational t'erapists, counsellors, psyc'ologists, social )or%ers, etc.+.

Sample norms, reliability, and validity Sample for development of norms 'eliability -,22- adults from a $ariety of et'nic and educational bac%grounds. &'e aut'ors reported internal consistency coefficients 2alp'as+ of 0./9! 0.8/, and test!retest reliability coefficients of 0./9!0.8/ also. $idence of moderate concurrent $alidity 'as been reported by a number of aut'ors. Con$ergent and di$ergent $alidities 'a$e also been demonstrated. #t 'as been reported t'at t'is instrument demonstrates predicti$e $alidity )it' respect to c'oice of college/uni$ersity ma9or.


Availability #ermission to use Do-nloads 6ermission re5uired to use "o copy a$ailable from t'e Centre. Contact aut'or or publis'er :ail!in starter %it 2including softco$er manual, 3 career planners, interest/s%ill pattern )or%s'eets, and 3 ans)er s'eets )it' test items+ costs ;92.00. &'e mail!in scoring profile reports cost ;21.00 eac'. &'e manual costs ;8/.00 2'ardco$er+ or ;-0.00 2softco$er+. , pac%age of -0 interest/s%ill pattern )or%s'eets costs ;20.00, and a career planner costs ;<.00. &'e 4 1ocal starter %it 2including a softco$er manual, 3 career planners, interes/s%ill pattern )or%s'eets, 3 ans)er s'eets )it' test items, and 3 4 1ocal administrations+ costs ;90.00. , pac%age of 2- 4 1ocal ans)er s'eets costs ;32.00, and 4 1ocal indi$idual profile reports cost ;1<.00 eac'. t'e 4 1ocal soft)are itself costs ;111.00 for t'e des%top $ersion and ;318.00 for t'e net)or% $ersion 2bot' include a 1!year license fee+. ,ll prices are in Canadian dollars and are accurate as of 2011. 6earson Canada ,ssessment #nc. -- =orner ,$e. &oronto, O" :8> <?0 6'one* 1!800!33-!8<18 2 nglis'+ 6'one* 1!800!33-!8<2/ 2@renc'+ ))).pearsonassess.ca 'ttp*//pearsonassess.ca/'ai)eb/Cultures/en! C,/6roducts/6roductADetail.'tmB C.C6roduct#DDC#..EC.CCategoryDpsyc'ological! $ocationalEC.CCatalogD&6C!C,Catalog 'ttp*//psyc'corp.pearsonassessments.com/=,#F G/Cultures/en! us/6roductdetail.'tmB6idD6,g11Goggs, H. I. 21999+. Campbell interest and s%ill sur$ey* Ie$ie) and criti5ue. :easurement E $aluation in Counseling E De$elopment, 3223+, 108!182. Campbell, D. 6., =yne, .. ,., E "ilsen, D. 1. 21992+. :anual for t'e Campbell #nterest and .%ill .ur$ey. :inneapolis, :"* "ational Computer .ystems. Campbell, D. 22002+. &'e 'istory and de$elopment of t'e Campbell #nterest and .%ill .ur$ey. Journal of Career ,ssessment, 1022+, 1-0! 108. Campbell, D. 6. 2199-+. &'e Campbell #nterest and .%ill .ur$ey 2C#..+* , product of ninety years of psyc'ometric e$olution. Journal


Contact Information / .rderin" Information

.nline 'esource(s)

