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Arabic 101 Keyboard Label Instructions and Specifications

Table of Contents
Clear Arabic Labels - Product Description Opaque Arabic Labels Product Description Compatibility Configuring Windows 7 and ista for Arabic !"! Configuring Windows #P for Arabic !"! Configuring $icrosoft Office for Arabic !"! %ow to &nstall t'e Labels %ow to (se t'e Arabic )eyboard Layout %ow to *ype Arabic C'aracters Product +pecifications

Clear Arabic 101 Labels come in green or white letters.

Clear Arabic Labels escription! *'e Arabic !"! ,eyboard labels are clear labels wit' Arabic c'aracters on t'e rig't side- *'is allows you to con.ert any ,eyboard to a bilingual Arabic !

,eyboard- *'e labels are a.ailable in green /for lig't or beige colored ,eyboards0 and w'ite /for blac, ,eyboards0-

"pa#ue Arabic 101 labels are bilingual $nglish %&S' and Arabic.

"pa#ue Arabic Labels escription! *'e opaque Arabic !"! ,eyboard labels are blac, opaque labels wit' w'ite 1nglis' /(+0 letters on t'e left side of t'e label and green Arabic c'aracters on t'e rig't side- *'is allows you to con.ert any ,eyboard to a bilingual 1nglis' 2 Arabic ,eyboard-

Language Compatibility- *'e Arabic !"! ,eyboard labels are compatible wit' Windows ,eyboards in t'e following countries3 4a'rain5 1gypt5 &raq5 6ordan5 )uwait5 Lebanon5 Libya5 Oman5 7atar5 +audi Arabia5 +yria5 (-A-1-5 and 8emen(indows Compatibility- *'e Arabic !"! ,eyboard labels are compatible wit' t'e Arabic !"! ,eyboard layout in Windows 75 ista5 and #P- *'e labels mig't be compatible wit' earlier .ersions of Windows5 but t'ey 'a.e not been tested to ensure complete compatibility*'e label set includes t'e Arabic style number set t'at is compatible wit' $icrosoft Office4ecause t'e Arabic language uses rig't-to-left te9t entry5 certain ,eys are 'andled differently depending upon t'e software- *'ese ,eys5 / 0 : ; < = > ?5 appear in one way in $icrosoft Office programs5 but are different in ot'er programs- We include stic,ers for bot' layouts so ensure t'e ,eyboard layout you install matc'es your software-

Configuring (indows ) and *ista for Arabic 101

!@ACDClic, on t'e +tart button in t'e lower left corner of t'e computer screenClic, on t'e Control Panel item+elect t'e Cloc,5 Language5 and Begion option+elect t'e Begional and Language OptionClic, on t'e )eyboards and Languages *ab@

E- Clic, on t'e C'ange )eyboards button7- Clic, t'e Add buttonF- Gind t'e Arabic country item you wis' to use /Hote3 a number of countries use t'e Arabic !"! ,eyboard so you may select any of t'e countries0I- Clic, on t'e plus sign /JKJ0 to t'e left of t'e Arabic country you wis' to use!"- Clic, on t'e plus sign /JKJ0 to t'e left of t'e ,eyboard!!- Clic, on t'e bo9 to t'e left of t'e ,eyboard layout5 Arabic !"!!@- Clic, t'e O) button to select t'e ,eyboard layout and close t'e Add &nput Language dialog bo9!A- Clic, on t'e Apply button in t'e lower rig't corner of t'e *e9t +er.ices and &nput Languages dialog bo9!C- Clic, on t'e O) button in t'e lower rig't corner of t'e *e9t +er.ices and &nput Languages dialog bo9!D- Gor Arabic5 you may be prompted to insert your Windows install disc to complete t'e ,eyboard installation- &f so5 place t'e Windows installation disc in t'e disc dri.e and answer t'e prompts in t'e dialog bo9es to complete t'e installation- &f you do not 'a.e a Windows installation disc5 you s'ould contact your computer manufacturer-

