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The terms and condition for the Tuition Fee Assistantship (TFA) scheme Category C are as follows: 1.0 Introduction The Tuition Fee Assistantship (TFA) Scheme is the financial assistance given to deserving postgraduate students of UTP that is offered in return for conducting research work and/or teaching services and/or academic related services. The scheme is for On-Campus full time student by research only. 2.0 Eligibility Eligibility to be a recipient of the UTP TFA must: i. ii. 3.0 be a registered Malaysian or International student pursing a Masters or a PhD programme by research on campus at UTP; fulfill all Malaysian immigration rules and regulations for international students.

Terms and Condition of Award The terms and conditions of the TFA are as follows: i. ii. Recipient of the TFA Category C will be given a tuition fee waiver. This scheme also covers your tuition fees which include your semester tuition fee, Research Methodology course fee and viva @ examination only. The registration fee during admission, accommodation, transportation etc. is not covered under this scheme and shall be borne by the student themselves. In lieu of the waived tuition fee you are required to undertake teaching duties as laboratory demonstrator or class tutor for at least THREE (3) hours or FOUR (4) hours per week or at least forty seven (47) hours per semester as instructed by your supervisor or Head of Department (HOD). The activities must also be reported and recorded in the UTP/PPS/003A form. Duties performed such as marking of students test papers, assignments, quizzes, laboratory report etc, shall not be considered as additional GA hours in the workload calculation. Marking of students test papers, assignments, quizzes, laboratory report etc, is considered as part teaching duties of being a tutor or demonstrator. You may also be required to work beyond the above required academic related activities or individual research days with no extra allowance. Recipient shall perform any other duties and/or responsibilities as requested by your HOD provided that these duties are academic related activities. The University reserves the right to terminate the offer forthwith without assigning any reasons. Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS reserves the right to add, amend or make any alterations to the TFA terms and conditions as and when necessary.


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Termination of Offer Kindly take note your TFA offer can be automatically discontinued if you are under/placed any of the following condition/status: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. Unsuccessful Research Proposal Defense within the stipulated period Academic Probation or Dismissal; withdraws from candidacy; placed under academic or university suspension; placed under investigation; intercalate or deferment; absent without prior approval or dismissed by the University; instructed/requested by supervisor/ HOD/DCGS/AC to discontinue your TFA scheme; give misleading or false information for the purpose of securing the TFA scheme; any other reasons deemed appropriate by the University.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Recipient The TFA which is given to deserving students with high potential to promote and benefit the University through research and the capability to produce quality publications, patents, products etc. The expected roles and responsibilities of a TFA recipient shall include, but not limited to, the following: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. xi. Adhere to all University rules and regulations. Discuss with the Supervisor the type of help considered most useful and keep to an agreed schedule of meetings. Maintain the progress of the work in accordance with the stages agreed with the Supervisor, including in particular the presentation of any required written material in sufficient time to allow for comments and discussions before proceeding to the next stage. Discuss the progress towards, and impediments to maintain the agreed timetable with the Supervisor at regular intervals. Adopt at all times, safe working practices relevant to the field of research and adhere to the ethical practices appropriate to the discipline. Prepare the thesis for examination, including arranging for typing, proofreading and binding, and where appropriate consulting the Supervisor regarding matters of style and presentation. Arrange for the thesis copies to be sent to the Centre for Graduate Studies Programme Office on time as per agreed schedule. Take appropriate action based on comments on the evaluation reports of the examiners. Adhere to all notices and directives pertaining to the research work given by the Supervisor, Programme Head or Dean of Centre for Graduate Studies. Show initiative and diligence in his/her studies, and be aware of opportunities to meet other researchers in the field, attend seminars, meetings and conferences as required. Take the initiative in resolving problems or difficulties and share responsibility for seeking solutions from the supervisor.


Research Proposal Defense A Research Proposal Defense (RPD) is a written description of a proposed scientific research to be conducted within the period of postgraduate study. You are required to do the RPD within three (3) months from date of your registration and submit the result to CGS. Failure to submit within the deadline will result in an immediate termination of your TFA.



Calculation of GA/TFA workload The following are the guidelines for calculating the GA/TFA workload: i. ii. iii. Tutorial - As per tutorial hours but a maximum of two (2) hours per session. Laboratory Demonstrations - As per laboratory session but a maximum of three (3) hours per session. Invigilating examinations - As per examination invigilating hours.


Penalties Centre for Graduate Studies, at its sole discretion may charge the tuition fee to a TFA Recipient if: i. the number of hours of teaching duties (tutorials/ Laboratory Demonstration/ Examination Invigilation) is less than forty seven (47) hours per semester.


Contact Person For further enquiries please contact UTP Centre for Graduate Studies Contact persons:

Mr Tajul Ariffin Shamsuddin Senior Executive, Admission Unit, Registry Office Email: tajul_ariffin@petronas.com.my Tel No: 05-3688403 Mr Zulkarnain Jahidi Nordin Executive, Academic Administration, Centre for Graduate Studies Email: Zulkarnain_nordin@petronas.com.my Tel No: 05-3688192