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........................ Welcome to century XXI RockNES - A NES videogame emulator ........................

Copyright (c)1998-2004 Fx3 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * History of past updates: **2005** * RELEASES 4.xx ((Win32 releases)) ============================================================================ 2004 Releases ************* What's new for version 4.02 (12/30/2004) ---------------------------------------- Fixed [FRA0] savestate block; - Reduced sound buffering to half (around ~3 frames instead of 5); - Fixed WAV logging buffer size (due to change above); - Fixed 2004h reads (debug code left has been removed); - Minor PPU optimization. What's new for version 4.01 (12/12/2004) ---------------------------------------- Fixed pAPU output divisor, making a clean sound again; - Fixed 4017h register issue (SMB3 dash & cracking block sounds); - Enabled proper gfx shutdown (was disabled due to debug); - Changed default blitter to 256x240, plus minor config fixes; - Recompiled 'alleg41.dll' module, fixing compiling warnings. What's new for version 4.00 (12/09/2004) ---------------------------------------- Backed battery (SRAM) wasn't being saved on quit-to-OS, fixed; - Added a new tagged block to savestate, saving the pAPU frame timing; - Fixed a bug in the movie playback (joypad data logging *.RMx); - Changed compiling flags, and the MMX version is back due to request; - Other minor fixes and comestic changes. What's new for version 4.00 BETA 7 (12/01/2004) ----------------------------------------------- Changed "i686 mmx" to "i586 sse" due to an Allegro issue; - Outstanding pAPU sound output fix, near perfect the real thing; - GameGenie support fixed, still needs testing (rewritten from scratch); - Screenshots are back! Files are saved like "gamename 000.bmp"; - Changed Allegro' sound init parameter behaviour, plus source compiled as i586 instead of i686 (due to an Allegro issue); - Enabled map90 irq counter (oops); - Fixed joystick support (oops); - Minor changes in the CPU core. What's new for version 4.00 BETA 6 (11/08/2004) ----------------------------------------------- pAPU sound fixes, plus better channel mixing; - Improved blitting & video filtering (delete the old 'rocknes.ini'); - Added joystick support, use the 'rocknes.ini' config to activate it; - Fixed a mapper reset bug, of cleaning a C structure; - Changed those black&white gui colors; - Famicom DiskSystem fixed somewhat, still buggy though; - Minor fixes and tweaks.

What's new for version 4.00 BETA 5 (10/26/2004) ----------------------------------------------- Major pAPU fix, precise timing and clean sound output; - VRCVI sound driver updated & partially rewritten; - DMC/VRCVI drivers clock using PPU cycles; - Sound output can be disabled (fixed); - Fixed sprite zero pixel collision, 'Wagyan Land' games work properly, plus fixes flickering scores (Cobra Triangle) and a freeze in Punch-Out!! - Preliminary fix for MMC2/MMC4 support (Punch-Out!! and Fire Emblem); - GUI colors are displayed correctly, no matter the palette or video mode; - Fixed 'pixelated' and 'scanlines' video filters, plus its screen centering. What's new for version 4.00 BETA 4 (10/12/2004) ----------------------------------------------- DMC channel playback fixed (new core); - Fixed DMC/RAW volume decay; - Fixed a CPU bug in the 'relative branches' on page crossing; - Sprites are displayed on second visible scanline; - Sprite counter is now cleaned on scanline 21 start; - IRQ timing fix for mappers 21,23,24,25,26,73,41,42,91,117 (working again); - Fixed Bandai IRQ timing emulation (fixed mappers 16,65,67,69,83); - Added proper Jaleco IRQ timing emulation (fixed mapper 18); - Added proper Mapper 90 IRQ timing (needs a small tweak & mapper fix); - CPU opcode 04 defined as 'NOP' ('Kaijuu Monogatari' works); - Started FDS driver fixing, still unplayable; - Usual code cleanups. What's new for version 4.00 BETA 3 (10/09/2004) ----------------------------------------------- Fixed PPU clocking behaviour ('scanlines' demo is okay); - Fixed ADC/SBC CPU opcodes (thanks Disch); - MMC3 IRQ timing improved somewhat; - Fixed PPU scanline 20->21 clocking; - Compiled under Dev-C++ (much better); - More minor fixes and usual cleanups. What's new for version 4.00 BETA 2 (10/02/2004) ----------------------------------------------- Windows port, now compiled with MinGW; - Disabled: EAGLE filter, GUI Help->System, screenshots; - Broken mappers: 9 & 10 (MMC2/4), and possibly others; - Removed a CPU timing hack, leaving the things "as it"; - Minor changes in the CPU core to avoid bugs on game loading; - Correct power-on/reset CPU behaviour (thanks nesdev); - Fixed a bug in the WorkRAM I/O behaviour; - Savestates should work fine now (older files may be incompatible); - Fixed MMC3 IRQ timing somewhat (mapper 4 mainly); - Fixed default keys mapped to A and B, instead of Z and X; - Proper PPU 8-pixels left clipping; - Video output is 16-bit now (instead of 8-bit); - Fixed color emphasis/monochrome modes (try CopperBars); - A couple of other minor fixes... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ((DOS releases)) What's new for version 4.00 BETA 1 (08/23/2004) ---------------------------------------- New PPU emulation core, rendering pixel-by-pixel; - Accurate emulation of sprite-zero hits and max-sprites limitation;

Better CPU-PPU communication/timing; Fixed CPU page crossing detection; CPU instructions core tweaked, making the object file much smaller; Fixed branch extra-cycle addition, plus hacked CPU interruptions time; Fixed B flag state on interrupts (NMI/IRQ); Switched to PPU cycle counter; Changed WorkRAM 6000h-7FFFh write-protection behaviour; Fixed support for ROMs within trainer data; PPU monochrome mode changed and simplified; Many fixes to pAPU sound emulation (except DMC); VRCVI sound data was always being saved, fixed; Joypads savestate support; Cry! Removed support for mappers #5 (MMC5) and #117; Broken mapper #9 (MMC2 Punch-Out!!) support, and possibly others; Removed 'hard reset' option in the GUI; Proper savestate support for mappers 21,23,25,44,64,67; Fixed WRAM behaviour on mapper 4 (or almost?); Fixed mapper 66 crash on CHR-ROM data bankswitch (usually dirty headers); Fixed PRG/CHR paged banks calculation on dumping; Fixed PPU IRQ counter variables saving on dumping; Fixed wrong buffer size on EAGLE blitting; Fixed directories setup; Usual minor and cosmetic changes.

