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Specification : Dimension Weight Battery Sensor Warm up time Response time : 120 x 60 x 25 : 200 Grams : 9V Alkaline : Highly sensitive

semi-conductor oxide sensor

: 20 seconds : 5 seconds

Operating temp. : 10-40C Accuracy Calibration : 0.01 % at 0.10 % BAC : BAC Simulator

The Sober SC 3000 uses the latest oxide sensor technology to measure blood alcohol levels and is set to warm at 0.05 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration). It is certified by a world leading authority, the U.S. Dept of Transportation.


Step 1 Wait 15 minutes after last alcohol drink ( it takes approx. 15 minutes for alcohol to have an effect on your system and for residual alcohol remaining in the mouth dissipate) Step 2 Press power button on and wait approx. 20 seconds while SC3000 counts down from 200 and warms up Step 3 The unit will beep once and a green light will appear beside READY to indicate it is ready to start. Begin blowing immediately. Blow continuously and steadily into the breath pipe until the unit beep twice. Stop blowing. The unit will then display ready and warn lights simultaneously as it processes the breath sample, then display the result. Step 4 To initiate a further test press the Power button off, then on and repeat step 3 and wait 2 minutes between testing. note Once your blood alcohol level is reaching the upper limits, the red WARN light will flicker along with the alarm sound. If your blood alcohol level is significantly above the legal limit, HOT is displayed. Space successive tests at least 2 minutes apart.

CALIBRATION Dependent upon the amount of alcohol registered by the sensor after periodic of time, it will require a re-calibration. If it is for personal use, this recommended to be done every 6 month (or up to 800 uses). If it isnt calibrated, the unit will start to produce significantly higher results than expected. You can get your breathalyser calibrated by contacting any of the below Service Centres.

Applied Safety 5 Light Cres Mt Barker SA 5251 1300 853 445 | sales@appliedsafety.net.au Applied Safety is Sober Checks recommended calibration agent for SC3000 and SC5000 breath testers When sending a unit into Applied Safety for recalibration please complete and include this form (click here)

CQ Breathalysers 352 Dean Street North Rockhampton QLD 4701 07 49 265 190 | cqcal@hotkey.net.au When sending a unit into CQ Breathalysers for recalibration please complete and include this form (Click Here)

Clinical Medical Marketing (CMM) Unit 12, 3 King Edward Street Osborne Park WA 6017 1300 79 70 30 | info@cmm.com.au

Hunter Healthcare Group Pty Ltd T/A Drug Test Australia 57 Tourle Street, Mayfield North NSW 2304 Ph: 49 203 218 | toms@drugtestaustralia.com.au

They will get in touch with you within 24 hours with the procedure for calibration.

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