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Emma Teng 14N-421, x3-4536 eteng@mit.

edu office hours: T/R 9:30-11:00am

fall 2009 T/R 11-12:30 (14N-217)

Classics of Chinese Literature in Translation 21F.044 This course is an introduction to three of the major genres of traditional Chinese literaturepoetry, fiction and drama, with a focus on vernacular fiction. We will read translations of a number of the masterworks of Chinese literature. We will also examine the intertextuality between these genres -- how poetry blends into narrative, how fiction becomes drama, and drama inspires fiction. Through reading these selected works of traditional Chinese literature, we will examine some of the major features of traditional Chinese society: religious and philosophical beliefs, the imperial system and dynastic change, gender relations, notions of class and ethnicity, family, romance and sexuality. All works are read in translation; no language background is necessary. This course seeks not only to introduce students to highlights from the canon of traditional Chinese literature, but also secondarily to consider the idea of this literary canon as a "living tradition," both in contemporary Chinese societies and in the global Chinese diaspora. Student projects will focus on contemporary media adaptations of famous Chinese literary works (in film, anime, comic books, computer games, web sites, music, theater, art, and other media). This course includes two field trips: one to the Boston MFA, and one to the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem. Requirements: Weekly reading journal, short oral presentations, annotated bibliography project and final project/presentation. Active class participation and regular attendance.*** Grade: Class participation 30%, final project/presentation 30%, weekly journal submissions 15%, informal presentations 10%, annotated bibliography and project proposal 15%. Required Texts:

Shi Nai'an; Lo Kuan-Chung; Shapiro, Sidney (Translator) Outlaws of the Marsh. Commercial Press, The ISBN-13: 9789620710674 $26.95 Shifu, Wang; West, Stephen H. (Editor, Introduction by, Translator); Idema, Wilt L. (Editor, Introduction by, Translator) The Story of the Western Wing. University of California Press ISBN-13: 9780520201842 $29.95 Waley, Arthur (Translator); Ch'eng-en, Wu; Shih, Hu (Introduction by) Monkey: Folk Novel of China. Grove/Atlantic, Incorporated ISBN-13: 9780802130860 $13.00 Xueqin, Cao; Hawkes, David (Introduction by, Translator) The Golden Days. Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated ISBN-13: 9780140442939 $17.00

Recommended Texts: Stephen Owen, An Anthology of Chinese Literature: Beginnings to 1911 Cao Xueqin, (Hawkes, trans), Story of the Stone, Volumes 2-5 Suggested texts: Roy, trans, Plum in the Golden Vase Shen Fu, Six Records of a Floating Life Birch, trans, Peony Pavilion Moss Roberts trans, Three Kingdoms Anthony Yu trans, The Monkey and the Monk Short readings marked with* available through e-reserves Films available from the Film and Media Office 14N-430 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Hong Niang Red Cliffs Outlaws of the Marsh: The True Color of Heroes Monkey Goes West Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box Princess Iron Fan Dream of the Red Chamber A Chinese Ghost Story Texts may be purchased at the Coop or read on reserve at the Reserve Reading Library if you do not wish to purchase. Please consult reading assignments before purchasing books, as many works will not be read in their entirety. However, I hope you will finish reading them on your own. ***No class absence, except in cases of illness, or family emergency. Please inform me in advance by e-mail. Absence in cases of ILLNESS are excused with e-mail notification from student. Important due dates: November 1 -- annotated bibliography and project proposal, December 8 -- final project Instructions for Weekly Reading Journal Before class: submit three questions for class discussion to me before 3 P M. the day before class (by e-mail) Write your own responses to these questions and any other responses to the readings in your journal (1-2 pages). Bring your journal with you the day of class for class discussion. Submit (in hardcopy) your weekly journal to me at the end of class. This version of your journal does not need to be polished, but should be thoughtful. If you choose not to type your journal, please write neatly. If I do not receive your journal by the end of class, I will deduct points from this portion of your grade. More points will be deducted for each day that the journal is late.