//--------------------------------------------------------------------------//--------------------------------------------------------------------------**2003** * RELEASES 3.xx What's new for version 3.10 (12/09/2003) ---------------------------------------- Fixed the unreported (!) broken pAPU stereo sound effect; - Fixed pAPU sound driver, correct reset and envelope/sweep emulation; - Fixed pAPU volume levels to something near enough; - Added pAPU volume decay for the mixed sample output; - The fast forward now silents the sound output; - Fixed FDS state loading, plus its IRQ disk timing (or almost); - Fixed PRG-ROM/WorkRAM data identification on bank 3 (savestates); - Changed nametable/color RAMs to be saved in a separated tagged block (NAM), hence older RSx states are no more compatible; - Fixed a bug in the disassembler (relative branch address); - In the disassembler window, the actual CPU bank was incorrectly set; - Added ability to disassemble CPU 5000h-7FFFh regions; - A couple of CPU fixes, such as IRQs, and a few opcodes now parsed as NOP; - PPU timing tweaked once again, and rendering slightly optimized; - Fixed two PPU rendering bugs (of max. fine x-scroll value and color ram); - NMI timing tweaked once again, might be imperfect though; - Changed sprite DMA transfer behaviour on 4014h writes; - Removed mappers 6, 8 and 17 support (hacked stuff, gone nowadays); - Improved VRCVI/MMC5/mapper91 IRQ timing; - Fixed frame-IRQ somewhat (sound in Dragon Quest games is okay again); - Fixed a bug saving files (filename related); - Fixed stretched blitter plot (`-blitter 4` option in the rocknes.INI file); - Removed that vsync option for a while; - Mouse pointer fixed to start at GUI bar, instead of screen centered; - Changed `ROM cheat` label to `ROM patch` for your best safeness; - Up to date unzip code/ZLIB library; - Added a few C tweaks to speed up the emulation a bit; - PPU frame rendering optimized; - Optimized filters Pixelated and EAGLE, hence a very nice speed up;

- Usual minor fixes and cosmetic changes. What's new for version 3.02 (08/04/2003) ---------------------------------------- Added pseudo-stereo sound output (optional); - ASM window now shows the PRG bank and the respective ROM address; - Small fix in the MMC3 IRQ timing (Joe&Mac2); - Mapper #90 IRQ timing improved and mapper fixed (FinalFight3); - Mapper #91 IRQ timing fixed (StreetFighter2); - Fixed a glitch in the ASM window (two CPU banks selected); - Fixed a bug in the pAPU duty cycle/envelope counters; - Fixed triangle channel (volume level wasn`t being cleared on channel off); - Added volume decay to triangle channel (avoids `clicks` on playback); - Fixed DMC volume decay rate and sample decompression; - Fixed $4011 PCM playback and its volume decay rate; - Fixed PCM data caching, no more emulation crashing; - Fixed gamegenie reset (whoops!); - Partial FDS driver fix (mapper #20); - File select dialog resized (heh, bigger!), plus with new colors; - Changed default video driver to VESA1 instead of AUTODETECT; - Stupid config mistake fixed, now 48k sound sample rate works; - Fixed a bug in the 640x480 stretch blitter; - VRCx IRQs are preliminary again, couldn't find a proper fix yet; - Known problems list updated; - Minor cosmetic changes. What's new for version 3.01 (07/27/2003) ---------------------------------------- Added ability to save the ASM code to a text file; - Added opcode $89 as double-NOP (asian `Super Donkey Kong` works); - Added sprite RAM address clearing on frame ending (fixes a few asian games); - Added frameIRQs, but might be preliminary though (sound in Dragon Quest 2); - Fixed a minor CPU issue with 2 variables; - Fixed $4015 register behaviour; - Fixed triangle channel functionally (Total Recall/Ghostbusters 2); - Fixed DMC status bit on $4015 reads (Solar Wars/Bomberman 2/Castelian); - Fixed default video settings (when no config file is found); - Fixed screenshot saving and changed its format to "game title 000.bmp". What's new for version 3.00 (07/26/2003) ---------------------------------------- My brand new kickass 6502/2A03 CPU core; - Sound drivers (pAPU + VRCVI) rewritten from scratch (better support); - New savestate file format, fully composed by tagged blocks; - Fixed a few problems saving/loading states; - Fixed WAVE logging; - Fixed WorkRAM initial data back to $00s, except for mapper #4; - Fixed GUI colors if user selects a different palette (VS Unisystem); - Fixed mappers #9 and #10 graphics on state loading; - New fast stretched mode on 640x480 by default now; - Added a disassembler, you can output ASM code to a window anytime; - Others usual source fixes. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= * RELEASES 2.xx What's new for version 2.61 --------------------------- Changed WRAM dummy data to $FFs instead of $00s (Low G Man works, thanks to FluBBa for the information);

Sound changed to 16-bit output, plus volume decay; Small fix in the pulse channels frequency; Small fix in the triangle/noise channels volume; Small improvement to Konami's VRC6 sound driver emulation; Fixed a bug on RIFF wave header saving, now 16-bit signed; Fixed filename for dumping $8000-$FFFF data; Fixed emulator shutdown (whoooops!); NMI/RESET/IRQ vectors (values) are now dumped correctly; More cleanups.

