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HUM100W S14 Ormsbee

Secondary Source Scavenger Hunt: Sexuality, 1960s History, and LGBT Literature Upload to Canvas by 9:00 a.m., 12 March 2014
Humanities Department Librarian: Peggy Cabrera! peggy.cabrera@sjsu.edu

! Objectives:

practice skills finding secondary sources using library resources (both digital and physical) begin creating the bibliography for your first essay assignment

! Instructions:

1. For this assignment, you will need MLK Library, access to a computer, and access to a digital camera (phone cameras are fine). Let Prof. Ormsbee know if you do not have access to a camera phone. 2. Read the instructions carefully and fully complete each task. 3. Where asked, use your own words and not the authors (i.e., no plagiarism) 4. Type out your responses to each Task. Label each Task clearly so that I can grade more easily. 5. Use MLA style for required citations 6. Upload a .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, or .txt file directly to Canvas. 7. Grading: A good faith effort that is complete gets full credit; 4 points total possible. Isherwoods A Single Man. Because the Humanities major is interdisciplinary, broadly speaking, you are looking for sources that cover three academic disciplines relevant to the study of the novel: 1) LGBT/ Sexuality Studies; 2) 1960s American History; and 3) Literature (LGBT & mid-Century literature specifically)

! Note: For the purposes of this assignment, you are conducting preliminary research for your first essay on ! Task 1: Reference Sources (1 point)

Identify key reference sources (i.e., dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, etc.) in the Reference library at SJSUs MLK Library (2nd floor). Do not hesitate to ask a librarian at the 2nd floor Reference Desk for assistance if you need it. Part 1: Create a bibliography of at least five (5) reference sources that treat LGBT Studies, 1960s History, or LGBT Literature. Part 2: Locate and read an article in one of your reference sources that treats one of the following topics: Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man, Gay Literature, Gay rights in the 1960s, Gay history in California. Write a brief 3-5 sentence summary of the article.

! Task 2: Scholarly Journals (1 point)

Visit the basement of the MLK Library and identify the key scholarly journals in SJSUs collection that you would look to in order to research topics arising from reading Isherwoods A Single Man (i.e., LGBT/Sexuality Studies; 1960s History; Literature). Part 1: Using the digital catalogue, identify ten scholarly journals that would be helpful in researching topics relevant to the study of the Isherwood novel in all three of the disciplines for this assignment. Create a bibliographical list of those 10 journals in MLA style. Note which journals are available in digital format and which ones are available in physical journal in the library. Part 2: Take a picture of yourself holding at least one actual scholarly journal on the basement floor of MLK library. Smile if you want. Include the pic in your assignment document.

! Task 3: Using scholarly Articles (1 point)

Use a digital search engine (e.g., JSTOR or Academic Search Premier) or looking through the physical journals in the basement level of MLK Library.

Part 1: Select one (1) journal article about A Single Man, Isherwood, or LGBT life in the 1960s. Cite the article in MLA style. Part 2: Read the article. Write one paragraph about the article that identifies the following: 1. The articles primary topic 2. The articles primary thesis/argument/claim 3. The authors evidence and/or reasons to support the thesis/claim Part 3: Look at the articles end notes and bibliography. Identify two sources (articles or books) from the articles sources and cite them in MLA style.

! Task 4: Scholarly Books (1 point)

Part 1: Locate one (1) book in MLK Library about one of the three main discipline areas for this assignment (LGBT/Sexuality Studies; 1960s History; or Literature). Take a picture of yourself holding the book in front of the shelf where its located in the library. Include the pic in your final document. Include an MLA citation of the book in your assignment. Part 2: Look at the Notes and Bibliography of your chosen book, and identify two more interesting sources. Describe where in the book you found these two new sources and an MLA style citation of the new source. Part 3: Scan the shelves with the same call number and/or close call numbers to the book you located. From the shelves, identify two more books that might be helpful from the shelf; include MLA citations of them in your assignment.