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2NC/1NR Frogs Kritik

one frog chants a mantra to the silent moon two frogs chant a mantra to the merciful silent moon ten frogs chant a mantra to the bright merciful silent moon one thousand frogs chant a mantra to the large bright merciful silent moon

Ribbit ribbit goes the frog. It leaps through the air and into the pond as it joins the Colsons army to ward of the lomaxians. But as it sets off on its mission to exterminate all that is not Colson, its plans are foiled as it is captured by the government and locked in a cage and shut off from the world a waiting its death as a lab experiment. This frog like many others will soon be mutilated into pieces as the government paid scientists tears it apart to find the exact size of a frogs pelvis. With useless experiments like this going on that are financed by the government, the frog army of Colson is deterred from its mission to enlighten the world with Colson and the Colsons teachings. The 1acs use of the government will ultimately be used to continue the agencys attempts to dismantle the frog army by conducting useless tests on frogs. But as we listen in to the distance, we can hear the croaking of the frogs army as they send out a ply for help. We as debaters can stop this lomaxian terror by becoming the frog. The affirmation of the frog allows for us to break away from our fascination with the lomaxians and go under the guise of the Colson. Only with this can we prevent the inevitable annihilation of society.

Link Debate
On to the link debate, the 2AC literally licked the slime of Lomax. They have conceded practically the whole argument. First extend the PETA 14 card that says the affs use of the government and silence in the face of the frogs is a clear dismissal of the frogs and the Colson. 1. The governments involvement in the affirmative is a clear symbol of the 1acs endorsement of Lomax. Empirics prove that the government uses its agencies to conduct experiments on frogs to test random hypothesizes such as if a frogs penis length is larger than the size of George ranch (which it is). The affirmative is another act by the lomaxians to prop up the governments power and status ultimately leading to more experiments and more suffering for the frogs. Any use of the government by the aff is a reason to vote negative. Also since the link was conceded, they cant make new arguments on it. 2. The act of silence by the 1ac in the name of the frog is clear link of omission by the 1ac. They forget the frogs and instead masturbate to pictures of the lomax blowing the smith. The PETA evidence indicates that the reason frogs have undergone some much suffering is because people put them in the backburner and instead focus on how deep lomax can take it. You have to vote of an 8% link of omission.

Impact Debate
On the impact debate, extend the kriger 11 evidence that says the decline of the frog population will result in extinction. The 2ac spent to lon g licking lomaxs slime to notice they conceded the impact calculus embedded in the card. Frog population decline clearly outweigh the aff on magnitude, probability, and timeframe by a thousand percent. This is an automatic reason to vote negative because even if the alternative doesnt solve, the k serves as a da to the aff and outweighs all aff impacts. Frogs are the key internal link to medical innovation which solves disease, food chains which solve biodiversity loss, and biosphere health which solves every other impact. Decline of frogs severely damages the health of the environment and human wellbeing multiple reasons Osai 13 [K., Majon Raj. "Significance of Frogs in Our Environment." Green Osai. 2013. Web. 15 Oct. 2013.
<http://www.greenosai.org/environment/diversity/58-significance-of-frogs-in-our-environment.html>.OSAI have been involved in the creation of eco-based activities in many parts of the state. Since its inception, OSAIs projects could be broadly classified under the following heads: Awareness campaigns Research studies Eco-oriented people-based projects Eco activism Forming network Production of publicity material]

Frogs are an important indicator of ecosystems. Climate change and global warming have left some frogs with no suitable place to live and reproduce. Frogs and toads live in water and nearby terrestrial soils as eggs, embryos, larvae, tadpoles and adults. The places where the frog survives are the places we cultivate our crops and get drinking water. Many of the human activities are unhealthy to frogs and their habitats. We drain
the wetlands to claim land for cultivation, housing and other human activities thereby causing habitat destruction. Other upstream land use practices also affect the water quality leading to habitat pollution. The fertilizer and pesticide usage at farms in Nilgiris is a good example of upstream pollution. Pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals find their ways into streams, rivers, ponds and lakes and

causes the decline in frog populations. Experts have noted that the effects of contamination in water affect the adult frogs, their eggs and tadpoles. Frogs also absorb and concentrate toxins in their fatty tissues. The study also reports that frogs exposed to pollutants have extra, misplaced or missing limbs. Frogs are also friends of farmers. Frogs feed on many insects and pests that frequently destroy the crops. Also, they are consumed by fish, some large insects, snakes, lizards, larger frogs, birds and small mammals. In the food chain, frogs play a big role in maintaining healthy environment. These amphibians have an intimate association with the environment, which is precisely why they provide such an alarming harbinger of our own future. When the frog population declines, we can be sure of decline in our environment. It is important to conserve the frogs and their habitats as they are our future.

Frog decline destroys food chains the impacts spill over Kriger 13 [Kriger, Kerry M., Dr. "Why We Must SAVE THE FROGS!" Frogs. 2013. Web. 15 Oct. 2013. <http://www.savethefrogs.com/whyfrogs/>.Dr. Kerry M. Kriger, SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist, Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Griffith University, School of Environmental and Applied Sciences, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences]

Tadpoles keep waterways clean by feeding on algae. Adult frogs eat large quantities of insects, including disease vectors that can transmit fatal illnesses to humans (i.e. mosquitoes/malaria). Frogs also serve as an important food source to a diverse array of predators, including dragonflies, fish, snakes, birds, beetles, centipedes and even monkeys. Thus, the disappearance of frog populations disturbs an intricate food web, and results in negative impacts that cascade through the ecosystem.

Saving the frogs is a moral obligation for the existence of both us and all life Kriger 13 [Kriger, Kerry M., Dr. "Why We Must SAVE THE FROGS!" Frogs. 2013. Web. 15 Oct. 2013. <http://www.savethefrogs.com/whyfrogs/>.Dr. Kerry M. Kriger, SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist, Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Griffith University, School of Environmental and Applied Sciences, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences]

Frogs are an integral part of our existence on this planet and have every bit as much right to exist as do we. Moreover, if we allow one-third of the world's amphibians to disappear, we set a bad precedent: perhaps future generations will use our irresponsible actions to justify allowing another third of amphibians or a third of the birds or reptiles to disappear. We caused the problem, so it's our responsibility and moral duty to make the necessary sacrifices and changes to SAVE THE FROGS!

Alternative Debate
On to the Alternative debate, the 1ac has not made a single argument on this. First extend Kirschbaum 12 evidence that says the only way we can prevent the lomax from endvouring on the smiths pinasia is to affirm the becoming of the frog. Kirschbaum indicates that through our metamorphosis into the premiere amphibian, we one become bestowed with the Colsons blessings and join the frog army and two we will be able to stop the ongoing violence that frogs are subjected to in their line of duty and we can finally destroy the lomax. The fact that the affirmative didnt even talk about the alternative debate reifies the link of omission proving that they dont really care about frogs at all. We have to adopt the mindset of a frog a realize that not all aspects of life are human. The frogs are a pre-requisite to all human life meaning we have to become the frog to understand the world.

Permutation Debate
This is the worst argument the aff has made in this debate. There is no way the permutation can solve because the perm still links to the kritik. The perm still includes action by the federal government which they have conceded links to the k and second perm cant solve because one cannot be both masturbating the lomax and be in the Colsons army. They are mutually exclusive