What's new for version 2.60 --------------------------- Added sound wave logging (wheee); - Fixed 4-screen mirroring (Rad Racer 2 and others are okay); - Fixed register $400E (noise channel); - Fixed broken DMC real-time support; - Fixed pAPU output, plus much better noise support; - Fixed a few ppu timing issues (Days of Thunder now works); - Fixed a few issues in the sprite code; - Fixed a bug in the input device poll (player 2 polling); - VRC6 sound flag wasn't being cleared on mapper reset, fixed it; - Removed that stupid 60Hz speed sync (when sound is off), now the monitor refresh rate (vsync) is used: please, set it to 60Hz if possible; - Filters now can use any video resolution higher than 640x480, no more overriding the rocknes.ini setting; - More internal tweaks and cosmetic changes. What's new for version 2.51 --------------------------- Changed insert coin key to F8 (argh!); - Fixed another memory leak, now in the FDS driver; - Disabled FDS disk flipping if no FDS data is loaded (ugly); - Fixed memory corruption in the gamegenie driver; - Cleanups in the gamegenie driver. What's new for version 2.50 --------------------------- More rewrites and major cleanups, plus internal changes; - Added 4 new video filters: 2xSaI, SuperEagle, Pixelated (TV looking) and scanlines, all displayed on 640x480 resolution; - Added bright level adjustment! Press F1 to increase or Shift+F1 to decrease level; - Reworked extra memory management, now allocated only if required; - Fixed dummy buffer size (it was too large); - Fixed Allegro shutdown on gfx error (on startup only); - Fixed player #2 input select (joystick #2 is selectable again); - Sound is enabled if the config file is missing (whoops!); - Enabled VS Atari RBI Baseball reads (whoops); - Enabled full WRAM write for trained ROMs (controls now work); - Fixed sprite #0 strike cycle calculation; - Fixed ppu address refresh to the old setting (it was glitching games); - Fixed mapper #5 (MMC5), mirroring behaviour corrected; - Fixed a bug in the mapper #13, plus ppu I/O optimized (Videomation works); - Fixed a bug in the Konami's VRC IRQs (mappers #21,#23,#24,#25,#26); - Fixed mapper #21 (Wai Wai World 2 and others); - Fixed broken fastforward key and sound shutdown; - Fixed 640x480 image centering; - Fixed screenshot/FDS message color display (whoops); - Added coin inserted message display; - Fixed insert coin key to TILDE instead of TAB (grr);

Fixed screenshot return status (no more fake error message on GUI); Fixed a memory leak on program exit; On CPU dumping, the interruption pending status is checked by the I_FLAG; Small ppu pattern I/O optimization; A couple of minor fixes and mistakes.

============================================================================ 2002 Releases ************* What's new for version 2.40 --------------------------- More internal changes and rewrites; - NES joypad latch was not being cleared if the input type is joystick; - Fixed a mistake on movie play status (bleh); - Fixed a stupid loading bug for trained ROMs; - Fixed ppu address reset behaviour (Rambo is okay); - Fixed MMC3 IRQs (yay, finally); - Allowed mapper IRQs to trigger on scanline 240 (fixes a few games); - Added a specific fix for Rad Racer games (the road is okay); - Fixed 8-sprites ppu flag; - Fixed filenames to dump chr data; - Small PSG and color emphasis/monochrome optimizations; - GFX corruption (like map#226) has been fixed; - Changed joypad data reading behaviour; - Changed to compile with the newest stable Allegro release; - Changed some filenames for dumping RAMs; - Minor core cleanups, bug fixes and cosmetic changes. What's new for version 2.30: ---------------------------- Fixed PPU pattern writes (not allowed for games with CHR ROM, whoops); - Fixed mapper #15 (100-in-1 Contra works); - Fixed mapper #44 (Super 7-in-1); - Fixed mapper #227 (1200-in-1, wrong 32k selection); - Fixed mapper #229 (31-in-1); - Fixed mapper #234 (Maxi 15, graphics are ok). - Proper mapper #90 state loading; - Changed cpu dumping file from nes6502.dmp to nes6502.log; - Made a lot of internal changes and optimized the loading/reset procedures; - Major cleanups and junk code remotion. What's new for version 2.20: ---------------------------- Fixed PRG/CHR page masking (whoops); - Fixed coin bit detection for VS Unisystem; - Fixed a problem in the sprite render; - Small fix in the CPU reset; - Sprites RAM is now readable, fixes some games and demos (Froggy is ok); - Fixed NES movies (joypad data logging - RSx files); - Fixed CRC32 calculation if a trainer is present; - Fixed PRG data loading if a trainer is present; - Fixed a major problem with the gamegenie driver; - Fixed some possible memory corruption; - PSG volume level changed to v*23/16; - Fixed broken Famicom DiskSystem driver (FDS); - Added message display for FDS operations (of disk insert/eject, side); - Added ability to detect what's paged on $6000-$7FFF (for CPU dumping); - Added mapper #87 support (PlayChoice-10 The Goonies); - Preliminary mapper #241 support (Edu, unplayable);

Fixed mapper #4 IRQs, still imperfect; Fixed mapper #7 crashes (Cobra Triangle works fine); Fixed mapper #15, but the CHR is corrupted?! (hacks and xxx-in-1 games); Fixed mapper #32 (Image Fight); Fixed mapper #73 IRQ timing (Salamander); Fixed mapper #90 IRQ flag (fixes Super Mario World score); Fixed mapper #94 (jap. Commando); Fixed mapper #97 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru); Fixed mapper #160 (Aladdin, preliminary IRQ); Fixed mapper #187 (unofficial SF/KOF games); Fixed mapper #189 (Yoko SFII/Master Figther II); Fixed mapper #225 (xxx-in-1 games); Fixed mapper #226, but the CHR menu is corrupted?! (76-in-1); Fixed mapper #227 (1200-in-1 - problems with its info); Fixed mapper #232 (Codemasters' Quattro games); Fixed mapper #235 (xxx-in-1 games); Optimized MMC5 WRAM status reading; Minor fixes to the GUI; A few core cleanups and tweaks, it's really fast; Compiled with Allegro 4.1.7 and lastest gcc package.

What's new for version 2.10: ---------------------------- Joystick calibration is back again; - Fixed state saving/loading (older files are not compatible); - Fixed a bug in the mapper #1 (MMC1); - Fixed FDS driver (partially), broken from rewrite; - Fixed a bug in the CPU cycle counter; - Fixed 'no game loaded' error threat; - Fixed input setup on joystick detection error; - Fixed MMC3 IRQs somewhat, still imperfect; - Fixed a small issue with the dummy sound driver; - Fixed PRG/CHR page masking, thanks to Vagla for pointing me this; - Config file cleaned, removed some deprecated options; - PPU timing tweaked, still imperfect due to line-based render; - PSG driver cleaned up a bit; - Color RAM i/o optimized; - New NES palette, taken from Rockman Complete Works (PSX); - EAGLE filter is back again; - Documentation cleaned and partially rewritten; - A few CPU tweaks, finally up-to-date, thanks Matt. ______________________________________________________________________________ Version 2.01 (July 14th 2002) - Fixed fastforward, no more crashing (I hope); - Fixed mapper #1 (Dragon Warrior 3 & 4 work); - Fixed RSx savestate (missing mapper block ID); - Fixed audio silent (does nothing when no sound); - Fixed a couple of major problems with the GUI; - Gameplay is no more stopped if a ROM loading isn't successfull; - Key F11 disabled for quit-to-OS, since you can define a custom key; - CPU dumping now has timestamp and path included; - General tweaks and cleanups. Version 2.00 (July 12th 2002) - Major source rewrite, fixing tons of problems for listing; - New savestate format, smaller and smart, no crashes; - PPU frame render slightly optimised/tweaked; - PPU and CPU timings work better; - Added a fast forward key (maximum speed <-> no framesync);

Added a sprite #0 hit patch for mapper #7 too (fix some Tradewest games); Fixed PCM channel, removed hacks, added real-time counter; Removed that Help text from GUI; Config file (rocknes.ini) included to avoid problems; A few mappers may be broken, so please, report them; Compiled with the newest GCC/Allegro; First release, be patient...

