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Created by Pearl Yang

a) Investigate and list the computing and

networking requirements for use in the
restaurant. Consider both wired and wireless
network solutions

Computing and Networking Requirements for use in the Restaurant

To establish a functioning computer network, the Cyber café will

• Telecommunication/Communication hardware, in order
to transfer data, instructions and information between a
sending device and a receiving device
• Communication Channel, a transmission media capable
of sending messages and data
• Communication software which are program and
applications which assist in establishing a connection to
another computer or network, manage the broadcast of
data, instructions and information and provide interface
for users to communicate with each other.

• Users with more than one workstation or remote printers must

ensure that the computers and print servers are connected to a
safe, stable and dependable network.

• Wired networks ensures maximum security than of wireless

networks. Wireless access point can also be included, because it

allows computers and devices to transmit data wirelessly to a
wired network and to improve signal strength since they have
high-quality antennas. They must have a wireless network card in
order to work.

• Both kinds of networks need modems, such as ISDN and DSL

modems. Modems are communication devices and are required
for the transmission and the reception of data, instructions and

• Wireless modems are also available, allowing internet or web

access for mobile devices. They usually have a built-in antennae
in order to receive signals or waves (similar to cell phones) and
can be PC Cards, ExpressCard modules and Flash cards

• Synchronous communication technologies are especially

required, in order to receive and send instant messages and
information from one communication device to another e.g. In
this situation, orders and billing are needed to be sent and
received instantly in order for productivity to continue efficiently.

b) Prepare a list of items to be included, looking
at operation (what do they do?), specifications,
the number required and price (see below).
Consider both wired and wireless, network

Name Description Cost

Routers Communications device that Both wireless and wired range from
connects multiple computers or $40 to $500, depending on speed and
other routers together and the type of network communication
transmits data to its correct standard
destination on a network.

Network Hardware device that translates Prices range from $10 approx. to
adapter electronic signals between a $170 and over, depending on speed,
s or computing device’s local network other services such as HD quality and
Network hardware and the transmission model
cards media. May include memory or
additional hardware or firmware to
perform operations.

‘Designed to allow computers to

communicate over a computer
network and it allows users to
connect to each other either by
using cables or wirelessly.’

Cabling Connects all hardware devices to Approximate cost is $10, but prices
form a network to ensure a secure can vary from $5 to $36 or over.
transfer of data and information
Server Computer that controls access to
the hardware, software and other
resources on a network and
provides a centralized storage area
for programs, data and information
ISP Known as ‘Internet Service n/a
Provider’, it is the regional or
national Internet access provider.

A regional ISP services to a specific

geographical area, while a national
ISP services in cities and towns

Topolog The layout of the network n/a

Computer POS (Point of Sale) Cost:

System Needed for:
POS (Point of • Sales application $500 or over,
Sale) • Receipt printer depending
• Creation and printing on the
of Customer receipts product and
• Credit Card processing the number
• Electronic booking or and
table reservations sophisticatio
n of the
• Billing
functions the
• Transaction of money
POS system
• Hospitality industry provides
• Keeping track of sales,
labour and payroll
• Generate accounting
• Registers as virtual
computers or touch screens


Name Description Cost

PDA A lightweight, mobile, handheld computer $399 -
that provides functions such as a personal $2000 over
(Personal organizer, clock, calendar, notepad,
Digital calculator or portable media players.
Assistant]) Newer PDA can have mobile phone functions,
internet browser, access to internets or
intranets via Wi-Fi or Wireless Wide-Area
Networks, or touch-screen technology.

For the Cyber café, PDA’s can employ POS

systems such as taking orders and sending it
directly to the kitchen via digital means

Printers An output device which enables you to print $66 - $150
out documents, converting digital information over
into a paper form
Touch A touch-sensitive display device which users $1,599
Screens interact by touching areas of the screen e.g. approx.

Can be used in the restaurant by having
Touch-Screens installed to the diner tables that
are close or attached to the wall. The touch-
screens can be used as a digital menu to order
or pay.

c) Draw a floor plan of the restaurant which clearly
shows the location of each network device and the
topology of the network used for each network type
(wired and wireless)

a) Prepare a brief, written proposal to be
presented to manager that Cyberia Café which
outlines the requirements of your recommended
system in terms of layout of the restaurant and the
hardware and software requirements to go into
it. You should have considered:
• spatial requirements
• accessibility to the hardware – security of
the hardware

In order to establish the new computer network system so that

operations can run smoothly, we need to consider the placement of
computer hardware. We need to ensure that the appliances:
• Do not interfere with the business’s efficiency, meaning that
the layout of hardware (such as touch screens or cashier) or
electronics should not be positioned in a location where it
won’t be an obstacle in one’s pathway or in a position where it
can be easily damaged (accident zone). For example, lose
electric cords and wires can be considered as a trip hazard if
not kept cleared off floors and pathways, or in case of an
emergency evacuation

• Also adding on to that, the position of

hardware objects should be placed
according to spatial requirements,
meaning that we should consider space
as a factor so that customers, employees
and employers are able to move in a free

• Are positioned in a place so they can be

easily accessed and be securely placed
so that accidental damages would not

The hardware I strongly recommend that you can get hold of for the
café establishment are:
• PDA’s or Personal Digital Assistants, which are light, handheld
mobile devices in which waiters or waitresses to use to record
customer orders, and transmit the order to the kitchen and
the billing to the cashier register via Wi-Fi technology

• Modems (preferably wireless to avoid electronic cord or wiring
problems) which are communication devices, capable of the
transmission of data from a distributor device to a recipient
device, therefore improving business efficiency. Wireless
Access Points are essential, as they allow devices to transfer
data wirelessly and have high-quality antennas for signals. I
recommend that you position these wireless access points at
the highest position possible for the best, optimum signal
• Touch Screen Monitors. Can be installed as a ‘electronic
restaurant menu’, by means where customers can browse,
select and order their meals, calculate their billing amount
with just a press of their fingertips. Touch Screen Monitors can
also be used as a Cashier or for POS (Point-of-Sale) system
functions such as creating or calculating accounting records,
keeping track of business sales and payroll and electronic
booking/table reservations
• Cables, to connect all hardware devices to form a network to
ensure a secure transfer of data and information
• Printers, devices that can print out customer orders, customer


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