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News from the Spradlins in South America

FEBRUARY 2014 Vol. 6 No. 2

Two Weddings and Three Baptisms between Two Continents

There is NEVER a dull moment in the mission field and we love that about this work! When God is working in peoples lives is it always exciting to see what develops. This month was no exception as we witnessed three precious souls being added to the kingdom and four faithful brethren being united in holy matrimony. We pray you are encouraged and will rejoice with us in this months edition of our Paraguay Mission report! DEVELOPMENTS AT AVE. SACRAMENTO Baptism! Mabel Gonzalez is the sister-in-law to our sister in Christ, Jazmin Penayo. She had been teaching her the Gospel for several months and Mabel had been visiting our worship services. She has come to a better understanding of what it means to be saved, so on Sunday the 2 of February she asked to be immersed for the remission of her sins. We praise God for her decision! The men have made several great advances toward the maturation of the congregation. They are now publishing their budget on a monthly basis, have almost completely reorganized their ministry groups, and are making decisions regarding future church plants. We pray you might recognize the significance Special Mission Team to Honduras / El Salvador Melvin Thomas, Ralph McClurg, Troy, Tom Harris, Dea Furgason, of these recent developments as they represent Sharon Eaves, Mary Thomas, Debbie West, Julie Graham, Lori Lalli progress towards our ultimate goal of having a all traveled to Ocotopeque, Honduras, and La Palma, El Salvador, for a Paraguayan church that is self-governing, selfMedical Clinic and Gospel Meeting Campaign on February 1-8. propagating, and self-sufficient. Were getting closer! DEVELOPMENTS AT EMBY CONGREGATION The brethren at emby have been working on installing a bathroom in their meeting facility. It is coming along slowly, but looking good! They had also taken a short break from their weekly study, but have now resumed with a rotation between the different members homes. The attendance has remained rather steady but the brethren would like to see more growth in the congregation. We pray their enthusiasm will carry them to reach out to the many lost souls in the area. ASUNCION BIBLE ACADEMY UPDATE The students have finished their first complete year of studies! What a marvelous achievement! They are currently on their month break between the two years of study and will begin classes again on March 10th. Please pray for another successful year and our potential students for the next class. Ramn Paredes preached his first public sermon this past month in emby. This was quite a milestone for him and for the school! Everyone is commenting on being very pleased with the fruit they see being produced through the Academy! Bear Valley Bible institute of Denver has named our brother Luis Camacho as the Stateside Field Coordinator for ABA. We are very excited to now have brother Camacho so closely connected and working with the school.

Mabel Gonzalez baptized!

Evangelistic Contacts / Bible Studies / Activities: Andrea is staying very busy with all her studies. She continues with Oscar Parodi, Adriana Rodriguez, Jazmin Santander, Dina Aycock, and Sandra Duarte. Our weekly study with Rolando Duarte continues to go well. He faithfully attends every opportunity to study and is taking lots of notes. We are introducing him to Jesus through a study of Matthew. The twice-a-week study that I have with my Taekwondo instructor, Christian Jourdain, is going great! His questions are very good and he is demonstrating a good understanding of the Word! Our brethren, Ramon Paredes and Elvira Dominguez were joined together in holy matrimony on February 8th. Brother Pedro Vera lead the wedding ceremony, which was held at the church building. We pray they have a very long, happy, and successful marriage. Enrique Albera and Leti Alfonso were also married on February the 15th at the Lake Ypacarai Yacht Club. I had the priviledge of guiding them in their wedding vows. It was a beautiful wedding and we pray God blesses them with a strong and lasting marriage. I was blessed with an opportunity to participate in a Special Mission Trip to El Salvador/Honduras this past month. I traveled with a group of nine people from Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Oklahoma to translate, teach, and preach in a Medical Clinic and Gospel Meeting campaign. On Sunday, Feb 2nd, I was given the opportunity to preach at three different locations in two different countries with six different congregations being represented among them! Then, I translated for the medical clinics in the mornings followed by preaching in the evenings at a different location each night. All the meetings were well attended, it felt like an old-time revival! We also were able to visit a prison where we were allowed to preach to the inmates, one of which, Luis, was baptized that same day! Another young lady, Rosemary, was also baptized during the campaign. In addition, I was able to encourage and offer some practical advice for the brethren there regarding a new Bible Institute they are planning to start up soon. I greatly appreciate and want to thank all of the supporters that made the trip possible. It was an incredible experience that produced fruit for Gods kingdom! Worship and Bible class attendance (Ave Sacramento): Sun am 51 (2nd), 54 (9th), 57 (16th), 60 (23rd) Sunday Bible study average 44 Midweek study average - 23 Current members: 78 Baptized (44 Family Units)

Enrique Albera and Leti Alfonso were married February 15th

Ramon and Elvira were married Feb 8th!