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= * RELEASES 1.xxx Version 1.960 (03/31/2002) * HAPPY EASTER! - New sound core, better output and volume mixer; - Small fixes in the savestate code; - Added new options to patch/corrupt ROM data; - Fixed a GUI problem when taking a screenshot (wrong errorcode); - All video filters (EAGLE, 2xSai) are currently disabled; - Compiled with newest GCC/Allegro; - Possibly a few other changes that I don't remember. ============================================================================ 2001 Releases ************* Version 1.952 (07/31/2001) - Fixed the -quit_emulation_button flag (tested). Version 1.951 (07/31/2001) - Fixed mapper #44 (tested); - Fixed GameGenie codes (I hope); - Added a configurable joypad button to quit the emulator. Edit the config file (rnsetup.ini) and look for ASSIGNMENTS, -quit_emulation_button; - Added support to dump CHR locations of VROM type (preliminary); - Documentation updated. Version 1.950 (07/30/2001) - Fixed $6000-$7FFF CPU bank I/O, many broken mappers are working again; - Fixed a bug on $4003/$4007 writes (sound regs); - Fixed the number of CPU cycles per sound sample; - Fixed color emphasis (setting a palette range with no v-sync), the CMC80's demo works fine; - Fixed NES movie status flag (damn it); - Added mapper #44 (1991 Super HiK 7 in 1 384K), untested; - Enabled 8 sprites per scanline limitation (fixes some games); - Scanline #0 is being displayed again; - Fixed pattern table offsets dumping (seeks all VideoRAM banks); - Fixed a major problem with directories setup; - Fixed bitmap centering when using SuperEAGLE; - Re-added kritz' GameGenie core, slightly changed; - Game information dumping slightly improved (+path and +EOF string); - Changed the config file extension from rnsetup.CFG to rnsetup.INI; - Usual cosmetic changes and minor bugs fixed; - Documentation slightly updated. Version 1.942 (07/21/2001) - Fixed ROM information saving (header + CRCs in a text file); - Fixed mirroring state loading for RSx files (when an unknown value is found); - Fixed a stupid GUI bug: no more emulation reset when you leave the GUI by first time; - Fixed a small flaw in the scanline cycle calculation;

- Fixed a small flaw in the MMC3 scanline counter (from previous version); - Fixed mapper #68 (Batman: Return of Joker - USA/Jap - works fine again); - Added a patch to fix mirroring in Super Cars game. Version 1.941 (07/18/2001) - The memory leak fix hadn't been enabled! It's ok now; - Fixed a bug in the mapper #21 (damn it); - Fixed a bug in the mapper #151 startup; - Fixed VRCxx IRQ timing for the new ppu timing; - Fixed sprite #0 hits; - Added sprite #0 hits by cpu cycle, plus a patch to get VideoMation ok; - Added floating point for scanline cycle calculation, making the things near perfect! Rad Racer 2 (and others) works better and no glitched; - Minor adjustment in the ppu timing; - Minor fixes in the ppu interface. Version 1.940 (07/16/2001) - Fixed file path for dumped items; - Fixed ppu timing (broken from previous version, fixes scrolling); - Fixed bitmap centering (640x480); - Fixed a major problem with memory leak; - Fixed saved states for mapper #0 games (old and undiscovered bug); - Fixed RSx state file (removed unnecessary data saving); - Fixed a bug in the mapper #1 (from previous version); - Fixed mapper #19 (Family Circuit '91 works fine); - Fixed MMC3 reset, plus small IRQ timing fix; - Added full support for mapper #119 (Pinbot and High Speed are playable); - Added a ppu tweak to get Rad Racer 2 working good (maybe more games too); - Added support to dump ppu patterns offsets (ROM locations); - Added support for paged CHR RAM (used by some mappers); - Added a CPU cycle calculation per scanline (not good, but works better); - Minor ppu render cleanup; - Lots of bug fixes, plus more changes for portability. Version 1.930 (06/28/2001) - Fixed GUI colors for 16-bit video modes, plus surface clearing (Fx3); - Fixed a potential bug setting color emphasis and monochrome modes (Fx3); - Fixed broken EAGLE support from previous version (Fx3); - Fixed ZIP support, plus added support for GZipped files (Richard); - Small optimization in the PPU code (Richard); - More fixes and changes for portability (Richard/Fx3). Version 1.920 (06/25/2001) - Started to rewrite the entire source for portability; - Fixed VRC6 sound output again (added timestamp, works much better); - Fixed ppu mirroring restoration on state loading (.RSx files); - Fixed another bug on state loading (bad CHR?); - Fixed color emphasis reset (thanks Alexandre); - Added pAPU state saving (+VRC6 sound). Old states are fully compatible; - Added that old pop-up message system (old request, ok); - Added SuperEAGLE/Super2xSaI engines (*warning: preliminary and _very slow_ even in a p800 (!), so take care... weird GUI colors too, I know why...); - Function keys (F1-F12) does not freeze the emulator anymore; - Removed that PPU timing hack; - A lot of cleanups and minor bugs squashed. Version 1.910 (05/19/2001) - Partial rewrite, squashing lots of problems and bugs (too much for listing); - Fixed a flaw in the MMC3 IRQ timing; - Fixed VRC6 output (working nicely now, thanks Alexandre);

Fixed a bug in the PCM channel, plus $4015 sound register; Fixed command line parse, thanks to everyone for the feedback; Fixed save state feature (may be incompatible sometimes); Fixed tons of GUI problems (+internal Help); Fixed config file reading (+small changes); Added an option (ROM patch) to fetch the byte value from current address; Using last Matt Conte's 2A03 (6502) CPU emulator; Source fixed to compile with no warnings; Cosmetic changes, plus general optmizations.