/ey 'eference(s)

of Career ,ssessment, 32<+, 391!<10. Guerrero, G. 22001+. :easurement e5ui$alence of nglis' and .panis' $ersions of t'e Campbell #nterest and .%ill .ur$ey 2Doctoral dissertation+. &'e Kni$ersity of &e7as at l 6aso, l 6aso, &?. =ansen, J. #., E 1euty, :. . 2200/+. $idence of $alidity for t'e .%ill .cale scores of t'e Campbell #nterest and .%ill .ur$ey. Journal of Locational Ge'a$ior, /121+, 23!<<. =ansen, J. #., E "euman, J. 1. 21999+. $idence of concurrent prediction of t'e Campbell #nterest and .%ill .ur$ey 2C#..+ for college ma9or selection. Journal of Career ,ssessment, /23+, 239!2</. 6endergrass, 1.,., =ansen, J.#., "euman, J.1., E "utter, H. J. 22003+. 7amination of t'e concurrent $alidity of scores from t'e C#.. for student!at'lete college ma9or selection* , brief report. :easurement E $aluation in Counseling E De$elopment, 3-2<+, 212!21/. .ulli$an, G.,., E =ansen, J.#. 2200<+. $idence of construct $alidity of t'e interest scales on t'e Campbell #nterest and .%ill .ur$ey. Journal of Locational Ge'a$ior, 0-22+, 1/9!202.

Additional Information to Inform Measure %se .ther considerations #t 'as been noted t'at t'is measure focuses on careers t'at re5uire post secondary education, and t'us may be more appropriate for use )it' indi$iduals )'o are intent on pursuing suc' education.

.tatus* Lerified and completed 1ast updated* 2012!02!1-

Campbell0 Interest and Skill Survey1

rror* Ieference source not found &'e Campbell0 Interest and Skill Survey1 2C#..M+ in$entory 'elps assess an indi$idual(s interest in occupational areas and presents a comparison to people )'o are 'appily and successfully employed in t'ose fields. Knli%e traditional interest in$entories, t'is tool also pro$ides an estimate of t'e indi$idual(s confidence in 'is or 'er ability to perform $arious occupational acti$ities.

%sers and Applications

Counsellors, psyc'ologists, and 'uman resource professionals in mental 'ealt', business, and educational settings can use t'e C#.. sur$ey to 'elp* 7plore ne) a$enues in career de$elopment for clients 6inpoint areas of academic study t'at can build s%ills and increase career options for clients .upport personal counselling by identifying occupations or $ocations t'at may meet

t'e indi$idual(s needs ,d$ise displaced and transitioning employees in outplacement programs

2eatures and 3enefits

&'e interest scales and parallel s%ill scales 'elp indi$iduals gain a more t'oroug' understanding of suitable career options. &'e sur$ey uses easily understood, contemporary terms. &est items reflect a respect for indi$iduals of different gender, race, religion, and national origin. Combined gender scales allo) for t'e broadest interpretation of sur$ey results. &'e C#.. Career 6lanner leads indi$iduals t'roug' a t'oug'tful analysis of t'eir results and 'elps t'em translate t'ose results into specific actions. &'is tool 'elps indi$iduals* 7plore 299 additional occupations and 1-9 fields of study ,naly3e )or% and education as t'ey relate to t'e person(s $alues and priorities #dentify moti$ators and obstacles regarding t'e indi$idual(s career goals

.rientation Scales
&'e se$en .rientation Scales, 2- Gasic .cales are based on Dr. Campbell(s model for occupational orientations. &'ese orientations generally correspond to t'e familiar I#,. C t'emes.

3asic Scales
&'e 2- 3asic Scales, )'ic' represent parallel interest and s%ills scores, di$ide t'e Orientation .cales into t'e follo)ing categories* Influencing* Leadership, Law/Politics, Public Speaking, Sales, Advertising/Marketing .rgani3ing* Supervision, Financial Services, Office Practices 4elping* Adult Develop ent, !ounseling, !hild Develop ent, "eligious Activities, Medical Practice Creating* Art/Design, Perfor ing Arts, #riting, $nternational Activities, Fashion, !ulinar% Arts a(aly3ing* Mathe atics, Science #roducing* Mechanical !rafts, #oodworking, Far ing/Forestr%, Plants/&ardens, Ani al !are Ad$enturing* Athletics/Ph%sical Fitness, Militar%/Law 'nforce ent, "isks/Adventure