A young prisoner, Luis, being baptized

Worship and Bible class attendance (emby): Sun pm 20 (2nd), 17 (9th), 24 (16th), 28 (23rd) Midweek study average - 8 Current members: 12 Baptized (8 Family Units) Other news and upcoming activities: Annual Church Camp/Retreat (April) Wedding of Gina Vera and Bryan Davis on March 8th We will be returning to the USA on April 24th for our Annual Furlough and Reporting trip. We are looking forward to seeing you all! Here is a link where you can download our scheduled stops for the trip: 2014 FURLOUGH SCHEDULE

Teaching Bible class in La Palma, El Salvador via Skype from Paraguay!


Troy preaching in Honduras during a Gospel Meeting and Medical Clinic Campaign

Personal Activities: The Annual Team Retreat was held this past month in Caacup, about an hour outside Asuncion. We enjoyed some relaxing time together and nice meals, as well as, held a planning meeting for future team plans. We have a great team and some great plans for the future! We pray God will bless our efforts. Andrea and I finally took a little time for ourselves and went on a two day, get out of town vacation to a hotel resort overlooking Lake Ypacarai. We had the whole place to ourselves and it was a much needed, restful time. Andrea has been very active this past month in Las Amigas for several of their upcoming events. The best part is, many great, new contacts have been made through these activities. Please pray for Andreas friend, Pam, who has ovarian cancer Pam Bertoni is one of the first American friends Andrea made in Paraguay through Las Amigas. She has been battling ovarian cancer the last two years and has been the recipient of many new, experimental treatments. We ask that you please add her to your pray list. Personal study: I am currently reading / have read: The 360 Leader by John Maxwell The Church of Christ: A Biblical Ecclesiology for Today by Everett Ferguson I have been studying and preparing for the next quarters classes of ABA: Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther I have been studying (debating) with a Jehovahs Witness regarding their bible and the Kingdom of God. Preaching/teaching opportunities: I preached for the emby congregation on the subject of Christ Fulfilling the Law. I preached at Avenida Sacramento about Reflecting Christ in everything that we are and do. The subjects for the Honduras/El Salvador campaign were: Every Christians Responsibility The Characteristics of a Mature Christian YOU are Acts Chapter 29 The Sum of Thy Word is Truth The Kingdom of God At the end of the month, I had the opportunity to teach the midweek Bible class in La Palma, El Salvador via Skype.

Translating at the Medical Campaign

Teaching a mens Bible class in Honduras

Asuncion, Paraguay South America Troy and Andrea Spradlin
Casilla de Correo 13092 Shopping del Sol Asuncion, Paraguay (595) 0981-630-886 We are seeking to "equip the saints for the work of service to the building up of the body of Christ." (Ephesians 4:12)

Our Mission Goals for 2014:

The brethren at the Avenida Sacramento congregation have set the following goals for themselves for 2014 and have asked the mission team to help them accomplish these goals. The team will actively support them under their direction. The goals are: Evangelism: (1) Hold a Personal Evangelism Seminar, (2) Evangelism campaigns in various plazas, cities, (3) Plan, investigate, and pursue areas for a new church plant, (4) Offer Learn English using the Bible campaign, (5) Use "Searching for Truth" book, (6) Post banners that get peoples attention for Bible studies. Long term: (1) Evangelize each Department/Capital of Paraguay, (2) have a Radio Program. Edification: (1) Promote the Asuncion Bible Academy for the next class, and/or start a Saturday School, (2) Host a special Homecoming event involving all congregations, (3) Improve ministries organization, (4) Special Mens Retreat, (5) Install glass doors at the main entrance, (6) Have a Camp/Retreat with all three congregations, (7) New convert classes, (8) Skype studies offered by brethren from USA, (9) Conduct new extension courses in leadership, (10) Develop or obtain materials/courses for brethren with family problems, (11) Develop communication in Guarani for the brethren. Long term: (1) Finish the building faade. The mission team will assist and coordinate these activities according to the direction of the congregation. Benevolence: (1) Offer the course "Comfort in Times of Grief" to the public, (2), Visit the sick / prisoners, (3) Provide a class on the topic of "Benevolence," (4) Use donations to help some members, (5) Prepare meals for the needy, and (6) Participate in various activities of benevolence. These are some wonderful goals and we are so excited to see their growth in leadership. Please pray for the successful completion of each of these and the continual development of leadership in Paraguay!

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