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Learning a New Language.

Language is

the preferred way of communication between human beings.


learning a new language has become of utmost mportance in this globalized world, where
interacton with other countries happens on a daily basis on cultural, economic and political levels. There are multiple methods

to learn a new

language. However, choosing one

that suits your

abilities and needs in the most efficient way $is imperative to accelerate your learning and satisfy your goals. Theq are numerous methods to learn languages, especially in this diversified world of | ,,,ru'. t todVie are constantly experiencing new ways of learning. From immersion classes to practical


to audio only, it

has become certainly difficult


choose a method that

will help you

achieve the mastery you desire, let alone proficiency in any language which is the ultimate objective that most students who take a serious course have. There is a method for example, the
Michael Thomas Methodl in which you listen to numerous audio clips and supposedly create the language by yourself or 'build'


(as they call it). No teachers, homework or classmates, just you

and a high quantityof audios; personally,

ldo notthinkthiswould bethe best proven method, aslr,""'

believe you need basic grammar and vocabulary in order to open the door to a new language.


ln my opinion, the best approach you could take to learn a new language is what I like to call a "multiple approach".


involves signing up in a language immersion class with a native

speaker (l'll explain later why he or she has to be native), listening to a full audio program in your spare time and watching a minimum of 8 original version movies with no subtitles first, and then

with subtitles in a month. This way you'll tackle the basic skills you need for communication in any
language and you will have fun in the process.


is my personal opinion that you need a native

speaker because of the fact that these people carry a native accent, and also can introduce you to

the culture of the target language, understand cultural references and overall add many essential

to the whole

experience. As pointed out in a study in

the Proceedings of the National

Academy of Sciences of the United States of



"Heritoge-culture imoges disrupt immigrants' second-longuoge processing through

trg geri n g f rst- lo ng uage i nterfe re n ce."2


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