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Now a day man aware with the saving

from the salary. We have to keep aside some amount for
purpose of seurity! for that purpose "ank is introdued #y
$ovt or pu#li. %aving is the main funtion of #ank #ut
some amount give to the needy persons as &oan ' harges
some interest on loan.
Today #ank gives more failities like Credit
Card! ()"anking! and *T+ et. &oan is given for various
uses. The deposits given #y #ank to ommon people.
,ollowing are the new produts of &oan '
Deposits given #y "ank Of +aharashtra -.
/ &oan 0roduts -
C (duational &oan
C ,or (1porters
C +aha#ank *dhar %heme
C +aha#ank Renewa#le (nergy (2uipments
C +aha#ank %alary $ain %heme
/ Deposit produts -
%aving "ank %heme
3. +aha#ank 4uva 4o5ana
6. NRI Ordinary *ount
C Current Deposit
3. Current *ount %heme
6. +aha#ank . 0earl ' sapphire
+onthly Interest Deposit %heme
+aha#ank %heetal 7ama 4o5ana
1 Cumulative Deposit %heme 8CDR9
+aha#ank %alary $ain %heme
1 0urpose
To meet personal needs of the
ustomers who are earners.
1 (ligi#ility
/ *ppliants salary should #e
with #ranh
/ Customer should #e in
permanent at least for 6 years
with orporate : mid orporate
: entral or state $ovt : Co)op
/ +inimum take home salary
should #e Rs ;!<<<:) p.m.
8*verage of last ; months to
#e taken.9
1 Nature of ,aility
Overdraft in %aving *ount.
1 *mount
=<> of one month take home
salary OR Rs 6=!<<<:) whih
ever is less.
1 +argin
$enerally 6=>! whih an
vary aording to re2uirement
' assement?
1 Rate of interest
"0&R @ 6> on overdraft
1 %eurity
1 Other Condition
/ (ligi#le amount to #e
deided on #asis of last ;
months take home salary!
repayment o#ligations!
Regular redit of salary.
/ (1isting aount holders an
#e ad5usted.
/ Interest on redit #alane if
limit is not availed. Interest on
de#it #alane #e harged on
monthly #asis.
/ (mployer #e kept informed
a#out a ailment of faility.
(duational &oan.
1 0urpose
,or studies in India ' *#road.
1 (ligi#ility
%tudies in India- $raduation
ourses : olleges under
Universities approved #y U$C.
Other ourses leading to
diploma : degree et. Conduted
#y olleges : universities
approved #y U$C:$ovt : IC+R
%tudies *#road - 7o# oriented
prof : Tehnial : 0$ Courses :
0ost $raduation like +C*!
+"*! +% et.
1 *ge
%tudent should #e Indian national!
have seured admission #y
(ntrane Test : +erit #ases
1 +a1imum
In India - Rs 3<.<< &a!
In *#road- Rs 6<.<<&a.
1 %eurity
Upto Rs A.<<&a . Clean.
1 $uarantor
*#ove Rs A.<<&a to B.=< &a -
%atisfatory third party
*#ove Rs B.=< &a - Calue of
ollateral seurity after providing
re2uisite margin as a#ove should
#e e2ual to the 2uantum of
finane plus 6 aepta#le
guarantor .
1 +argin
Upto Rs A.<< &a . Nil!
*#ove Rs A.<< &a . => for
studies in India! 3=> for studies
1 Dedution
1 Rate of Interest
&oan upto Rs A.<< &a 8 "0&R .
6.<<> 9
&oan a#ove Rs A.<< &a 8 "0&R
. 3.6=> 9
/ %imple interest during
moratorium period! there after
ompounded monthly.
1 Repayment
(+I . ;< months
8 loan 0lus interest arued
together 9
+oratorium - Course 0eriod @ 3
year OR ; months after getting
5o# whihever earlier.
1 0roessing fee
1 Insurane
/ &oan will #e granted to student
with parent as o)#orrower : s
/ &oan will #e dis#ursed in stage
as per re2uirement diretly to
Institute : ollege.
Comparative studies #etween &oan 0roduts
(duational &oan +aha#ank %alary $ain
C 0urpose- ,or studies in
India ' *#road.
C 0urpose- To meet
personal needs of the
ustomers who are salary
C Nature of ,aility- No
one faility given #y
C Nature of ,aility-
Overdraft in %aving
C +argin- Upto Rs A.<<
&a . => for studies in
India! 3=> for studies
C +argin- $enerally
6=>! whih an vary
aording to re2uirement
' assessment?
CRate of Interest- &oan
upto Rs A.<< &a 8"0&R
. 6.<<>9!
&oan a#ove Rs A.<< &a
8"0&R . 3.6=>9
C Rate of Interest-
"0&R@ 6> on Overdraft
C %eurity- Upto Rs A.<<
&a . Clean.
C %eurity- Clean.