Configuring (indows +, for Arabic 101

!- Clic, on t'e +tart button in t'e lower left corner of t'e computer screen@- Clic, on t'e Control Panel itemA- Clic, t'e Date5 *ime5 Language5 and Begional optionC- Clic, t'e Ot'er Languages optionD- $a,e sure t'at you are .iewing t'e Languages tabE- Gor Arabic5 clic, on t'e square ne9t to &nstall files for comple9 script and rig't-to-left languages /including *'ai0- 8ou may be prompted to insert your $icrosoft Windows install disc at t'is point- &f you do not 'a.e a Windows install disc for your computer5 you s'ould contact your computer manufacturer7- Clic, on t'e Details buttonF- &n t'e *e9t +er.ices and &nput Languages dialog bo95 clic, on t'e Add buttonI- +croll t'roug' t'e list of languages until you see t'e language and country you want- Hote t'at many languages 'a.e multiple countries w'ic' may be different ,eyboard layouts- $a,e sure t'at t'e language and layout you select matc'es t'at of your language labels!"- Clic, on t'e O) button to setup t'e language and close t'e language selector bo9-

!!- Clic, t'e Apply button in t'e lower rig't corner of t'e *e9t +er.ices and &nput Languages dialog bo9!@- Clic, t'e O) button to complete t'e language setup!A- Clic, O) to close all ot'er dialog bo9es t'at may be open!C- Close t'e Control Panel-

Configuring -icrosoft "ffice for Arabic 101

&f you are using $icrosoft Office5 you may need to configure it for t'e Arabic !"! ,eyboard!- 4egin by locating and selecting t'e $icrosoft Office *ools in t'e main program menu$icrosoft Office Language +ettings @- &f you are prompted for t'e Office installation disc5 insert it and answer t'e promptsA- &n t'e 1nabled Languages dialog bo95 clic, t'e bo9es to t'e left of t'e languages you wis' to use in $icrosoft OfficeC- W'en you 'a.e finis'ed selecting t'e languages5 clic, t'e Apply buttonD- Clic, t'e O) button to close t'e 1nabled Languages dialog bo9-

Installing the Labels

Optional Labels *'e Arabic !"! label set includes optional labels for / 0 < = : ; > and ? to use depending on w'ic' word processor you are using- Gor e9ample5 Arabic in $icrosoft Word features t'e JIJ and t'e J/J on t'e same ,ey- Ot'er word processors suc' as OpenOffice5 place t'e JIJ and t'e J0J on t'e same ,ey- 4efore you install t'e Arabic labels5 you s'ould c'ec, your software to see w'ic' labels matc'- (se t'e Optional +tic,ers /at t'e bottom of t'e label s'eet0 if you do not use $icrosoft Office products,lacing the Labels *'e language labels are arranged on a self-ad'esi.e5 die-cut s'eet wit' si9 labels in eac' row- *'e labels are printed in t'e order of t'e ,eys of a standard ,eyboard- Gor e9ample5 w'et'er you are using an 1nglis' or a Lerman ,eyboard5 you start applying t'e labels at t'e upper left ,ey and continue applying t'e labels to t'e rig't- *'ere are certain e9ceptions to t'e layout depending upon t'e ,eyboard- Gor e9ample5 on some ,eyboards t'e JMJ ,ey appears on t'e second row from t'e top w'ile ot'ers mig't place it on t'e t'ird row from t'e top- 8ou can use t'e illustration at t'e beginning of t'is document as a guide to placing t'e labels- /&f you are using an (+ 1nglis' ,eyboard5 you can use t'e guide letters t'at appear under eac' ,eyboard label in t'e set-0

