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Solution brief

HP Data Protector
Zero downtime backup for Oracle and SAP on HP-UX with HP 3PAR StoreServ

Application data protection challenges

As businesses grow, application data grows along with the organizations dependency on this data for normal operations. But, as is often the case, it is challenging to backup this large volume of application data without impacting user productivity or affecting the business ability to meet its SLAs. Traditional non-integrated data backup methods are not well suited for enterprise applications. They are simply not designed to meet strict recovery SLAs for mission-critical and business critical applications.

About Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup

HP Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB) is a replication-based backup using disk technology that takes advantage of the storage arrays snapshot capability to create a point-in-time replica of the production volume. Data Protector then performs backup operations from the copy of the data, rather than the original data, utilizing backup infrastructure. The entire process is synchronized tightly with the application to ensure an application consistent backup. This technology enables zero impact backup, by performing backup on a copy of the production data. A staged backup process The Zero Downtime Backup extension enables customers to instantly copy data to disk and then, at their convenience, back up that disk copy to tape or secondary disk storage such as StoreOnce. This staged backup process enables business applications to stay online 24x7 and maintain business-critical application performance, all while protecting critical data (Figure 1). The incremental backup feature of the Zero Downtime Backup extension provides filelevel incremental snapshots from the image to tape. Only changed files are copied to tape, reducing the backup volume.

How it works: Native snapshot integration with Data Protector and 3PAR StoreServ
Data Protector provides a central console that backup administrators can use to manage HP 3PAR functionality, including the ability to initiate, schedule, recover, and move 3PAR snapshots from primary disk to secondary disk or tape for longterm storage. With a single click in the console, Data Protector verifies that the snapshot configuration youve deployed is automatically applied to new databases as they come online. Data Protectors application integration for Oracle and SAP puts the application in backup mode to ensure application data consistency, while still allowing transparent user access to the application. Data Protector identifies on which storage volumes the Oracle or SAP objects are located. It then requests the creation of a snapshot for each of those volumes by using the native snapshot integration for HP-UX on 3PAR. In 3PAR terminology, this copy is a replica or a virtual copy snapshot. The 3PAR storage system maintains integrity of the data on the snapshots using copyonwrite technology.

Addressing the challenges

HP Data Protector 8 introduces Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB) support for SAP and Oracle applications running on HP-UX with the HP 3PAR arrays. Zero Downtime Backup utilizes the data movement capabilities of the storage array along with the application integration of Data Protector to enable organizations to create a point-in-time copy of the data, without impacting the application system. This extends the existing ZDB support for HP-UX for the EVA storage array.

Solution brief | HP Data Protector

Data Protector Cell Manager

Original Snapshot

Fiber channel LAN


Data files Disk Data files

HP 3 PAR StoreServ

Oracle or SAP Application system

Backup system


Data Protectors native snapshot integration for HP 3PAR on HP-UX platform delivers zero impact backup for Oracle and SAP applications running in this environment

After creation, the snapshot is presented to the backup host. Data Protector can then maintain the snapshot on disk for a desired period of time or stream the data to tape according to a predefined schedule. After backup of data to the tape device is completed, Data Protector can hide the snapshot from the backup host and delete it from the 3PAR array. Data Protector also backs up application transaction logs for application recovery down to the exact second.

required to manage backup and recovery success. With ZDB, you can perform backup as often as needed, without impacting application performance. Additionally, you can initiate fully automated, downtothesecond application recovery from a single console without scripting. Data Protector native snapshot integration for HP 3PAR on HP-UX systems fully automates the backup process providing continuity of business operations in Oracle and SAP environments. Leverage Data Protector to manage 3PAR snapshots as part of a singleconsole approach, reducing the need for detailed knowledge of the storage environment, as well as providing the ability to manage backup and recovery across multiple storage tiers.

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Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup helps organizations backup large volumes of information without impacting production environment and reduces the IT staff time

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