Version 1.900 (04/15/2001) * HAPPY EASTER - Fixed a memory read bug (VS Unisystem ok); - Fixed mappers #7 (duh), #65, #79, #113, #234 (Maxi-15 works fine), #243; - Fixed a bug in the noise sound channel (whoo... much better); - Added mapper #57 support (GK-L01A); - Added CRC32 display (for PRG/CHR data) in the game info GUI dialog; - Added directory setup in the config file for dumped data; - Added a nice tweak to retrieve status (bits) from a number, soft speed up; - Added patches to fix some map#79 games with wrong mirroring set; - Added iNES header information save + CRCs in a file (.nfo); - Changed iNES header fix to work with CRC32 numbers (PRG); - Changed screenshot format from PCX to BMP; - Changed some GUI labels; - Reenabled my MMC3 (mapper #4) IRQ timing code; - PRG ROM dumping disabled when there are no CHR ROM pages; - Cosmetic changes, small optimizations and some errors squashed. Bug-fix on 03/06/2001 - Fixed I/O reads, the VS Unisystem games are playable again. Version 1.830 (03/05/2001) - Fixed name garbage when saving files; - Fixed RAM, WRAM, VROM and CPU registers dumping; - Added PRG data dumping when no VROM is present (due the request); - vsync on/off switch was disabled, oops; - Documentation revised. Version 1.820 (03/03/2001) - Most of mapper #5 (MMC5) code has been rewritten, fixing some games; - Added MMC5 RAM saving/loading (size is always 65536 bytes); - Fixed NESticle state loading (STA files -- mappers 0,1,2,3 and 4 only); - Removed that FDS warning at startup (now displayed on FDS loading); - Some changes for ANSI compatibility, plus cosmetic changes and minor fixes. Version 1.810 (02/28/2001) - Rebuilt most of startup sequence, tons of problems were fixed; - Fixed memory corruption, FDS driver and NES reset; - Fixed a memory problem in the PPU reset (fixing gfx garbage); - Fixed HBlank timing for mappers (broken from previous version); - Fixed mappers #40, #42, #43, #69, #90 (broken from previous version); - Fixed mapper #67; - Fixed ROM mapping on $6000-$7FFF memory space; - Fixed a problem in the config (default inputs settings were not done on startup); - Removed garbage from GUI, fixed mapper information box; - Tons of cosmetic changes, plus minor fixes. Version 1.800 (02/23/2001) - Accurate emulation of sprite #0 hits, improving the compatibility; - Removed frameskipping (sorry, no more possible, accuracy over speed);

- Tweaked the NES timing, fixing a couple of games; - Fixed savestate (rsx) code; - Fixed a problem setting monochrome mode; - Fixed the directories setup (it was not being refreshed on rom loading); - Fixed a stupid sprite clipping bug; - Added an option in the GUI to display current inputs devices, and to restore default settings; - Updated 2A03 CPU core (november/2000); - Compiled with Allegro WIP 3.9.34, newest DJGPP package; - A lot of others fixes and cosmetic changes. Version 1.703 (01/27/2001) - Fixed savestate code to suit big-endian byte order (the MacOS); - Fixed EAGLE blitting (removed debug junk); - Fixed sprite ram data overflow (oh boy); - More fixes to MMC5 (IRQ is working again, sorry). Version 1.702 (01/22/2001) - Fixed trainer support. Version 1.701 (01/21/2001) - Fixed directories setup. Version 1.700 (01/20/2001) - Added ZIP support [katharsis]; - Small changes in the rom loading; - Movie support slightly improved; - Added support for mapper #67 (no games are playable); - Mapper #5 improved somewhat (only CastleVania3 and MetalSladerGlory work); - Mapper #33 improved somewhat (support FlintStones); - Mapper #43 (1xx-in-1) changed to number #235; - Mapper #48 (SMB2j (LF36)) changed to number #43; - Fixed mapper #4 IRQ timing; - Fixed mapper #21 (Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 has correct gfx); - Fixed mapper #68, more games are playable; - Fixed mapper #160 (Aladdin -- preliminary IRQ timing control); - Fixed mapper #235, thanks to Takeda/nester; - Fixed VS Atari RBI Baseball patch on reads; - Fixed pAPU timing (was completly wrong, damn it!), output is better; - Fixed a PCM decoding bug, plus removed IRQ and cycle eating on queue; - Fixed sprite DMA transfer; - Fixed state loading (of RSx files); - Fixed PPU state at 'power on' (starts at scanline zero), thanks to Ki; - Fixed pattern table dumping, thanks snowbro for the bug report! - Small PPU optimizations/tweaks; - ROM images larger than the header spec may be loaded again; - Game screen is no more cleared when video resolution dialog is closed; - Added horizontal screen centering using LFB blitter; - Added directories setup for everything; - Added FPS (frames-per-second) display. Just press F1 to display/hide; - Added current video resolution display in the Help->System specs dialog; - Mapped F11 key to 'quit to OS' directly; - A couple of non-emulation related problems were squashed, plus cleanups; - Documentation updated, plus big english errors fixed :-B ============================================================================ 1998-2000 Releases ****************** Version 1.600 (11/24/2000)