*urn off t'e computer before you install t'e ,eyboard labels- &t is not necessary to unplug t'e ,eyboard- &f you are installing t'e labels on a des,top ,eyboard5 c'ec, to ensure t'at t'e fold-out feet on t'e underside t'at 'old t'e ,eyboard at an angle are folded in so t'ey do not get bro,en w'en you are placing t'e labels4efore you begin installing t'e labels5 you s'ould clean t'e tops of t'e ,eyboard ,eys wit' a mild cleanser5 suc' as a diluted detergent and water- *est t'e cleanser on one ,ey to ma,e sure t'at it does not damage t'e ,ey surface or t'e printing- 4e careful to pre.ent any cleanser liquid from dripping down under t'e ,ey into t'e ,ey mec'anism8ou s'ould c'ec, t'e Windows ,eyboard layout /or your language software0 before you install t'e labels- 8ou can do t'is by configuring Windows for t'e language and t'en pressing eac' ,ey on t'e ,eyboard to ensure t'at it matc'es t'e layout of t'e language labels- W'en you are sure t'at t'e labels matc' t'e Windows ,eyboard layout5 you can start installing t'e labels*'e easiest met'od to install t'e labels is to insert a a small ,nife blade under t'e corner of t'e label and gently lift it from t'e s'eet- Place t'e label gently on t'e correct ,eyboard ,ey ma,ing sure t'at it is centered and properly aligned- W'en you 'a.e t'e label properly placed5 press it down w'ile remo.ing t'e ,nife blade- W'en you are satisfied t'at t'e label is straig't and on t'e correct ,ey5 use a rounded obNect5 suc' as t'e t'e rounded end of a plastic pen5 to burnis' /i-e-5 rub0 t'e label firmly in place.ote! once you place the /eyboard label and burnish it in place0 it cannot be mo1ed to another /ey.

2ow to &se the Arabic Keyboard Layout

After you setup t'e Arabic ,eyboard in Windows5 you can easily switc' between Arabic and t'e system language /i-e-5 t'e language of Windows in your computer0- 8ou switc' languages using t'e ,eyboard selector located in t'e *as, 4ar at t'e bottom of t'e computer screen!- W'en you setup t'e Arabic ,eyboard5 you will see a language indicator on t'e *as, 4ar to t'e rig't near t'e +ystem *ray- Gor e9ample5 t'e 1nglis' language indicator is J1H-J /+ee t'e red arrow in t'e picture0 W'en you switc' to Arabic5 t'e language ,eyboard indicator is JAB-J @- Open t'e application in w'ic' you wis' to typeA- Clic, inside t'e application- Gor e9ample5 if you wis' to type in $icrosoft Word5 open t'e Word and clic, inside t'e te9t edit areaC- Left clic, on t'e language selector bo9 to open t'e ,eyboard menuD- Clic, on t'e desired ,eyboard layout in t'e ,eyboard menuE- 8ou can now start typing in t'e selected ,eyboard language7- &f you wis' to return to t'e system language5 clic, on t'e language selector bo9 and select t'e desired ,eyboard-

2ow to Type Arabic Characters

*'ere are no special instructions for typing in Arabic in Windows- W'en you switc' to t'e Arabic language in a word processor5 all typing s'ould be in rig't-to-left entry- &f t'e te9t entry is not correct5 you s'ould contact your software manufacturer tec' supportOne consideration in typing Arabic is t'e placement of certain paired c'aracters including3 / 0 < = : ; > ?- *'e placement of t'ese c'aracters on t'e ,eyboard is different for $icrosoft Office t'an for many ot'er applications- *'e +mart )eyboard +olutions Arabic !"! label set includes optional labels so t'at you can configure your Arabic layout to matc' your software- Gor e9ample5 t'e set includes a I ,ey label wit' t'e left parent'eses and an optional label wit' t'e rig't parent'eses- 8ou s'ould install t'e I ,ey label wit' t'e parent'eses t'at matc'es your software-

,roduct Specifications
*'e Arabic !"! ,eyboard labels are manufactured of 'ig'ly durable Le9anO for 'ig' quality and long-lasting use*'e Arabic letters appear on t'e rig't side of t'e clear label allowing you to create a bilingual ,eyboard+elect t'e Arabic letter color5 green or w'ite5 to best suit your ,eyboard color- We recommend green letters for beige and lig't colored ,eyboards and w'ite letters for blac, or dar, colored ,eyboards*'e letters are printed on t'e underside of t'e label ma,ing it almost impossible to scratc' or wear off*'e labels are self-ad'esi.e for peel-and-stic, installation*'e ad'esi.e will not 'arm t'e original printing on t'e ,eyboard ,eys&f desired5 t'e labels may be remo.ed wit'out damaging t'e ,eyboard*'e Arabic !"! labels are designed to fit standard PC computer ,eyboards- &f necessary5 t'e labels can be trimmed wit' scissors prior to installation-