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EXCLUSIVE FRAZETTA INSIDE! BEWARE - : a - Has He Come to Di Was He Sent by the U! DoYou Believe Any a (Coe eee UFOs, Mothman and Me Twenty years on the flying - saucer beat John A. Keel Ma Bell hates the FBI. ‘The FBI loathes the CIA. The CIA doesn't get along with Air Force Intelligence. And none of them is a match for the Great Intergalactic Council head- quartered on Ganymede, a satellite of Jupiter, which is out to befuddle, bewilder, betray and ultimately annihilate the entire human race. While laying their fiendish long-range plans against us they have enlisted thousands of screwballs to spread propaganda and convince us that the flying-saucer folks are kindly, benevolent, peace-loving humanoids. If you are one of the millions who have swallowed this cosmic crapola, if you be- lieve that fiying saucers are real and that they are of extraterrestrial ori- gin, then you'd better start digging a deep shelter in your backyard be- cause all of the evidence accumulated over the past 33 years indicates that the Great Intergalactic Council has been engaged in a wholesale brainucking operation that has our inept bureaucracies totally con- fused, our military services cringing in cowardice and our great scien- tists mumbling to themselves in rubber rooms. For 20 years I was an ardent believer in extraterrestrial intelligences ‘myself. [had taken up the holy cause of unidentified flying objects even before an Idaho businessman named Kenneth Arnold made the first nationally publicized saucer sighting in 1947. As a boy Thad already been. influenced by the work of Charles Fort, a writer in the 1920s who spent his life burrowing into old newspapers and magazines, dredging up forgotten reports of strange aerial objects and bizarre animals from the toth century. The first wave of UFO sightings in this century took place in 1909, anticipating the basic patterns of the later waves. In fact, those earlier objects, usually described as dirigibles, followed the same routes as the modern flying saucers would from New Zealand to Oklahoma. Mr. Fortpuzzled over the early sightings and announced, with some glee, that ‘we were hosting visits from people who lived in the sky. (He also proposed. that the heavens were fake and that the stars were lights hanging from strings only a few thousand feet over our heads.) Fort had no evidence, aside from tattered newspaper clippings, and as a True Believer (TB) I didn't need any. In 1952 I wrote and produced a radio program, “Things in the Sky,” that was aired throughout Europe and stimulated an unprecedented amount of mail. Between 1947, the beginning of the modern epoch, and 1966, the year of the greatest UFO ‘wave, many subtle things occurred within the government and among