- Added a ppu tile caching system, sped up the things; - Added a decent savestate format -- NOT compatible with the old ones; - Added a new method for noise luts, much clean; - Added mapper #180 (Nichibutsu, game Crazy Climber supported); - Added preliminary VS UniSystem reads handler (Atari RBI Baseball works), thanks to xodnizel; - Added a cheap hack to get Paris-Dakar Rally Special working (map66); - Fixed a major bug in the mapper #40 (SMB2j) reset; - Fixed mapper #83 CHR bankswitch (World Heroes2 works); - Fixed mapper #232 (BF9096 chip - used by Codemasters' Quattro carts); - Fixed mapper #233 (the '20-in-1' half works, 'reset' to active); - Fixed nametables dumping (dumping the entire $400 data in a .nam file); - Fixed major problems in the sound startup routines; - Fixed number of cpu cycles per sprite DMA transfer; - Fixed ppu layout (frame starts at VBlank); - Fixed ppu latch system and ppu reads, thanks to Ki for his findings (pass ok in the tests programs). - Fixed mirroring state saving (when a mapper uses a custom mirroring); - Tweaks in the FDS driver, more games are working; - Cleaned up the 16k CHR RAM support code, used by mapper #13; - Expanded ROM information display; - Whoops, removed "dump pattern addresses" option from GUI; - General cleanups to boost the performance; - Added a 'secret' mapper, I will tell you later... ;-) Version 1.500 (11/05/2000) - NES sound driver partially rewritten. Added real-time state for register $4015, which fixes sound output for all games; - Added mapper #76 driver (Namco 109); - Added mappers #72, #92, #101 (Taito mappers); - Added mappers #83 (Cony mapper), #240; - Added mapper #100 (NESticle MMC3 hack mode, untested); - Fixed mapper #70 (small hack for Kamen Rider Club); - Fixed mapper #113 (to support HES carts); - Removed duplicated pattern table saving on games with no VROM. Version 1.421 (10/18/2000) - Fixed a bug on sound reset, the noise channel is now working properly. Version 1.420 (10/18/2000) - Better noise emulation; - Added an option in the GUI to save sprite ram within all informations for each sprite, like a text file; - Added stretched mode, due the request (delete the old config file to setup this option); - Minor optimization in the scanline blitter; - Fixed some GUI options that were working when no game was loaded. Version 1.410 (10/11/2000) - Added mapper #118 (IQS MMC3) driver, now YsIII - Wanderers from Ys and Goal! Two are playable; - Fixed FDS memory allocation and system startup, major cleanup/rewrite; - Fixed FDS image loading. Files with no header should be ok; - Added FDS image identification by the NINTENDO-HVC string, removed the old one by file extension (required only by images with no fwNES' FDS header). - Fixed ROM load/free, squashed several mistakes; - Disabled MMC3 WRAM control, enabled from previous version. Version 1.400 (10/09/2000)

Small mistakes squashed on FDS driver; Fixed FDS disk writes somewhat, no more 'ERRxx' problems; FDS images with no header present are loadable (you need .FDS extension); Fixed mapper #42, pirate MarioBaby works fine; Fixed frame-IRQs, now there's sound output in DragonQuest games; Fixed a possible memory leak problem; Added WRAM (bank at $6000) dumping; Removed some general junk, more minor changes that I don't remember...

Version 1.303 (09/27/2000) - Fixed (this time with sure) trainer support. Version 1.302 (09/26/2000) - Fixed trainer support (bug from previous version); - Small mistakes with 'while' loops fixed. Version 1.301 (09/25/2000) - Fixed some problems with FDS driver, more games are playable; - Whoops! Fixed broken mapper #43 from previous version. Version 1.300 (09/24/2000) - Fixed a mapper #1 (MMC1) bug, now more games are playable; - NES periodic rewritten, much better, fixing tons of games! - Adjusted Konami's VRCxx IRQs timing (now 99.9% good); - Fixed a nasty NES reset problem; - Fixed Famicom DiskSystem emulation, thanks Ki for the docs! Notice that your FDS image won't be saved/changed for a while; - Sound driver optimized (a bit faster now); - As always... more changes and bugs squashed, but I don't remember... :) Version 1.200 (09/09/2000) - Fixed a small problem loading saved states; - Fixed sound shutdown (no more crash on exit); - Fixed mapper 5 (MMC5) IRQ problem (Laser Invasion works fine); - Fixed mapper 19 IRQ timing (game Final Lap works fine); - Small IRQs timing fix for VRCxx and mapper 17; - New mappers supported, thanks to Scott Wu for Taiwan mappers: * #43 - used by 150-in-1 (preliminary); * #110 (SACHEN SA-006), used by Honey Peach; * #113 (SACHEN TC-005), used by Totsu Geki; * #117 (Futura), used by Sango IV (preliminary); * #184 (unknown), used by Wings of Madoola; * #187 (unknown), used by King of Fighters'96, Street Fighter Zero 2; * #189 (FC-001EMC), used by Street Fighter II (YOKO soft); * #246 (Taiwan Number 1), used by a couple of chinese games. - Pattern table saved in the game directory as "gamename.PT0/PT1"; - Broken stuff might work again, I hope; - More changes and fixes that I don't remember... Version 1.110 (08/01/2000) - Added color emphasis and monochrome mode; - Added preliminary frame-IRQ, thanks to Ki for the NES findings; - Added tick handler (60FPS when sound is disabled); - Fixed frequency sweep on square wave #0, again, thanks Ki; - Forced overscan color to be black (fixes that gray around the screen in some video modes); - Fixed CHR RAM write-protection set by some mappers; - NES PSG/VRCVI sound drivers improved a bit; - *Final* format to saved games, now with the extension *.RSx (x=0..9), this means your saved state will be always compatible with future releases;

- Changed F1 by ESC to swap to GUI (F1 does nothing now); - Fixed movies shutdown when user quits by GUI; - Some small internal changes and fixes. Version 1.100 (07/20/2000) - Rebuilt ROM images loading (memory allocation); - PSG optimizations and fixes; - PCM channel finally fixed, working good with all games; - Fixed 22.05MHz sample rate support; - Added 48.00MHz sample rate support (if supported); - Added sprite RAM dumping; - Fixed color RAM dumping; - Fixed inputs setup (weird); - Fixed some GUI problems; - Fixed FDS support, still preliminary; - Fixed save/load state to FDS games; - Added VS Platoon and VS Golf/Lady Golf palettes (partial); - Added full mapper #13 using 16k CHR RAM support (Videomation works fine); - Added mapper #42 (bootleg Mario Baby), untested, may be wrong; - Added mapper #234 (Maxi-15, no dumps work well); - Fixed MMC5 CHR bankswitching, added Fill mode (still preliminary); - Mapper #90 slightly improved; - Some PPU tweaks to improve the things; - More changes and fixes that I don't remember... Version 1.090 (06/24/2000) - Fixed noise frequencies table; - Fixed pAPU 'active time left' table; - Small PSG optimizations and more fixes; - Fixed CHR bankswitching macros (added a few more too); - Fixed mapper #23 CHR banks. Version 1.080 (06/19/2000) - Major emulation core cleaned/rewritten; - Added mapper #75 (Konami VRC1 / Jaleco SS8805); - Fixed mapper #18 (Jaleco SS8806); - Fixed mapper #23 PRG bankswitching (oops!); - Fixed mapper #24 mirroring set; - Fixed mapper #26 (jap. Madara works fine); - Fixed mapper #78 (jap. Holy Diver works fine); - Fixed mapper #88 (jap. Quinty works fine); - Fixed mapper #227 (pirate cart 1200-in-1 works fine); - Fixed mapper #228 (gfx corruption, oops!!); - Fixed pAPU timing; - Fixed noise sound channel (almost perfect); - Fixed PCM volume level; - Fixed a VRCVI reset problem; - Fixed a bug parsing sound rate setting from config; - Fixed a bug parsing frame rate setting from config; - Fixed a bug parsing game directory from config; - Added pAPU reset on NES reset; - Rebuilt some PSG stuff; - Rebuilt CHR bankswitching (more games are playable, it fixes mapper #90); - Fixed PRG/CHR bank mask; - More bugs were squashed, fixed some broken stuff due the last updates. Version 1.070 (06/12/2000) - Rebuilt and cleared up NES memory handler system, lots of fixes. Things should work better than before. Changed a couple of internal stuff; - Rebuilt input configurations, much cleaned up;