Week 1 Introduction Thursday, September 8 -- introduction Film clip Week 2 Classic Poetry Tuesday, September 13th -- introduction to traditional Chinese culture Thursday, September 15th -- begin discussion of poetry unit familiarize yourself with all poems from electronic reserves *"poetry unit" Be prepared to read aloud from: *From Owen Anthology: The Classic of Poetry: "She Bore the Folk" pp 12-14 Fishhawk, and The Han so wide pp. 30-32 "Plums Are Falling" p. 36 Ballad of Mulan p. 241-243 Be prepared for group work on: *From Owen Anthology: Tao Qian: An Account of Peach Blossom Spring p. 309-310 Selected Poetry of Tao Qian p. 311-316 The Tang Dynasty: Introductions p. 365-384 Xuan-zong & Yang the Prized Consort p.441 Bo Ju-yi Song of Lasting Pain, p.442-447 Chen Hong - An Account to go with the `Song of Lasting Pain, p.448-452 High Tang Poetry Wang Wei p. 385-388 Li Bo p.397-404 Du Fu p.413-414 (skip Mei-pi Lake Song) Giving Account of Oneself p. 416-420 Poetry of Rebellion p.420-421 Kui-zhou and Du Fus Final Years p. 431-438 Yu Xuan-ji p. 509-510 Week 3 Poetry and Classic Stories Tuesday, September 20 -- lecture Thursday, September 22 discussion Present your in-class group work on poems

reading for this week (not all grouped together under Stellar): *Ying-yings Story, Owen Anthology, p.540-549 *An Account of the Governor of the Southern Branch *"Artisan Tsui and his Ghost wife", * "The Pearl Shirt Reencountered" *selections from Pu Songling's Liaozhai zhiyi listed under "Historian of the Strange" *"An Ugly Husband Fears a Pretty Wife" Week 4 Introduction to Drama: the Story of the Western Wing Tuesday, September 27 -- lecture Thursday, September 29 Library Workshop, DIRC room Begin reading: The Story of the Western Wing Week 5 drama continued Tuesday, October 4 -- discussion and dramatic exercise Journal Discussion *Ying-yings Story, Owen Anthology, p. 540-549 The Story of the Western Wing for discussion focus on pages 191-245, 277-286 Thursday, October 6 -- acting exercises Week 6 Introduction to the Novel: Three Kingdoms Tuesday, October 11th -- holiday Thursday, October 13th -- lecture Week 7 Introduction to the Novel: Three Kingdoms Tuesday, October 18th discussion Journal *Selections from Three Kingdoms Thursday, October 20th Field trip to visit the Chinese house at the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Week 8 Novel continued Outlaws of the Marsh Tuesday, October 25thlecture discuss project proposals and bibliographies

Clip: Outlaws of the Marsh: The True Color of Heroes Thursday, October 27th discussion Journal For discussion: Outlaws of the Marsh *Chapter 1 on e-res Chapters 1-3, 6, 9-13, 15, 18 from abridged version *Chapters 82, 100 on e-res Week 9 Monkey/Journey to the West Tuesday, November 1 -- lecture *annotated bibliography due Clips: Monkey Goes West Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box Thursday, November 3 -- Discuss Final Project Ideas Film Clips: Monkey Goes West Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box or Red Cliffs Begin reading: Waleys translation entitled Monkey *From e-res: Kingdom of Women Episode, chapters 54-55 [note: if you are pressed for time skip Chapters 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 23, and 27 from Waley's book] Week 10 Monkey/Journey to the West Tuesday, November 8 -- discussion Journal Waleys translation entitled Monkey *From e-res: Kingdom of Women Episode, chapters 54-55 Thursday, November 10lecture *this week start reading Dream of the Red Chamber /The Story of the Stone Selections to be read: From vol. 1: introduction, 1-6, 8, 11-13, 15, 17, [22], 23, 25 *Vol. 2: 37, 38, 39, 41

*Vol. 3: 73, 74 *Vol. 4: 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 *Vol. 5: 116, 119, 120 Week 11 Dream of the Red Chamber Tuesday, November 15th discussion From vol. 1: 1-5, Thursday, November 17th discussion Journal From vol. 1: 6, 8, 11-13, 15, 17, 23, 25, 37, 38 Week 12 Dream of the Red Chamber Tuesday, November 22 -- discussion Journal Dream of the Red Chamber Chapters 94, 98, 116, 119, 120 Film clips: Dream of the Red Chamber Thursday, November 24th -- Thanksgiving holiday Week 13 Tuesday November 29 -- MFA field trip --"Beyond the Screen" Exhibit and Chinese Galleries Thursday, December 1 -- student presentations Week 14 Tuesday, December 6 -- student presentations Thursday, December 8 student presentations *Submit final project (Project abstract, project + 10pp revised annotated bibliography) Week 15 Tuesday, December 13 final day of class/party