- Rebuilt PSG event queue (fixes the NSF player); - Minor PSG/FDS code fix/clean; - Saved states slightly changed due the memory system changes; - NES sound updated at end of frame, instead of VBlank hit (works better); - Replaced some 'generic mappers id' by 'board names', when possible; - Added mapper #94 (Senjou no Ookami, jap. Commando); - Added mapper #97 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru, jap. Kid Niki); - Fixed a minor mapper #5 (MMC5) startup problem; - Fixed mapper #113 (=#79, Rad Racket works, other games may be buggy); - Fixed a backed battery problem; - Fixed VROM dumping (file is saved in the same folder that ROM image is, with ".chr" extension, instead of generic "vrom.dmp"); - Changed nametable dump (filename) to use ".nam" instead of ".ntb"; - Removed "vsdir" from config file (no more used); - Updated with latest 6502 core by Matt Conte (supports all 256 opcodes). Version 1.061 (05/27/2000) - Added RAM dumping; - Fixed ROM cheat to wrap values greater than 255, and higher addresses; - Changed CHR bank masking on mapper #3; - Fixed initial mirroring state (it was wrong loading saved states); - Fixed minor bugs in the PCM channel; - Fixed MMC5 to get (at least) CastleVania3 working with no gfx corruption; - Fixed a PSG (sound) shutdown bug. Version 1.060 (05/11/2000) - Added partial support for NESticle saved states (*.STA); - Added signed noise output (very good); - VRC6 sound driver slightly cleaned; - Fixed sound output and constants values; - Fixed a bug parsing '-sound_rate' from config ('no sound' is ok again); - Fixed soundcard name display (when 'no sound', it displays '-off-'); - Fixed saving/loading states to mappers 5, 19, 90 and 230 data (specific); - Mapper #1 (MMC1) rewritten, added 512k support (DragonWarrior 3 & 4 works); - Mapper #5 fixed somewhere (more games work, still very bad); - Mapper #11 CHR page mask fixed (no more gfx corruption, I hope); - Mapper #25 rewritten/fixed, now TMNT2j works; - Mapper #32 mirroring fixed (Image Fight works fine again); - Mapper #69 fixed (added command 8, now game 'Gimmick!' works); - Mapper #90 slightly cleaned/fixed; - Added mapper #6 (preliminary support); - Added mapper #73 (Konami's VRC3, japanese Salamander); - Added mapper #160 (Aladdin cart), preliminary support; - Added mapper #232 (Codemasters' Quattro games, *does not* work yet); - IRQ timing updated at end of h-blank (works a bit better); - Fixed Metal Slader Glory gfx glitch (right side of screen), IRQ related; - Added ROM data cheat; - Added CPU dumping (of registers), color palette, patterns, nametables; - GUI now supports .NES, .NEZ, .BAK and .FDS extensions; - Added more help text in the 'Help' dialog; - This document was updated/changed a bit; - More minor problems were squashed. Version 1.052 (04/08/2000) - Rebuilt startup/shutdown sequence and GUI handling; - Crappy mirroring fix for mapper #70 (Arkanoid2 and Kamen Rider Club ok); - Added image size checking (it compares the real size with the header spec); - Added mapper #230 (22-in-1/Contra, working); - Fixed mapper #227 (1200in1 cart works, still partial); - Fixed trainer support (battery loading related);

Fixed a couple of non-emulation bugs to avoid memory problems/crashing; Fixed screenshot (disabled when no game loaded); Final (and better) save state format; GUI color changed to a soft green; More changes and general bug fixes.

Version 1.051 (04/02/2000) - Fixed mapper #41 (Caltron 6-in-1 works fine); - Added mirroring control to mapper #33 (not sure if correct, game Insector X seems to look better); - Fixed minor GUI glitches. Version 1.050 (03/30/2000) - Compiled with the newest DJGPP (everything's much better), hence LFN (Long FileNames) are supported; - Fixed a CHR switching bug from 1.04 in mapper #1 (Bigfoot is ok again); - Fixed a stupid CHR/PRG page select bug in mapper #255 (more games work); - Fixed PRG bank switching (some values were being truncated); - Fixed MMC3 (mapper #4) 4-screen mirroring (Gauntlet works fine), and a bug with CHR bankswitching, now Taito Chase HQ works with no gfx corruption; - Added/fixed mapper #19 support (preliminary, thanks Nori for the info); - Fixed mapper #70 (mirroring bug); - Added mapper #41 (Clatron / Myriad Games 6 in 1 unlicensed cart), untested, thanks to Kevin Horton for the info; - Removed SaveRAM write-protection when a trainer is present (hacked japanese Parodius works fine again); - A couple of bugs fixed, general junk removed, a lot of code cleaned; - Documentation slightly changed. Version 1.042 - Fixed PCM output for better RAW sound (good); - Small change compiling the binary, tell me if it's better (faster?). Version 1.041 - Fixed crashing problem when 'no sound' is set, oops; - Some fix for 'save state' (it may have problems yet); - Some cosmetic changes in the sound core. Version 1.04 - Using Matt Conte's 6502 CPU core (faster); - Rebuilt a lot of stuff to suit the new CPU core (more games should work); - Rebuilt some sound stuff (output fixed, waves are correct); - Sound timing slightly changed (RAW PCM works, still buggy in some games); - Fixed no sound problem when you swap to GUI and back to game; - Fixed sound system reset (no more 'sound' when 'no sound'); - Fixed VS Excitebike palette (looks nice in tracks 5,6,7); - Fixed mapper #68 (mirroring was disabled, blah); - Fixed mapper #225 (58-in-1 works fine); - Fixed mapper #226 (76-in-1, working with no problems); - Fixed mapper #228 (Cheetahmen II works); - Fixed mapper #233 (42-in-1 cart, partial, just the first half/22 games); - Added mapper #229 support (31-in-1, working with no problems); - Added mapper #255 support (110-in-1, some games still don't work); - Added preliminary FDS support (mapper #20); - Changed VBlank & NMI scanlines (VS Excitebike ok, more games work too); - GUI fully rewritten (using Allegro's routines yet, btw); - Removed more junk code, tons of cosmetic changes and minor bugs out; - Updated help display, documentation updated. Version 1.03

Added MMC5 IRQ modes 0 & 1 (Castlevania 3 and Metal Slader Glory works); Added NES sound frequency sweep (Mario jump sound works); Fixed MMC5 CHR bank switching (no more glitches); Fixed a color bug with VS Excitebike (black instead of blue); Fixed 4-screen mirroring set when you load a state (*.RNx), ok; Fixed RAM saving when you save a state ($0800-$1000 block fills the RAM); Keyboard & joystick can be enabled (like p1 as joystick, p2 as keyboard); Added joystick calibration on startup (check rnsetup.cfg for information); Adjusted mapper #40 IRQ timing to fix the 'cloud glitch'; Removed screen clearing (bitmap is always cleared with black); Added vsync, joypad calibration and bitmap blitter select in the config; Default bitmap blitter changed to old blitter (more compatible); More minor problems has been fixed, some junk removed.

Version 1.02 New IRQ handler system (using 'hooks'); Fixed MMC5 support (CastleVania 3 US works, still unplayable); Added mapper #226 support (76in1 cart, partial); Added mapper #227 support (1200in1 cart, does not work); More minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.01 - Fixed a CPU bug (from 1.0, IRQ related), and some others; - Fixed mapper #40 IRQ timing (SMB2j works correctly); - Fixed machine 'reboot' problem caused by some mapper #4/#64 games (argh!); - Fixed a problem with mapper #7 (PRG page select, from 1.0); - Fixed some problems with mapper #64; - Fixed mapper #85 (major problem, Lagrange Point works); - Fixed some problems with mapper #225 (58/110-in-1, working again, woohoo!); - Fixed some problems with mapper #231 (Wally Bear and the No! Gang works!); - Fixed a config problem (joypad type were ignored if >11); - Fixed a major bug with battery support ($6000); - Changed (again) VBlank/NMI scanline hit (more games work, others not yet); - Added NES sound envelope volume control (the output is _too_ much better); - Added IRQ control to mapper #65; - Added mapper #91 (preliminary, bad IRQ support, but the pirate game Street Fighter III is playable). - Started MMC5 support (does not work yet); - There's mapper #233 (42-in-1) support since 1.0 (oh my memory!); - More fixes and minor changes; - Please, send me your feedback! It's important! Thank you. Version 1.0 Added 5th NES sound channel (PCM), preliminary support; Added Konami's VRCVI extra sound chip emulation; Added mapper #40 support (the FDS SMB2j 'lost levels' hacked to NES format); Added mapper #90 support (Super Mario World), preliminary; Major sound rewrite/fix, very optimized, too much better; Screen clearing fixed (I hope); PPU render optimized, slight speed increase; Current palette is correctly restored if the resolution is changed; Reset disabled if a NES movie is in use; Fixed RAM r/w and mirroring (Joe&Mac works good); Fixed VBlank/NMI scanline hit; Fixed some CPU bugs (opcodes, NMI and IRQ), still buggy and slow; Fixed a config bug getting videocard selection (working again);

- Fixed a crash problem with 320x200 resolution (PSG related); - Fixed NES image center using the old blitter; - Fixed Load/Free ROM shortcuts in the GUI display; - Fixed some GUI glitches/problems; - Fixed 'load error' when mapper is not supported; - Fixed a major mirroring problem (4-screen layout), now more games should work fine ('Rad Racer 2' looks too much better). The mirroring system has been changed a bit to fix this problem; - Fixed VRAM address range (game 'The FlintStones' works fine again); - Fixed a major pattern table overwriting bug that causes no background in some games, such as mapper #4 (games 'Cowboy Kid' and 'Fantasy Zone' work); - Fixed a major mapper #4/#64 bug, now Mickey's Safari works fine again, more games are working good (TMNT2 has no more glitches); - Fixed a mapper #85 CHR glitch (Lagrange Point has perfect title screen); - Fixed trainer support (overwrite data problem); - Found 'Castelian' hang problem (PCM related), but unable to fix it yet; - Mapper startup/hooks stuff rewritten; - Screenshots enabled (hit F12 to save a PCX); - Removed ctrl+G 'ghost' (does nothing and it crashes the emulation); - Removed 'Free ROM' GUI option (not useful); - Added a new way to save pcx files (it does not take emulation time); - Added a new main NES palette, very closed to NES, thanks to Chris Covell; - Added VS SkyKid and VS Dr.Mario palettes (check menu item CPU->Palettes); - Added mirroring control to mapper #66 (not sure if correct); - NES movies are closed if you quit to OS (at any status); - PlayChoice-10 games should work fine (.NES format). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= * RELEASES 0.xxx Version 0.991 - Fixed a crash problem of mapper #0 games writting to $8000-$FFFF (?), now Ms PacMan (Namco version) works; - Fixed a couple of mirroring bugs in the mappers; - Fixed NES hard reset (I hope); - Key F5 enabled for NES reset; - Moved a lot of stuff (internally) to avoid too much public stuff; - GUI items not finished are not displayed for a while; - Added VS Unisystem palettes selection in the GUI; - Removed some junk code and minor GUI glitches. Version 0.99 - Added a basic GUI, missing some items (to be completed); - Major rewrite. Things should work too much better than before; - Removed command line switches (at least for a while); - A lot of stuff fixed. Saved states and Movies has a final format; - Added player #2 joypad logging for Movies; - Mappers added: #21 (Wai Wai World 2) and #85 (Lagrange Point, partial); - Most of mappers were fixed (except mapper 65, I haven't full info); - Rebuilt all virtual NES emulation (loading, reset, memory setup etc.); - Fixed some IRQs (on Mapper #4) and some scrolling problems; - Fixed palette mirroring, thanks to [Delta] for the info; - Fixed screen layout (VBlank start scanline, NMI scanline); - Added a sound fix to kill long notes problem (should cut off something); - Currently, you can't change the number of cycles per scanline (113) or scanlines per frame (262). * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * //eof